Angelina Jolie career bothers “second fiddle” Brad Pitt


I’m enjoying these new photos of Angelina Jolie back in Venice and back at work on The Tourist today. She and Brad ended up spending two full days in Bosnia, where they visited with refugees, rape victims and UN officials. I kind of hoped principal photography was done on The Tourist, actually, but it looks like Angelina still has to put on some gloves and that same fabulous grey dress and try to steer the boat with her all-powerful vadge. Speaking of Angelina’s work schedule, Star Magazine is reporting this week that Brad is unhappy playing Mr. Mom to the kids while Angelina tries to seduce Johnny Depp with her vadge of doom. Here are the highlights from Star:


When Brad went to the London premiere of Kick-Ass, a family insider tells Star that “Angelina was furious that he ignored her calls and texts. He told her to relax, and that really sent her over the edge. She started screaming at him and making fun of him for getting wasted yet again. She even called him a bum because of his scruffy beard.”

“Brad responded by tellings her that if she paid more attention to him, he wouldn’t have to party so hard or flirt with other women. He’s sick of playing second fiddle to her jobs and her needs. He let her know he’s totally bored, and he needs a change – or else!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I would pay to see Angelina screaming at Brad about his beard. I mean, do you really think she gets that worked up over his beard? To the point of screaming? What do you scream? “SHAVE THAT F-CKER OFF!” Why do people assume Angelina hates the beard anyway? Lots of women like facial hair – including me. I just like it when a guy it’s trimmed, but not too fussy. I dated a dude with a really fussy little goatee once, and his grooming habits annoyed the hell out of me. Oh, he also used Rogaine shampoo, which I didn’t know existed before then. I know, I know, what can I say? I was young and naïve, and he was good in bed.

INF just put up these photos of Brad and Angelina having lunch with a Bosnian family while they were in Bosnia on April 3. INF has these photos labeled as “Anglena Joli”. Which I pronounce as “Angle-NA Jolly”. The kid is adorable. I bet Angelina tried to smuggle him out.





Angelina and Brad in Bosnia on April 3, 2010, and Angelina in Venice on April 9, 2010. Credit for all:

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  1. meme says:

    she looks like christina hendricks!

  2. bite me says:

    i totally believe this and i can’t believe the family sold this pix to inf…

  3. padiddle says:

    I think this is the prettiest she has looked in a long time. I like the bangs to the side much better than the weird fringe she has been sporting lately.

  4. Miranda Ann says:

    Yeah, right. Brad is playing second fiddle to Angelina. This ragmag must not know that Brad is the producer of several upcoming movies and that he will be filming a movie beginning in June. They must also not have heard that Brad and Angelina take turns staying at home with the kids while the other films a movie. They’ve only been doing this for five years now so I can understand how it might be sort of a secret!!

    As for Brad going to the premiere of “Kick Ass” . . . well, he is the producer and he didn’t even stay overnight in London. He flew in and flew out after the premiere after-party. I wonder when Angelina had the time to call him. I mean, less than 24 hours away from her and the kids doesn’t call for text messaging and screaming. But you know how Angelina is. I mean, the woman has nothing else in her life to do but call Brad and scream at him. These rags really need to change their “sources” because they are full of sh!t!!

  5. danielle says:

    Hmm, don’t care for how Angelina’s being styled for this movie. I think it ages her.

  6. JazzJazz says:

    Ever notice how there are always cameras around when Angelina is doing her philanthropic work. Bet she calls the paps all the time, days in advance so she can get the publicity she wants. Same thing with pics of her with her children. Brad does all kinds of work down in NOLA and his picture isn’t in the mags or web all the time. She is so manipulative!

  7. Susan says:

    It seems like the UN might be the one to ensure that she is photographed during her missions. I would think that is the reason they sponsor her on these trips – to get publicity for these various areas of the world that need assistance. That’s my thought anyway!

    I don’t like Brad’s beard. I can’t imagine Angelina liking it but maybe she does…..

