Jesse James ‘most hated man in America,’ his reality show is canceled

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Jesse James has been named “The Most Hated Man in America” by Entertainment Weekly magazine. What’s more is that his daredevil reality show on Spike TV, the ironically named “Jesse James is a Dead Man,” has been canceled by the network. According to the National Enquirer the show, which first aired last May, will not be renewed despite the fact that it premiered to solid ratings.

Arguably, the most despised serial cheater in America, Sandra Bullock’s bad boy hubby Jesse James has been axed.

The reality lothario’s Spike TV show Jesse James is a Dead Man has been canceled.

Allegedly, the decision to deep-six the dogged Jesse came before his cheating was outed by tattooed mistress Michelle McGee.

Experts say the 41 year old is more than radioactive with tawdry tales of homemade Nazi sex tapes with other women and his betrayal of America’s sweetheart, his Oscar winning wife, Sandy.

Entertainment Weekly even went so far to name him “The Most Hated Man in America” despite his rush to rehab in a desperate bid to save his meal ticket marriage in the wake of a Tiger-like parade of alleged mistresses.

As The ENQUIRER reported previously, Sandra has an iron-clad prenup with the West Coast Choppers guru which nets him nada if caught cheating.

[From The National Enquirer]

That’s good news that Bullock’s prenup will protect her assets. I remember hearing that before but the detail kind of got lost amid all the other sordid stories. So was Tiger Woods the most hated man before James came along or was James always the main contender? We don’t really know much about Tiger’s wife while many of us identify with Bullock and felt personally offended when she was so massively betrayed. (I would be interested to read Entertainment Weekly’s article on this to hear their reasoning for bestowing James with the title, but it isn’t yet online.)

James pretended to be a devoted husband to America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock, but at least he didn’t trade on that image to make more money – or did he? Would he have been as successful the past few years if he wasn’t Mr. Sandra Bullock? He was definitely raking in the money before he was with her, but having a movie star wife couldn’t have hurt. Now that he’s ruined his marriage his career seems to be taking a hit too.

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71 Responses to “Jesse James ‘most hated man in America,’ his reality show is canceled”

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  1. Liz says:

    Good! Have a little humble pie Jesse.

  2. Ursaline says:

    Didn’t Jezebel call him the same thing weeks ago?

  3. buckley says:

    Way to go Spike TV!
    Now why can’t Nike drop Tiger, who is just as disgusting.
    Yea, I know, cash!

  4. *Lee* says:

    It couldn’t have happened to a nicer, more deserving guy.

  5. Si says:

    When you look back at the photo’s leading up to and at the oscars…does anyone else think he looks terrified…he know its all about to blow up?
    My hindsight is 20/20! ;p

  6. lisa says:

    Really.. what part of America was watching..not the soccer mom’s.

    I think he is a douche but come on. TV is no where near the moral police. If the networks cancelled a show because the star was a cheater.. Well lets say you could watch every “moral” show in a few hours. not a week.

    Trust this will pass. America only has a lifetime hate on certain celebs. Others get a pass no matter what they do or have done.

    so Jessie will be back.. maybe not on TV.. but he will be making money. It is the American Way after all

  7. CJ24 says:

    What is the deal with the BLANK stare in every pic I have seen of him?? That look alone would freak me out!!

  8. Lenore says:

    Somewhere the world’s tiniest violinist is still in the bar drinking tequila and can’t even be arsed to play.

    So why is Jesse James’ show cancelled while Tiger Woods is actually capitalising on his behaviour in Nike ads? (Ads that actually drag his poor dead father into the situation! Tasteless much?)

    I don’t think it’s just money; it’s the Nazi thing. Screwing around is one thing, even if you screw around with inexplicable women behind the back of America’s Sweetheart. But the possibility that he has any white supremacist tendencies is just too much to swallow. Continuing to fund or promote Jesse James automatically makes the station seem complicit in his stance; no surprise they want to emphasise that they don’t go for the Fuhrer as much as he apparently does.

