Kate Gosselin is basically just walking around, not dancing, on DWTS

*Video includes partial DWTS interview, dancing begins around 2 minute mark*

Oh, Kate Gosselin, will the hilarity never end? After last week’s epic suck-fest paso doble dance to Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”, perhaps there was nowhere else to go but up. Not that Kate Gosselin’s dance last night was good – it really wasn’t. But Kate just didn’t suck as hard as she did last week. Where Kate had previously stomped around, looking like a dazed, angry and constipated drag queen (for real), this week she just kind of walked around, not even bothering to pace herself in rhythm to the music – an Adam Lambert song. Oh, and her hair, makeup and costuming was an improvement too, so maybe she stopped pissing off “the help” for a change. Apparently, walking around is better than stomping around, because her scores improved, like that matters. But now Kate thinks she’s a star!

On Monday’s Dancing With the Stars, Kate Gosselin was praised for her best dance so far, the tango, scoring a 32.

Despite still being the night’s lowest scorer, “I feel very proud of myself, I feel very proud of both of us,” she told Entertainment Tonight during a post-show interview with her partner Tony Dolovani. “I’m like totally addicted and on fire and I cannot wait to do this again. Please go and vote. My gosh, I want to keep going. I love it!”

Gosselin’s DWTS colleagues are also proud at how far she’s come.

“She looks great, and she is what the show is about — she is improving every week,” said Evan Lysacek, who earned the night’s highest score of 52). He told UsMagazine.com all the contestants are “in the same boat. I am just happy to be improving every week, and she is doing the same thing, so she can’t ask for much more. She looked great tonight, and we are all cheering her along because we all like her so much and want her to do well.”

Said Cheryl Burke: “At the end of the day, she is doing what any mother should do — which is work for their kids. She just happens to be on Dancing With The Stars and getting paid for it at the same time … she has to make a living somehow.”

[From Us Weekly]

“She has to make a living somehow”? Oh, Cheryl Burke, get a grip. I think Kate issued talking points to everyone at DWTS, because Kate’s sentiments on the Today Show were oddly similar:

Responding to her ex-husband’s accusations that she’s an absentee parent, Kate Gosselin says she has no choice but to work, which takes her away from her eight kids – but that she tries to make every moment with them count that much more.

“I’ve got to work harder now than ever because I am a single mom,” the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star, 35, said Tuesday on NBC’s Today show. “In my heart I’m always in my kitchen, baking and cooking for my kids, and I’ll always be there. It’s a struggle to be here [in New York], to be anywhere. The emotion that you see is because I would rather be at home with them.”

But that’s not always possible, she says. “I have to work. I have to provide for them. And it’s a struggle that every working mom, especially single moms, go through, and I’m really feeling it now, and it’s really hard.”

The best she can do, Gosselin says, is carve out as much time with them as possible. She says she leaves Los Angeles, where Dancing With the Stars is filmed, every week to spend time in Pennsylvania.

“If I had 24 hours a day seven days a week with eight kids, it wouldn’t be enough time in my book,” she says. “So, to minus out the working days is really hard. But I make the most of every minute I have with them … When I’m home, we make those little spots of time really big in our memories.”

Gosselin speaks to her kids directly in her new book, I Just Want You to Know, and offers them “advice for now, advice for the future and for always, kind of like a legacy.” She says the children are doing well, though of course divorce is tough on any child.

“I don’t think any child likes it,” she says. “They still say things like, ‘I wish Mommy and Daddy could be together.’ They still have their same innocent love for each of us, and I appreciate that.”

[From People]

Oh for the love of… I really need Kate to shut the hell up. This pity party is getting so old. And you know what it basically boils down to? “My ex-husband is a bigger douche than me, so that’s why you should like me.” As Gawker points out, Kate Gosselin “sucks at dancing, she sucks at practicing, she sucks at feigning likability… she just sucks.” Kate has forgotten – or maybe she never realized it: we can hate her and her ex, both. We don’t have to choose.


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  1. bite me says:

    i. don’t. like. her.

