Nick Lachey’s new girlfriend, Kimberly Kardashian

You’ve probably already heard that Nick Lachey took Kimberly Kardashian, the daughter of OJ SImpson lawyer Robert Kardashian, 25, out to see the DaVinci Code on May 24th. It seemed to be a serious date, and Lachey is said to be enamored with Kardashian.

Then on May 24, he took fashion stylist Kimberly Kardashian, 25, daughter of O.J. Simpson lawyer Robert Kardashian, to see The Da Vinci Code in L.A. This time, Nick seems serious. A source close to both says Nick is telling friends he respects Kim because she’s smart and isn’t an actress. “Kim couldn’t care less about the Hollywood scene,” says the source. “Nick wants to really get to know Kim. [On their movie date] he just held her hand. Kim is impressed!” What girl wouldn’t be?

The source says that “Kim couldn’t care less about the Hollywood scene,” but here she is partying it up with Paris Hilton and her best buddy Caroline D’Amore at Matt Leinart’s NFL Draft Party at Pure on May 2nd. Nick Lachey was there too, and that may have been where the two met.

Nick and Kimberly were said to be holding hands and getting cuddly on their date:

Just three weeks before his divorce with ex-wife Jessica Simpson, 25, is set to be finalized, Nick Lachey, 32, was spotted on a date in Westwood, CA, on May 24, with his latest fling, girlfriend Kim Kardashian, 25. The two were seen checking out an afternoon screening of The Da Vinci Code, their first official outing together as a couple. “They were holding hands throughout most of the movie, and shared popcorn and a drink,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “She was resting her head on his shoulder during the movie. It was definitely a date.” Afterwards, Nick dropped Kim off at her Beverly Hills house and went inside, staying for about half an hour.

That’s cute and maybe things will work out for Lachey. He doesn’t like being single, and it doesn’t seem like he will be for long.

Here’s Kardashian partying with Paris and Caroline.

Update: Images removed upon request


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    1. New says:

      Shes pretty hot

    2. Savannah says:

      Hey nick Um ur the hottest man but u should be with jesseica simpson ot this new girl. Im srry his new girl friend but i still think he should be with her LOVE Your future WIFE savannah

    3. Dennis den Ouden says:

      Dus lijkt het me dat daar zeker nog wat aan gedaan wordt.

    4. rockstar says:

      new girlfriend-fake breast fake nose fake lips. Jessica natural