LeAnn Rimes tries to pay off Brandi Glanville to divorce Eddie faster

Leann Rimes Visits Eddie Cibrian on Set!

It was just last week that the tabloids were reporting that LeAnn Rimes is desperate to marry Eddie Cibrian in any way he would have her. She would even “elope” with him, if only his divorce would come through (and if only he would, you know, propose to her). I theorized at the time that LeAnn would probably get pregnant right around the time Eddie’s divorce from Brandi Glanville was being finalized, and that LeAnn and Eddie would probably have a shotgun wedding. Which, honestly, is what I would do if I was in LeAnn’s shoes and I really wanted to marry Eddie. A little shotgun wedding never hurt anybody.

Anyway, the Enquirer is reporting this week that LeAnn’s got ants in her pants about getting this sh-t nailed down with Eddie – so much so that she’s offering to pay off Brandi to speed things up:

LeAnn Rimes Makes Her Way to Sundance!

LeAnn Rimes wants to be a summer bride – and she’s not letting the fact that Eddie Cibrian is still married stand in her way!

LeAnn is so eager to fast-track a wedding to Eddie that she’s offered to tap into her $35 million fortune to bankroll a divorce payoff to his estranged wife, sources say.

“She’s already talking to dress designers, and she’s telling friends that wants a sunset wedding in Malibu in July or August,” an insider revealed. LeAnn’s divorce from Dean Sheremet is set to be finalized June 19.

However, Brandi is still bitter over being dumped by the 36-year-old actor, and the two continue to bicker over custody issues involving their two youngest sons.

“Brandi doesn’t have any incentive to tie up loose ends with Eddie, and she’s getting a kick out of seeing him and LeAnn squirm,” said the source.

“LeAnn told Eddie that she’s willing to fork over a few million dollars to him for Brandi if she agrees to cut him loose quickly,” the insider divulged. “LeAnn is ready to start a new life with Eddie.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

I totally believe this. All of it. I believe that LeAnn wants to get this stuff done ASAP. I believe LeAnn is offering Eddie (Brandi, really) a lot of money to end this, and I believe Brandi gets a kick out of doing whatever she can to c-ckblock LeAnn. And I have to admit, it’s kind of funny. I think Brandi is a scorned ex-wife who put up with multiple dalliances by Eddie, and this is the way she has fun now, seeing how she can screw over LeAnn and Eddie. So, will Brandi take the money? Or will she make LeAnn suffer even more? I think Brandi should hold out a little longer, see how much she can squeeze out of LeAnn. I mean, how high will LeAnn’s offer go? Brandi should hold out for a cool $5 million. And if she gets that, she should take it and then move on with her life.

Here’s Brandi, enjoying herself. I really think Brandi is so pretty:

Brandi Glanville Heats Up A Ralphs!

Brandi Glanville Heats Up A Ralphs!

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  1. N.D. says:

    Well, that’s what Julia Roberts did a few years back and it worked. Although it wasn’t anything near 5 millions if I remember correctly. But then there were no kids involved.

  2. nAynAy says:

    Now I have heard everything. If this is true, does Leann have any idea how desparately pathetic this makes her?

  3. DoMaJoReMc says:

    What makes LR think that EC REALLY wants to jump from the frying pan directly, do not pass go, do not collect $200, into that fire?

    God, she is SOOOOOO not attractive! And I agree with “nAynAy” about how desperate and totally pathetic she looks.

  4. Wresa says:

    Ahhh, sweet sweet revenge. Public griping can look bitter, but hitting the mistress where it hurt$ is…admirable.

  5. Whatever says:

    Why do these men keep cheating on pretty women with fug ones? I believe all of this one too.

  6. Maddie says:

    Yes I do hope that they get married (Eddie and Leann) and stay married for 10 years only for her to find him stupping the nanny, and so she can pay him half of what she made for those 10 years, and alimony to boot.

  7. L says:

    It’s pathetic, but done before. Didn’t Julia Roberts do this with her cameraman husband’s wife when they were getting divorced?

