George “Back for Wood” Michael trolls for gay strange in Australia


Oh, God. George Michael is in Australia to perform at several sold-out concerts, and it seems like George is enjoying the Aussie gay scene quite a bit. George has got the iPhone app Grindr, which apparently all the gay dudes use to hook up…? Sure. Anyway, George has been “grindr-ing” lots of Aussie dudes under the name “Back for Wood”. Which is kind of an awesome name. I wish I had thought of a cool handle like that. I bet Gerard Butler’s hetero handle is “Back for Vadge”. And whatever city he’s in, he contacts all women he’s ever met with the message, “Gerard Butler is ‘Back for Vadge’”. By the way, George is still officially with his long-term boyfriend, so I have no idea if George’s long-term relationship involves lots of Aussie strange or what.

The pop singer, famous for getting arrested cruising for sex in a public toilet, is now on Grindr, a location-based iPhone app that allows gay men to meet up via their phones. And he’s terrorizing Australia’s gays with it.

On a recent vacation down under, it appears Michael logged on to the service under the profile “Back for Wood” and contacted several men. But his randy behavior in Australia wasn’t restricted to his iPhone. While he was in Sydney to perform at several sold-out shows, Michael was also spotted hanging out at several gay bars and was also seen partying on a boat with a ripped gentleman. Fortunately, since Grindr displays where a user is located, it should be easier than ever to stay out of his way.

[From Gawker]

If you’d like to see photos of George’s pasty body partying with a really hot Aussie dude, go here. Australia’s Daily Telegraph notes that George “ditched industry invitations on the night of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade to visit Oxford St cafes and make new friends.” Translation: he ditched Australia’s establishment gays to troll for strange in a series of seedy bars, yachts, public toilets and back alleys. You know what? I kind of love George Michael. He’s so unapologetic. And he seems like he would be a lot of fun!

Oh, and I really want this suitcase:

George Michael Arrives In Australia

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16 Responses to “George “Back for Wood” Michael trolls for gay strange in Australia”

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  1. Feebee says:

    His pros outweight his cons… 99% of his cons are relatively amusing anyway.

    He might have been running into a few cons down Oxford Street come to think about it.

  2. rundee says:

    He looks like Brian Austin Green on the first picture. Does anyone know if they´re related?

  3. Gistine says:

    Good for him! Let him be a scandalous gay man. Its his right!

  4. GossipG1rl54 says:

    That suitcase is fabulous!!!

  5. Q says:

    I thought he and the BF did break up??? Oh whatever. You go get ’em, Georgie boy, just take a taxi, for f’s sake.

  6. Roma says:

    Do we have any gay men up in here? My understanding is that open relationships are much more common between gay men than with hetro couples, but I’d love some confirmation.

  7. Ka says:

    I just love him!

  8. Tia C says:

    I thought they broke up, too, but I don’t really remember. He does seem like he would be fun, but he’s a bit of a slut, isn’t he? LOL

  9. Beth says:

    I don’t know why but this story really cracks me up.

  10. Lala11_7 says:

    Everytime I hear about George’s wicked ways…I JUST SAY YES!!!

  11. Ron says:


    Gay man checking in… and yes, gay men do have open relationships far more often than straight folks. I am in an open relationship and have been for 9 years. We have our “rules” but we are very open with each other about what we do. Of my inner circle of gay male friends, all of them who have lasted longer than 5 years have open relationships.

  12. MB says:

    This article doesnt suprise me one bit. What does suprise me is that people still use the word “strange” in this way. It strikes me as a Deadwood-era use of the word and sounds ick.
    Am i the only one?

  13. Aussie Mama says:

    Man I always loved Andrew Ridgley more from Wham, than George Michael. It was only when I found out he was gay, that I thought yummo! Now, if someone is hot, I say they are George. George is sizzling, love his guts and I’d donate my virgin butt to him anyday, not that he’d be interested cos I’m a Chic….

  14. My2Cents says:

    Oh his voice is like honey to my ears. I have been obbessed with this man since I was a the Wham days. He can do no wrong. 🙂

  15. CB Rawks says:

    Rundee I totally agree!
    That’s a picture of David Silver from the day Donna Martin finally graduated.

  16. yseult says:

    He gives a really entertaining, witty interview. Those with Frost/Parkinson are priceless. I love george.