Racist Jesse James has Nazi memorabilia, including surfboard w/Hitler on it

Sandra Bullock Blindsided From Husband Jesse James Alleged Affair With Tattoo Model Michelle McGee
More details are coming out in the Jesse James scandal and they’re not pretty. We know he’s a cheating, lying, conniving douche, and when 5-10 more women crawl out of dank strip clubs to sell their stories for cash we’ll be interested but not surprised. Perhaps most damaging to his wife’s public image is the rumor that James is a white supremacist. We’ve heard that there are photos for sale of the 40 year-old making the Nazi salute. I was willing to give the guy an uncalled-for benefit of the doubt – like maybe he was really young and drunk when those photos were taken and his more racist buddies put him up to it. According to both In Touch and The Enquirer this week, that’s not the case and Jesse is a proud raging racist with a fascination for Nazi memorabilia. Both magazines even include the detail that he has a surfboard in his office with Hitler on it. As naive as this sounds, I honestly never realized that there were people who could be considered intelligent and successful who would openly display crap like that. Like even if they had those really disgusting tendencies, wouldn’t they try and hide it?

A wide-ranging Enquirer probe into the tattooed “Monster Garage” star’s secret double life has also discovered many allegations that he owns Nazi memorabilia and is a raging racist who’s quick to hurl vile ethnic slurs…

In another sick twist, The Enquirer has discovered Jesse’s Nazi memorabilia. He kept it in his office and the home he shared with Sandra. Jesse also reportedly was photographed wearing Nazi regalia and giving a “Heil Hitler” salute.

“Jesse has a long surfboard with a full-length picture of Adolf Hitler doing the ‘Sieg Heil’ salute, along with a swastika, in his office,” explained the insider.

Jesse- a former bodyguard for heavy metal bands Slayer and Danzig – is also racist and anti-gay, claimed the source.

“I think Jesse hates gays, Jews, blacks and Hispanics. He uses racist and homosexual slurs,” the insider said.

Photographer Billy Barrera, who’s from El Salvador, told The Enquirer that Jesse hurled a racial epithet at him when Barrera was outside West Coast Choppers after Sandra’s recent Oscar triumph for “The Bind Side.”

According to Barrera, Jesse told him: “You’ve got a lot of balls coming up here alone, you dirty Mexican!”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, April 5, 2010]

You know the photographer story is from a paparazzo that Jesse was annoyed at. It’s still unconscionable for him to say that to the guy.

In Touch’s report on the Nazi surfboard is straight from fellow racist Michelle McGee, or mistress #1. They report that she says “Jesse proudly showed her a ‘Hitler surfboard’ that he keeps in his office at West Coast Choppers. He also had sex with her, she says, on a coach he has that ‘was made from a coffin.’”

Kaiser and I have been talking about this quite a bit. She thinks that once James is outed as a white supremacist it will irreparably damage his massively betrayed wife’s reputation. I disagree. Look at all truly despicable behavior that James hid from Sandra over the years. He had three sexual harassment lawsuits that we know of, and the National Enquirer is reporting that there are at least 11 mistresses. It’s not that much of a stretch to think that he hid his racism from her as much as possible. She didn’t know he was banging strippers on the couch in his office day after day and maybe she didn’t know he had a surfboard with Hitler’s face on it. Surely she had a sense that her husband was racist, and maybe she talked to him about it, but it’s also possible she was willing to overlook it because she loved him and he seemed to act normal around people from different backgrounds. The guy was able to fake it with Sandra for years, and maybe he was able to fake tolerance as well.

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  1. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Where did you get the idea that this man was intelligent?

  2. lena says:

    I’m REALLLLLLLY hoping Sandra didn’t know about this

  3. bite me says:

    hmm, can you really hide your racist tendencies from someone you live with… oh Sandy

  4. Whatever says:

    We really need to see a “Sandra filed for divorce” headline. And the sooner the better.

  5. sickofit says:

    oha this is even getting messier than everyone could have imagined right?
    but i get the feeling that sandra knew about all of this. i just do not understand why this was going on for so long. and i think you cannot compare this to tigerwoods because elin is clearly a golddigger but what got these two going together?

  6. bellaluna says:

    Playing devil’s advocate here (my husband brought this up): do you have any idea how much Nazi memorabilia is worth? Just because you are a collector of something doesn’t mean you subscribe to those beliefs.

  7. may says:

    see, what was she thinking? she had to know. she must be of like mind….is she a hilter worshipper?
    i think she is about to go down with the nazi ship here folks…things are coming out about her, mark my words

  8. lucy2 says:

    I too am really hoping she didn’t know about this. It is possible that he hid this from her as well, but if he has stuff displayed in his office, how do you not notice? Unless he was just very good at somehow concealing all of this from her.

    If I were her, I’d file for divorce this minute, and come out with a statement saying he was not who I thought he was, he lied about everything, and I want to end it now.

    Why is Elin clearly a gold digger? I mean, she very well may be, but I haven’t seen anything that makes me believe it without question.

  9. Jag says:

    Yep, if she doesn’t divorce him immediately, the assumption will be that she knew about all of this and tolerated it, if not went along with it. Divorce him, Sandra!

  10. mslewis says:

    CB, I totally understand that you want Sandra to be protected from all the bad things that are coming out about her husband but . . . NO!! There is no way in hell this woman did not know she was married to a racist, neo-Nazi!! Are you saying Sandra never visited her husband’s work place? Are you saying she was never around his friends? Impossible!! They were married for five years and together for longer than that. There is no way in the world this man hid his true self from her for that long. He’s not smart enough.

    I’m beginning to think that Sandra Bullock knew her husband liked to bang bad girls, and she didn’t care; I think she knew he was a racist, neo-Nazi, and she didn’t care. Everything was hunky dorie until Bombsh!t came along and spoiled everything. Now, Sandra has disappeared so that “her people” can clean up the mess and try to keep her as clean as possible and Jesse has agreed to take all blame. I totally believe Sandra Bullock is as much of a racist as her husband and her people hope desperately she doesn’t get splattered with the sh!t that is going to keep on falling!!

    Things are not looking good!!

  11. Rosalee says:

    You don’t hide racist tendencies from your family..it’s where you feel the most comfortable in exposing(?) yourself and if his coworkers were aware of his racist behaviour how could he hide it from his wife, racists are racists they don’t view their hate as vile behaviour..as much as I hate to focus on Sandy as I do adore her..what did she know and does she share the same views?

  12. Mihaela says:

    Sadly, I don’t think these things can be hidden from someone you live with..

  13. Roma says:

    @bellaluna, a normal person wouldn’t collect and display nazi memorabilia.

    We talked about this last night over drinks with 2 friends who were born in Germany. They reiterated that it’s not kitschy or edgy to have things related to Hitler, it’s a horrible reminder of what happened to innocent people.

  14. canadianchick says:

    Yep she’s gotta divorce him now for so many reasons-think of the actor who played Michael Oher and other people she works with who have been historically oppressed, eg.parts of the Jewish and Latino community. I know its her private decision but its career suicide if she takes him back.

  15. mslewis says:

    Bellaluna, your husband is right; Nazi memorabilia is worth a lot of money but only to people who are racist. I can’t imagine just an ordinary person having this stuff sitting around the house.

    Where I live, the late owner of the local baseball team had a house full of Nazi stuff. Everybody knew she was racist but blew it off because she was rich and sort of eccentric. When she died, her Will stated that she wanted this stuff to go to the local museum but they refused it and her family sold the stuff for MILLIONS!! That was the first time I realized there were actually collectors of Nazi memorabilia. I was floored. So, you’re right, this stuff is worth a lot but that still doesn’t make it right and I still can’t imagine living with a person who has that stuff around.

  16. Miss Bitch says:

    He looks like a dirty skinhead.

    Funny her last movie was a bout a nice rich white lady helpin’ the po’ black folk.

    No wonder he didn’t visit her on set. Ha!

    There’s no way she didn’t know.

  17. snowball says:

    I’m not going to wade in with an opinion right this second, but will say that you have to factor in how much Sandra has been working, how much time she’s been out promoting her various projects, how much The Pig works, how much time he apparently spends banging The Filty Diseased Sluts and whatever time they spend with the kids, where I’m sure he doesn’t spout off racist crap.

    Take all that into account when you try to figure out exactly how easily he could have hidden what from her.

