Jason Lee’s ex-wife tells all about Scientology, Tom Cruise & abuse

Church Of Scientology's 33rd Anniversary Gala

Did you guys know that Jason Lee is a Scientologist? I hate that about him, even though I love him as an actor. Well, anyway, he rolls with Xenu, and now Jason’s ex-wife Carmen Llywellyn is “telling all” about Jason and the Church of Scientology. Now, the Enquirer claims that Carmen is still a “member” of CoS, but she repeatedly claims that she left the CoS, so I’m not sure what that’s about. She’s bashing Xenu all over the place, but maybe Cos has some kind of Xenu-baptism where you‘re a member for life or something? I’m quietly chanting “One of us… one of us” now. Shiver… okay, first, here’s a little snippet from The National Enquirer’s site (photo below is of Jason and Carmen in happier times, courtesy of IMDB):


In an explosive Enquirer exclusive interview the ex-wife of Earl star Jason Lee reveals all about the inner sanctum of Scientology — the Hollywood cult that masquerades as a “church”.

When Tom Cruise called Nicole Kidman a Scientologist, she shot him a look that could kill – and shortly afterward, the couple divorced!

That’s the blockbuster claim of former Scientologist and actress Carmen Llywellyn – the ex-wife of My Name is Earl star Jason Lee, who remains a member of the controversial church. And in an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, Carmen pulls aside the veil of secrecy surrounding the religion that some describe as a cult. She reveals for the first time ever how the church caters to its famous celebrity members, including Cruise, John Travolta and Lisa Marie Presley.

Carmen joined Scientology in 1995 after marrying Jason, but quit during their bitter divorce in 2002, and claims her association with the church still haunts her.

“I have never spoken about Scientology before, but I still have nightmares about these people. They ruined my life and my career. I ended up addicted to painkillers, and it took three rehabs to get me straight,” Carmen told The ENQUIRER. “If I see a Scientologist now, I cross the street.”

[From The National Enquirer]

Eh. Okay, let’s get to the good stuff from the print edition of the Enquirer:

*Carmen joined Scientology in 1995 after marrying Jason Lee, but she quit it when she and Jason divorced in 2002. Carmen says: “Jason’s message was that if I didn’t join, I wasn’t going to be with him… so I joined, but it was like a cult, and I foolishly allowed it to take root in me.”

*Carmen claims that Jason Lee was abusive. She says: “He was a drunk who beat me up… he whacked me in the face and knocked me unconscious. Once, I was knocked out cold for at least 30 seconds. I had to have my jaw wired.”

*When Carmen and Jason were going through their divorce, Carmen went to CoS meetings where she claims she was “browbeaten into signing a document that she claimed had been prepared by Jason and the church.” The agreement was for $22,141 a month for three years, plus $50,000 cash and a leased car. Meanwhile, Jason got their $2 million home, their cars, his businesses, residuals, stocks and pension accounts. Carmen says that she was brow-beaten because CoS didn’t want “to upset or lose their celebrity.” Carmen eventually hired a new lawyer who renegotiated her settlement deal.

*After “leaving” CoS, Carmen bumped into Jenna Elfman (Scientologist), and Carmen says: “I was shopping recently when Jenna approached me. She spouted statements like a robot and treated me like dirt because she knew I’d broken free.”

*Carmen and Jason met Tom Cruise when he was still with Nicole Kidman: “Jason and I were talking to Tom, and we told him that we went to the CoS center in LA. He said brightly, ‘Oh yeah? Well, me and Nicole are Scientologists too! Right, Nic?’ But she turned and gave Tom the most evil look. She stared at him for about 10 seconds, and Tom looked at her like he was throwing daggers with his eyes. I interpreted her look to mean, ‘I am not a Scientologist, and I will not be a Scientologist.’ She was clearly mad at Tom for saying she was. And the next thing you know, they’re getting a divorce!”

*More on Nicole and Tom: “At the time, the word went around all the Scientologists that ‘Nicole is an S.P. so Tom has to divorce her.’ An S.P. is a Suppressive Person, which is CoS jargon for the devil.”

*Carmen on Lisa-Marie Presley: “Jason and I were talking to Lisa Marie one night and we asked her ‘Come on tell us the truth, why did you really divorce Michael Jackson?’ She said, ‘The reason I finally left him was that I didn’t want him to be in the same room as my children!’”

*Carmen also says that John Travolta and Kelly Preston would always bring their daughter Ella to CoS functions, but never their son Jett. Carmen says she thought that was “odd”.

*In the end, Carmen says: “Scientology threatened my spiritual health, saying that I’d lose all my friends. I lost my manager and my career. People didn’t return my phone calls. Scientologists followed me down the street. They took pictures of my kids. They’d stake out my house, wait until we came out and follow us. They came looking for me to scare me, I was nearly suicidal.”