  8. Rita says:

    What in LeAnn’s desperate behavior in the past 18 months would cause one not to believe this? I doubt the $5 mil figure is close because she doesn’t have it after daddy ran off with $9 mil, Deane got $10 mil, her mansion will be sold at a loss, and she hasn’t sold much music in the last five years. Keeping Eddie on his leash isn’t cheap either. I surely hope Brandi holds out for full custody of the kids and makes LeAnn pay in cold hard cash to complete the purchase of her boytoy. BRANDI, don’t settle until you have the kids, the cash, and until you are ready to marry again. Payback is a bi@tch LeAnn.

  9. mslewis says:

    Rita, I think LeAnne has plenty of money. Yes, Daddy stole a few million and the ex got some but she has been a best selling singer since the age of 13, so I think she still has several millions left.

    I totally agree that Brandi should hold out for at leat $5M, just because she deserves it. I’m sure she doesn’t want the cheater back but holding out and making LeAnne pay her is just so fun and bitchy!! And, yes, he will marry LeAnne because of her money and the lifestyle that brings. He’s a slut and Brandi is well rid of him.

  10. Erin says:

    There is just something so very annoying about Rime’s face. Eck.

  11. lucy2 says:

    I was thinking the same thing, Rita, Leann can’t possibly have that much money. Does she still even make music? I haven’t seen her anywhere except for this tabloid stuff.

    Why so quick to marry a guy who just dumped his wife and kids? Can’t say I’ll feel sorry for either of them when they’re battling it themselves out in divorce court in a few years.

  12. OXA says:

    Either way,Brandi will be ok moneywise till the kids are 18, The State of California takes all of a married couple’s income into consideration when determining child support. The kids are entitled to a similar standard of living in both parents homes. I have a friend living in Ca who’s income was used to determine her husbands child support to his ex-wife and she aint happy about it.

  13. danielle says:

    I bet Leann is just loaded – country fans seem pretty loaded, and an A list musician can make a ton touring. Go Brandi, get some of Leann’s money while you can!

  14. Rita says:

    In the photo, Brandi looks just great. I understand it’s only a snapshot in time while she spent the past year in pain but it makes me feel good to see her looking so good. I hope she knows how much support she has from all the women who have been lied to, cheated on, and know what it is like to be taunted by a mean person….that’s about 75% of the women in this country with a brain and a heart.

  15. Maritza says:

    I doubt they will end up marrying because he most likely will fall for his next co-star. He’ll cheat on any woman he gets, once a cheater always a cheater.

  16. NancyMan says:

    Girlfriend LeAnn is looking way too pathetic..

    Ex-wife Brandi looks to much like a ex ho. (Who lives a stripper pole in the master bedroom when you’re selling your house.)

    Man whore Eddie looks worth every penny he cost for as long as he will stay around…

  17. qimd says:

    How can you guys think Brandi looks good? Her cheek implants are HUGE – she looks like a chipmunk. I’m surprised she hasn’t been featured on awfulplasticsurgery.com yet – classic plastic surgery victim. Maybe she can get her face fixed with LeAnne’s money…

  18. Rita says:

    I know how this can work out for everyone…except Eddie. LeAnn makes Eddie sign a contract to repay her the mil or two LeAnn pays Brandi. Knowing he can’t afford it, LeAnn can then put anything in the prenup she wants, i.e. cheating clause, baby clause, ect. Then each Christmas for ten years, LeAnn puts a debt-forgiveness coupon in his stocking. In this plan, Brandi puts LeAnn in a box and in turn LeAnn puts Eddie in a box while Brandi gets to drive the nails into both. Let us not forget the secondary story of this Good Friday holiday. It is a story of the forgivensess of two lieing thieves. However, forgiveness was granted only after each had been nailed to their cross.

  19. oh hey says:

    qimd, I agree. Neither of those women are attractive, and Brandi looks way too thing.

    LeAnn looks like Carrot Top’s blonde sister.