  2. Marjalane says:

    She was better last night…not a lot better, but better. And I think the same make-up wench that trashed Kate’s face last week had her way with Erin Andrews this week. Turns out you CAN put on too damn much eye shadow girls!

  3. Kolby says:

    I was actually really shocked at her improvement last night. Even the hair and makeup looked…not atrocious. She still sucks, though, and the constant pity party grates on my last nerve. The day you catch me name-dropping my own children for sympathy is the day I call CPS on myself.

  4. R2D2 says:

    I thought she looked better last night but she is totally overplaying the ‘pity me party’ with Tony in rehearsals. You could tell he is tired of it too just by the expression on his face when she starts her auto-crying and poor me bs.
    I do think she’ll be voted off soon just to do her book tour.

  5. Feebee says:

    No she didn’t suck as much as last week, but yeah she still sucked.

    Her comments are laughable… when she wakes up she checks the news to see what her day will bring… LOL. Now she thinks she’s the Secretary of State ha ha ha. Then she thinks she’s hardest on herself, yet when talking about her performance she thinks she did great. That’s not being hard on yourself, that’s giving your delusional self a huge break.

    If she doesn’t go tonight, the person who does will be entitled to be a little miffed at Kate who always feels entitled to be permanently miffed at something or other.

  6. Jazz says:

    How I loathes this woman. If she wins I’ll just spew. Then she’ll think she’s a legitimate star and will never leave us alone. Oh, but wait! It’s all “for the kids”. Because she’s a struggling single mother and all. *rolls eyes*

  7. texasmom says:

    I don’t like her, I’ve never liked her, but I finally feel sorry for her. Her FACE has no expression and she doesn’t seem to know enough about feelings to even know how to PRETEND to feel anything. She’s dead inside. (I still don’t like her.)

  8. TRT says:

    She is simply LOWEST OF THE LOW. (period!)

  9. DoMaJoReMc says:

    UGH! For the love of God. When will she STOP with the self-pity and the self-doubt stuff? This whole ‘custody thing airing out in public’ stuff is what is keeping her, in her mind, relevant.


  10. smith says:

    Can’t stand this woman although admittedly I’ve never watched anything she’s done, any show she was/is on. She’s one of those people who illict such bad feelings that just by driving by …I feel it. The hate.

    So catch me up – if she’s so god-awful why hasn’t she been voted off? Is the show so rigged that you don’t have to dance well, just cause enough controversy and they keep you on until the end??

  11. Judy says:

    Kate Gosselin and the Kids Hollywood-Bound?

    By Rob Shuter Posted Apr 13th 2010 02:00AM

    “Kate Gosselin is certainly famous, and now the mom of eight and current ‘Dancing With the Stars’ contestant wants to stay famous by making a move out west. Yep, the octomom is in the market for a house in Hollywood and a new agent, according to her pals. Details on Kate’s Hollywood dreams, plus Conan scoop, after the jump!”

    “Kate Plus Eight Heading to Hollywood”

    “Sources tell me that in between dance practices, Kate Gosselin has been house hunting in the Hollywood Hills for a mansion big enough for her and her eight kids.

    “Now that Kate has tasted the excitement of Hollywood, there is no way that she is going to return to Pennsylvania,” a friend of Kate’s tells me. “She is looking at homes in the Hollywood Hills in gated communities in the $2 million range. Kate is insisting the properties she sees have a pool, at least six bedrooms, an outdoor hot tub and, bizarrely, a recording studio!

    “And it’s not just a home that Kate has been looking for in Los Angeles. Sources tell me she has been meeting with agents, managers and publicists.

    “‘Kate wants to be a movie star’,” one insider tells me. “Kate thinks that after Jennifer Aniston’s last few films didn’t do so well, America needs a new girl next door. And who better to fill Jen’s shoes than Kate!

    “That’s right. Because when I think girl next door, the first thing that jumps to mind is a single mother of eight with more public baggage than Grand Central Station. Keep dreaming, Kate, and please don’t tell us you are planning to record an album, too.”