Ugh. I believe most of this. I really believe all of the Church of Scientology stuff, but I’m not so sure about the whole Jason Lee-is-an-abusive-drunk stuff. Do you think he hit her? I mean, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility, so whatever. It could have happened. I find the Nicole Kidman story very interesting, though. I would have paid money to see Nicole and Tom stare each other down as they engage in a mental battle over Xenu. And I’m totally buying that Tom divorced Nicole because, in his f-cked up head, Nicole was an “S.P.” Oh, the Enquirer also mentions that Carmen moved away from Hollywood so she wouldn’t have to deal with Xenu’s minions anymore. She now lives in Atlanta with her kids. Are any of Xenu’s minions in Georgia?

Photo of Carmen & Jason when they were together, courtesy of IMDB.

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  1. Scout says:

    I hate everything I know about scientologists…and so I do not doubt all she says COULD be true. But, honestly, I keep reading, “Carmen says…” and “Carmen say…” repeatedly – does that mean we just believe her just because she “says” it? We have no idea what her motivation is here. The thing about the Travolta’s not bringing Jett might have something to do with the fact that Scientologists might not have accepted Jett due to his illness. Going out on a limb there, but just a thought. I love the Travolta’s but hate that they are part of this cult. They don’t seem to fit the mold.

  2. heb says:

    Does the Lisa Marie thing have anything to do with Scientology?

  3. rkintn says:

    CoS is scary! They have their fingers in ALOT of different pies. A friend of mine was researching a website her daughter loved to play on (neopets). Turns out a CoS “business model” was used for it’s marketing. Or it was at the time. Needless to say, her daughter hasn’t been back on that website since. They are a buncha wackadoos.

  4. YT says:

    Xenu’s minions are in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. Have plans for a large building, but neighborhood is protesting about possible traffic problems.

  5. PJ says:

    Nicole Kidman was never a Scientologist. She was born a Catholic and is now married to Keith Urban, also a Catholic. Maybe that’s one of the reasons she is so happy with Keith — they don’t have any issues about religion.

  6. N.D. says:

    I knew he was, but the moment I learned that he lost me as a fan. not to the point of – I’ll never see his movies again – but I’ll never feel warm towards him as a person. Scientology is a cult and a very abusive one. Especially to those who dared to leave it. People who are blind to that – god knows what else they can put into their blind spot. That beating your wife isn’t right even when she’s not as into Xenu as you are could easly turn out to be one of those things.

  7. Kate says:

    While I’m sure there is a grain of truth to some of this as the scientologists are a thug-like cult, I do not for one minute believe the encounters with Cruise and Presley or that the scientologists are to blame for her addiction to pain killers. The scientologists are anti-meds. I don’t know about the abuse. This is the former wife of a Z-list celebrity looking for some pub. Pretty weak. I can’t remember the guy’s name, but the best anti-scientology info that has come out in a long time is from that director who wrote the huge letter disavowing the “church”. THAT I believe.

  8. Sarah says:

    CoS scares me. They’re all crazy. You’d have to be to believe that crap they believe. I really have a hard time understanding how anyone in their right mind would follow a “religion” created by a Science Fiction writer!

  9. ogechi says:

    Am always careful to comment on one’s faith or religion.

  10. bellaluna says:

    @ heb,
    Lisa Marie is a Scientologist.

  11. katie says:

    i recently read an article that a former member (non celebrity) is sying CoS because of nearly zero pay for years of work. it also gave a glimpse into CoS and corraborates some of her story (berating people who want to leave)

  12. Brittney says:

    One thing: the Enquirer doesn’t claim she’s still a member. They describe her as “the ex-wife of My Name is Earl star Jason Lee, who remains a member of the controversial church” — Lee is clearly the one they’re talking about there.

  13. lucy2 says:

    I’m willing to believe just about anything regarding COS. Sounds like she’s just another one of the people victimized by them.

    It does sound like she has an ax to grind though, especially since she brought up the divorce settlement (I’d be happy with $22K/month!) and a lot of this was avoidable on her part. He wouldn’t be with her unless she joined? Red flag. Abusive? Major red flag. If you know things are getting bad, why continue to go to CoS, and why sign anything without a divorce lawyer present? No doubt CoS was nasty and dangerous to her, but I hope she accepts some responsibility for her situation as well.

  14. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I don’t know Kate…if she was looking for publicity, I think she would have said something 8 years ago, when they first went through the divorce.

    I’d believe just about anything about that cult because even the legitimately documented things are so f-ed up.

    a true “church” doesn’t harass, intimidate or sue/prosecute members who have left or want to leave.

  15. Lee says:

    I found My Name is Earl humourous until I learned Jason Lee was a Scientologist. I never watched it again, nor will I watch anything with Jenna Elfman, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, et al. Whack jobs all.

  16. Hautie says:

    Anderson Cooper/CNN has been doing a series on the Co$ cult all week on his show. And it has been very interesting.

    They are a cult. One that has the money to terrorize anyone that mocks them.

    I do wonder if the rehab problem was about her needing something to deal with the crazy husband plus his cult.