  8. Beth says:

    I don’t know why the tabloids act like Angelina works constantly when she’s only working on her second film since giving birth two years ago. Most actors do at least 2 or 3 films a year. The only reason Brad doesn’t have more movies out is one was delayed because of script problem which he will be shooting in the summer. Also he’s been doing a lot of producing. If Angelina hated the beard so much Brad would have shaved by now.
    Celebrities are photographed all of the time on aid trips. That’s how you get the message out.

    When he’s there, Brad is always photgraphed in New Orleans, often doing tv interviews. These are obviously personal photographs not paparazzi shots.

  9. moo says:


  10. Jess says:

    2 things. First, she looks absolutely amazing in that grey dress. Wow. And second, re the press for her philanthropic work. CDaN revealed a blind item from last year that had her visiting a VA hospital, spending time with the patients and giving them all gifts, all with no publicity. And publicity or not, she does some great things!

  11. Kim says:

    JazzJazz AJ was a UN trip organized by the UN to bring awareness . According to the hotel UN visited 20 days ago to check out security.Also Brad has appeared on the Today Show 6 times regarding MIR and Larry King 3 when in NOLA and there are plenty of pics on the web and in magazines. BTW Brad’s parents are in Venice pics at Ramey

  12. baby says:

    omg, she’s knocked up again?

  13. Lisa says:

    I honestly don’t believe half the crap I hear about their marriage!!!!! If it was really that bad they’d split or something. To me he seems to enjoy himself with her cuz he’s always with her! Whatever time will tell!

  14. Bek says:

    I don’t believe a word of it. To think that a couple could argue over how they spend their time! The nerve! It’s crazy to even suggest it. I doubt that they ever argue over their careers, their choices or their kids. I bet when they’re together, flowers grow from whence they’ve placed their feet.
    I like those photos. How would you like to be that lady with the wonk-eyes in the third photo down? How embarassing. Jolie looks soft and pretty. But her hand in the second photo is creeping me out a little…

  15. Bek says:

    Sorry, I didn’t specify. I like the INF photos. Those are the ones I’m referencing in prior post. Carry on..

  16. Katalina76 says:

    Brad’s looking a little bloated. The beard doesn’t help, either.

  17. e-non says:

    the professional photographers who staked out this place to get photos of joliepitt really need some practice if the results of their work are these bad lighting/out of focus/red eye snaps.

    smarter haters, please.

  18. teri says:

    Doesn’t Brad have a couple movies he’s working on or producing? No need to worry about Brad he’s holding his own and supporting the love of his life as well as Angelina supporting him. All is well in the JP family.


  19. city says:

    so we get to see what she really looks like when she doesn’t have a stylist or make up artist around.

  20. lisa says:

    They have been together for 5+ years. Taking turns working. Now all of a sudden Brad has a problem. Well people have to make up their minds. According to some they have 12 nannies and don’t take care of their kids anyway. So if Brad has 24 other hands why in the world would he care if Angie worked 24/7. Plus He and she have traveled the world supporting the other. Brad works Angie goes wheresoever that is.. Texas, Nola, Berlin.. Angie works Brad goes with her Prague, NYC, Venice. so why would that change when it has been the way of your relationship from the start..

    and obviously she does not care about the facial hair. QUESTION IS… WHY DO SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE TALK ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME. Really has there EVER been this much discussion of a man growing a beard.. I will bet there have been a million mentions of it somewhere on line, twitter, magazines whatever.. gosh..

  21. Rosalee says:

    they are bring attention once again to issues that the media no longer considers “sexy” they are doing great work with the amount of attention they receive from the gossip and mainstream media. Jolie is lovely, looks like Pitt could use a change of clothes, a long bath with massive amounts of soap and shampoo..

  22. Maritza says:

    I bet Brad is leaving the goatee just to get on Angelina’s nerves, it’s probably the only thing he has control over because we all know who wears the pants in that household.

  23. nnn says:


    You also forget that according the paps, they have either an open relationship or Brad is still in love with jen.

    In both ways, why does he care about Angie not caring for him then ?

  24. DD says:

    TBH, nobody cares about Brad’s little wittle feelings. What a wuss. This better all be bs, or Angelina needs to show him the door and get a real man.

  25. Wholesome1 says:

    They look sweet and happy together.

