Sarah Jessica Parker is a narcissist, a workaholic & a fake feminist


We’ve already discussed the Photoshop hell that is Sarah Jessica Parker’s May cover for Vogue Magazine. I still can’t believe that A) Vogue gave her another goddamn cover and B) Vogue thought we wouldn’t notice that SJP is Photoshopped into non-horsey oblivion. But I hadn’t even gotten to the f-cking article yet. Prepare yourself, because I’m about to go off. This is how the Vogue article begins:


This woman here, poised, polished, and utterly composed in her Dior Haute Couture, is a phenomenally influential force (and driver of merchandise) in terms of culture, fashion, style, and beauty for vast numbers of women in their 20s and up. In terms of her own trade, she changed everything: She turned the twentieth-century American screen heroine on her head. In a black-and-white world with no ambiguity, nice girls were not style icons or sex goddesses. Carrie Bradshaw—as played by Sarah Jessica Parker (“the star next door,” in the words of director Michael Patrick King)—is a triumph of the nice girl who, along with her gal pals, has an interesting and occasionally eyebrow-raising sex life as well.

[From Vogue]

Let’s stop it right there for one damn minute. Are we still playing this f-cking song? The whole “Sex and the City changed everything for women” song? Because it didn’t. It was not a feminist show, these women are not feminists, and the story of Carrie Bradshaw was certainly not “a triumph of the nice girl”. It was a show about friendship, about sex, and about consumerism. It was really funny at times, and it had a few heartbreaking moments, and it was mostly good television. But let’s stop trying to make the show important or groundbreaking or an iconic feminist milestone. It wasn’t. And Carrie is a really horrible, selfish, self-absorbed narcissist, not a “good girl”. Ugh.

The interview takes place as SJP has just wrapped filming on SATC 2, so my guess is last December or something. Just to give you context. Here’s more from the interview:

SJP on being a mother to her then newborn twin girls: “I haven’t seen my daughters for almost two months, with the exception of Skype, and I have to tell you. I never felt like this.” They were born on June 22 last year, Tabitha Hodge (“or Babe”) and Marion Loretta Elwell (“or Kitty”). “Aren’t those great names?” their mom asks, her face split in a grin. “Babe Broderick! Kitty Broderick! It’s like it’s 1940. I wish it were 1940.”

On the surrogate going into labor: She tells of the day Michelle Ross—their surrogate mother, from Parker’s home state of Ohio—went into labor unexpectedly. Parker’s husband wasn’t even home, so it was just she and her son running around the house throwing things into a suitcase. “And I came back into the room and saw James Wilkie combing his hair down in a certain way and standing in front of the mirror. And he doesn’t know that I heard him say, ‘I have to be handsome when I meet my sisters.’ It killed me.”

More on the surrogacy: “I tried and tried and tried and tried and tried to get pregnant, but it just was not to be, the conventional way—I would give birth as often as I could, if I could. I cherished all the milestones, the good and the bad.” SJP says she and Matthew wanted more kids because “I didn’t want [James Wilke] to have to shoulder the burden of us—later in life—by himself.”

Surrogacy vs. biological kids: “Meeting your children rather than giving birth to them, it’s as if, um, it’s—suspended animation. The gestational experience is gone. It’s as if everything else disappears for a moment, and the world goes silent and—I can’t explain it except to say that nothing else existed. I don’t remember anything but the blanket on the bed that they were lying on and my husband’s face and their faces and my son’s. It’s literally as if sound is sucked from the room. Time stands still. It’s so different, and equally extraordinary. I am very poor at describing it. But it’s amazing.”

Matthew Broderick didn‘t want to talk about the babies: “I think the biggest thing is you can’t celebrate something that is potentially filled with joy, nor can you share fears and worries about every checkup, you know—the sixteen-week checkup, the amnio, the this, the that. The bone scan, the nuchal test. And the waiting is different, the whole nine months. We couldn’t talk about the fact that we were having children to anybody for soooo long. All the stuff that matters is secretive and worrisome. You can’t talk about how you feel about the woman who’s carrying your children; you can only talk about it to your husband.” She laughs. “And he just doesn’t want to talk about it as much as you do.”

On the SATC characters aging: “We’re still playing—uh, I don’t know how old Carrie is! Is she about 42 now? I think Carrie’s younger than I [Parker is 45], and Miranda and Charlotte are younger than they are in real life. Samantha was always the older lady, so she’s 52 now and talks a lot about what comes with that. In the movie. Talks about menopause. Comedically.”