    Lord knows I would need a little Prozac to put up with all the crazies.

    And the smartest thing she did was get out of California.

  17. Renee says:

    I agree everything that has been proven true is creepy. Imagine the stuff they really want to hide. The whole set up is rediculous. I can’t believe people buy into that nonsense!

  18. Samantha says:

    Ugh, he is too fine to be a scientologist. :-( It makes sense though for celebrities and rich people, scientology totally caters to narcissism and I don’t doubt many in Hollywood are full of themselves its surprising they have room in their bowels to hold the rest of the crap in there.

  19. Iggles says:

    @ lucy2:
    It does sound like she has an ax to grind though, especially since she brought up the divorce settlement (I’d be happy with $22K/month!) and a lot of this was avoidable on her part.

    It said $22K for THREE MONTHS. That’s not alimony. It’s part of a small finite payoff when her ex is a MILLIONAIRE. She needs a fair share of what she entitled to so she can support herself and the kids (she stated several times how her career is DOA, so she’s not bringing in any income).

    Also, let’s not blame victims of abuse for the abuse they suffer. When a person is in love objectivity is something they are lacking. The honeymoon stage is bliss and that goes hand in hand with ignorance. Red flags are ignored or dismissed as isolated incidents. Looking back the pattern is easy to see, however the abuser doesn’t show his/her colors overnight. Over time they reveal their true nature. By then the victim has been emotionally compromised, making it harder to get out.

    In Carmen’s case not only did she have to deal with an abusive husband and trying to do the best for her children, she had minions of the Co$ harassing and threatening her!

    It’s so easy to say, “Well, she should of known. There were red flags.” It’s only when the flags add up that most folks are able to see things for what they really are. Most of us aren’t cynical and tend to want to believe the best about others — especially a romantic partner. It’s this very fact that abusers exploit.

  20. Leek says:


    That is an interesting article written in Time magazine regarding the CoS.

  21. Whatever says:

    I believe every word of it. I’ve read accounts from many past members about the abuse and beatings that happen within the “church”. Doesn’t seem like too big of a leap for a CoS member to bring that mentality home. So sad because I loved My Name is Earl and Dharma and Greg. :(

  22. I tend to abstain from talking about others’ churches, religions & denominations..BUT Scientology, to me, is neither of the aforementioned.

    It appears that Scientologists have a cultish need for them all to belong together. They only seem to date, marry or mingle with other Scientologists. When they do marry outside the group, the other party has to join or is labeled. What kind of group would even make such a fuss about this? Granted, the Bible mentions that married couples should be equally yoked, but this here seems to be unnatural.

    As for Jason Lee’s ex…I believe everything she says. Scientologists “go hard” for their beliefs. I mean, The Late Isaac Hayes heckled EVERY religion under the sun on “South Park” but quit as soon as they knocked Scientology. Sounds odd to me…

  23. Praise St. Angie! says:

    To Iggles…

    “The agreement was for $22,141 a month for three years”

    At first, I misread it as “$22,141 for three months”, too.

  24. clare says:

    Thanks to Anonymous for making it safer for ex-scientologists to speak out!

  25. weslyn says:

    there is at least one church of scientology in atlanta..i went there “undercover” for research for a sociology of religion project that i was doing and can i say it totally creeped me out…i walk in and see a big sign that says psychiatry kills (btw i was a psych major..which i thought was crazy because a lot of the principles that Hubbard used in his “philosophy” he ripped off from psychology -i.e. the test they get you to take to gauge your personality- and various religions)..there are pictures of him all over the place and they have an empty office set up for him..what i don’t understand though is how they can be a non-profit organization when all they seem to want to do is take your money..i inquired about getting “clear” and they are telling me you have to take these courses (which can range from like $50 to hundreds) to eventually obtain that status and they want you to buy the study materials which are Hubbard’s books…and this Hubbard guy was a drug addict and sci-fi writer whose known to say that
    “if you really want to make money, start a religion”..neway they kept hounding me with phone calls and emails after i never came back..needless to say it was a very interesting project and my class was entertained and enlightened..but i would definately urge people to stay away, because i could see them trying to take advantage of people who are just looking for direction and focus in their lives…nuff said

  26. Melanie says:

    Beck is a scientologist, but I still buy his albums. I just over analyze the lyrics sometimes.

  27. JC126 says:

    I hate that Jason Lee’s a member of Co$. I prefer not to believe anything else bad about him, either!

  28. Whatever says:

    Rolling Stone did a story on CoS last year. I think it is still available online. The reporter went undercover for a couple months and it was frightening.

  29. Jenjaya says:

    @Iggles It actually said 22k a month for 3 years, which is a big difference.

  30. K.C. says:

    Does anyone know what they actually believe and can tell me succinctly-I looked at some internet postings and definitions for it, but it just seems like incoherent ramblings about aliens invading our bodies and all these steps to clear them out of our bodies- that cannot possibly be correct, can it? Was I reading it wrong, or are all these people we are supposed to look up to, believe tat there are millions of aliens in our bodies?