  26. teri says:

    At City, Have you not seen any pictures of Angelina on any of her UN missions around the world in the last 9 years? She’s absolutly gorgeous without makeup on, prefere her without it myself. Many of her outtings with the kids have been without makeup too, girl you need to browse the net more.

  27. lisa says:


    Actually I have seen them both in pants. Funny how some women today that see a man that actually supports the woman he is with as less then a man. A man that is willing to pack up and go with her to support her career is less then a man. A man that co parents is less then a man..One who makes your passions his own and will work with you to do the things that matter to you. hmmm

    Well no wonder so many women (who say there are not good men left) are without a partner.. they don’t know a GOOD MAN when they actually see one.

    I see two people trying like everyone else to make their life work. Careers, family, children.. They see very happy together to me

  28. teri says:

    I would love to know what she uses on her hair and beauty secrets as well.

  29. CeeCee12 says:

    They are a couple which means they get on each last remaining nerve sometimes. But they seem to love each other enough to work through their issues.
    I don’t buy that she runs everything. Brad is not a pushover. Not by a long shot. This is what she likes about him.

    She needs to gain weight and he needs a wash with a strong antiseptic. Hopefully his mother will organize an intervention.

  30. simplicity says:

    We sandblasted my grandmother’s pot bellied stove to clean it to it’s base, prior to full restoration.

    AJ always appears sandblasted and restored, never real.

    As far as Pitt, the industry is down, he has nothing but, “a working wife,” and his, “potential.”

  31. BW says:

    If the tabloids let a little thing like the “truth” get in their way, their magazines would all be blank on the inside. As far as AJ and BP and the UN publicizing their humanitarian trips, how else is anyone going to learn about the plight of the Bosnian refugees? I, for one, didn’t know a thing about these refugees a week ago, before BP and AJ went over there and brought it to the public’s attention. It’s pathetic that people despise AJ, strictly because they believe the silly stories they read in the tabloids. The only people that hate more, if that is possible, are the rabid Kate Gosslin fans, who go ballistic and homicidal on each other, if someone doesn’t agree that KG is “the” shining example to all single mothers (blech), and a talented and beautiful dancer (on DWTS) who is getting by on her own, and only trying to scrape together a few pennies to “feed her children” (blech). She scares me, and it’s frightening to read some of those posts and realize her “fans” are actually running around loose.

  32. tekhana says:

    What complete and utter bullshit.

    On a side note, I *want* that dress in the first two pics. I love it.

  33. Lilias says:

    People talk about the beard because it’s HIDEOUS.

    There is facial hair and then there is the look of a drowned rat stapled to your chin. That thing looks like swamp moss.

    I couldn’t deal with a boyfriend having a beard like that. A beard, fine. I think beards and facial hair are sexy.

    That…thing, is not sexy. Anyone who says so is either insane or so in love with Brad that they can look past the grossness and see his old, chinmoss-less face.

  34. Red Folder says:

    Jeez peas, the same old story. Angie does what she wants with no regard for Brad. . .ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    Lainey at Lainey Gossip stated numerous times that Brad Pitt is NO wallflower. That he has a very strong personality and he’s savvy about how to use/play the press. That behind the scenes he calls the shots–period.

  35. Victoria says:

    Ha! How long has Brad Pitt been a sex symbol? He’s got more money than Angie. Remember all those Japanese commericals?

    He’s getting ready for a very hot movie and it will be his time to have sex rumors about him and his co-star.

    They are taking turns…those beautiful bio kids would keep any couple together.

    In fact, I want to see him with Eva Green and/or Monica Belluci! They are competition for Angie – 100%!

  36. Shane Gentry says:

    Really looking forward to the release of this movie he has been wearing the goatee for. So everyone who talked about it will feel incredibly stupid.

  37. scout says:

    Total bullshit is what I call this “story!” Brad doesn’t have any reason to feel like second fiddle – he is amazingly talented and constantly busy with work both in front of and behind the camera! Angelina is busy, too, and although, not as talented as Brad (IMHO) she is still in demand. It does seem that they take turns, so to speak, and share the responsibility of the kids for the most part. That is what I see/read/hear about them, anyway. None of us are in their inner circle of eyewitnesses so we can only have opinions based on what we see and are told, but we CAN make our opinions somewhat educated ones and not just spew hate because we don’t like this couple for whatever reasons we may have!