  18. meme says:

    jeebus i don’t know what to think about sandra bullock anymore. this is one ugly story…much worse than tiger

  19. Leticia says:

    How can you be married to a Nazi sympathizer and not know? Bullock’s mother is from Germany. I don’t think that Bullock is involved in any of this garbage, but I wonder if having a German mother made her less judgmental of the Nazi garbage.

  20. isabelle says:

    Yuk, that guy is sickening.

  21. Lala11_7 says:

    I’m with Ms. Lewis on this one…and…isn’t Sandra and her family FROM Germany…I mean…didn’t she LIVE in Nuremburg until she was 12…her grandfather was a scientist…IN GERMANY…during…WHAT TIME PERIOD?!?! I mean…COME ON…you see these guys that look like her husband…and you think ONE THING…ONE THING…only…and Sandra was down for that…OBVIOUSLY!!!

  22. Kaiser says:

    I think there’s a difference between being a WWII buff and lusting after a German Luger (like my dad) and being a neo-Nazi piece of bigot trash who has a surf board with Hitler’s image. There are distinctions, and I really think Jesse crossed over a long time ago.

    And I seriously don’t see how Sandra could not have known.

  23. Livia says:

    I know it’s going to be hard for some people to believe that someone could be so utterly stupid about another person. But: Bernie Madoff cheated thousands of people out of BILLIONS of dollars – and he was able to get away with it in part because they believed what they wanted to believe, that he was honest and that nothing was wrong. I don’t see the difference here. Bullock believed what she wanted to believe – that James loved her and that nothing was wrong: or at the least, that there was nothing so wrong or bad that her love for him couldn’t eventually fix. That may make her extremely gullible (and haven’t we all been at one point in our lives?), but it doesn’t make her a racist, and it doesn’t make her responsible for or an enabler of James’ repulsive actions and beliefs. She’ll recover from this, and so will her career.

  24. westender says:

    What I would like to know is if JJ is such a racist he must have made some comment when Sandra signed on for the movie “The Blind Side”? There is no way a racist would keep quiet about something like that. Whether Sandra knew or not, this will start to affect her reputation soon if she does not handle this correctly.

  25. Madchen says:

    Does anyone remember the racist character Sandra played in Crash? Seems weird now.

  26. may says:

    snowball, ur kidding right? it’s been FIVE YEARS…come on, really?

  27. Whatever says:

    Why is Elin clearly a gold digger? I mean, she very well may be, but I haven’t seen anything that makes me believe it without question.

    I’d like to hear the answer to that line of BS too, especially since she turned him down multiple times, until he convinced her that he wasn’t a player.(by lying his ass off!)

  28. frida says:

    I start to think is too much and majority of it is a bunch of lies. They are making a devil out of JJ. How it is possible that nothing of that came out before??? I think people hate Sandra and Jessy, just simply like that. They can stand she could have almost everything in her life and be nice…and if you like Sandra so much as you telling just show her a little more respect and stop put a s..t on her man, maybe he did sth wrong but in the end all of us do.

  29. Miss says:

    I was thinking the same thing Madchen!

  30. Whatever says:

    The demand for Nazi memorabilia just shows how many racist scumbags are out there. Truly sickening!

  31. Susette says:

    Right now, all of this is rumor. The tabloids know that the racist stuff is the most shocking, so that’s what they’re pushing. I’ll reserve judgement on that aspect of this mess until some photos or other proof come out.

    If it’s true, did Sandra know? Probably.

    But if you consider how much time they were actually separated with her work commitments and his work commitments, or busy with the kids when they were together, it’s possible that she really didn’t know a lot about him. They could have been on a perpetual first date.

  32. cara says:

    if he can hide his affairs from her he can hide his racism too.
    Now why would he even chase someone like Sandra when she clearly isn’t his type

  33. Katalina76 says:

    I’m gonna have to take all this supposed”information” about JJ’s Nazi memorabilia with a HUGE grain of salt, seeing as the info came from that Bombshell chick. How anyone can just automatically believe everything this money-hungry famewhore says is beyond me. Yes, it may be true. But it may not.

  34. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Oh give me a break! So because Sandra is of German heritage, she is now a Nazi sympathizer? So any of us, with ties to Germany in our background are Nazi lovers?

    Gee, way to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Like we have all the information of what she did and didn’t know.

    Judgemental much?!

  35. Sudini says:

    That’s a good question, frida – How did this not get leaked sooner if Jesse had this memorablia in his office? It’s not like the piece of trash surf board was hidden away in his private bedroom. Unless he never took meetings in there with “outsiders” from the industry, someone would have seen it and talked about it..

    I just have such a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that Sandra is a racist or a Nazi sympathizer. The best I can come up with is that Jesse explained away his memorablia by saying it was just that. And maybe she didn’t like what it stood for but put up with it on the premise that they’re “just collector’s items” to him?

  36. bellaluna says:

    Never underestimate a man’s ability to keep secrets when it behoves him. Men can be very adept at keeping secrets when they want to be.

  37. Kitten says:

    i really wouldnt put it past “Bombshell” for making this crap up. she just got called a white supremascist, why not throw him under the bus too? “oh well he’s one too!!!”. wouldnt put it ast her. she’s lied about a bunch of other things. amish much?

  38. Frenchgirl says:

    I tend to disagree with people on this board who say that she knew that he is a racist;

    I lived with a man for 6 years, before I discovered I was in love with a total illusion, he lied about everything, his past, his previous relationships, his hobbies and… his political views: he was a hardcore communist, amongst worst things and I discovered it after 6 years!!! and believe me the shock is more than brutal!

    so yes you can live with someone without really knowing him, because relationships and especially love are based on trust, you can’t comit yourself to someone without trusting him…. we all take this risk when we fall in love; so her only flaw was to love him and trusted him and what he wanted her to believe and nothing more!

    I can not image how much she is shattered right now, more than the heartache, she must be in true shock to discover that she was maybe in love with someone that do not exist… it was only smoke and mirrors…

  39. vic says:

    If any of this is true, whoever said “doesn’t she ever visit his office” is right on. If she knew and condoned it her career is in trouble and rightly so.

  40. Lin95 says:

    I will believe it when I see it, I have a hard time believing that JJ keeps anything with Hitler on it out in the open at his shop.

    His customers and employees are from all different races and backgrounds

    I would think that if he was openly racist that someone would have said something over the years….I just can’t believe anything McGee says, I think she may be trying to get some of the white Nazi hate off of her and pass it on to JJ
    They’re both disgusting people

  41. Olivia says:

    I’m sorry..its beginning to look like Sandra Bullock knew a lot more about her husband than the public previously thought.How could she be married to this guy and not know? I always wondered why she supported tha MExican American comic George Lopez.Unless she’s planning to retire early, I suggest she distance herself from this guy. I’m just what kind of garbage he’s “teaching” those kids of his.Something tells me that all this has just been the tip of the iceberg.At least Tiger isn’t a racist!!!

  42. malachais says:

    I have been following this from the very beginning and it is all so crazy yet expected in Hollywood.

    I dunno… I think she knew all this mess was going on and let him be. The more information the public gets about this whole scandal, the more I doubt she was clueless about his infidelities.

    I am sure she is devastated and heartbroken at this time. On another post, there was a person that said more than likely she knew he had cheated once before and forgiven JJ. Now, she is finding out he has slept with a ton of other women practically the entire time they have been married and is ready to separate. I don’t think they will be divorcing anytime soon.

    I am starting to think this marriage WAS a sham on JJ’s part. Sandra seems to have been completely blinded by her love for him but..IMO it all comes down to this.

    These 2 don’t “need” each other. They are both extremely successful and didn’t build their life together. JJ is a single dad that can get any tattooed biker whore he wants (while I’m sure other types of women that flail themselves at him). He isn’t a bad-looking guy.

    Sandra is extremely successful, has been in hit movies since the early 90′s. I think she just wanted to be commited and he played her like a fool. There seems to be some love there, but it was in vain.

    In some ways I think she was tired of just being by herself in her famous position. I don’t want to sound mean but that’s how it comes off. The relationship period seems very shady (on JJ’s part mostly). She can get any man, she’s a gorgeous woman. I don’t see why these famous actress don’t just find a sweet normal guy to marry.

    If he is hurling racist remarks at random people in public that means he talks like that all the time. I highly doubt he would put himself in that position if he worried about his image. SHE knew about his racist feelings and tolerated it. Maybe she thought he was set in his ways and couldn’t change him. I don’t look at her different because obviously that doesn’t mean she has those feelings as well.