    And I can totally see Jason Lee drunk and hitting on his wife-he’s got the look in his eyes, and unfortunately, from past experience, I know that look well-always notice the eyes

  31. lizzie (greeneyedfem) says:

    She’s bashing Xenu all over the place, but maybe Cos has some kind of Xenu-baptism…

    Just as an FYI, in Scientology, Xenu was a tyrannical alien overlord who ruled Earth millions of years ago (*eyeroll*, I know) — he is not a figure of worship to the CoS, he’s more like a devil/boogeyman. So it doesn’t really make sense to use “Xenu” as a stand-in term for CoS.
    See this gif for a rundown of the whole ridiculous Xenu backstory: http://i29.tinypic.com/4v00o2.jpg

    (xenu.net is a good site if you’re looking for more info on the CoS’ insane beliefs and horrible treatment of its members.)

  32. lucy2 says:

    Iggles – it was over $22K/month for 3 years, over $250K/year, totaling almost $800K for the 3 years. Not a huge amount by Hollywood standards, but still a substantial amount of money to most. A friend of mine just got less than $1000/month in alimony AND child support after over 20 years of marriage, so I’m probably just less inclined to feel sympathy for someone getting that much. Also, I believe she didn’t have children until several years after they were divorced, not with him, so supporting her kids is her own deal.

    I didn’t mean to imply that I was blaming her for staying in an abusive relationship, definitely not. More just that there were a lot of signs along the way that things weren’t peachy keen, but I agree that it’s easier to see that when you sit back and look at them all objectively.
    I just am always amazed that with all the info out there about places like this, people still get suckered in and convinced to do foolish things once in, but I guess cults are good at that.

  33. Iggles says:

    Whoops, my bad on the dollar amount.

    Perhaps she was thinking about what happens after 3 years. And:

    Meanwhile, Jason got their $2 million home, their cars, his businesses, residuals, stocks and pension accounts.

    If she was married to him for 10 years or more by law she’s entitled to part of his Social Security and alimony for many more years (which ends if she remarries of course).

    I dunno. If you’re coerced to sign a document without legal council it sounds shady in general. I’m glad it wasn’t deemed binding.

  34. Susette says:

    Back then, there were already similar rumors going around about Presley, Tom/Nicole, and even about Lee beating her, so I’m willing to believe most of what she’s saying.

    I’m not clear about her painkiller claims, though. I can’t tell if she’s saying that the stress of dealing with CoS made her turn to painkillers or that the CoS got her addicted. I’m guessing the former.

  35. GatsbyGal says:

    @Clare- Here here! Three cheers to Anonymous!

  36. Jazz says:

    Jason Lee is a $cientologist?? Nooooooo!!!!

  37. Anne de Vries says:

    Sounds par for the course for scientology.

    Jett Travolta was autistic, which scientologists don’t believe in, which is likely why he was kept ‘hidden’ so they could pretend he was normal.

    Actually Kate, scientologists are anti psychiatric drugs (anti ANYTHING to do with psychiatry really) but painkillers are allowed – which probably means that a lot of people who really need medication for depression or bipolar disorder or anxiety, end up self-medicating with painkillers because they can pretend they have a headache.

    a lot of this was avoidable on her part. He wouldn’t be with her unless she joined? Red flag. Abusive? Major red flag. If you know things are getting bad, why continue to go to CoS, and why sign anything without a divorce lawyer present?

    Avoidable? Maybe. I wouldn’t be so quick to say though. Things probably all seemed innocent at the start, you don’t see that pattern until you look back. And once she was in there, the pressure to stay and to keep coming was incredible (it always is). People commit suicide because of that pressure, because they can’t see a way out. The suicide rate among scientologists is enormous. I’d say she’s gotten off relatively well, all considering.

  38. Belle Epoch says:

    @lizzie thanks for the web site – it’s absolutely INCREDIBLE to me that ANYONE would listen to this ridiculousness for more than five seconds. How stupid would you have to be? No wonder the cult uses “confessions,” intimidation, violence – and oh yeah, flattery and special privileges – to keep its members.

  39. Alipop says:

    Jason Lee is an asshole. He came to my store with Ribiski. I asked if they needed help and they quipped about how the store sucked and the people there sucked. It was quite amusing. It was like, “oh to be famous sucks!”, but no one was even approaching them! Keep doing you Alvin impersonations, Jason!

  40. girl says:

    Is CoS against all meds? Or just meds that treat psychiatric conditions? I think it is the former.

    Is this Pilot Inspektor’s mother?

    I find it funny that Jason Lee was in Dogma when he is a Scientologist. Glass houses and all that.

  41. Melanie says:

    Alipop, Is Ribiski a scientologist too? What kind of store do you work at? Interesting, I always thought he seemed cool.

