Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey split after five years together

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy at the Visionary Ball 2009 in Beverly Hills

Holy crap! Now this breakup really shocks me! People Magazine is reporting that Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy have broken up. They were together for five years, and Jim was very much like a father/step-father to Jenny’s autistic son Evan. This is for real – Jenny and Jim Carrey both tweeted the news separately, and Jim’s rep confirmed the news. Sadness:

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy have ended their five-year relationship, both actors announced on their Twitter accounts.

“Jenny and I have just ended our 5yr relationship,” Carrey Tweeted on Tuesday afternoon. “I’m grateful 4 the many blessings we’ve shared and I wish her the very best! S’okay!”

McCarthy echoed the sentiments on her own Twitter account, posting, “Im so grateful for the years Jim and I had together. I will stay committed to Jane and will always keep Jim as a leading man in my heart.”

Carrey’s rep also confirmed the split to Entertainment Tonight.

[From People]

Over the course of their relationship, Jenny was asked repeatedly if she and Jim had any plans to marry, and she always made it sound like she was the one uninterested in it. I always got the feeling that she was still pretty shell-shocked from her first marriage, but she and Jim always seemed incredibly solid and like they had a very “real” relationship. Last year, outlets reported that Jim had given Jenny and her son a $50 million trust, just because he wanted to make sure they were always taken care of financially, no matter what happened between him and Jenny. That gesture alone made me fall for Jim a little bit, and now I’m really wondering why these two crazy kids couldn’t make it work.

A Christmas Carol - World Film Premiere - Inside Arrivals

A Christmas Carol - World Film Premiere - Inside Arrivals

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  1. JuiceinLA says:

    Aw crap. I liked these two together. Why can’t anyone in Hollywood be normal?

  2. RedEyeJedi says:

    oh wow, thats sad. they looked so great together.

  3. snowball says:

    Wow, wasn’t it just really, really recently that she said something about him always being the love of her life or something like that?

    Cripes, who the hell is next? Santa and Mrs. Claus?

  4. PJ says:

    Wow, can’t anybody in Hollywood stay together? What is it about actors that makes them so unable to keep their relationships together? Certainly they can afford counseling and therapy…I just don’t get it.

  5. Mistral says:

    Aww…Too bad. I love Jim Carrey, my fellow Canuck. He has a big heart. And Dumb and Dumber, Liar Liar, and In Living Colour skits with him, always make me laugh.

  6. nnn says:

    I liked them together.

  7. BW says:

    Seriously, Snowball! Geesh, that’s a sad surprise. I think the little faith in humanity I do have, just took a hit. And I hate to admit it, but when I have seen things written about these two in the past, I always thought, well at least somebody’s going to live happily ever after. I wish them both the best though.

  8. Feebee says:

    On one hand it’s sad, they seem to be very cool people. On the other hand it’s a relief it’s an amicable split with no scandal precluding it.

  9. Obvious says:

    but but but….i think i’m going to go get a gallon of ice cream and a tray of brownies and wallow in misery for them.

  10. Jag says:

    This is sad. They did seem so great together.

  11. Wisteria says:

    This one is shocking. They were talkative about their relationship and seemed so real, so I didn’t think anything negative was going on behind closed doors. Wonder what went wrong? How sad…

  12. Kaboom says:

    Probably Jenny’s vaccines-cause-autism bullshit crusade broke the camel’s back. At least she managed to kill about 500 children whose parents refused to have them vaccinated against preventable diseases.

  13. Mrs. Rut says:

    Not since Brad and Jenn has my heart been so broken….I loved these two together. It was obvious he truly cared about her son. I hope he remains part of his life…Maybe I’m hoping for too much,(since I have no idea what happened) but maybe, just maybe, they’ll get back together? Let’s keep our fingers crossed on this one…

  14. Emily says:

    Maybe now he’ll stop trying to tell everyone that austism’s caused by vaccinations and I can start liking him again.

  15. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Despite their lunacy with the vaccinations, I actually liked them. I agree with the poster who said it is nice to see in this time of sordid scandal, a couple split amicably.

  16. Maddie says:

    I guess I’m the only one who dislikes Jim Carrey, because I remember him balking at paying his ex-wife that supported his butt when he was an up and coming comedian, only to dump her when he cheated with Lauren Holly, balking at paying her only to give Jenny 50 Million.