    Glad Sandra’s money is protected at least, although even without a prenup he’d have a hard time getting any alimony after what he’s been up to, surely?

  9. ogechi says:


  10. nona says:

    Why is JJ’s show being canceled? I had no idea who this guy was before all the Bomshellgate.
    I would definitily see him on TV now that all this mess is in the media, I wouldn’t have any interest on him otherwise.

    Yes,I’m that trash.

  11. Bonnie says:

    Si, I totally agree that he looked very uncomfortable at the Oscars. I was even wondering what was up with him. Sure as hell he knew, but obviously she didn’t. So sad, but I’m amazed he even went; least he had the sense not to ruin her big night.

  12. Lin95 says:

    It’s not the cheating that has sunk him, Tiger is a perfect example that you can be a total dog and bounce back.
    The Nazi pictures and whore are the real reason JJ is going down in flames….some people can stand a wandering eye, but no one wants to support a man who appears to have hate in his heart.

  13. Ursaline says:

    I read somewhere that the decision had been made a while back because the only audience he had that wasn’t diminishing was the teenage boy-man group, who largely couldn’t care less if he cheated on his wife with strippers.

  14. LolaBella says:

    Wow, that was quick, but in a way not surprising.

    I think that the only difference between his and Tiger’s behavior is the Nazi/White Supremacist taint surrounding Jesse. That will make his employers more nervous than the fact that he had several extra-marital affairs.

    With his image tarnished his employers/sponsors will sever ties with him to ensure that he isn’t seen as a representative of theirs less people start boycotting them.

    Preemptive strike, IMHO.

    ETA: Also, I doubt that Jesse is bringing in the amount of revenue with his show/ventures that the Mega Brand Tiger Woods does. Money talks and that’s why Nike is standing by Tiger.

  15. lola lola says:

    I am stealing this brilliant comment from an earlier commenter (can’t remember who) but it made me laugh for days:

    Curb, Jesse. Jesse, curb.

  16. Ron says:

    First I want to say that I think that these cheating scandals, one after the next, are shitty for the the unknowing partners involved. But it seems that everyone throws the venom at the men and somehow the homewrecking tramps get a pass and a thank you for telling check. I don’t get this. It takes two to tango. And let’s face it, these women in the Tiger and the Jesse scandals all KNEW they were married, but they somehow thought that they were the special ho who could win his heart right out from under his wife. Let me tell you sister, if you are the “other woman” the same thing is going to happen to you once you are past your expiration date. And another thing, sexually faithful men are few and far between, please note all of the church leader scandals. People just need to be more honest about this, f**king the same person for the rest of your adult life is pretty antiquated.

  17. sandra says:

    i think sandra saw the same thing i did in my ex: guy with a checkered past seems like a wounded little puppy with a heart of gold. wrong!!! (for both of us,apparently)

  18. Sumodo1 says:

    @ Lola I needed a laugh. That will keep me going. Hey, Sandra, if you’re reading this, and you probably have better things to do, we love you.

  19. lena says:

    Ron I see what you are saying, I really do…HOWEVER, the whores didn’t take the vows to be faithful

  20. Ursaline says:

    @ Ron: Apparently you must not have been reading very far back in the articles about this stream of events. There has been a whole lot of hating on the ho-bags, particularly the Nazi-dressing BigSlut McCoy.

  21. moi says:

    I hope Tiger doesn’t bounce back. That guy doesn’t deserve any good karma.

  22. Lin95 says:

    The hate has been heeped upon these other women….but the truth is it is not their place to be faithful to anyone it’s the husbands who vowed to be faithful. I think that is why the men take such a hard hit, the women are just as responsible for their actions…but all they care about is their 15 mins.