  42. george stagged says:

    I am officially classifying all COS members as suppressed and partners with the devil. I will no longer speak to them or patronize their movies. That includes all things Alvin and those suppressed chipmunks. Put that in your pipe Jason.

  43. another anonymous says:

    I believe this story, completely.

    It’s time to “Finish the Fight”. If you find the conduct of this “church” to be just absolutely morally objectionable, let your governmental representatives know. Tell the IRS to revoke their tax-exempt status, perform a proper audit of their financial records, and see to it that those who are continuing to perpetrate human rights abuses and torturous thought reform / brainwashing answer for it’s crimes in a United States court of law. It’s time. This must dome to an end.
    Thank you all for your interest and compassion in these matters, and for caring enough to educate the public so that more truly idealistic people who genuinely want to do good in the world are not conned into submissively tolerating abuse. thanks.

  44. another anonymous says:

    **(this must Come to an End!)

    oops, typo.

  45. krissy_kitty says:

    I don’t think she would have told the enquirer that JL was an abusive drunk if he wasn’t. Couldn’t he sue her for slander if it wasn’t the truth. I believe her only for that fact. If it is a lie let JL take her to court and prove otherwise.

    And the stuff about Tom and Nicole brought out the major LOL’S… The mental picture of it all is too funny!

  46. Kat says:

    @Melanie – Giovanni Ribisi is a Scientologist. As is his sister, who is married to Beck, another Scientologist.

  47. skeptic says:

    CoS beliefs are not that fantastical when compared to that of any other major religion. They are all mythology. All fables. All fiction.

  48. mari_li25 says:

    The term cult with all its implications is problematic. Scientology is a “new religious movement” (or cult as defined by sociologists), which is how all religions start. All religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism started out as “cults.” Some religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, and Islam were founded and inspired by charismatic (true charisma as in “divine gift”) leaders. Christianity started as a Jewish sect and the Jewish leaders saw Jesus as some crazy cult leader, just another weirdo pretending to be the Messiah.

    Of course, other mythologies are going to sound strange to outsiders, which is one of the reasons why there are levels of knowledge in Scientology. If Tom Cruise was given all the mythology at once, he would have probably walked away because it is too different, didn’t he want to become a priest when he was a teenager? I’m not saying that there is nothing problematic with Scientology. The practice of “auditing” is problematic because from what I’ve heard they use that information to have power over the members. Auditing is basically counseling (but without the sacred tradition of confidentiality, well, except for when they have to report crimes) of other religions. The counselors, as a way of freeing the individual from the effects of trauma and pain, encourage members to share their traumatic experiences, meaning the leaders know all their secrets and they use that to control people who want to leave. They share things they would not want anyone else to know about (especially for someone who is famous) and that gives the church power. It does make me wonder what they have on Tom Cruise.

  49. Tintinn says:

    “Carmen eventually hired a new lawyer who renegotiated her settlement deal.”

    Wouldn’t that indicate that the settlement deal listed above wasn’t what eventually stuck? So no axe to grind because the renegotiated terms weren’t stated.

  50. Melanie says:

    @ 46. Sorry, I can’t make out your name, but thanks. I knew that there was some connection but I had forgotten what it was. Duh on me.

  51. another anonymous says:

    … The founder of $cientology, LRH said himself that he was out to “Make money, Make more money” as well as “The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them.” … Does that sound spiritually enlightened to you? Of course not. It is the words of a con man. To say the least, it is a terrible thing to lie and steal from both those who sincerely want to help others, and those for whom help is needed.

    Within the last year France convicted Scientology for fraud, and parliamentary representatives in Australia are currently seeking to conduct a judicial investigation. Many other countries in the greater international community are currently investigating this cult as well. In time, there undoubtedly will be more to come.

  52. Ana says:

    No!!! Not Giovanni Ribisi!!!

    These people creep me out. I think they monitor stuff like this. I really hope they don’t find her.

  53. Praise St. Angie! says:

    if anyone wants a full list of members of the Co$, just google “famous Scientologists”.

    you may be really surprised at who subscribes to this nonsense.

    Like…Chaka Khan?! Dave Davies from the Kinks?! ugh…

  54. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Why is it so hard to believe Lee could be a drunk and an abuser? It is usually those types, the ones we think would never be that way, who are that way.

  55. Matt says:

    Yep that is why Lisa Marie kept hanging out with Michael after their divorce and defended him during his 2005 trial. *rolls eyes*

  56. EMV says:

    Scientology is not a religion PERIOD It is a sick joke. Who in their RIGHT MIND would believe in a philosophy created by a man who writes SCIFI books?They prey on people searching for enlightenment and truth with loads of money who will believe anything people tell them. I am an Christian/Episcopalian,but I don’t think any other religion is a cult besides those that are brainwashing money machines who only want to take advantage and spout hate propaganda and not to mention drain peoples brains of common sense. As for so called Christians who spreead hate, they really aren’t Christians now are they…

  57. Melanie says:

    after all this, despite knowing that he’s a full on cult member and possible a wife beater, I STILL WOULD

  58. TG says:

    @mari_li25 – You make a good point and interesting insight into religion. But, why would auditing keep anyone from escaping. Who cares what they print about you. You can always hold your own press conference and tell the world you story. That’s what I would do. Turn the tables on them. The thing is they only have power over you if you grant them permission.