  17. Joseph says:

    It must have been hard with both of them NEEDING to be the center of attraction.

  18. iris says:

    normal people split every day, why not actors?

  19. mslewis says:

    It’s really funny how the ragmags continue to concentrate on Brad and Angelina and how their relationship is “fake” and how they will be breaking up at any minute and nothing happens and then all of these real breakups happen with nary a word beforehand!! I mean, it’s weird. It’s like the rags are concentrating too much effort on one couple and not on celebrity couples in general.

    Oh, and this is kind of sad even though I really don’t care about either of them.

  20. stinabelle says:

    Aw, sad. I don’t like them though due to crazy ass vaccination beliefs.

  21. alexandra says:

    Who cares!!! She is annoying but smart. 50 MILLION for her and a kid is not his. Karma will take care of this, if she broke up just be annoying and single. bad bad Jenny. Jim Carrey just a good man. He will find another annoying bimbo soon.

  22. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    No one but you MsLewis, actually cares about Brad and Angelina that much! Hey, way to bring them up in a post that has NOTHING to do with them!

  23. Ana says:

    Maybe he will go back to being normal again. As normal as Jim Carrey can get.

    I didn’t mind her, until her vaccination crap. Which I won’t get into.

    She is very pretty. And she does have a rocking bod. Isn’t she FABULOUS AND FORTY!!!! too?

    $50 million…did they really need that much?

  24. TG says:

    If they are so darn committed to each other why are they still together? I when a parent separates and gets with someone else they would consider their child and find someone who they can be with for life. Even if Jim is still in little Evan’s life, no matter, how good his intentions this boy just lost a step-father, yet another male figure out the window. I don’t know about his dad, hopefully he is around too.

  25. anon says:

    aw sad! they sound so sweet and respectful about each other. at least it was amicable then .

  26. Kimber says:

    What?? I’m devastated. Here comes a chocolate-almond croissant binge.

  27. Aussie Mama says:

    I liked those two together, both nuts n just gorgeous.

  28. Sunnyjyl says:

    awww, this news hurt my heart.

  29. lrm says:

    ya’ll are stupid…one day the vaccine thing will play out for real.
    Gee, were you the same people saying ‘oh, the FDA is our friend, and trans fats are not a problem’, or, before that…smoking is not unhealthy…
    turns out….yea,ahem, it’s interesting how people are called crazy, and decades or years later, what they believed is now mainstream common sense/knowledge.
    You’ll see….

  30. Sudini says:

    That sucks so much. I really, really liked them together. 🙁

  31. mitch says:

    jim carrey is an assh*le so i’m not surprised.

  32. marycj says:

    Between HIM and Jenny, not HE!!! That’s first-grade grammar.

  33. Goosie says:

    I think they are both nutso (esp. with regard to the incredible harm they’ve done w/ the anti-vaccine movement) but I always got the vibe that they were for realzies in love with each other. I’d love to know what happened!

    Oh, and I think Jim might go farther into his dark, weird territory. He just seems so….close to broken, you know? I always had a sort of affection for him because he seemed to be such a tortured artist type…

  34. Jillian says:

    @22 (can’t read the name), I’m thinking that Evan’s dad isn’t in the picture at all. How sad. I was hoping these two would make it.

  35. bellaluna says:

    I hold out hope they get back together. They seem to be wackily right for each other, and I hope it works itself out.

  36. CourtneyH says:

    Don’t care, this idiot has caused so much damage to the treatment of kids with autism. She claims chelation (which can and has killed kids), ineffective diets, and “vitamins” cured her son, but tries to minimize the fact that he was also receiving hours upon hours of applied behavior analysis therapy at the same time– the ONLY treatment that has been scientifically proven to be effective.

  37. canadianchick says:

    Bummer for their families. Maybe they should develop an anti breakup vaccine..oh wait…

  38. Crash2GO2 says:

    Yeesh, and here I thought the kid was his.

    (humming to self) *Another one bites the dust*

  39. Tazina says:

    A few years ago Jim Carrey gave Jenny 50 Million Dollars…..I wonder if he’s sorry now? I guess it depends what she did with it…..maybe it went to charity….heck, maybe he just wanted her to have it and didn’t care what she did with it.