On dressing differently because they were filming in a Muslim country: “[Costume designer Pat Fields] wanted all the characters to be interesting, sexy, all the stories that Pat likes to tell with clothing, but we had religious and environmental and cultural standards to respect,” says Parker. “You have to look at clothing and women and women’s bodies completely differently. And you start to see how you can still see so much with someone covered. And how exciting that is and how beautiful it is and how draping can be incredibly sexy.” They ended up wearing a lot of long dresses, she says (which we’ll all have to do soon because that’s what famously happens in downturns). “I don’t think Carrie’s worn a long dress in years; she doesn’t really do that. Unless it’s whimsy. Or over-the-top couture.”

Did the women get along? “What I’m most happy to tell you,” says Parker, “is that we four women, despite I guess what a lot of people hope, have never been better. This movie—and maybe it’s because we actually lived together—it was the best! We were together all day long, at night, in the restaurants, in our hotels. It was wonderful.”

UGH. SJP puts lotion on her son: “Because I really like putting the kids to bed. And when I’m doing a movie, for the first few days of the week I can almost always get home in time to put James Wilkie and my daughters to sleep. If I’m doing a play, I miss all of that.” There’ll come a time, she knows, when “my son doesn’t like us the way he really loves us now. He certainly won’t want to have us there and pushing his hair back and tucking him in and putting lotion on his body and the routine that we love. My daughters have a bottle at 6:30 to 7:00 and then they get like a dream feed at 9:30 to 10:00, and I love it.”

How many people work for you? “We painted our patio furniture ourselves. I make my children’s food myself. We put together their high chairs ourselves; we do a lot ourselves! We do our own grocery shopping, we go to the market ourselves, you know? I do my laundry.”

On being named the creative director for Halston: “I came to New York originally in 1976, and then I got this part in Annie. Around the corner from Studio 54. I was a little girl, and for some reason they always invited the cast of Annie to Studio 54, so there I was at thirteen and fourteen, and the doorman would usher us in, literally underneath his arms. And it was 1977 in New York City, and you couldn’t be alive and not know the name Halston. There was every reason to say no, and there were very compelling reasons to say yes. It’s an exciting time at that company. It has had some false starts that are well documented and it is relaunching itself. It has a wonderful legacy, and I couldn’t say no, and I’m…uh, figuring it out.”

How will SJP do it all? “Well, there are 42 hours in the day. How many hours are in your day? We’ll see how successfully I manage this. I, you know, I don’t do movies all the time.” As she says of all her professional choices, “Does it scare me? Am I intimidated? Am I challenged? That’s kind of the way I’ve always made decisions. And luckily, the Halston offices are about a ten-minute walk from my house.”

[From Vogue]

Oh, isn’t she just so real? Barf. This is why SJP annoys me. If she wants to be a working mom, fine and God bless. I don’t have any problems with it, and I think she probably adores her children and wishes she could spend more time with them and she really wants to be an amazing mom, but she also loves to work. Which is fine. No judgment. What annoys me is that she wants to put herself out there like Mother of the Year when she basically handed off her newborns to the nannies for several months just so she could make another narcissistic, hyper-consumerism film that we’re all supposed to think it the apex of modern feminism. Burn it with fire.

Oh, don’t even get me started on how we’re supposed to applaud these women for being working actresses not afraid to age in front in the camera – all the while we’re not supposed to notice the work they’ve had done, or the Photoshop hell that magazine use to make them look plastic. Oh, and the thing about putting lotion on her son… creepy. Jesus, after this interview I totally hate her.



Vogue photos courtesy of Vogue’s slideshow.

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  1. bite me says:

    my little pony, needs to a get freaking grip… so u mean to tell me she couldn’t take the babies on location with her… SIT.DOWN.

  2. Jazz says:

    LOL Kaiser I love it when you go off! 🙂

    “I haven’t seen my daughters for almost two months” – what the feck??!

    But her son saying ‘I have to be handsome when I meet my sisters’ is just adorable.

  3. bellaluna says:

    Maybe if she ate more often, she would have been able to get pregnant.

  4. danielle says:

    Wow Kaiser! Are you in a bad mood today? Because this post and the one on Jessica were fairly vicious! And I will agree totally that the Carrie character was “horrible, selfish, self-absorbed narcissist”. But SJP didn’t come off that way to me in this interview. And I assume she put lotion on her son when he was little!

  5. Kaiser says:

    danielle – This interview put me in a bad mood! Ordinally, I would SJP a shot because I’m generally kind of “meh” on her, but I hated her after this piece.