    It’s hard to boycott movies with COS because they all seem to be apart of it. And I believe these people, the more people stand up to them the better off the world is. That explains why Katie Holmes always looks like a zombie.

  59. daisyfly says:

    I had a close friend whose family were all Scientologists. She was fifteen when she finally “snapped out of it”, as she used to say, and left the “Church”. Her family immediately labeled her an SP and kicked her out of their home.

    She was fifteen, homeless, and completely ignorant to so much of the world because of what Scientology keeps from you that she began to spiral into a deep depression. She ended up being hospitalized after attempting suicide and was later diagnosed with being bi-polar.

    She went back home to try and convince her family to take her back, but as soon as she mentioned her condition, they brought out a picture of her (the last one they had kept) and burned it right there in front of her.

    She committed suicide two weeks later.

    I believe every damn thing BAD about Scientology.

    Also, when you’re “audited”, you’re basically forced to confess to all of your sins and transgressions. If you don’t have any, they will force you to admit to something before they let you leave. (Auditing sessions can last for weeks, with little sleep and food. It is, for lack of a better term, religiously sanctioned torture.)

    When you leave the church, you HAVE to agree to remaining silent, otherwise they’ll use what you’ve “confessed” during the auditing against you. “Baby killer”, “pedophile”, “wife beater” – these are all things that will be thrown at you publicly, on the street where you live, at your place of employment. The harassment is unfathomable to us, but it’s a reality for ex-Scientologists who’ve come out.

  60. serena says:

    Ok I’ll buy that scientology is just a bunch of crazy maniac. I’ll buy the story about Tom and Nic too, but the part of Lee’s ex-wife telling all sort of things just to repent herself made my blood boil. I think she’s just doing it to make people talk about her (not really, sorry). If not, she could have given some other advice about scientology and such. Or is it revenge towards Lee himself?

    I totally hate Lisa Marie Presley for the quote about Micheal Jackson. That’s horrible and I really don’t believe it. I think their marriage was meant to do some publicity, and they were good friends nothing else.

  61. MoofreakinMoogetmeaburger! says:

    I feel that Scientology is for those who can’t handle their booze, ie: the fixer of most peoples problems.

    O Boohooo i’m secretly gay & can’t handle my gayness – DRINK TOM, DRINK THE GAY AWAY!

  62. MoofreakinMoogetmeaburger! says:

    I just have to share this, although it’s likely nobody will ever read this

    I was audited by the Scientololoonies once, and if you’ve seen the Southpark episode about it.. they make fun of how the auditers are all like.. ‘Hmmm there seems to be a problem with the auditing machine, let me just fiddle with some dials, oh there, now it works’ – They totally did that to me! They hook you up to this machine with little meters which go up as they ask you personal questions, supposedly to signify things that trouble you. So basically, they wind the things up themselves & con you right to your face!

    This possibly makes no sense.. but it was so hilarious, How anyone could be sucked into this is beyond me, you have to be a complete fucking idiot. I’ve always been convinced that they just blackmail people with personal information for money & shit D:

  63. Kim says:

    Your a whack job if you fall for scientology scam cult period. Not 1 sane person would be a scientologist. I think it appeals to celebs because they have huge egos and it strokes those fragile egos exactly how they like it.

  64. Kim says:

    Jenna Elfman is the biggest psycopath, bi polar manic around hence why she is a scientologist.

  65. Blythe says:

    Abuse is common in relationships. Why is it so hard for people to believe that a woman is/was abused? Because the abuser is charming, good looking, etc.? Most abusers look good in public. It’s behind closed doors when the abuse happens.

  66. lightbulb says:

    The Cult is getting bashed worldwide at the moment, several countries are considering removing it’s religious accreditation and class actions from former members are starting to rev up.

    Perhaps she feels more comfortable talking about the situation now that people are backing up her claims about the group, also Jason has a new TV series about to debut something about a southern based police detective who is also an Elvis impersonator, maybe she’s thinking payback time, just reminding people he is a Scitoe AND a wife beater.

    She needed her jaw wired to there will be medical proof if anyone needs it.

  67. Aitch says:

    Isn’t he the dude who named his kid “Pilot Inspektor”?

  68. Kelly says:

    If you’re stupid enough to buy this scientology shiz quite frankly, you deserve everything you get.
    Dont sign up to these dumbarse cult outfits thinking they’re going to help you get famous and then bitch about it afterwards when your stupid expediency comes back to bite you on the arse.
    You joined a cult to keep your BF?? Can you please come over here so I can slap you myself?
    All are punish’d.
    The xenufreaks know this is played out and the whole thing’s on it’s last legs, hence the heavy tactics, the desperate scrabble to keep deserters quiet. These things are always, always about money, so brace yourselves for the gigantic financial scandals that will come spewing out of this mess when it all blows up. Can’t wait!