    DO NOT make the promise to be faithful if you plan on seeing other people! Then you have nothing to be ashamed of and you wont have to check into sex “rehab”

  23. TG says:

    Gosh, I always want to comment on everyone’s message, but it would take too long. So @Lee – too funny!! And @Si – I totally agree with you, I now look at those red carpet event pictures and see he is squirming and looks like a deer in the headlights, but at the time, I thought, he was just humble and really loved Sandy. Guess I didn’t know anything.

    And, yes, the Jesse meet curb comment it classic. Just that one line is the best way to sum it all up!

  24. searching4grace says:

    @ Ron
    I’ve been sleeping with the same man for the past ten years, and hope to continue to do so for the next 50. Monogamy is not an antiquated idea, it’s an idea that few have the balls and gumption to stick to when you’re married. You don’t want to stay with one person, don’t get married. The “need” to “mate” with more than one person is only a species continuing instinct, and as overpopulation has shown, that’s a lousy excuse. This guy is a jerk, and a douche bag. But there’s plenty of good guys for all the bad.

  25. dre says:

    What he did was wrong, but I like him. And none of us know what he and Sandra had behind closed doors. And again, YES, I know what he did was wrong. But who are we to talk shit? Do any of you “think” you know everything that goes on in your marriage or relationship? If you answer that with a yes, you are wrong.

  26. Sincerity says:


    I can relate to what you’re saying; however, the cheating spouse should take the possibility of a public scandal into consideration before they decide to cheat.

    The “outside sex toy” is under no obligation to protect a married person’s interests unless they have signed a confidentiality agreement or a “legitimate” employment contract in which they can be immediately terminated, if a scandal erupts. Many of these ho-bags are delusional, desperate, troubled people who will do anything for attention or retribution. Cheating spouses, who have a great deal to lose, need to understand that the temptation is just too great for a “morally bankrupt” person to cash in on their “lapse of good judgment”. So, who’s more to blame?

  27. Caro says:

    He is such an idiot, isn´t he? I just hate people who are cheating on their partners.
    It´s so gross. Hope he´ll get what he deserves.

  28. LisaLisa says:

    Awwwww you poor, ignorant, selfish, dumba*s, douche bag you!! Boo-Hoo!! and Waa-Waa!!! Guess it wasn’t worth it, huh Jes?!

  29. bellaluna says:

    @ Ron & those who’ve commented about his comment:

    If you simply MUST break your marriage vows, at least use a high-end professional (it’s not like these guys couldn’t afford one). The pros have a code of ethics that includes confidentiality, and they don’t delude themselves into thinking they are “mistresses”; they know they are just a piece of ass on the side.

    Honestly, how stupid are these men? I’m not being mean, I’m honestly seeking an answer here! It’s not like these guys are teenagers, who think they’re invincible, is it? Or babies, who think if they close their eyes we can’t see them? Come on now, guys, get your shit together. If you want to play the field, don’t bench yourself by getting married. It’s not brain surgery, it’s common sense.

    *OK, end of rant*

  30. mutterhals says:

    He is the most hated man in America by the same idiots who eat up every story that comes down the pike about him. If you really hate him, stop fucking talking about him every five minutes.

  31. K says:

    @bellaluna. I am totally with you on this. For the right money, a goodprofessional will pretend to be a Nazi-loving, white supremacist skank. I don’t know how much real money JJ has, but Tiger could definitely have gone the high end escort route (but I imagine it’s not as thrilling if they aren’t starry-eyed fans).

    Or maybe they just feel stupidly invulnerable because they are famous.

  32. Kate says:

    Tiger should be thanking his lucky stars that this guy seems to be douchey enough to trump even him.

  33. Huma says:

    In addition to the Nazi stuff being a HUGE distinguishing factor in why he’s different from Tiger and why his downfall occurred to this extent, I’d have to say that Tiger’s skill is more ‘legitimate’ than jesse’s. He does stunts and rides and fixes motorcycles. Tiger trained since he was a tot to be the best golfer in the world. He has an actual, real, legitimate skill. And PR people/lawyers who aren’t idiots. Kobe had the same thing going for him: an actual skill on the court, and good PR people who told him to buy a huge ring, issue an apology, and keep his head down and come back onto the court swinging.