    I’ll totally accept if you think I’m giving her a raw deal, and maybe I’m just annoyed with the bullshit about SATC being “feminist” and all, but I read the whole piece, and SJP sounds like a piece of work to me.

  6. Melanie says:

    I think she is a fashion icon without a whole ton of depth, but it is what it is and I don’t get the snarky. Everyone knows that gay men wrote these characters anyway.

  7. simplicity says:

    LMAO, great call on Sarah and Carrie.

  8. k says:

    Oh, I want babies, but I won’t see them for months!

    Why doesn’t anyone adopt? Oh, wait, I’ll bet the agency didn’t like the whole absentee parent thing.

    I liked her better in Square Pegs and LA Story

  9. Obvious says:

    Kaiser thank you for saying the exact things i’ve been thinking. she didn’t bother me (looks not withstanding) until the last few years. I didn’t care one way or another, now i can’t stand her. at all!!!

    *sigh* evil creature is draining my life forces away just by reading that interview.

  10. Kaboom says:

    All that comes to mind when I see those pictures is the word harpy.

  11. Kaye says:

    “It’s like it’s 1940. I wish it were 1940.”

    Yes, the Holocaust and WWII were so much fun. Moron.

  12. Katyusha says:

    @ Melanie

    I’m pretty sure the characters were written by Candace Bushnell, who is a woman.

  13. Stephy2485 says:

    I adore SJP. She’s sweet and cute and soo full of joy.
    There is NOTHING wrong with her working after she had her babies–they’ve got their DAD there I’m sure and this isn’t 1932, lol. PLEASE–the times they are a-changin!!! Moms can work, too, and STILL have a full and rich relationship with their children!!! GO SJP!

  14. RedEyeJedi says:


  15. jeannified says:

    I don’t know…she sounds like SJP to me. Making jokes about there being 42 hours in a day. I just think it’s her life. I HOPE she didn’t REALLY NOT see her new daughters for two months! I mean, did she NOT film SITC in New York? If she DID, they live there, so why wouldn’t she see her new baby daughters fro two whole months? Other than that…meh.

  16. Justalark says:

    As far as I’m concerned, SJP ruined whatever smidgen of credibility she had when she allowed Vogue to use that photoshopped-beyond-recognition shot of her on the cover…Why would we trust anything that came out of her air-brushed mouth? She is not my idea of a REAL woman, nor is she any kind of role model for working mothers. As for her much-lauded sense of fashion, I’m not impressed! I see middle-aged women at the grocery store who are more stylish and appealing. How in the world does this mildly-attractive, sometimes scary-looking woman get jobs representing major designers and cosmetic companies?

  17. lucy2 says:

    Good grief, I liked the show and the friendships, but it was not the world changing feminist masterpiece this article makes it out to be.
    And Fields should get the fashion praise, not SJP.

    That marriage still sounds a bit odd, but if they’re all happy, oh well. Their son sounds like a sweetie.

    I can’t imagine having newborn babies and not seeing them for 2 whole months. I think I’d fly home every weekend, even if it meant I only saw them for an hour and had to turn around and go back.

    How does she do it all? She’s not doing it all. They have a lot of help she doesn’t admit to here (but has elsewhere, if I recall) and she hadn’t seen her babies in 2 months. Sorry, I don’t consider that doing it all, I consider that sacrificing one thing for another.

  18. meme says:

    my little pony needs to SIT THE FUCK DOWN. you wanted babies so stay home and take care of them instead of taking on a gazillion projects. idiot.

  19. danielle says:

    The idea that Sex and the City is some feminist masterpiece has always annoyed me.

    And Kaye, your comment made me laugh out loud. That is pretty moronic.

  20. snapdragon says:

    i like that SJP brought a new definition of sexy & chic to TV, where young girls are inundated with two types of women: vapid but sexy pamela andersons & attractive housewives who are bossed around by their wisecracking kids and fat hubbies. as for the photoshop – they are all photoshopped to death – why is she singled out? and i find it interesting that SJP is getting ripped for being a working mother and also for supposedly not being a feminist. newsflash: she has a husband – why is he not a suitable caretaker for the babies while she works? and for those who insist SJP is an anti-feminist (it’s just a show, people. calm down),let’s see, now. i think a feminist:
    -is able to blend career & family without feeling guilty
    -accepts her ageing and does not try to look 25
    -is a true partner in her marriage
    -does not have surgery to conform to the male image of “sexy”
    -is in control of her life/career and is unapologetic for it

    hmmmm….sounds like a feminist to me.