  69. chshc says:

    Its CO$ not COS

  70. Anti-icon says:

    TG–you’re assuming that COS does not commit crimes in order to keep you from turning those tables in a court of law. They behave like the mafia, and stalking, wire-tapping, harrassment is something that if you have never experienced it, is terrifying. The news media who report on these activities also become targeted. I believe it is coming to an end. Your comment just seems to defy that you really understand what happens when an individual loses control of their life.

  71. CeeCee12 says:

    Suddenly seems like people are getting braver about discussing the cult. I think when Paul Haggis wrote that public letter it gave others the courage to discuss CO$.
    I had a bad experience with them myself. I was taking classes not realizing it was really about recruitment for CO$. I left and never went back but they called me for months trying to bully me into coming back. They are some scary individuals whose house of cards is a tumblin’ down.

    I avoid supporting those who support this abusive cult.

  72. Anne de Vries says:

    Can we stop calling victims of scientology idiots? The recruters deliberately target people who have problems, are depressed and despairing of life, and offer them hope. Those street tests they give out with their magic lie detector? Those people are trained to ‘find your ruin’ – ie, your sensitive spot they can use to talk you into buying a basic course.

    It all starts very innocent and very helpful and inclusive and warm. The nuttiness is then very gradually introduced, over months or years, and by the time you reach full out craziness you’ve put tons of money into it and your whole social life revolves around the cult, you can’t talk about your concerns with anybody and the pressure to toe the line is inmense.

    It’s a giant con, but it’s a very seductive, very clever con. Calling the people who fall for it idiots and pretending you (or anybody you know) would never fall for it, is ignoring the very real danger this cult poses. Don’t trivialise it.

  73. skeptical says:

    scientology is definitely a scam.. not for their beliefs (people can believe what they want) but because of how they behave.

    the idea of shunning all non-scilons is to control the thoughts of members, to cut off all contact with different ideas.

    the fact that you have to PAY for the scilon version of Sunday School shows the CO$ is all about money.

    let’s use a comparison to some christianity ideas to show the difference.

    Can you imagine a pastor telling you you need to cough up a minimum of 50 dollars for a simple sit-down talk?

    or that your confessions aren’t in a dark booth, but in a well-lit room where the priest is not only looking right at you, but WRITING DOWN everything you say? and having you sign it? And then keeping that paper?

    how about the idea of having to cough up thousands of dollars and hours of confessions before you ever get to read the story of Genesis?

    and if you decide to complain about your church, the church follows you and sends defamatory letters to your employers and friends?

    the one Anonymous call Wise Beard Man even has video footage he took of picketers outside his house, send by CO$ to scare his neighbors.

    stalking, charging lots of $$ for “salvation” and deliberately keeping a list of blackmail material.. are these the actions of a religion or a cult?

  74. weslyn says:

    @anne de vries: well said..a lot of people thought jim jones was just a leader of the people at first(the poor, unappreciated, and undervalued) until he started showing his true colors, and it is important to note that a lot of people at the colony were FORCED to drink the kool-aid or face death on the spot from those with the machine guns..while some did choose to take their own lives b/c he said so

    back to scientology- i know when i had to do research, i tried to be as objective as possible b/c that’s what my project entailed..for me, it was blatantly clear that something was off but for others it’s not so easy- especially if you are searching for something/missing something in your life…after the initial visit, i went to the sunday service, and i was really sitting there looking at the picture of hubbard, the cross with the scientology logo intertwined, and listening to the “chaplain” (forgot his official name) speak in riddles/jumbled nonsense mixed with common sense application about solving problems and most people there just seemed frozen in time and completely enamored..i was amazed

    i don’t think people would have such a problem with it if they didn’t use those horrible fear tactics, be so controlling, and suck the pockets of their members’ dry

    sorry for the long post, this stuff just interests me

  75. ! says:

    Would people stop writing as if Xenu is the Scientology version of God? He’s the villain. THE VILLAIN. If she was Xenu-bashing, she’d be more on the Scientologist side of things.

  76. Ruth says:

    Are Cruise’s adopted kids with Kidman CoS? That must make some awkward visitations with Nicole if so, Maybe there are no visitations, instructed by CoS. you never see or hear her with them anytime.

  77. Ruth says:

    Lisa M Presley married Jackson because CoS officials wanted her to lure him and his millions into the cult, when she failed to persuade him (a jehovas witness back then, I believe) she was told to dump him, it had nothing to do with her kids, but her rejected CoS nastiness would say that to defame him.

  78. DiMi says:

    Why would anybody disbelieve that Jasno Lee physically abused her. A woman being abused by her husband is a million times more common than being stalked by scientologists!!!! How could anybody be unaware of how common domestic violence is?