  38. Jazz says:


  39. Melanie says:

    God Bless you!
    Do you remember when she said she was going to take some time off to be with her kids? I do.

  40. Melanie says:

    GOD BLESS THIS MESS! @ Shane Gentery: I believe the film is titled MEN WHO ARE GOATS. I can’t wait to see him grazing around the field either!

  41. teri says:

    Melanie, Angelina only works three to four months out of the year if that. How do you figure she works all the time? People would kill to have her work schedule. Taking some time off doesn’t mean for years. She’s out saving the world, how would anyone expect her to do so without money?

  42. teri says:

    Victoria,Competition for Angie?
    Working with sexy co stars is what actors do. Why does it always have to be a compitition? Are you hoping to make Angelina jealous? Come on now, you are talking about Angelina and hands down I think she’s secure in her relationship with Brad.

  43. Melanie says:

    Terri, Do you get a batsignal when something is said about Angie? Dang, girl you are the staunchest defender of a celebrity on all of the Internets!

  44. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:


  45. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    “I would love to know what she uses on her hair and beauty secrets as well.”

    Oh Teri, it is sweet how naive you are.

  46. Kim says:

    AJ didn’t work from Nov 2007 when Changeling wrapped until mid Feb 2009( 14 months) when Salt started in NY. She filmed Salt until June 2009 . Brad and her kids visited her on set according to interviews conducted with her director and costar Liev(who mentioned in Hamptoms magazine that his son Sasha played w/ the JP kids.From June 2009 until Feb 2010 AJ didn’t work on a film. There have been several pics of Brad and the kids visiting her on set and she has appeared to have several days off while filming. So in 2008 she didn’t film. In 2009 she filmed approx 3 1/2 months.How do I know this google and archives from gossip sites like just jared and

  47. Majosha says:

    Teri: Angie uses SOMEONE ELSE’S HAIR on her hair. But don’t worry, Jesus loves extensions almost as much as he loves this holy family.

  48. Caan says:

    Best.Thread. Ever.

  49. anon says:

    I hope the acting of these extensions is better than Angelina

  50. kiki says:

    I’m sure jesus loves EVERYONE HERE ;-)
    After all, spending so much time on the internet talking about celebs is God’s work! haha

  51. nag says:

    Angelina is looking like Julia Roberts in the 2nd Bosnia pic. Brad pitt looks likes someone should who has 6 kids under the age of whatever they are… and living in whatever sleep he can get after going for drinks with whoevee. Sorry I think brad is more real that Angelina

  52. teri says:

    Melanie girl it’s facts, pure facts. You are only picking and choosing what you want to believe. Just going back and looking when she workes proves that. We get you don’t like Angelina, big whoop. But lying when there is proof makes you look silly.

  53. teri says:

    I’m naive because I love Angelina’s hair and how beautiful she is? You are such a negative nelly, such a downer.

  54. I Choose Me says:

    “Terri, Do you get a batsignal when something is said about Angie?”

    Full disclosure: I’m a fan of Angelina but that comment made me laugh so hard I think I might’ve peed a little.

    SMH. Truly people, it’s insane to be arguing over celebrities. Especially when it’s the same damn arguments, thread after thread.

  55. meme says:

    so she’s pretty? there are lots of pretty women in hollyweird. mangie only became super famous after hooking up with brad. before that, no one gave a shit and she wasn’t THEMOSTBEAUTIFULWOMANEVER.

  56. meme says:

    i hate justin bieber.

  57. meme says:

    why are all my comments awaiting moderation? enough already.

  58. Jazz says:


  59. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:


  60. lisa says:

    I hope Brad keeps the goatee beard for a lot longer.. JUST so funny all the talk about it..

    I think there has been more discussion on Brad’s facial hair then the Health Bill

    Now how funny is that shit.. I guess people really care about the important stuff. lol

  61. Widget says:

    lisa: People spend more time talking about Brad’s beard than anything else on the sites YOU frequent. Most of us just come here for a break from our real lives and the real issues — I know it’s hard to imagine, but unlike you, most people are not obsessed with these idiots. Get a life.