  21. Sumodo1 says:

    She’s shallow. Uneducated (I don’t think she finished high school)and unattractive. People like that, and I’ve met a few, build themselves up and up until they’ve pretty much become icons in their own minds. They can do no wrong. Think of Kate
    Gosselin or Kelly Bensimon on RHoNY. Right.

  22. pebbles says:

    Uh, not sure here, but perhaps you’re being a little harsh, Kaiser. Okay, so she hasn’t seen her babies in two months – piss-poor planning on her part. Didn’t she know they were coming? But her other comments don’t phase me…or chill me.
    SJP is a fresh breeze compared to the harpy of all harpies, Kate Gosselin.

  23. sara says:

    She is hideous and her “fashion sense” makes her look completely ridiculous. I wish the press would stop promoting this whole SATC joke so cynically, because it’s obvious how unbelievable and laughable her style icon status really is. I detest everything about SATC–its promotion of vapid consumerism and cartoonish stereotypes, etc. The only people benefiting are the ridiculous shoe designers. And the fashion parasites.

  24. R2D2 says:

    I agree with everything Kaiser is saying so lets not confuse facts with someone being in a bad mood. I think they make her out to be this icon for women but she isnt. I cant stand looking at her and to not see your newborns for months is just sickening. Funny how no one will bash that part of her being a mother but yet they rage all over Kate, not that Im a fan of her either but this is typical of women in the business.

  25. Kate says:

    Kaiser, I almost never agree with your assessment of celebrities… it always seems to me that you’re way too harsh on them.

    HOWEVER, you are dead on with SJP. And THANK YOU so much for pointing out that Carrie is just a self-centered narcissist, I’ve always thought that but no one else agrees! It sounds to me like SJP is unwilling to slow her career down to be with her little girls, and that makes me feel sad for her (and them) because they’ll grow up so fast, and she’ll have missed everything. And yes, she was photoshopped into oblivion on that cover… just compare yesterday’s gristle post with this one! I almost don’t recognize her without those prominent arm veins. Yuck.

  26. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    I agree with Snapdragon, maybe she’s not the IDEAL feminist, but she’s on the right track, especially for the main stream. I think hatred should be reserved for much worse offenses than these.

  27. Shawna says:

    Very compelling argument, Kaiser. Friendship, sex, consumerism: that’s it, you’re right.

    Some of the feminist plot trajectories of the first seasons — Samantha’s independence, Miranda’s fierceness — were inverted by the end of the series, thus making the feminist plots turn antifeminist. Samantha gives up her life and friends for her man; Miranda gets domesticated and shoved into Brooklyn. Heinous…but it’s also just a characteristic of long narrative. To keep things interesting, you have to invert characters, you have to make them change…and unfortunately they thought the only way to make feminist lines seem interesting for 6 seasons was to destroy them.

  28. Lala11_7 says:

    Damn…I mean…WOW…the hateraide is coming in a LARGE ICE COLD BOTTLE on the site today…

    I like SJP…always have…I like SITC…and I never heard ANY of the women try to push the show for more than what it was…a good time…

  29. chunkstyle says:

    She does come off a bit GOOPy in this interview, but it is Vogue and Vogue is all about that elite bulls*** including consumerism and fakery. Nothing here seemed too crazy. I love SJP as a little fashion doll and as a great character in Square Pegs and SATC and don’t really see the reason for the hatin’ but it isn’t my blog so you can write what you want obviously!
    ps I hate people taking SJP to task for being ugly, that is just mean and pure hate on a woman. Feminism is doing or looking whatever/however the h*** you want and it not mattering that you’re a woman or not! Be an a**hole or be a picture-perfect little wife and mother, but just be yourself as a woman and you’re living the feminist dream my friends.

  30. mollination says:

    She can’t put lotion on her kids? Jesus, christ. I’m so done.

  31. Jen says:

    The thing is she’s not claiming that’s she’s a feminist role model or style icon, the magazine is.

    The show was just like candy, I enjoyed it for what it was and I didn’t expect it to enrich my life, but I don’t think it supposed to. Not everything has to be relevant or meaningful. And I liked the shoes!

    People saying she’s neglecting her duty as a mother- those babies also have a father to look after them. Nobody would say a thing about him going back to work with newborns at home. Why the same tired double standard right after all the angry indignation about feminism?

  32. Huma says:

    Yeah, it must have been hard for them to change their wardrobes for filming in a “Muslin” country. No more silk or angora for them! 😛

    I’m playing. I know you guys write all this stuff out by hand. And that’s no joke. But still, bit’s kind of a ‘big’ word to misspell that way.