  40. cee says:

    He is an idiot and I never liked him or his movies.

  41. the other mel says:

    That makes me a little sad. I thought they adored one another and it was super sweet to see him with her son. I think he was crazy about her.

  42. Michelle says:

    Actually lrm, the Lancet formally redacted that 1998 publication linking vaccination in children to autism in early February.

    “The paper was retracted from the published record, stripping it of its scientific claims.”

    Easily google-able 🙂

  43. MsTriste says:

    Jim must have finally caught on about how much damage she has caused by spreading misinformation about autism. Yeah Jim!!!

  44. GatsbyGal says:

    What’s with all these celebrity marriages dissolving? It’s like an epidemic! ):

  45. L says:

    Sorry but the woman would constantly say ‘my son is my science’ when asked questions about if her son actually had autism or shown any of the large number of scientific studies that say vaccines and X,Y,Z don’t cause autism. That pretty much did it for me. That and when my friend went to a talk of hers where she said ‘how many kids actually even get measles anymore? Is it worth the risk?’ Um….yea.

    I always thought Jim C. was the sane one in that relationship (although I also thought they loved each other alot)

  46. caro says:

    hmm… Of course its really sad but aren’t they just humans like we are?

  47. Lisa says:

    My brother is autistic (yes, he got vaccinations and No, none of our family believes that had anything to do with it) and we tried all those vitamins and diets with him too (you get to a point where you’re willing to try just about anything), and none of it worked. But I can understand why she would think it worked. Sometimes when you try those things, you overanalyze any sort of “different” behavior and you automatically atribute it to the thing you are trying – be it a diet, or vitamins, or whatever. Unfortunately, in Jenny’s case she’s got a lot of “star-power clout” and she does something like this and then takes it to the media, which spouts it like its the golden truth and people will listen to her as opposed to looking to the real experts – the scientists and the doctors who have spent years and years of their lives devoted to this subject. Interesting factoid – Sasha Baron-Cohen’s cousin Simon Baron-Cohen is a highly respected autism researcher.

  48. hatsumomo says:

    about fucking time! I always believed Jim was dating beneath him. Jenny is a piece of psychotic work. Thank god he got rid of that baggage.

  49. d says:

    i know ppl who have kids w/autism. constant behaviour therapy and mentors and shadows all help their kids. unfortunately, it’s very expensive and they would not be able to afford the therapy / treatment were it not for programs and subsidies. still, an austic kid can have a future. one couple’s son is such an amazing interesting kid! Although, it’s also pretty exhausting for the parents. it’s a tough life.

  50. Ursula says:

    Funny but I thought it would last. Nothing lasts in Hollywood.

  51. the truth says:

    how much does he have to give away 50 million?????? lucky gal

  52. Dani says:

    He probably finally got sick of her running around, pretending to be a doctor.

    Not saying whether her opinions were right or wrong, but if you’re not a doctor, don’t act like one. She’s an actress [I use that term loosely] and if she wants a medical degree, go get one. Otherwise, shut up. You can spread awareness for your cause without acting like you’ve actually had medical experience.

    Her know it all attitude in every interview she’s given is annoying and repulsive, I’m surprised he stayed with her for this long.

  53. Mood says:

    I remember when I read almost 2 years ago that Carrey wanted to secure Jenny and her son’s future by opening up a 100 million US dollars bank account…

    Good for him that this account wasn’t created.

  54. Beth says:

    Wow there have been a lot of “surprise” breakups in just 3 or 4 months. They were a really cute couple. I know they have nothing to do with the post but it is ironic that for years tabloids have been saying Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel and Brad and Angelina are breaking up any second but they are still together. But couples who everybody said was perfect are falling by the wayside. I will see it as the sign of the Apocalypse when Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson breakup.

  55. ogechi says:

    No NO nooo NOOOOO. I can’t stop loving this man since i realized that he took jane and her son. What a bad breakup!

  56. 88Modesty88 says:

    He was awesome as Vericosa Mistress of Destruction on In Living Colour, yeah! I agree with the poster who said he might retreat deeper into his dark side. Isn’t that always the fate of the clown?
    I’m sad if he’s sad about the breakup. If not, I’m happy for him!