    Or dunking, rather, but you know.

    I suck at sports metaphors.

  34. gg says:

    @ dre – “Do any of you “think” you know everything that goes on in your marriage or relationship? If you answer that with a yes, you are wrong.”

    Dre, no, you don’t know me or my husband. You are wrong. If you really believe in all seriousness that you know everybody is cheating, you have issues that need to be seen to.

    And Bellaluna – Amen. And I just wish people who love partying and screwing around would rethink having children. The two don’t mix.

  35. Much ado says:

    I think the title of the show, “Jesse James is a Dead Man”, is awesome. They should run a few more shows where people can bid (money donated to charity) for the opportunity to make that title come true. HUGE ratings!

  36. caro says:

    @ Much ado: (: thats a really great idea! Just awsome.

  37. dre says:

    gg – i didnt say your husband was having an affair, I SAID, if you dont think he has secrets you are wrong!

  38. hihat says:

    Maybe the dude can still get a reality show in Germany…

  39. yae says:

    Sandra’s reality is an HIV test every month for the next three years.

    That is a bitter pill to swallow.

    He was heartless. So was Tiger.

    Unprotected sex is russian-roulette for the cheater ………..AND the faithful spouse.


  40. Kim says:

    So we are ok with Tiger having done the same thing and America seems to be welcoming him back with open arms but with Jesse he is a hated man? Shows how much cred sports celebs have in America- pathetic.

  41. Kim says:

    Hitting a small ball into a hole is NOT a skill. My dog can do that.

  42. Mingo says:

    How could Sandra Bullock NOT know that her husband was a White Supremacist with a Nazi fetish? Could she be that stupid?

  43. Shannon says:

    bellaluna, you took the words right out of my mouth – that is exactly what I’ve been thinking through both of these scandals. If these idiots didn’t want to get caught, why didn’t they hire someone with scruples? High class call girls would never breach a client’s confidentiality because it would mean losing not only that client, but every client and they’d be blacklisted. It’s not rocket science.

    It seems Tiger and Jesse just wanted to find the nastiest, cheapest, most morally repulsive women they could find to do dirty things to. They made their beds, now they can lie in them.

  44. bellaluna says:

    @ K & gg: Thank you. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my thinking.

    @ yae: My ex cheated on me; I left him in 1997, and I still get HIV tests every year when I have my physical, especially since I’ve read it can lie dormant for up to 14 years. That’s my reality.

  45. Jim says:

    I always hate it when the ignorant, uneducated, NAZI-lovin’, tattoo-covered, lyin’, cheatin’ whoremonger gets the Oscar-winnin’ beauty who is actually supposed to nice in real life. Don’t ya just hate it when that happens? Don’t ya just hate it!

  46. Ruffian9 says:

    hihat: Ouch. What’s that about? Germany has some pretty fierce anti-hate laws, BWY

  47. Ruffian9 says:

    Kim: No, “we” are very much not ok with Tiger having done the same thing…if I had my way the guy would lose every endorsement he has and be booed of the course, but I’m apparently not in charge. Having said that, you’re right. America luvs it’s sporty stars.

  48. Aspie says:

    Tiger is absolutely disgusting but at least he appears more racially tolerant than JJ.

    And that is why he is being welcomed with open arms in America.

  49. yae says:

    Noone gives a sh-t that he is a white supremist.

    Every other race on the planet is allowed to be “proud” except a white guy?

    Oh give that tired old dog a rest.

    As for Tiger, I threw out my Nike sneaks. And thats from my WHITE ass, and my son’s bi-racial one too.

    Yall get off your stupid race kick. Its a childish distraction.