    Eh. I’m being snotty today. And I too dislike her. Not her personally, I guess, but just the hype around her and the show. So played out, so tired. UGH.

  33. canadianchick says:

    Heehee Kaiser you’re on fire again today. Yeah the article’s over the top but I still like her and SATC. I think Miranda was most feminist, I loved Sam’s 1960’s sexual liberation stance, but in the end it was about friendship, fun and consumerism not Gloria Steinem.
    SJP’s part Jewish I don’t think dhe’d ever glorify the Holocaust, she probably meant the cool names they used back then.
    Eating doesn’t always promote fertiltiy-if so I’d have 8 kids if that were true, lol.But I’ll say if I’d been wealthy enough to use a surrogate I’d be flying home every weekend to visit my newborns. Weird about the lotion-I know lots of parents do it to help bonding but not all over body-thats just gross.

  34. PJ says:

    Kaiser, you “totally hate” SJP? Isn’t that over-reacting a bit? If putting lotion on one’s child is an action worthy of hatred, how do you feel about women who do truly evil things?

    Seems like you’re getting SJP mixed up with Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie’s a feminist in that she advocates women’s right to behave like men in the sexual realm. In the olden prefeminist days, women who slept around were ho’s but men who did the same thing were considered studs.

    The real SJP is a great businesswoman; I think the article focuses on Carrie and SJP as a mom; Too bad they didn’t mention that she’s becoming an entrepreneur and business tycoon. Now that would show her real feminist side!

  35. snapdragon says:

    “Funny how no one will bash that part of her being a mother but yet they rage all over Kate.”

    probably because SJP was a talented actress before she got married and had kids and actually has a real career, and kate gosselin is living off her fame as the mother of 8 kids, despite spending almost no time with them. big difference.

  36. Squirrel says:

    Hm… interesting. When asked how many people work for her she answers by telling us how much stuff she does herself. Kind of says it all. All in the defensive. No time to see the kids recently but always time to do laundry…? 🙂

  37. PJ says:

    SJP no doubt had an iron-clad contract to do the second “Sex” movie come hell or high water. They couldn’t do it without her.

    What was she supposed to do, say “My surrogate’s giving birth, so sorry, I can’t make it?” Movie schedules are planned far in advance. If she had decided to bag the film and spend time with her newborns instead, all the preparations would have to be re-done, and chances are they never would be able to reschedule everyone, so the movie would never have been made and it would have cost her multi-millions.

  38. vale says:

    I think my issue was with the inconsistencies of what she said. First she says they build the high chairs and goes to the market or whatever, then she says she hadn’t seen her babies in 2 months. Then she says she, you know, “doesn’t make many movies”, which sounded iffy and I checked and since 2002 she has made 10 movies, plus a TV show. She’s definitely been busy, and now add a fashion line. It seems she’s trying to convince us, rather than that being the reality.
    Also, was that a backhanded comment to Samantha/Kim Cattrall?

  39. Kim says:

    Oh man I love SJP but hearing her say she hasnt seen her babies for 2 months?!!! Who adopts twins knowing they wont be home to raise them? or who accepts a movie role knowing they have twins to raise? yikes!

  40. Zelda says:

    I DO think SATC was a feminist show.
    I for one, “came of age” watching it and it really help me learn that there is no shame in a woman being open and honest about her sex life, and even in having a sense of humour about it. It didn’t glorify sex as a great freedom and at the same time, it taught us that we had every right that men do to embrace it and live the sexual life we WANTED, whatever that may be, rather than by the very narrow definition of “appropriate” that society generally dictates for women.
    And yes, they did get hung up and confused about men (and women, for that matter) because that is what people DO. I thought it was groundbreaking in that it highlighted the open and active sexuality that some women DO want, and their difficulty reconciling that with the expectations of society.

    That said, Carrie WAS a total narcissist. And I always thought that was the point. So I do NOT agree with Vogue on that one.

    As for SJP…I don’t really get the negativity, but I don’t NOT get it, either.

  41. maggie says:

    Kaiser, why don’t you save your hatred for worthier targets?

    Aniston just did an interview where she talked about being a “strong woman” who has always admired “strong women” like Demi Moore? Then, she talked about 5 years of “spring cleaning” after her marriage ended–ugh!. Unlike SJP, she totally promotes a “girl power” image, and yet, does silly dumb movies about finding the right guy to complete your life. Ugh. I don’t see why Aniston is seen as some girl-power role model, and SJP is an anti-feminist? It seems like people cherry pick who they like, and then, make up reasons why to love, or to hate them, based on their shallow perceptions of their PR image.