  20. Rita says:

    Missed the last posting. I know how this can work out for everyone…except Eddie. LeAnn makes Eddie sign a contract for the mil or two she pays Brandi. Knowing that Eddie can’t afford to repay the debt, LeAnn can then put anything she wants in the prenup, i.e. cheating clause, baby clause, ect. Each Christmas for ten years, LeAnn can then put a debt-forgiveness coupon in his stocking. So Brandi puts LeAnn in a box who inturn puts Eddie in a box while Brandi gets to drive the nails into both their coffins. Let us not forget the secondary story of this Good Friday is one of forgiveness. The forgiveness of two lieing thieves, but only after they had been nailed to their cross.

  21. JoGirl says:

    Brandi’s clearly got cheek implants, a nose job or two and lip plumpers… but she does still look pretty good! She’s certainly more attractive than LeAnn.

  22. TG says:

    Rita – You just made my day – too funny. And Kaiser – Why would Leanne have to wait to get pregnant, why not now? And I must be jaded, because $5 million doesn’t sound like much money to me. In my world it is unimaginable but I would think that is chump change for them.

  23. krissy_kitty says:

    I am sooo disgusted with little hoe bags like this one.

    I am dealing with a sitch just like Brandi’s. Having a really rough go of it considering that not only my life has been destroyed but the lives of my children too.

    It is pure selfish motivations that lead to this type of behavior, and there is a big mess that someone is ALWAYS left to clean up while the a$$holes that created it get to continue on as if nothing has happened.

    LR and EC make me sick. I cannot wait until EC turns around and does the same to the little homewrecking-whore. I just hope that he is smart enough to not have a child with her.

  24. Kelaa Khaa says:

    In the second photo, I thought PG looks alot like Katherine Heigel.

  25. Anti-icon says:

    Any amount of money Brandi can soak out of this dastardly duo is A-OK by me. Like Rita so wisely said in a comment upthread, this kind of betrayal hurts middle class women a hellalot harder than these Hollywierds. Broken hearts heal better with money. LOL. Team Brandi!!!

  26. jj says:

    Methinks this is more true than not.
    Miz Rimes has gone after Fast Eddie with a vengence since they met on set. It has been calulated from day one using the paps and her PR’s to fuel rumors resulting in Brandi demanding a divorce. No thought or regard to his family, just Me, Me, Me. Was the marriage strong, obviously not since he was sleeping with 3 women at the same time. Mz. Rimes could not care less and since she bought Fast Eddie, now thinks she can buy the kids off too, with gifts galore. Someday all you people of reason will be rewarded with the meltdown on this “fairytale” love. Brandi, stay strong..listen to your attorneys and do not give these two losers any ammunition to use in court. Love your children more than you hate Miz Rimes and victory will be yours.

  27. Johnthing says:

    LeAnn is so ugly. Eddie left a beautiful wife for the epitomy of ugly (with money). He obviously wants her money.

  28. canadianchick says:

    Was Eddie the actor who played the hot massage therapist and ho who “helped” Holly Hunter through her divorce in Living out Loud? If so, he’s a fine looking hunk of a man with no soul. LeAnne’s fug so he will move onto the next client soon.

  29. k says:

    For someone who said A lister musicians make loads, I guess they do. But it has been many many years since Leann Rimes was A list. Most of the nation had forgotten her till the movie she was in was running ads.

  30. mslewis says:

    k, in country music circles, Rimes is still A-List and is very well known!! There are many country music stars who earn millions every year from recordings and touring that people have never heard of. Just because you never heard of someone doesn’t mean they aren’t famous in areas not familiar to you.

  31. Peg says:

    The best way to get back at Eddie is to give him the divorce and watch him try to squirm out of a wedding. Or, watch him try to squirm out of a marriage to LeeAnn.

    I like LeeAnn, but I think Eddie got into way more than he bargained for.

  32. Phentermine says:

    this is crazy stuff!

  33. CB Rawks says:

    LeAnn should run for the hills. This guy is no good and it matters zilch if you get him to marry you, it will NOT last. Better off cutting your losses quicksmart.

  34. ViktoryGin says:

    This does not bode well. They will both go up in flames. I’ll have a glass of Bordeaux ready when it does.

  35. Bambi says:

    It has been my observation and experience, that the more beautiful a woman is, the higher the likelihood of her being cheated upon. It has nothing to do with her, only the male ego.