  57. R2D2 says:

    NOOO! I was actually sad when i first read this. I liked these two together even tho Im not really a big fan of either one, I thought they would last.

  58. Maritza says:

    I wonder who cheated on who?

  59. Richi says:

    Was expecting this to happen, what else can you expect in H’wood????

  60. late night wigs says:

    YAY!! I really like Jim, but I despise Jenny. She is a stupid, greedy moron that uses her kid to get attention for herself and keep her in the public eye. And I am not saying that parents shouldn’t be vocal about their children’s issues or raise awareness because that is a GOOD thing, however I have never gotten the vibe that Jenny does it because she truly wants people to know what’s up, but because she wants to be the next “celebrity mommy” so she can revive a non-existent career and maybe even revamp her image. It’s kinda hard for me to take a Playboy bunny and the woman from the Candies ads where she’s on the toilet seriously as this SRS BZNS autism crusader, ya know? Besides, she’s annoying, completely unlikable, abrasive, a loudmouth who says nothing intelligent or insightful, and she looks like Feivel from “An American Tail” (and so does Katy Perry since her and Jenny could be twins). I guess Jim finally wised up and decided to dump this obnoxious moron. Good for him!!

  61. JD says:

    He just couldn’t stand that Scientology crap anymore, and her claiming her son is cured of Autism, look at what happened to Travoltas when they denied that their son had Autism. I thought the he was very deep in her greedy clutches, I guess I was wrong.
    Good luck Jim, you did the right thing.

  62. meme says:

    did this twat tweet the minute after they broke up? she mustn’t be very upset about it. i wouldn’t be either if i had a $50 million trust.

  63. lucy2 says:

    That’s a shame, they seemed very happy together, and it will probably be difficult for her son. Glad it’s amicable though.

  64. Raven says:

    First, lrm never mentioned Lancet, but the post makes a lot of sense. Some of you are really uneducated on the issue of vaccinations and autism. And whoever questioned McCarthy becoming an activist without a medical license is beyond thoughtless, particularly when McCarthy did so after her son became autistic. Let me guess, you probably have a secret stash of Vioxx in your medicine cabinet, too, right? Second, I googled Jenny McCarthy and there is no evidence other than gossip slingers that she is a Scientologist.

    I’m sorry that they split, but there are always plenty of grave dancers out there to rejoice in the misery of others. Go for it!

  65. bellaluna says:

    I’ll gladly comfort him in his time of need. I love his goofiness and he seems to have a good heart.

  66. L says:

    I don’t have a problem with her becoming a ‘activist’-it’s the fact that she says in her book and on numerous talk shows to ignore your doctors and remember that your “child is your science” To ignore any solid scientific research, because you know your child. That she provides medical misinformation like it is fact, and acts like she and all other parents are the ones with knowledge.

    And sorry, but my former college roommate works with autistic children (with her Md. and Phd.) and there are hundreds of studies that show there is NO LINK between vaccines and autism. The only report that has ever said so, was shown to be flawed and false by a number of studies, and the doctor who ran it just apologized for falsifying his data.

  67. Alex says:

    I guess the tabloids need new “insiders”they were blindsided by all these celeb couples breaking up Jim and Jenny, Charlize and Stuart, Kate and Sam, Tim and Susan, Jessie and Sandra, Jake and Reese, Noah W and Tracy…If Jada and Will break up..Oh ,I don’t want to think about it.

  68. Ray says:

    I always knew that Jenny was a Scientologist, she had Jim Carrey enroll in their stupid classes, and then she went on Larry King Live preaching about how vaccines cause Autism. If she wants to be delusional that’s fine, at least Jim Carrey is free. I bet they broke over Scientology. Why would a man who does not want to be married suddenly wants to leave a $50 million trust fund to his girlfriend, it sounds very odd.

  69. JD says:

    Raven you can stop defending Scientology, by accusing me of having Vioxx, typical Scientology trick,whatever. I don’t take any drugs,and Scientology is an evil enterprise that ruins peoples lives, Jenny Mccarthy is an uneducated idiot who shills for Sientology. Hopefully Jim can recover from their brainwashing and regain his career.