    And, you should target ALL of Hollywood for being narcissistic, and consumer-driven, not just SJP. Seriously, that’s the CULTURE. If that’s not your thing, then why are you working for a gossip blog? You work for the machine, my dear . . .

    That being said, I think SATC is silly, light entertainment, and it’s better than a lot of the garbage movies being churned out by Aniston, Heigl, Hudson, J. Lo, etc, etc.

  42. AC says:

    I think you need to get a grip. What the hell is wrong with having a bed time routine that involves putting lotion on your son after a bath? Did your parents just hose you down and throw you in the cellar for bed and you’re just bitter about it? My parents and I did the baby powder thing and I loved it so much.

  43. TG says:

    Kaiser – I like your article even though I disagree with you about SJP. And even though I love SATC, I agree wholeheartedly with your comment about Carrie and all the characters on the show being “really horrible, selfish, self-absorbed narcissist, not a “good girl”. But, I think the director was referring to SJP as a good girl and not her character, I think anyway. I guess I find horse-faces attractive, because I really like SJP and think she has an unusual beauty. Can’t stand boring bland people interchangeable Hollywood types.

  44. notgaga says:

    Good heavens, Kaiser, having a bad day?

    I totally agree with you about SATC, but this is a bit over the top. As someone has already said, the magazine is making her a feminist icon by asking her all of those “work-life” questions Vogue handles so well.

    But what’s all this about Broderick not wanting to talk bout the babies? Maybe he doesn’t, but that’s not what the interview says. “And he just doesn’t want to talk about it as much as you do.” Lots of men don’t want to talk about the pre-birth details.

    The lotion? A lot of mothers do that. There’s no reason to assume she’s giving her son a happy ending.

  45. Charity is Chic says:

    Isn’t this just the same image that every celebrity super mom tries to push on the public? I hardly sleep, it looks so effortless. Hasn’t anyone noticed that over the past five years or so, everything stressful has been erased from the celebrity mom bio.

    None of them ever suffer morning sickness. None of them ever gain any weight except for the sexy baby bump. None of them give birth naturally. “I wanted to by HAD to have a C-section for some unknown reason. Yeah, because you didn’t want to stretch your hips you vain, self-absorbed celebrity.

    Then a month after giving birth they all show up looking like they never gave birth. No extra weight, no pooch, nothing. How many women do you know have washboard abs less than three months after giving birth? Heidi Klum even showed up on the runway wearing a bikini two weeks after one of her kids was born.

    Then, it’s “Sure I have help, but I do all the important stuff. I raise my kids. I do all the stars they’re just like us stuff even though I work 16 hours a day on a movie set.”

    What ALL of these celebrity super moms, SJP, Heidi Klum, Sarah Palin, Angelina Joile, leave out is that they stay on their diets during their pregnancy. They get tummy tucks right after giving birth. Then it’s “Oh the breast feeding just made the weight fall right off.” Really? Because unless you work in show business, that almost never happens.

    And finally, they have a staff of 50 people helping them make it all look so sexy and effortless.

    Sadly, ladies, the fake image of the sexy, effortless celebrity super mommy they portray is now considered the new feminism.

  46. Uzi says:

    My job puts me in contact with celebrities and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Jessica and her son twice, before the twins were born. She’s a hands-on mom, down-to-earth and friendly. I dislike SATC, for the same reasons as Kaiser plus the show’s ridiculous, unrealistic portrayal of life in New York. But SJP…she’s a class act.

  47. Fiona says:

    I used to like “sex & the city”, but enough is enough…It´s been more than a decade, these women need to change the tune…I think the last season showed that Carrie , like some wine,doesn´t travel well.I so called queen of NYC doesn´t speak a second language?Looks lost among a lover and his friends?What sort of queen is that which only speaks one language?Very provincial!!!

  48. lucy2 says:

    Charity, I think that’s what bothers me too, this idea that we’re supposed to see these people, the women especially, as superhuman, when the reality is nowhere near close.

    @Jen – I think if the situation were reversed and Matthew had gone back to work first, said they do so much themselves, and then said he hadn’t seen his kids in 2 months, I would react the same way. It’s not about a man vs. a woman, it’s about a parent being away from the family for that long. It’s just kind of sad for them, in terms of bonding and missing out on all the fun baby stuff.
    For the most part, the two of them seemed to have it fairly well balanced, taking turns working, and that’s great for them and the kids. But this particular instance just seems poorly planned.