    It is interesting but I don’t think she is too surprised like all the tabloids are acting. She had to have known about at least one of his infidelities considering she knew women ‘throw themselves’ at JJ. That means they did it in front of her and didn’t care. Who’s to say someone hadn’t confronted her about an affair before?

    I am a fan of both JJ and Sandra Bullock. They are both awesome people. I definitely am not the type of person that will hate someone because of what they do in their personal life unless they have done something completely heinous. They just need to move on and pay off all these women that are coming forward so we can stop hearing about this, although I’m curious to hear more from Michelle Mcgee and Melissa Smith! LOL – just my 2 cents.

    Rule of Thumb – celebrities should not marry celebrities.

  43. ghostbuster says:

    my family is jewish(reform) and my dad had a gun from nazi germany. he kept it very hidden. displaying hitler on your board and your gf having WP tattooed on her is a totally different story. i think SB knew and had to be cool with it. having war memorabilia is different from decorating your stuff with hitler. its hard to hide racism and i just cant believe that SB had no clue about it for the the last 5 yrs. think about it, she did just win an oscar for playing a white woman who comes in a rescues the down and out black man and it was her characters white goodness that made him a success(just saying folks)

  44. Sudini says:

    @ Kitten – “Amish much”? LOL, that’s awesome. Ya, she’s not exactly a beacon of truth, so I hope these are just more of her lies.

    If he is a white supremecist then I hope whoever has those photos gets them out there and exposes the truth once and for all. It’s kind of gross that they’re waiting for the highest bidder.

  45. Maritza says:

    Sandra must have seen all that memorabilia at some point although maybe she thought it was only collection items. I don’t know but this does not look good for Sandy’s reputation.

  46. Tess says:

    Team Kaiser….

    But not sure the damage is “irreparable.”

    Her career will be tarnished, though. She’ll probably have to undergo some kind of high profile, goodwill building process.

    Some fans will never quite buy that she didn’t know. I don’t buy it. Married couples sense each other’s attitudes even when something isn’t explicitly stated….especially over time.

  47. Whatever says:

    Well, calling JJ a celebrity is a stretch! Famewhore maybe. Wannabe, possibly. Talentless douche, definitely. Yeah, that would work.

  48. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    @Sudini- Hateful much?

  49. Whatever says:

    The more I read these comments, we are really getting ahead of this story. First its a surfboard and now it is all that memorabilia. All what memorabilia? Is there anything other than the word of that nasty skank? I kind of doubt he has a shop filled with that stuff. I mean, he had a TV crew in there and my husband watched Monster Garage and has no memory of seeing anything like that. I’m sure we would have heard about this back then, if it were true.

    I’m also pretty sure if they had that stuff in the house, some random maid would have taken pictures and sold them to the highest bidder by now. Maybe he is hiding his true self from his wife; he’s been hiding a lot.

    This would hardly be the first time a woman has been in the dark about her man. Women have been married to rapists, serial killers and child molesters without knowing. Sandra wouldn’t be the first woman married to a man with a secret life. I don’t think it is so far of a stretch for him to be one person at home and someone else away.

  50. Raven says:

    Try again, some of you. SB produced The George Lopez show, which a racist probably wouldn’t have done.

    The exposure of his connection and support of Nazi-type rhetoric and activity will not help their relationship. I think she will be able to keep her image, but his is becoming so tarnished that she can’t stay with him in good conscience.

  51. Iggles says:

    Sorry, but there’s no way you can hide that level of racism from your wife and family! Racists routinely spread their bigoted beliefs to their children.

    Remember American History X? Edward Norton became a raging neo-nazi after his father died, but flashbacks showed how bigoted his father was too! In fact, it was his father’s racism that made Derek susceptible to neo-nazism.

    Sandra had to have known Jesse had bigoted beliefs. Either she didn’t care (which doesn’t sound believable) or she agreed with him to some degree.

  52. waldemar says:

    No. No. No. I refuse to believe that Sandra knew about him being racist. Even his co-workers find that hard to believe and they work with him every day. That is almost the same as being married to him (in the sense of sharing your life)

    And Hitler on a surfboard?? How random is that?

  53. ViktoryGin says:

    Okay, just because Bullock is of German heritage DOES NOT make her a de facto Nazi sympathatizer. If one is to take that line of reasoning, you can call ALL Brits colonialists who advocate the subjugation of various ethnic groups for the purpose of material gain. That kind of thinking is perilously expedient, and one should be careful not to make assumptions about people based on nationality.

    Furthermore, sociopaths are types that can completely pull the wool over your eyes. That’s why they make effective serial killers: they alarm very few and people don’t see them coming. I don’t think that JJ is a sociopath, but it is possible to completely dupe someone into thinking that you’re something that you’re not with no detection.

    Do I believe that? Not really. Now, the mostly likely scenario is that Bullock had an idea of his racist leanings, but didn’t realize that it’s bad as it appears to be. For example, my father wastes no opportunity to deride many latinos (based on perceived marginalization as a result of immigration). The thing is, he doesn’t advocate their extermination, nor does he preach racial superiority (which would be supremely ironic); but I know that there’s a resentment there. He’s still my father, however. He’s gotten to the point where he knows not to say shit around me as I don’t share the same views and I’ll call him on his attitude. So, it could honestly be that she tolerates it a little as a slight imperfection out of love, but genuinely doesn’t share the same views. Now, I realize that I can’t choose my father and she can choose her husband; but I can see if she would turn a blind eye (haha) to this as long as he wasn’t burning crosses in people’s yards.

  54. Samantha says:

    I can believe that she really didn’t know the depth of her husbands racism. My ex was a total douchbag, I didn’t realize how utterly dark he was until I finally left him. With her busy schedule and their seemingly separate lives, I can totally see her being blind on this. I think if I were her, what would eat at me would be my German ties and I would start to wonder if he really ever cared for me or if he was just happy to be doing a “purebred chick.” Every single thing he has ever done will start to creep back into her head now, looking for double meanings…What a s*itty seat to be sitting in for sure.

  55. nita says:

    i think this is all getting a little out of hand haha!

  56. judyjudy says:

    Okay, so most of us don’t believe that Sandra knew he was racist, his coworks admit that they have a hard time believing it, but then out of the blue some hooker comes along (with a tattoo on her face, for goodness sake) and says he has memorabilia and everyone is up in arms about him being a Nazi-lover? Come on.

    Jesse James makes nasty, racist comments all the time and NO ONE has mentioned it over all these years?

    These “other woman” will put anything in their mouths for some cash, including lies.

    I don’t doubt that Jesse James has made some poor decisions and has made a mess of his family. But I find it really hard to believe all of these stories. Consider the source.

  57. operaghost says:

    Wow, these boards are getting intense.

    >>Never underestimate a man’s ability to keep secrets when it behoves him. Men can be very adept at keeping secrets when they want to be. >>

    bellaluna, I so agree with this.

    I still think it was a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde or Two Face situation. I think he had SB snowed, and I think he wanted her to think the best of him. Maybe even needed it. Like maybe it cancelled out his bad tendencies, to have this with her, even while doing his thing with all the skanks.

    I have no idea about the racism accusations. Too much speculation, too little facts.

  58. Michelle says:

    There is a lot of talk about racism, collections, and so on BUT where are the pictures? Do you really believe that he would have hung this stuff at his business and no one would of said anything until now? I find that hard to believe. The rumor mill is in over-drive.

  59. fizXgirl314 says:

    This really puts SB in a bad light… let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and pretend he considers them collector’s items or something :-/

  60. Taya says:

    @ may..

    “see, what was she thinking? she had to know. she must be of like mind….is she a hilter worshipper?
    i think she is about to go down with the nazi ship here folks…things are coming out about her, mark my words”

    I totallly agree with you. At first I was all for Sandra and her heart break, but as these revelations are coming out, it is very hard to wonder why and how she DID NOT see the “real” JJ. Someone can hide their “beliefs” for so long, but after..what..almost 7 years together and Sandra was still in the dark..come’on..she cannot be that blind. I am starting to think that Sandra either knew about his conquests and was ignoring them, knew and was ok with them or was too self-involved in her own life to even notice them. Three sexual harrassment suits, having sex with numeous skanks while she was visiting in his office, blatent racism and bigotry..the list goes on. Sandra knew of his past. She knew he was “wild”. It just seems unreal that these things were not noticed or seen. What, no one even slipped up in front of Sandra about these problems (affairs, bigotry etc)? Or maybe JJ is not a racist or a womanizer and these are just rumors that are getting out of control.
    I am not bashing Sandra here, I feel pain for her, yet there are major questions going on, on whether she knew all of these horrible truths about JJ or she is playing the vitim here for the public. Only time will tell.