  12. teehee says:

    Best dance so far??? It was so uncomfortably unfitting to the music, and didnt look like tango at all….

  13. Cat says:

    What I want to know is, what happened to that $75,000 per episode? Why does she still need money to raise the kids?

  14. kelbear says:

    I do like Kate but I think she is going a little far with the feel sorry for me act.

  15. Tazina says:

    It’s 8 kids, not two she’s got to feed. I think she knows Jon isn’t going to be making those child support payments much longer. She did suck last night but I do think she’s doing it to make money for her family and I don’t fault her for that. …so ya dance on Kate and hope you don’t get kicked off too soon…and please enough with the pity party.

  16. Skins says:

    Wow. If she wants to spend all this time with her kids why is she going to New York to be on The Today Show? Its not like she has anything different or interesting to say. Total Famewhore

  17. becka says:

    Oh for crying out loud, some people have no clue about what single mothers go through, ESPECIALLY WITH 8 KIDS. I don’t see anyone telling JENNIFER ANNISTON TO GET OVER IT! NO KIDS, LOUSY ACTING AND MILLIONS IN THE BANK. No cheating but that woman just rides along on some pity train as a victim even though NOBODY ever said cheating was involved, meaning the friends, family, personel and themselves. Giver her a break she’s working with Jon the huge loser.

  18. teehee says:

    And my mom (nd I) hve been through hella worse than what shes stuck whining about all the time and cant let go of.
    I think what she ‘cant let go of’ is her need for a sense of importance– she needs something to feel significant or importnat and without all the drama shes afraid she’ll drop off the radar.
    So shes gotta continuously stir the $hit and be a failure and whine and cry and have problems and issues that will outweigh everyone and everything else.

  19. TaylorB says:

    Watching her dance is painful, but it was certainly better than last week… not that the bar was set very high.

    I do wish that they would get people with similar skill sets, so we can watch who improves the most from a level playing field. And for the love of god, watching the judges attempt to gripe about Evans foot work, grace and spins is pathetic. The man is a Gold Medal winning figure skater, I suspect he knows quite a bit about body position, form, musicality and grace, certainly moreso than Bruno and CarrieAnn. Grrrrr!

  20. lucy2 says:

    What do you think she puts on paperwork for occupation: Professional Victim or Sob-Story Writer?

  21. snapdragon says:

    her hair is a constant source of amusement for me.

  22. Angie says:

    I’d like to know how spa days, manicures, pedicures, tanning, etc. are memory making moments for her children??? That biotch doesn’t want to be with her kids any more than I want to have a root canal. Lying skank.

  23. Victoria says:

    @Lucy2 Wha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    I feel sorry for Tony NOT Kate.

  24. nycmom10024 says:

    Great pop-ed editorial of Kate and Jon link to Popeaster below.

  25. Anastasia says:

    Public Service Announcement, Again:

    Kate Gosselin does not HAVE to work. She has millions from the TLC show, the church love offerings, the appearances at women’s expos, the appearances on interview shows on TV, the money from the past books (which did not sell well, but she still got serious bank) and now the $200,000 everyone gets for going on DWTS (the winner gets an additional $100,000), the $20,000 in child support Jon is court-ordered to pay each month (he most likely pays this out of interest from the show plus a small inheritance from his dad), and now the million dollar advance from Zondervan for this latest book.

    How much is enough?

    She could stop working after getting kicked off DWTS and not work another day in her life and live quite comfortably off the interest from the money she has made thus far. And I include raising the kids in that statement. I include staying in that million dollar house in that statement. College for the kids, EVERYTHING.

    The pity party she constantly puts on parade is a bald-faced lie. She does NOT have to work, she does NOT have to be away from her kids. She doesn’t even have to go back to nursing! She could stop! Sit in that white plastic chair, eat bonbons and glare at the one photographer TLC sends out to stand in the driveway.

    No one is putting a gun to this woman’s head, people. You’re being snookered and played if you feel even the slightest bit sorry for her.