  49. Anti-icon says:

    I like SJP, have always liked her, and will continue to like her unless or until she shames herself in some way. She has not ever done that, so I don’t understand the SJP hatred. TEAM SJP!

  50. Diamond Skylace says:

    Wow. I’m just shocked at all the viciousness and nastyness and judgement and name—calling towards a woman that NONE OF YOU EVEN KNOW. Who you haven’t even met once. And the whole “my little pony” thing is really tired and stupid and unoriginal-—as if she had any control over the shape of her face when she was born. Should she get plastic surgery to try to change it for you? If she does, then you’ll all be bashing her for that. Women just can’t win these days. And I’m sure you’re all you commenters are perfect 10 beauty queens (as if it even matters if you were). Why can’t women be more supportive of each other instead of bashing and judging each other so viciously?

    SJP seems perfectly pleasant to me and I think the level of hatred that is being directed at her is unwarranted. What has she ever done to you? I think these insults and judgements say a lot more about the people leaving them than they do about her. Maybe you should all look inside yourselves and see what it is that you don’t like about yourselves that you’re projecting onto her.

    This is the only gossip site I read anymore because it’s generally more intelligent and open-minded and rational than most of the other ones. I like keeping up with what’s going on in the world of pop culture but I can’t stand the mean-spiritedness and judgment and hatred that’s spewed all over the internet If this site’s going to be going that way I think I’ll just have to swear off of gossip altogether.

    Why can’t we all just live and let live, for God’s sake? When will we ever learn that hatred gets us nowhere and just poisons us inside? Aaarrrrgggghhhh!!!

  51. Kelly-Michelle says:

    These days whenever I think of SJP and fashion, I think of Bitten.

  52. RHONYC says:

    @ bite me:
    April 13th, 2010 at 11:43 am my little pony, needs to a get freaking grip… so u mean to tell me she couldn’t take the babies on location with her… SIT.DOWN.


    a-men to that!

    is she crazy? not seen her newborn twin daughters-from-anotha-motha in how long?

    she needs to give angie jolie a call to see how it’s done.



  53. llb says:

    Naming her son James Wilkie, and then proceeding to call him James Wilkie, annoys the living shit out of me. Lotion boy will be getting the shit beat out of him on a daily basis in school.
    random kid: “Hey Jimmy!”
    James Wilkie: “I prefer to be called James Wilkie”
    random kid: SPLAT! POW! THUNK!

  54. Kitten says:

    Kaiser-WTF is up with this post?
    Let me brief you about feminism-it largely addresses the idea of social disparity between genders. Not good enough?
    Let me cut and paste some wiki for you:
    “Feminism is a political, cultural, and economic movement aimed at establishing equal rights” Yes a show that openly showed women openly discussing men in the same way that men have always discussed women IS groundbreaking, whether you like it or not. Calling a woman “horsey” because you disagree with a character she plays on a show makes you as far away from a feminist as you can possibly me. Make a point, fine, but why do you dog on a sister for her looks? That’s hating on women for sure. You’re too smart to be put up posts like this…

  55. andrea says:

    one great big BBBRRRAAAAVVOOOOO!!!!!

    burn it with fire is f*cking right! it is HIGH TIME people started calling her and that SATC BULLSH*T out. satc was some of the MOST sexist garbage i have seen. TRASH. carrie bradshaw is a total moron.

    “We painted our patio furniture ourselves. I make my children’s food myself. We put together their high chairs ourselves; we do a lot ourselves! We do our own grocery shopping, we go to the market ourselves, you know? I do my laundry.”

    Jeeeeezus with these celebrities!! You painted your own patio furniture? Why, surely you are a f*cking master of all things!

    sjp is NOT a “fashion icon”. carrie bradshaw was poster child for FASHION VICTIM.

    i like that SJP brought a new definition of sexy & chic to TV, where young girls are inundated with two types of women: vapid but sexy pamela andersons & attractive housewives who are bossed around by their wisecracking kids and fat hubbies. – yeah, she gave us the UTTERLY co-dependent on a man, totally shallow slut.

    there’s nothing wrong with her putting her kids to bed. there IS something wrong with her goddam breathless baby voice going on like she is the second coming of Mother THeresa because she “loves to put her children to bed” – she phrases all these totally regular, everyday things like they are optional and she’s a goddam saint for enjoying them.


  56. andrea says:


    even if you didnt already abhor her and that goddam virus that is satc, this statement alone should be enough to get you there.