    I do feel more bad for his kids because they are the real victims here, especially Sunny.

  61. k says:

    While I agree that home is where people tend to reveal their ugly behavior, Snowball echoes my sentiments that Sandra was probably away from home quite a bit, so it may have been easy for James to hide any racist/bigoted tendencies

  62. Shawna says:

    I also advocate going more slowly about this and not equating German ancestry with racism or equating historical interest with skinhead nastiness. (That said, I don’t think JJ sounds like a real history buff! But it could happen.)

    Whether it’s true or not, Sandra needs to distance herself from this as quickly as possible. None of these pieces of evidence sound very reputable, BUT now that the suspicion is there, poor Sandy has to say something! Just tell us you were blinded by love, by your schedule, and you don’t condone neo-Nazi politics…whether or not JJ is really like that or not.

  63. Sudini says:

    @Fluffy Kitten Tail – WTF??? How was anything I said even remotely hateful?

    I was responding to the “Amish much” statement in commenter “Kitten”‘s post because that Bombshell chick originally said she was Amish and then it was later reported that she totally lied.

    You need to make sure you fully read and understand someone’s post before you have the audacity to call them “hateful”. Total fail.

  64. Neelyo says:

    A Nazi surfboard? I have a hard time believing they pulled that out of Hitler’s bunker. If it exists, it’s something he made himself and certainly not a collector’s item.

  65. kai says:

    I am German and I feel slightly offended by some of the comments.

  66. Toe says:

    I would looove to collect german WWII regalia. i’n not racist or anything, i just like their uniform. Did u know WW2 German uniform was made by Hugo Boss?.

  67. here we go says:

    I have German ancestors on my mom’s side. Does that make me a Nazi sympathizer? No, it doesn’t!

    I like quite a few German bands, from Tokio Hotel to Das Ich. Does that make me a Nazi sympathizer? No, it doesn’t!

    Don’t judge all things German based on a few American idiots!

    Grrr…okay, I’ll stop before I go on a really long rant.

  68. cayenne says:

    As a Jewish person, I just don’t understand how these “Christian” Nazi, or white supremacist people reconcile being anti Jew. Don’t they realize that Jesus was a Jewish person, and the religion is based on him and his “Jewish blood”? Perhaps they don’t care, but the origin of their faith is exactly whom they despise.

  69. michellllle says:

    Shouldn’t there be some actual proof before people start jumping on the anti-semitism band wagon?

  70. Sunnyjyl says:

    People are artists at fooling themselves. We can convince ourselves of ANYTHING. “He’s not going to hit me again”, “He loves me, he doesn’t really mean those things he says”, “He’s just working late”.
    I’m not ready to say Sandy allowed herself to see the truth just yet.

    I am not defending Jesse on the Nazi memorabilia, I think it is abhorrent to have that stuff around. But, that’s another thing people convince themselves of: “It’s OK because I can sell it for a lot of money”. The crucifix is a symbol of torture. I’m sure 2000 years ago many would have been horrified to see others collecting, and wearing those things around their necks. Distance yourself enough from the truth, for whatever reason, and you can believe anything.

  71. Ash says:

    My dad was a history buff and especially avid about World War II. He had a large collection of WWII books, including several on Hitler and the Nazis. However, he was so far from racist and being a supremacist. He read those books because he was appalled and horrified that this history actually occurred. He would never consider collecting any kind of Nazi memorabilia. We are of German descent as well.

    This is just beyond disgusting. Who the hell puts Hitler on a surfboard? I can’t believe that none of these tendencies surfaced at all. I don’t know Sandra at all, but she strikes me as the type who would have no interest in a racist bigot. After all, she is very good friends with George Lopez as has already been noted. Maybe it was just being attracted to the bad boy? Maybe it was an intense longing for marriage? Maybe she felt such a connection to Sunny that she overlooked or was just blind to all this??

    This just keeps getting uglier by the minute.

  72. Majosha says:

    So wait, Tokio Hotel fans AREN’T Nazi sympathizers? :roll:

    Seriously, some of you need to read these comments more carefully before you start in with the hysteria. Nobody here said that ALL Germans are racists — not even close — but all it takes is one person to misread a comment and spout off, and suddenly a bunch of ill-informed followers jump on the bandwagon.

    As for Sandra, if what’s being reported is true (and that’s a mighty big IF), then I find it hard to believe she was totally ignorant to it all. But time will tell, I suppose.

  73. cayenne says:


    I wasn’t really accusing anyone of anything in particular. It was a general question of confusion with the bigoted anti-semetic so called people who consider Jesus their savior, yet hate and want to rid the world of Jews.

  74. Katyusha says:

    @ Neelyo

    They aren’t saying the surfboard belonged to Hitler, they’re saying JJ has a surfboard with Hitler’s face on it. Thus, “nazi surfboard.”

  75. ElizabethM says:

    @michellllle…. LOL apparently not. Judging from the shocking posts on this thread, it looks like a lot of people already believe something that hasn’t even been proven.

    As for the topic at hand, the whore parade and his lying to Sandra, I believe. The Nazi stuff….I’m not ready to buy that yet. If it’s true, it’s heinous. The Nazi affliation is a worse taint than the skanks, imho.

    As for Sandra being a racist, that is one of the most ludicrous things I’ve heard in a long time. Does anyone else remember her role in “A Time to Kill”? The one where she helped investigate a bunch of KKK wannabes and they BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HER? Do you really think she would take on a role like that if she was one of them? Do you really think she would chose a black woman to be her costar in Miss Congeniality 2? That she would produce and appear on The George Lopez Show? And then there’s The Blind Side and the promotional tour in which she spoke out against racism.

    Not to mention her life is pretty much on display almost 24/7.

    To even think that she would condone and/or marry a man who was a rampaging racist is beyond unreasonable.

    Secondly, over the past few days I’ve given up hope that Jesse’s infidelity was a small event getting blown out of proportion. That ship has totally sailed. However, what proof has been issued regarding his having a houseful of Nazi shit? Eyewitness accounts from known liars being PAID for their interviews?

    As far as the surfboard goes, let’s say he has it. How do we know it’s not a joke against Hitler. Kind of like putting the photo on the bottom of the show and walking on it? Maybe it’s there so Jesse can grind his feet on Adolf’s face. I know that’s a stretch but until there is actual hard evidence, I’m more than willing to give the benefit of the doubt. After all, context matters. Look at the movie Little Nicky…I could rant that “that movie has Hitler in it” and try to make people not watch it. But the truth is the movie has Hitler in a French maid’s outfit while constantly getting a pineapple shoved in his ass. That’s a totally different scenario from my rant.

    Also, I am a tattooed white woman but I assure you, racism, white supremacy and all that crapola is completely repugnant to me.

    I love seeing people speak against racism and white supremists (or any other type of bigot, for that matter). However, considering how heinous those titles are, how about we see hard evidence before we paint Jesse and Sandra as bigots?

  76. ElizabethM says:

    @cayenne I think Michelllle was trying to say people were calling Jesse an anti-Semite even though there hasn’t been any hard evidence to prove it.

    As to your statement, that is how I shut up psuedo-Christians. When I’ve had enough of their hypocrisy I just go with the “I think it’s so great you’re comfortable worshipping a Jew!” and that usually stops the sermon they’re trying to shove down my throat (as if I’m incapable of reading the New Testament and deciding for myself what to believe. Sigh… )

  77. Sumodo1 says:

    Whoa, the tide of public opinion seems to be turning against Sandra Bullock. Her “ignorance” of JJ’s proclivities is now seen as “tolerating it.” She is letting her “people” handle it. She’s of German heritage, therefore, suspected of being a Nazi-sympathizer, and she had a grandfather who was a scientist during the Third Reich? Really?!! Really!??

  78. Neelyo says:

    @ Katyusha

    I know it’s not memorabilia, I just think it’s funny that it’s getting lumped into the discussion as if it were.