  70. jessie says:

    As Raven pointed out,there is no proof she is a scientologist. Not sure how that gets translated into “defending scientology.” Anyone that has taken time to hear Jenny’s McCarthy’s point can tell you she specifically says her son is not “cured.” She doesn’t deny he’s autistic. She’s tried various therapys and discusses ones that worked for them and points out THEY DON’T work for everyone. She strongly believes in the link to vaccines b/c her son developed a high fever and flat lined for 3 minutes in front of her. Right or wrong, she is a mom who is trying to make a difference. Do a little research before you start calling her a bimbo, uneducated or a psycho. That is beyond fucked up and I applaud her efforts.

  71. L says:

    Actually I read her book, and she does say he’s cured. Several times in fact. And in a interview with Parade or something a few weeks back. And while she doesn’t deny her son is autistic, many doctors who’ve studied her sons symptoms doubt that he ever had austism (since he’s been ‘cured’ via vitamins)

    I don’t think she’s a bimbo or psycho-but she is uneducated. She’s not a doctor, she doesn’t have a medical degree. And her ‘difference’ is having a negative effect by telling parents not to vaccine. Who cares about killing kids with measels as long as they don’t have autism?

  72. Mairead says:

    Awww sads 🙁 although i seriously disagree with their stance on vaccines, I really liked these two as a couple and generally like them individually.

  73. Lantana says:

    I agree with Maritza, who cheated? They obviously aren’t fighting over money issues, and sex is the 2nd reason for separating. Unless it’s the Scientology stuff which I could see too I guess.

  74. fizXgirl314 says:

    Nobody stays together anymore… especially not in bizarro-land (aka hollywood). Why bother… it’s sooooo harrrdddd… stupid celebrities…

  75. fizXgirl314 says:

    haha since some of you are so convinced by MCarthy’s insight, I suggest you go to her instead of a real doctor next time you have a heart attack, break a leg, get the flu etc etc…. *eyeroll*

  76. Kimble says:

    Google is your friend …

    Jenny’s son doesn’t have and never has had autism! She has set back the cause for autistic children and adults, probably be decades and there are still people on here spouting her unscientific crap.

    Yes, I do have an autistic child

  77. j. ferber says:

    So, can he take back the 50 million dollar trust fund now? I’m not sure how that works (never expect to get one, either). Does it mean it’s in trust for her at some future time? Can he retract it if he changes his mind? It seems to me he can–it’s kind of like changing a will, right?
    I do find her incredibly obnoxious and wrong-headed regarding her vaccines-cause-autism crusade. I think part of the problem is that no one has seen many of these horrific diseases since the vaccines have done their job so well. I know a guy who has never vaccinated his five year old daughter against anything. I think this is terribly irresponsible.

  78. coucou says:

    DUDE…i could SO take the money and run. Here’s my version:

    “Say hon, i’m ready to move on, but i left you 50-mill in the bank, that oughta tide you over while you adjust to, uh, life without me…”

    I’d be like “oh, thank you darling, you are so sweet, i will love you forever and never say one bad (or private) thing about you…Let’s always stay in touch, or at least, be sure that our publicity reps do…good bye my love, i will never regret, i mean, forget you…”

    Kiss, kiss, hug, hug, misty-eyed good bye, waving from the door-step and then, when the coast is clear “BOOO YOOOWWW!!!” I’d be doing the touch-down dance and booking my next cruise. Who needs a boyfriend when you got 50-mill in the bank??? (I’m mid-cycle, so my bitch logic is kicking in.) Ah, but it is fun to day dream. Keeps me occupied while i’m waiting for my damn boyfriend to call.

  79. Lisa says:

    I bet Jim Carrey already cancelled that 50 million trust, and stopped attending Scientology sessions. Someone probably did an intervention where they told them to drop that Scientology bimbo and try to work on his career. Remember Jim Carrey went to therapy for years for depression, then he meets that bimbo, starts attending Scientology center and stops getting therapy. The most painful thing I had to watch was him sitting on Larry King Live spouting Nonsense with Jenny Mccarthy by his side. It was like watching car accident in slow motion. I just hope he can recover from the mental abuse of Scientology brainwashing techniques.
    Good luck Jim.

  80. RHONYC says:

    he probably got lazy in the sack!

    good girl, jenny!

    us vamps need it stayin’ caliente in the bedroom.