    The bottom line is that if she was lying about Jason Lee beating her, he could sue her for libel, and she knows it. There is absolutely no way she’s lying about that. She simply can’t afford to lie about it. I believe that’s the truth.

  79. Anne de Vries says:

    Ruth: yes they are, and it is very likely that they are strongly discouraged from seeing her. Either they are directly told not to see her, or by the implication that they bring themselves into spiritual danger by being in contact with her.

  80. dooflotchie says:

    “the one Anonymous call Wise Beard Man even has video footage he took of picketers outside his house, send by CO$ to scare his neighbors.”

    That’s Mark Bunker. When Jason Beghe left the cult, Mark Bunker was the one you hear him talking to in his interview that was released when the story broke. Bunker’s been a very vocal opponent of the CO$ for years and he’s been high on their hit list for just as long. The Ron-bots have stalked, harassed, threatened and slandered him so much it would have broken a lesser person long ago but he keeps fighting them.

    I’d say he’s *earned* the Wise Beard Man nickname Anonymous has given him!

  81. Divorcee says:

    Scientology is all over the U.S. like the damn plague! Some people are so stupid who in their right mind would join Scientology then again never mind, Tom Cruise was getting so much praise when he was cast in Top Gun, one of the guys that casted him said so many great things about him and what they saw in him before Scientology took over those motherf**ker’s. The first movie I saw Tom Cruise in was Legend, love that movie. Tom is a great actor who did really great films don’t know what happened but he needs to get it back.Anyways I feel sorry for Jason Lee’s ex-wife Carmen hope things start to look up for her.

  82. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Perhaps the chick who named her kid Audioscience is also a scientologist? And many thanks to the commenters for providing links to articles!

  83. Christina says:

    I lived in Hollywood in the ’80′s and bought the book “Dianectics.” I couldn’t really get into it. There was a center on Hollywood Blvd and they stopped me. They told me there were classes to help me get through the book. After a few minutes, I was suspicious. Then the guy went totally evil on me and told me I would not accomplish my goals in L.A. if I did not go to the bank at that moment and give whatever I had to Scientology. I swear he never blinked. I left him at the table yelling at me. Very strange.

  84. Ashley says:

    The Travolta thing doesn’t surprise me either. People will probably bash me for this but it always seemed like and there were rumors to support this, that they couldn’t stand having an autistic kid, like they were ashamed of him. Say what you want about someone like Katie PRice, but I will commend her for embracing her child and doing all she can to help him and keep him apart of the family. She certainly doesn’t shun him or try to hide him (like the Travoltas).

    As for the rest of the Scientology crap, I believe it, especially after reading all those Xenu sites. She’s lucky they don’t do worse to her, they’ve certainly done it to others.

  85. snapdragon says:

    my old roommate was an ex-scientologist in LA (he joined because of his girlfriend and quit after about 6 months) and he told me in no uncertain terms that scientology is a cult. he talked about long “programming” sessions where he was not allowed to use the bathroom or drink water, etc. after he left the CoS he got harassed. about a year after he moved in to my apartment he got a letter from the CoS, stating he was considered an “outlaw” by the CoS but that he could come back and be forgiven for a donation of $10,000. i saw this letter so i know it is true…it was really creepy.

  86. JaundiceMachine says:

    @mari_li25 and Anne de Vries: – Agreed.

  87. Kitten says:

    Scientology is no more cultish or scary than any other religion imo.

  88. Mingo says:

    How can all of you be $o cruel when di$cu$$ing the “Church” of $cientology? They really care about all of the celebritie$ they get to pitch their co$mology and $elf-help theorie$. They are NOT in it for the money! Ab$olutely not! They’d do it for free…uh, but they don’t.

  89. Patty Fitz says:

    I never did like Tom Cruise and when he joined the CoS cult I liked him even less. I think all those people in it are f-ing wierdos.

  90. Jon says:

    All Scientologists think they are better than anyone not “on course” &/or paying lots of money to Co$. ANYONE who questions what they do or who is an outsider is considered an SP. They look down on others even within the “church” , Donna “BIG FAT BUTT” Isham is a good example- she thinks because her husband donates money (how much does she earn?)they can have their name on a plaque and be more famous and better than YOU. They’re all so full of SH!T. BTW Neopets was created by a SCIENTOLOGIST. Wish they would all go away.

  91. highschool friend says:

    I was pretty close to Carmen in school. She was always a Happy, Content, Fun, and great person to be around. I never knew her to be negative or cause grief to anyone.So, I believe her story. I’ve always been suspect of CoS, and now seeing someone that I know go in and try to come out. It really proves the horror stories that I have heard. i have seen on other sites where people would criticize Carmen for going to the press. Calling her “poor white trash” and a drug addict, among other things. This appears to be their tactic for attacking the credibility of anyone who dare leaves their cult. I have seen so much of that when reading about people who left. Such a shame. I wish the best for Carmen and her kids.