  79. ElizabethM says:

    @Neelyo Right? I keep picturing Hitler surfing, getting slammed by a ginormous wave and eaten by a shark. Over and over I keep picturing that scene. :)

  80. ViktoryGin says:

    @ majosha,

    Associating Germans with racism (by virtue of a single unfounded case) was not stated outright, but very clearly insinuated:

    “I’m with Ms. Lewis on this one…and…isn’t Sandra and her family FROM Germany…I mean…didn’t she LIVE in Nuremburg until she was 12…her grandfather was a scientist…IN GERMANY…during…WHAT TIME PERIOD?!?! I mean…COME ON…you see these guys that look like her husband…and you think ONE THING…ONE THING…only…and Sandra was down for that…OBVIOUSLY!!!”

    The poster attempts to make a tenuous argument, implying racism based on the fact that Sandra’s family is German. She uses a series of rhetorical questions in order to place emphasis on what apparently should be “obvious”…that she knew of JJ’s alleged racist proclivities, that she herself is probably racist, and is so because of what?….the fact that she’s German. Perhaps, it is you who should read more critically.

  81. nona says:

    Oh,please! His nazi memorabilia must be something he has as a sex fetish,nothing more.

    It’s like some kids who like “satanic” rock-bands and wear t-shirts with inverted crosses and all that nonsense..

    Besides, I don’t think Mr.James is intelligent enough to have a political or ideological opinion about nothing.

  82. gg says:

    Thank you, Roma and Fluffy Kitten Tail! Sane, normal, sensitive people with a sense of right and wrong don’t collect this stuff.

    And I don’t believe Sandra is a nazi, and I’m not buying Jesse was until I see photos. I just think he’s a massive, underhanded, lying, sex addicted toolbag like Tiger.

  83. Whatever says:

    Why all the references to Christians? Is JJ a Christian? Doubt it. Neither was Hitler or the Nazis. In fact, Christians (especially Catholics) were hated, and often persecuted, by the Nazis. This discussion is taking a turn into stupidity! Aside from a few evangelical nuts, I don’t know any Christians who are anti Semetic or Nazis.

  84. Majosha says:

    ViktoryGin: My point is simply that sentiments like, “My grandma’s German and that doesn’t make me a bad person” are overly dramatic and kind of foolish. True, the post you highlighted referenced Sandra’s German roots as more potential evidence of her mindset, but this comment only came about because of the possibility that her husband is a Nazi sympathizer. Not every person with German blood running through his/her veins allegedly lived with Hitler’s number one fan for seven years. See the difference?

  85. lin234 says:

    I first read Anne Frank in elementary and over the course of many summers when I would read about all types of things one of which was the Holocaust. I stopped after a while because it made me too sad. I’ve been to Anne Frank’s hideaway, Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp in Austria, several memorial type of places in Germany. I can never seem to wrap my mind around the horrors that people commit on each other. Each time I learn more about WWII and the people who suffered so horribly, it breaks my heart all over again. To imagine that pain, agony, and hopelessness brings me to tears.

    I can never understand in a million years how people can have anything to do with the Nazis. Even memorabilia. You know when movies want to make people seem extra-evil, they throw in that they are Nazi Lovers?

    Before whiffs of racism came out, weren’t there reports that early on in the marriage Sandra and Jesse were nearly connected to the hip? They practically did everything together? I can’t remember if I read that on here or Jezebel. I had to take a look at Sandra’s IMDB profile. She really didn’t work that much during the time that she was with Jesse. I mean while this was a big year for her, for quite a while she didn’t put out so many movies a year as she did recently.

    Of course his co-workers are going to defend him. After all, it doesn’t reflect well of them if they knew if he is a Neo-Nazi and whatnot. And he is their boss! If he goes down, they might be out of a job.

    I speculate that Jesse will take complete blame if this threatens Sandra’s career and we’ll never really know what she really is. But many people will wonder.

  86. fizXgirl314 says:

    you know, I’m a christian and neither I nor any of my christian friends have “shoved” anything down anyone’s throat… it’s no more cute to hate on the christians than it is to hate on jews, or muslims or buddhists…

    I have, on the other hand, been around many people who (without even bothering to find out what sort of company they are around) make very derogatory comments about people who uphold a religion or believe in a God. No, you’re not a genius because you are an atheist… get over yourselves…

  87. Wholesome1 says:

    I’ve got racist relatives- they’ve never gone so far as to collect Nazi memorabilia- and this is certain: they NEVER hide their contempt. It comes out in a hundred little ways, all day and every day. There is NO WAY Sandra Bulllock didn’t know about or share these views. She was attracted to him enough to MARRY into a life that included his racist ex who, incidentally, shares her life with a skinhead. I was a real fan but am off Sandra Bullock for good. How dare she make the Blind Side- thinking back I don’t remember her thanking the film’s subject, Michael Oher, or her co-star Quinton Aaron. I bet the Academy wishes they could get that Oscar back.

  88. linda says:

    To Bellaluna,

    People’s organs are worth a lot of money too. Given what the Nazis did, there is not much difference trading Nazi memorabilia and human organs.

  89. wicked says:

    Poor Sandra. If her Grandfather was a Nazi scientist(???) maybe Jesse “collected” her as well. She should destroy him, career wise of course.

  90. Crash2GO2 says:

    She might have some ‘splainin’ to do. I seriously doubt that she herself is racist. I was married to a gay hating racist for 10 years who hid it quite well from me. It only took those one or two times it slipped out though, for me to take notice and take a hike.

    I don’t get intense hatred or fear of any other human being based on race or sexual orientation etc etc AT ALL. It turns my stomach. But I was raised to be color blind, and I’m not the quickest to spot racism in other people because I’m not looking for it. Maybe Sandra is similar.

  91. Zelda says:

    I’m not even going to talk about what kind of douchebag it takes to splash Hitler’s image on brand-new products. That stupidity really speaks for itself.

    I will put in my 2 cents on the Nazi memorabilia issue: It depends on the collector. If the person is, generally, a WWII buff, and also collects Nazi memorabilia, then what is the problem?

    It is NOT like human organs, it is a valid part of human history and by pushing it to dark corners and dusty shelves we are just begging to become disassociated from it as a HUMAN RACE. And it is in doing THAT that we give ourselves a mistaken superiority in believing that “we are better than them”. As if those humans were different from we humans.

    The fact is, the Nazi party was massively popular (or at least reasonably popular) in a large segment of a modernized, educated, developed part of western civilisation. Were the supporters at the time duped, misled, brainwashed? We are no better than the people who were led to believe tht it was a good message and a valid ideology. Purging the world of “real” links, or putting them behind glass will only serve to further remove us from our history AS HUMANS and fuel our mistaken belief that we are somehow better or genuinely different than the millions of ordinary people who were manipulated 75 years ago.

    Do people who collect Nazi memorabilia and only the Nazi stuff freak me out? Yes. They are fetishists, not historians. But that doesn’t mean all non-Allied WWII relics are evil. Far from it. They can and should be a reminder of just how fragile human sanity and reason are.

  92. ElizabethM says:

    @fizXgirl314….. Hence the reason I used the term “psuedo-Christians”. The fakers DO shove their beliefs down peoples throats and pretend they are so perfect. They bring out their “religious” beliefs (which are really just bigotry) anytime they criticize someone else (which happens pretty much 24/7 with them). And sadly, most of them have never actually read the teachings of Jesus.

    The real ones don’t. Real Christians are content with focusing on their beliefs and they don’t try to convert others. They are very live and let live. Just like Jesus.

    Lastly, I’m not an atheist and I never criticized Christianity. I don’t know how you could possibly glean that from what I wrote.

  93. katie says:

    heres the thing, no one has mentioned that it may not even be true. these girls are trying to get as much publicity as they can so i’m not sure i would believe this. he is a douchebag, and i believe that he cheated on her with more than one woman, but i simply cannot believe he is a raging white supremecist. There is no way he could have hid it from Sandy and there is no way she would have been married to someone who has nazi memorabelia. I say this chick is lying her face off.

  94. Ronniemac says:

    Can you say dickmitized!?! There is not a women, or man(vajayjayized), who hasn’t overlooked obvious flaws for mind blowing sex. Its sad but true. And because she wasn’t a throw away piece like the other tricks, she developed deeper feelings and she came down with hysterical blindness. This disease is real. It can take any good woman or man down at any point. I’m not in favor of cure, however keep your wits about you and stay focused. Its just SEX.