    She’s not inspirational to single mothers (she’s not even a single mother, she’s a divorced mother) because most single moms struggle to pay the bills. They do not get manicures, pedicures, massages, they do not jet off to NY and LA, they are not interviewed on TV, they do not have nannies, a cook, groundskeepers, a pool guy, a driver, and they certainly cannot afford to send eight kids to an exclusive private school an hour away.

    There’s nothing about Kate Gosselin’s life that the average parent can even relate to.

    Everything about her is a lie, a sham. And yet she continues with her crocodile tears, as though someone believes them.

  26. Anastasia says:


    You nailed it. She has to constantly feel important and be in the spotlight.

    That’s how it is with narcissists.

  27. Anna says:

    The only reason she looked better is because Tony slowed the dance to a crawl so she wouldn’t mess up. It reminded me of someone standing on her partner’s feet while he danced. As for making a living , she’s getting her show back, and a second show as well. There’s also the money from the books.

  28. elaine benes says:

    Oh god. If only she has a fast foreward button to press.

  29. Ugh. says:

    Watching Kate “dance” reminds me of a rhino running around, and every time she “kicks” its actually just a wild rhino leg flailing about.

  30. Jeri says:

    I wish every public entity would quit paying her. Let her earn a living in the private sector – that would just kill her!! Even if it paid triple!

  31. Mairead says:

    Yes there has been a marked improvement this week. It’s just a shame that that shuffling they were doing wasn’t a tango. And teehee was right – the music was a horrific match.

    This is a dance developed as a dialogue between men and women of ill-repute and should have passion and sizzle.

    Imagine the improvement she could have had if she practiced instead of whining every 20 minutes 🙄

  32. Maritza says:

    She’s got other two shows to do so I guess she’ll be out of DWTS very soon. I do hope she’s leaves, poor Tony must be hoping no one votes so he won’t have to hear or deal with Kate anymore. The pity party is getting annoying.

  33. Leek says:

    She just sucks at being human.

  34. Uzi says:

    Memo to Kate: Do you notice all those extra security guards hanging around the set? They’re there because your fellow competitor, Erin Andrews, is receiving death threats…and she NEVER complains! Your problems pale in comparison, so STFU and dance!

  35. TaylorB says:

    Not that I would be any better, but I just heard someone describe her dancing as ‘stomping on spiders’.

  36. Laurie says:

    Cat – Exactly!!!

    She walked really well last night, but didn’t dance. The pity party is working because I certainly feel pity for a divorced hag like her! Now go away Kate.

  37. Judy says:


    Kate Gosselin lands job as special co-host on ‘Entertainment Tonight’ with Mary Hart
    By Soraya Roberts

    Tuesday, April 13th 2010, 4:28 PM

  38. me says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else find Tony HOT! Never seen the show before or him but he is sweet.Poor guy, stuck with her for at least another week.

  39. Jillian says:

    Seriously, I am a terrible dancer and I dance better than she does. IT IS NOT THAT HARD. And you DON’T need to have your mind on it if you just LEARN THE DANCE. And stop whining. GEEZ. If I pulled that kind of crap during a rehearsal, my partner would be like, BULLSHIT.

  40. Veronica says:

    It’s so painful to watch her dance.

  41. Confuzzle says:

    She moves like an android.

  42. Jag says:

    I’m sure the kids get memory moments every time they watch the gossip shows on t.v. to find out their mother is in town, but leaving them with nannies so she can practice her dancing the entire time she’s “home.”

  43. Maritza says:

    People may want Kate to disappear but it looks like she is here to stay because according to Popeater Kate is planning to move and buy a $2million mansion in Hollywood. I wonder if Jon will be moving to Hollywood too so he can be close to the kids? If you think she is a diva now imagine once she lives in superficial, shallow town Hollywood!

  44. Amy says:

    The one I feel sorry for is Tony her dance partner. She makes him look bad. Is’nt he supposed to be one of the best prof. dancers in the ball-room dance business?