    He’s a liar and a cheat. Its has nothing to do with race. Its a matter of Honor and character.

    All races have deviants.

  50. Wow says:

    He has his own money and built his own career way before Sandra, so yeah he’ll still be fine. That is in his favor. The people who are his target market aren’t going to care much about him banging garage girls while still married.

    JJ might only lose a wife and baby sitter but not his finances. He may be a douche but he’s a douche with awesome business sense. I’ll give him that.

  51. chris says:

    I have no idea why Sandra was with him in the first place. If you mess with scum of course something like this will happen. The white supremicist thing is far worst than anything Tiger Woods ever did.

  52. nnn says:

    It’s not only the Nazi thing that sunk him it’s who you are cheating to.

    If he was married to a nobody and cheatd on her, hell if he was cheating on her ex wife, people reaction with still be less than today.

    Some people ask why is not Tiger in the same position. Because Tiger is the celebrity in the couple, he is the champion who will keep being the celebrity who attract the focus wether he stay married to his wife or not, wether he remarried or not.

    It’s all goes down to who’s celebrity status is the biggest one in the couple. Look at Michael Jordan, Tom Hanks, Kevin Costner and many others. People get shocked when the affair is out and the mistresses are out but as soon as he wins again and therefore recapture his celebrity title which belongs 100 % to him lone and not to Elin it will all be forgotten.

    There is always a double standard based on celebrity status and public image which leads to different perception by the public. If you are not the celebrity in the couple, sooner or later you will coe second because you benefit from the public sympathy coming first and foremost from the one in the couple who brought the public image.

  53. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Si, I noticed the same thing; Tiger woods also has a similar countenance in the photo’s before the scandal broke.

  54. oh hey says:

    BBC World News did a story about Tiger Woods and his new commercial. While the Neo-Nazi ties, play a major factor, Nike won’t dump Tiger because he’s a made a ton of money for them. Thus, they’re not giving up his cash cow.

    Also, Tiger is a celebrity. Jesse James is not a celebrity, he’s a Reality TV Show Participant, business owner or not.

  55. guilty pleasures says:

    @aspie, Tiger is racist against all but white women, he just doesn’t wear a costume…
    JJ is hated because he did what all of us fear, womenfolk I mean, he cheated on the perfect woman, and not with a kind, intelligent ‘it just happened’ Other Woman, but with the lowest of the low disease bags (McGugly, I AM looking at you).
    He has shocked our senses, rocked our worlds, made us feel unsafe and unclean, just by knowing about it.
    He lived in the Garden of Eden, he was the one who bit the apple (herpes ridden as it was…).

  56. Jaxx says:

    I’m so happy he is cancelled. I hope everything he touches from now on bites him back. He deserves to NEVER prosper in any way from now on. I want people to spit on him when he walks down the street.

    No way Sandy deserved what he did to her.

  57. carol greene says:

    After all is said and done…..Sandra Bullock and Mrs Woods are both better off without those cheating husbands. Nothing will ever be the same for them and the guys will both go on as if nothing has happened.

  58. Jag says:

    I’m not welcoming Tiger at all, but I’m also not a golf fan. As others have said, the fans of these guys will continue to support them, no matter what they do.

    Now if only they would cancel JJ’s other show, it would be wonderful.

  59. carol greene says:

    After all is said and done…..Sandra Bullock and Mrs Woods are both better off without those cheating husbands. Nothing will ever be the same for them and the guys will both go on as if nothing has happened.

  60. Old Motorhead says:

    I just dropped $80K for his split tail motorcycle – he’s doing fine. In 11 months I pick up my new bike. I could care less about his marriage.