  95. nisie says:

    is Jesse even able to work…his reputation is pretty much over as far as I can tell. Sandy will prevail, that part is obvious…and whether she knew something or not, I still don’t buy it completely…reason being…I don’t think Sandy is a fake on any level, I do think she was literally “blindsided” by this…I think they just spent too much time away from each other…she seemed to film movies back to back, and I think he is just basically an asshole whose ego got the best of him and he ran with it….he had all these low down nasty sluts the polar opposite of his wife, and due to either low self esteem (she is WWAAYY more successful and wealthier than him) and just basically him being an asshole who likes skanks…he resorted to what he was used to. It would have been better if he tried to keep it to one night stands…but he is just a true jerk…and tried to make relationships out of them. I heard he was paying one of his mistresses mortgages…scum bag…and it was probably Sandy footing the bill for everything. The sooner Sandy dumps this asshole the better.

  96. Ashlee B says:

    I used to see Jesse at the strip clubs when i danced in Long Beach, Fritz on artesia wearing KKK t shirts. That’s not war memorabilia, he is a racist and was always rude and drunk. he is from riverside not Long Beach like people think. I also know he Likes the Piss,a hot rod artist he has his art and has been seen on TV with him, another man that used to have nazi flags all over his house on euclid in Long Beach. That was a few years ago tough. He has a swastika under the seat of his motor bike too. I saw it when he was bragging on anaheim st at a west coast party.

  97. boomboompow says:

    @ Cayenne, for your information, the Nazis didn’t think too highly of Christians. Hitler despised Christianity and called it “a Jewish consequence.”

  98. Tiah says:

    How do you not know your husband of over 5 years is a white supremacist? This story is getting weirder by the day! Sandra really needs to do damage control fast.

  99. mollination says:

    for the sake of the argument – bellaluna is correct. In fact my late friend used to collect all kinds of WWII memorabilia, german, nazi, jewish, japanese, you name it. He was also a Germanics/Scandinavian double major and hugely fascinated by all things of the like. In no way would he ever harm a fly, he had tons of gay/ethnic/blue and purple friends.

    Also,if family is where you’re allegedly “100% at ease and yourself” then – How do you explain those gay peopl who get married and have kids, and then one day leave their dumbfounded spouses? It’s entirely possible Sandra is sick to her stomach along with the rest of us.

  100. Sienk says:

    There is a difference between owning historic WWII artifacts that have historic value and a surf board with a picture of Hitler on it. I don’t think it is Hitlers surfboard.

  101. nono says:

    Wow. While I believe this guy is a douche, I am amazed to see how many people are stating this surf-board and memorabilia’s existence as fact. As of now, it is hearsay from a tatoo-riddled, whoring, stripper. Seriously, people will believe anything. I am not saying he is not racist, but I need proof before I start accepting such horrendous accusations as fact. Especially since people here are using this hearsay to now establish that Sandra is racist! I have said 1000x before, I hope I never have to stand before a jury of my peers when I see stuff like this. People really have trouble establishing fact from rumor/hearsay.

  102. Bee says:

    It’s interesting to me how some people believe that Sandra couldn’t have knowingly married a white supremacist. What do we really know about Sandra Bullock anyway, other than her public persona? Maybe she’s not the person she, and her publicist, want us to think she is. I’m not saying she is a racist.I sincerely hope that she isn’t. But, what do we actually know about celebrities anyway?

  103. paul says:

    I don’t see how this guy can be a racist. I’m mean, he dresses like a cholo. He has so many Mexican mechanics at his shop and he seemed pretty cool to them. Why is everyone believing all this Enquirer crap?

  104. shar says:

    Is Everyone forgetting the Fact* that Sandra was one of the First celebrities to donate a Million dollars 2 Drs without Borders in the early wake of the earthquake in Haiti?? No way am I buying that she’s racist. She was duped by a pig-pure & simple. Happens to the best of us!!

  105. Ashlee B says:

    I don’t think he’s a conscious or committed racist, somehow along his hillbilly jock upbringing in Riverside he thought it was cool or funny to make fun of black people, pick on girls and be a school yard bully. Seems he will do anything for attention, shameless, to many tattoos, loud and obnoxious, negative or positive, it’s all good to him. Typical attention starved, good hearted but small weenier 5 year old boy. He’s not a real “bad boy”, just a thoughtless lame boy, same league as that Fred limp biscuit dork. He was just able to lie his way to fame, easy to do today, no one checks credit until it’s too late. Great entertainment.

  106. Jack Slater says:

    What a jerk.

    He must be a great liar for Sandra to have stuck with him all these years.

  107. Zelda says:

    @ #102

    Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.

  108. Jandra says:

    Come on people! Do you really think a woman can be married and live, eat, sleep with her husband that many years not knowing he’s a white supremacist?
    I looooove Sandra Bullock’s movies, but I think she’s always known he’s a racist and either she didn’t care (or thought it was important), or she is a racist herself. Sad and gross.

  109. Dannni says:

    One of my best friends has a load of Nazi memorabilia in his basement. I am so uncomfortable with it and he is Jewish. People might be fascinated with this kind of thing for different reasons.

  110. Maravilha says:

    Sandra is an A-list, powerful Hollywood figure! Didn’t she know about the law suits?? Doesn’t she have lawyers and agents who do their homework?? Regarding the Nazi stuff, her mother was German and she still has family in Germany! How do you think these accusations, if true and if she decide to take Jesse back, will go down with her fans?

  111. Shay says:


    From George Lopez’s wikipedia:

    “In 2000, after several years of performing stand-up comedy, Lopez was approached by actress Sandra Bullock for Lopez to produce and star in a comedy. Bullock was concerned about the lack of Hispanic-oriented sitcoms on American television and pushed to get a sitcom on television that starred Hispanics without being exclusively about the Hispanic American community.”

    Until we have proof that Jessee is an open racist, I don’t buy it. Our source is stripper/tatooed drug addict Michelle Bombshit? Come on people. She claimed she was raised Omish, ran away at 15 and has been on her own ever since. It was later proved that she was a soccer playing straight A student from the burbs and never ran away from home. Girl is a pathological liar.

    Let’s think before jumping to conclusions.

  112. Kiki says:

    How could she not have know? To echo what another poster said, I have racist relatives, too. I am biracial, too, and they didn’t hide their feelings from me or anyone else. It is one thing to keep this stuff secret from your co-workers and friends, but your WIFE? I don’t get that. Also, if JJ had a surfboard with Hilter and a swastika on it, then he wasn’t hiding his beliefs. Indeed, it sounds like he WANTED people to know. Again, I just don’t understand it. Several people have said he was a fan of racist slurs, he collects Nazi memorablia, and even reportedly displays some of it at his business. What more does it take to convince some people that this guy IS a racist?

  113. Milli says:

    Do these people who collect Nazi memorabilia realize the gravity of the situation? Its not edgy, its scary. I am scared that such people exist around us, hiding their extreme hatred for people different than themselves.
    Hitler showed us how evil man can be. Its an irony he existed at the same time as Gandhi, two people representing two polar opposite of human nature.
    Coming back to the Jesse James topic, I don’t know what kind of a guy he is. But looking at his face, I feel uneasy. He has this cold steely blue eyes, they have no warmth in them. How Sandy ever loved this guy or how he loved anyone is beyond me.
    I know appearances can be deceiving and one should not judge others based upon this. But its also somehow true that eyes are windows to one’s soul. He is a scary looking person, no doubt.

  114. Lady Lurker says:

    Lots of people collect military memorabilia, it doesn’t make them racist.

    Doesn’t it ever occur to anyone to challenge their assumptions?

  115. Mikunda says:

    Yeah, there was something about him that was bothering me all this time and you are right, that’s what it was – he does look like a skinhead, an old one, but still a skin head. It’s in his eyes – they are so cold and violently gleaming with some sort of hatred, as if threatening to tear you apart. Sadistic. Vile. No mercy or remorse in them.

  116. scraven10001 says:

    I’ve always liked sandra b and she’s always been cool … but how in the world did she get mixed up with this nazi whore? i so would love to see the divorce headlines….

  117. Ashlee B says:

    i saw him wear the KKK shirt before he was famous though and the motorcycle with swastikas, none of it is rumor or war stuff, just for real loser stuff. i’m sure others have seen it for real too. not a secret around long beach and he doesn’t hide the stuff.unless he was wearing the stuff for a movie or if the stuff is props. like you said who really knows. all stupid stuff to do in public anyway you look at it.

