Jenny McCarthy says she won’t marry Jim Carrey

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey have always seemed like they have a cool relationship. The pair have never made a big deal out of their coupledom – neither courting nor hiding from the paparazzi. In fact a lot of people didn’t even realize they were dating until they’d been together a good six months. They have both joked that they see no need to get married – but when two people makes as many jokes as the famous comedians, it’s hard to tell when they really mean it. But Jenny has stated flat-out that she and Jim won’t ever be getting married, as neither of them see the point anymore. And they won’t be adding any more kids to their brood either.

She’s committed to funnyman Jim Carrey, but Jenny McCarthy tells In Touch that they won’t be walking down the aisle. “We’re living together, we don’t want any more children and we’re very happy — all that’s going to be is a piece of paper, really,” Jenny says of marriage. The 35-year-old divorced actress notes that marriage doesn’t mean love will last forever. “What is it a guarantee of? I’ll be yours forever? I’ll be faithful? Bull!” The mother of Evan Asher, 5, also adds that she doesn’t need to marry to have additional children — because she doesn’t want more: “This womb is closed.” But she does admit that Jim, 46 — who’s been divorced twice — makes her happy. “He is the light of my life and we’re more in love now than we have been in our entire relationship.” Jenny spoke to In Touch on the set of a webisode for Jim has a 20-year-old daughter, Jane, with his ex-wife, Melissa Womer.

[From In Touch]

I couldn’t tell from Jenny’s phrasing if she meant that marriage is no guarantee of faithfulness, or of HER faithfulness. A lot of famous couples that say they won’t get married claim it’s because they don’t need a piece of paper or a church to tell them they’re together forever. Jenny seems to be saying the opposite: there’s no point in getting married because even that doesn’t guarantee people won’t part. Which is true, it’s just funny because it’s the opposite reason so many other people give. Jim and Jenny make a lot of sense together, and seem like a pretty great match compared to a lot of other famous couples. I’d guess their shot of being together for the long haul is still pretty good, regardless of any marriage certificate.

Here’s Jim and Jenny at the Geffen Museum of Contemporary Arts on July 23rd. Images thanks to Splash.

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