  61. Frogdogluver says:

    Not sure if any of you have seen his documentary motorcycle mania 3 (awful acting but the man can build a sweet bike), anyway in it is Janine L. his first (porno star) wife that is the mother of the kid that Sandra was helping Jesse get custody. The point of my story is the documentary talks about how they have been together for 2 months and they are trying to have a baby and he is so very happy and has never been this happy or grounded ever in his life. Well Janine speaks and she is a total nut bag, anyone that thought she was fit for kids is also crazy and anyone that thought she was normal enough to marry is also crazy.

    I was and still am a fan of Jesse James he is known for and still is for his incredible bike building, but did I ever think he was normal, NO! Sandra had to have known that he is just not all there and that this was in her future, I’m sorry. Much like Tiger Woods I don’t really care they cheated that is between the husband and wife, does it tell a lot about both of their characters, sure but does it take anything away from the fact that they are still talented, no.

  62. nAynAy says:

    Douche bag is getting exactly what he deserves.

  63. nnn says:

    I for one think that cancelling his show for that reason only (if it’s the REAL reason) is going too far and touching at certain democratic rights.

    He is an absolute a** but i hope that’s not the reason why his show is cancelled.

    Nobody should get fired or lose his job because of personal business such has being unfaithfull to your partner. That’s private stuff and what is private should never enter the professional sphere at such level. It’s like a public lynching going overboard.

    That’s touching some basic rights. Plus the guy is a father who has a family to feed, doing this will also affect the life of his own children.

  64. ViktoryGin says:

    @ yae

    Actually, as evidenced by this thread A LOT people care that he may be a white supremacist.

    “Every other race on the planet is allowed to be “proud” except a white guy?”

    Although ideally one would like to apply a little reverse logic here out of a need for political correctness, the fact whites (in general terms) enjoy worldwide cultural hegemony in various forms due to colonialism. Laos, Burma, Vietnam, South Africa, Australia, Polynesia, China, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Iran, India, the Phillipines, the United States and MANY MORE. What do these places have in common? They contained former European colonies. When a group of people are sugjugated this “pride” in one’s culture is something that becomes fractured and needs to be rebuilt. So, when whites preach about their pride it is perceived by many other races (dare I say all) as being a perpetuation of racial sugjugation and cultural marginalization, also known as “white supremacy”. Europe has set the current global paradigm under with we all live, so this pride seems to be a given. Why add insult to injury with excessive histrionics?

    (Sidenote: even if you are not British, French, or Spanish (former major colonial powers) but are white, you still benefit by ethnic association.)

  65. Shannon says:

    Yae, have you never heard of white privilege?! We don’t need pride, we’re constantly benefiting from the way racism affects people who are not white. You cannot claim that being proud of whiteness could possibly be the same as another kind of racial pride because of that.

  66. Diana says:

    *** These two idiot’s should be thanking who ever they pray to that none of these or better yet that ALL of these Bimbo’s didn’t end up knocked up !….I’m really suprised that none of the gals thought of that and the child support they could get ….LOL…Very lucky indeed !

  67. eternalcanadian says:

    Someone explain to me why Jesse James is labelled “most hated” when he’s only done half the women as Tiger Woods?

  68. yae says:

    Like I said.
    It’s a childish distraction. You want to play that game then fine.

    I stopped worrying over that baby-banter along time ago.

    Shannon & ViktoryGin:, crawl out of your play-pen and know when you’re being PLAYED.

    You think the uber rich care about race? Tell me that next time a caucasion president kisses a Saudi prince or bows to an Israeli>

    Wait……..get on your kick about white -people when you see the British queen welcome the Hawaiian nobility.

    YOU care about race. And it keeps you angry long enough to stay distracted and silly.

    LOL thats what they count on.

  69. mollination says:

    Wait – so why was his show canceled if it was massively popular in the ratings department? It says it was canceled before the mistress parade – so why, then? Even with the cheating scandal, I don’t think his show should be canceled. There completely independent from each other.

  70. Someone says:

    C’moooon ppl how do u know sandra isnt a lyin backstaber nd jessie is innocent nd oppressed btw if some one got a problem with me talk it off u assholes

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