  118. Mikunda says:

    @Lady Lurker and the others like her: Seriously, war memorabilia? The Nazi and Hitler memorabilia is NOT war memorabilia. It is plain downright criminal, racist and to even think of condoning this sort of behavior is like giving the seal of approval to the murders of the millions of jewish and other innocent who lost their lives because of these monsters. Please honey, go google it and read at least a bit about this horrible plague before commenting so innocently about something that God forbid never finds its way back into power. You have no idea, do you?

  119. Sally says:

    To those who think Sandy must have known because she lived with him when she wasn’t working – think of the things we hid from our parents when we were younger. It really wasn’t that hard, if you were remotely smart about it.

  120. Namer says:

    Seems that the guy’s collecting proclivities are more associated with his biker/auto/garage culture than anything else. At least until someone comes up with a photo or tape of him burning crosses and such violence, seems his “dressage” is more about a tough-street-garage-guy than anything else. Except the cheating, that’s just crass and no class.

  121. Namer says:

    And that remark to the papparazzi guy (called him “a dirty Mexican”) is just tough guy talk (and that he’d had a previous problem with that guy’s behavior, which for many in the public, is understandable). Guys talk like this all the time to other guys and among them, many “Mexicans” who talk like that (similar) to White guys they want to harass. It CAN be “racist” but most of it is guys trying to out-tough one another. Italians do it even with one another, Blacks certainly do it with one another and nearly anyone else. Asians do…it’s not unique to ‘racists’ it’s more a form of talking that’s street-guy-tough.

  122. Samir2 says:

    Sadly, Jesse James is qualified to run for elected office as a Republican.

  123. Bluejeans says:

    This is Sandra’s team in the “SLAUGHTER & DESTRUCT JESSE” mode. By the time they’re finished packaging him as a supremacist, he won’t be able to get a gig selling Tic Tacs. Oh – you guys thought Sandy was a cream puff? That she was home crying? Pulleeze. This boy should have paid attention to the advice she gave Tiger’s wife.

  124. val says:

    Oh, I have to laugh at you people! The Enquirer and In Touch magazines are reporting this, and you are taking it as TRUTH? These 2 rags are the biggest liars in print, everyone knows that … In Touch specializes in those stories that talk about what MIGHT happen if a celebrity did this or that (one example, Brangelina getting married in New Orleans), which saves them from libel action, because it is couched as all in the realm of the hypothetical, but their cover screams “BRAD AND ANGIE TO WED IN NEW ORLEANS!” when all it was was a bunch of writers with no scoops talking about how if they DID get married there, they could go to this church, etc. And of course, what do I need to say about the Enquirer, source of innumerable Elvis Lives! stories, as well as multiple-headed baby births and bat boy stories. TOO GULLIBLE!

  125. Coppergrly says:

    Being cheated on is so painful, even more so when one is in the public eye. Even if she forgives her husband, she will never forget and it will be difficult to ever trust him again. It will take some time to deal with this huge mess…I think Sandra is a smart woman who will make the decisions she has to make and move on with her life. I wish her well.

  126. anon says:


  127. Ashley says:

    That’s pretty hard to fake. All the time together and he never said any slurs or talked trash? Come on. This woman was in a movie about a black man from the ghetto who moves in with a white family and becomes an NFL player, you mean to tell me he never saw the film or heard her speak about it and didn’t say something racially offensive?

    Sandra’s mother was German, that didn’t have anything to do with his marrying her?

    And I’m starting to wonder about Sandra’s character as well. She lived with an open racist and only dates white men with blonde hair. I’d like to think that the America’s sweetheart image she portrays is real but I’m starting to have my doubts.

    And the fact that she continues to hide away while all of this is coming out is not making her look any better. If she really wanted to keep the public on her side she’d come out say she’s disgusted by his behavior, is seeking a divorce and is in no way a racist or a Nazi sympathizer.

    There are just too many question that need to be answered and hiding away wil not make it go away, especially since her career depends on the public.

  128. Ashley says:

    Bluejeans – what advice did she give Tiger’s wife?

  129. Mentok the Mind Taker says:


    Reason doesn’t factor into it. Racism is rampant on my father’s side of the family, so I’ve witnessed the idiocy first hand.

    Your question regarding the whole “Jesus is a Jew” — well, someone started a rumour that the Jews (and somehow, Not the Romans, even though the Romans were the only people who could do crucifixions) killed Jesus, so they hold them responsible.

    As BBP said, it wasn’t just the Jews the Nazis hated. It was anyone who wasn’t of their ideal.

    Again, with the reason thing. It just doesn’t factor.

    For what it’s worth, you do anything even remotely “Nazi” in the country of Germany today, they are on you immediately. They want nothing to do with it, and have a zero tolerance policy, from what I understand.

  130. Fireball says:

    Jesse almost redeems himself in my eyes :) . I am pleased to hear that there still are White Supremacy members in the USA.

  131. Smoothie says:






  132. jon says:

    The racism and nazi claims are coming from a skank whore that lies more than she speaks the truth, remember this ho said she nicknamed him vanilla gorilla but he has gone by that for ever. I have a feeling the bareback claims are bs too, or we would have some babies popping up, plus none of the women have been attractive and I know he has much prettier women that model or work for him there so a lot does not add up. The man has people of all ethnicities that work for him, a white supremacist would not do that. As for the iron cross, that has been used since the 1800′s and has little to do with nazi’s even the swastika has little to do with those sick fvcks, go to a Buddhist or Hindu temple sometime you will see plenty of them there. So far no one has come forward with any concrete proof that he slept with any of these skanks, i think if anything he may have had texting realations with these women but that is probably it,until someone proves otherwise people should stop all the hersay and speculation.

  133. Lucy says:

    I can believe that sandra didn’t know. I was in a 3 year relationship with a guy and we lived together and eventually found out that everything that I thought I knew about him was a lie. He was having multiple affairs-with men! I had no idea he was gay. We had a great sex life, had sex almost every day. He was romantic, kind. We got engaged and talked aout having kids.. Then I guy came forward then another then another. If I could be so fooled, so could sandra.

  134. AZRN says:

    One thing I cannot abide is a racist, even in my own family. Say it ain’t so, Sandy, say it ain’t so!

  135. Anon says:

    I don’t know that it’s fair just yet to kick Sandra while she’s already down. It is entirely possible she was either unaware or only subconsciously aware of Jesse’s true personality. My mother was married to a man that hid his true personality from her for years and my fiance was previously married to a woman that he admits he never really knew until it was too late. My fiance and his ex were married for 9 years, she probably cheated on him the whole time. Then she had two kids with him and left them all when the kids were still in diapers. My step father was great for two years and then, seemingly overnight, he became mentally and verbally abusive and totally paranoid. During marriage counseling he *admitted* he got “tired of pretending to be someone else.” People do terrible things and some of these people are very good at hiding their true nature.

  136. fantastica says:

    People please, Sandra Bullock lived in Nuremberg until she was 12 yrs old, her grandfather was a german rocket scientist, he would be of the wwII generation. This is all on wikipedia.

    It seems one with that background would want to go OUT of there way to NOT be associated with it and I’m pretty sure Jesse’s nazi fascination must have come up once or twice in a 5 year marriage, to say she had no idea is delusional.

    As for whether it affects her career, i sure as hell hope so.

  137. anon says:

    First just because some one is of german heritage doesn’t= nazi. Alot those jews killed in the holocaust were religously jewish but of german nationality, just as a lot of people’s families
    However that being said I can’t believe she was completely clueless. But again one would think the general public should have noticed-his company emblem is an Iron Cross.

  138. Kyli says:

    These women all for Sandra,give it a break…History lesson

    I just recalled that I once commented on a post a long time ago when Jesse J. left his then 8 month pregnant baby mama Janine for Sandy B, who he was having an affair with. I had written in my comment, what goes around comes around Sandy B & karma is a bitch!! Anyways how people forget so soon, women really need to quit sleeping with married men, men with baby mamas on the way, etc. etc. because you will only get burnt by the son of a bitches….. Really we need to stop pitting women against each other calling them trailer trash & hos, just grow the fuck up people & move on.. Sandy B aint no angel & she knows exactly what she got herself into! No pity for the fool

  139. Fleabell says:

    I don’t think Sandra knew about any of his revolting habits. She was hesitant to get involved with him in the first place, but he conned her into thinking he was someone else. And she was often on a film set far away, or more recently, embroiled in the custody dispute regarding his daughter from a previous marriage. She’s been trying to hold his family together, and this is the thanks she gets. It has to be the worst thing that ever happened to her.

  140. ANDIA says:

    I find it hard to believe Sandra didn’t know, but then again I’ve known a lot of women who have been totally duped by men. Love is blind but marriage opens your eyes. Right now I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt because obviously she didn’t know he was a cheating dog either.

    I suppose if he could hide 11 women then he could possibly hide being a racist. I’m sure she was busy and gone a lot. She said once that JJ worked 12 hrs a day too. She also once said once about JJ “I assumed he was a homophobic chauvinist, a bigot who kills people”. She apparently thought he was at one time anyway.

    If she’s not racist, she definitely needs to issue a public statement ASAP or people are going to assume she is too. If she is a racist, her career is finished. If WalMart and other retailers still are selling West Coast Chopper clothing in a few weeks, I’ll be quite surprised. And anyone running around in that stuff in a few weeks will also be viewed as a supporter of White Supremacy.

  141. Jag says:

    Just want to point out that being a racist doesn’t have to mean the person hates all the different races. Some racists hate only one race. So JJ could like Latinos and still hate other races.

    I’m trying so hard to remember the blurb I heard or read a few years ago, that had to do with racism and Sandra and JJ. Can’t for the life of me remember what it was, but it was a rumor about potential racism. It shocked me because I like Sandra so much in her movies and interviews. Now I really wish I could point to it in order to read it again. /sigh

    As for her being duped, I believe it. I was engaged to a guy who ended up having an entire separate life from me, paying for it with the money I gave him for OUR bills. I didn’t find out until after we broke up, and the extent that he stole from me, and my family, was shocking. Even my parents got duped because they wanted to believe he was a nice guy, too.

  142. Wondering says:

    Sandra had to know about the other women.

    After his nonstop sexual bouts, Jesse’s manskank body would be covered with bites, scratches, fingernail marks, tramp stamps, etc.

    Is there a shower in his office, or did he go home smelling of sex, too?

  143. Ironic... says:

    Just curious….

    Why does everyone seem to be piling on the woman in this relationship? Men hide who they truly are from the women in their lives EVERYDAY. It’s part of the relationship routine. Racists are just as good at it than anyone. Money matters more, and they’d rather be loved like anyone else. Quite obviously, quite a few skeletons came tumbling out of Jesse James’ closet at the same time…

    Just some food for thought…

  144. ViktoryGin says:


    Somewhere we got turned around and are actually trying to state the same thing, I think. The irony was lost on me, I suppose.

    Originally there were some commenters who were attempting to make the connection that Bullock is a Nazi sympathizer because she’s German-American. Then others and myself began to respond in opposition as that kind of presumptuous thinking is unfair and dangerous. Then I responded to you because I interpreted your post to mean that nobody had tried to imply that when they had. However, I think that you were saying the same thing by being ironic.

  145. Punk Rocker says:

    I am very sympathetic to the possiblity that Sandra did not know how racist and anti-semitic Jesse really was. I had racist friends in high school who would say really really nasty things about minorites behind their backs. But when confronted by either a minority or someone they needed who wouldn’t tolerate it, they would just act like everything was cool. Racists can be and usually are very duplicious and two-faced. I liked my “friends” and thought that some gentle advice would help, but then I realized I was never going to change them and just dumped them. So I know how complicated relationships with people can get and Sandra might not be racist herself.

  146. Jen says:

    I’m playing devil’s advocate here so hear me out. There are many people who will collect Nazi memorabilia that are not racist. Just like I have devil masks and things like that but I’m not a devil worshiper. You have to think A) how often is the Enquirer right on their information and B) How much information has been dramatized by every one. He f*ed up big time, people are angry with him that he could do something so horrible to some one that the public loves so keep in mind how much is hatred is aimed at him and how much people want to make him even worse than he has already made himself to be.

  147. Perai says:

    About a month ago I watched Tiger address the media. He looked like he was issuing his last words before execution. Yesterday I watched him hold a news conference. He was smiling and joking as if he was not only granted a reprieve but exonerated and about to partake in the celebratory feast. What changed? Well obviously Jesse’s indiscretions turned out to be a lifeline. I am sure Tiger must be saying thank you Jesse, thank you, thank you, thank you for throwing me that bone.

    I am hearing about the Nazi stuff now for the first time and I find it shocking, especially since I am a black man; yet I am not quick to judge anyone. I look for facts before forming an opinion.

    I absolutely refuse to believe that Sandra Bullock is a Nazi sympathizer. I don’t buy it and I would not believe it unless and until I see some concrete evidence. If that ends up being the case it would be one of the biggest shocks of my life, and I don’t recall the last time I was shocked by anything.

    With regards to the surfboard, my feeling is that because it is on display in his office that does not make him a Nazi sympathizer. I am not saying he is or he is not; I don’t know the man, but I am saying the presence of the surfboard alone is not enough evidence for me to judge him that way.

    Jesse’s actions would have to be judged based on the fact that he is married to Sandra, a public figure that could be negatively impacted by the presence of the surfboard, regardless of his reason for having it. Maybe he is one of those jerks who just doesn’t give a damn how the things he does affect anybody else. After all this is a man who left his wife when she was pregnant. Maybe all he is guilty of is just being a damn fool. We have seen enough evidence of this in his affairs with all of those bimbos. But then again, who knows, maybe Sandra is lousy in bed or maybe she never wants to give it up and that’s why he cheats. We should never be in a rush to judge people about things in their personal lives because we never have all of the facts. Just saying.

    When I was about 18 years old an older gentleman told me “the perception of a fact is as important as the fact itself”. I have counseled myself with those words ever since then. It may do Jesse and Sandra some good to do the same.

  148. Corvus Corax says:

    one word. wow. why would he trade sandra for that c u m dumpster i will never know……………

  149. CC says:

    Sandra is adopting a black baby according people magazine what a great cover up …I’m sure this was thought up by her PR people to cover up her own sins otherwise her career would be wrecked..

  150. Kim says:

    Anybody who watched Monster Garage and listened to Jesse, knew what kind of a guy he was. He never changed when he met Sandra. She had to know exactly what he was like. I was shocked when I heard they got married. Maybe Sandra isn’t as nice as she appears to be.

  151. Bork says:

    Sandra has a black baby now. Everything peachy now. Shut up everyone.

  152. Nate says:

    Sooo what the guy has a surfboard w/ Hitlers face on it n likes to collect WWII German stuff. Whats so bad about that??? I think its awesome hes preserving history. What if he collected Russian stuff from WWII??? Would that be ok? When Stalin was a communist fuck n killed 10 times more ppl then the Germans. NOT all ppl are Hippies n pussy tolerance ppl so get over it.

  153. kaj00 says:

    look the race jesse james did in the destert. Look on his jacket Logo on the right arm & u will find a private jacket with the same racism symbole chiffre sign. In my eyes this guys is right oriented person because a lot of the motor freaks are ;) & he looks like …

  154. Adam says:

    I collect WWII relics. Some of what is German stuff from the war years and the years leading up to it. I have talk to hundreds of veterans both German and American. I recorded those conversations. Almost all the WWII relics I have came from those veterans. They brought it back after the war. So I suppose by what I’ve been reading here that the American veteran which I got this “Nazi” memorabilia from must have been Nazis themselves for owning it? Even though they brought about the downfall of Fascism! I collect to preserve history. I also find it funny that people who collect Soviet era stuff are not condemn. Yet the Soviets, especially under Stalin killed far more innocent people than Hitler ever did. From 1932-33 anywhere from 3 million plus Ukrainians were starved to death. During the period called the Holodomor. Far more than Hitler killed in a year! Just shows how ignorant and indoctrinated the public is with condemning Germany and Germans, yet leaving all these other nations that were far more horrific alone is ridiculous. I think they were equally evil but objects are also inanimate, thus they carry no evil. Also having these historic object to show brings history alive for the student of history. But having a surf board with Hitler is plain weird and someone with something like this is idolizing Hitler IMO and that should be condemned. They historically never made Hitler surf boards.

  155. Hell Date says:

    I’m playing devil’s advocate here so hear me out. There are many people who will collect Nazi memorabilia that are not racist. Just like I have devil masks and things like that but I’m not a devil worshiper. You have to think A) how often is the Enquirer right on their information and B) How much information has been dramatized by every one. He f*ed up big time, people are angry with him that he could do something so horrible to some one that the public loves so keep in mind how much is hatred is aimed at him and how much people want to make him even worse than he has already made himself to be.

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  157. Robin Lewis says:

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