  57. corine says:

    @Maggie. So true. If Kaiser is targeting SJP for being narcissistic and consumer-driven, then she should critique all of Hollywood. Actors travel in private jets, drive huge Suvs, have several million-dollar mansions, vacation at expensive resorts, and live wasteful, self-centered lives. Then, they lift a finger for charity and get tagged as saints by the media! Hollywood equals narcissism. I believe that the sole reason most actors pick their careers is to be famous, and that’s the epitome of narcissism.

  58. Majosha says:

    Your little jab about how applying lotion to one’s child is “creepy” could very well be the most vile thing I’ve read on a gossip site (and that’s saying a lot). You’re essentially saying that a normal and loving parent-child activity has predatory undertones, and the fact that you would think of that before anything rational is really messed up. Talk about a “fake feminist” — I hope you don’t have children.

  59. Susan says:

    Maybe SJP should do a little reading on Reattachment Attachment Disorder. First a surrogate carries her children so the babies spend 9 months in one woman’t body – getting used to her heartbeat, her smell, her voice, her emotions – then they are basically given to another woman who very quickly leaves them for 2 months. TWO MONTHS. That’s FOREVER in terms of a small baby. Unbelievable. Utterly unbelievable.

  60. Kate says:

    ‘scuse me, but did she say she wanted siblings for her son so he doesn’t suffer the burden of her and MB alone???? Fab-o reason for overpopulating. How about planning fir your own care, as millionaires? Between that and not seeing the twins for two months, sheesh…

  61. corine says:

    And, another thing that really gets me is the feminist critique. I don’t think ANY female actor working in Hollywood should be considered a feminist icon. I mean the most famous actors are AWARDED by society for the most superficial things in life: their looks, their fake image (“American sweetheart,” “the good girl,” or whatever) and personality. Aren’t these qualities what women have ALWAYS been judged upon? How is this moving women forward in any way? We should look elsewhere for feminist icons.

  62. coconut says:

    all the (unwarranted in my opinion) hating is really off-putting. i agree with diamond skylace and the others. if you see her in interviews she is self-effacing. yes, she has more $$ than us. yes, she may make some decisions many of us wouldn’t. what’s the problem? would you rather she told us she had servants to make the kids’ food and put together the high chair? no, you’d just hate her for saying that. WTF??

  63. TG says:

    @Charity is Chic – Loved your post. You are so right on. You forgot to mention that they are all “amazing” moms. I get so tired of hearing that in the mags how amazing the mom is. Like they are any better than the other normal parents out there. And others have disagreed with me on here, but everyone I know who breast feeds holds on to the weight longer. I am pregant now and plan on breastfeeding, I don’t care if I am fat for an additional 6 months, I just can’t wait to start eating chocolate again.

  64. Moocow says:

    Lawd Kaiser you sound like a total BIATCH today.. not liking the attitude, I hope you’re not like this all of the time because I like this site and I can’t like it if you’re just a bitchy bitch all the damn time.

  65. redtape16 says:

    My question is why is she creative director for Halston , shes an actress. Pat Feilds dressed her, she has a stylest. she is not a designer. Why do they GIVE celebrities these positions.

  66. Allie says:

    Creepy is right about the lotion thing. I can’t help but think of the scene from “Silence of the Lambs”….”Put the lotion on the skin!”

    SJP was no fashion icon or even noted for her sense of style before she did SATC. Pat Fields is the one who should be getting the credit on that one. I challenge anyone to take a look at how SJP dressed before she did that series, she was a hot mess.

  67. Camille says:

    If you swapped out SJP’s name in the title of this post and put in ‘Jennifer Aniston’ instead, I wouldn’t have argued.
    SJP and JA are completely interchangeable to me- their films, and even their looks remind me of each other. Both do awful rom-coms that would be better off not being made (or at least have better actors in them), and they even go up for the same parts (SJP was up for The Bounty Hunter LOL)- just think it could have been Gerry B and SJP groping each other on the red carpet LOL.
    Anyway I think this post was spot on, well said Kaiser. The SATC franchise should have died when the series did.

  68. huh says:

    crikey – who gives a rats hiney? where’s Jesse James hiding out these days, anyway…..

  69. Jag says:

    What I got out of that interview is that she feels so proud for doing most of the things that normal parents do ALL of, everyday. She’s delusional.

    And this really, really bothers me:

    SJP says she and Matthew wanted more kids because “I didn’t want [James Wilke] to have to shoulder the burden of us—later in life—by himself.”

    So they didn’t have more children because they love kids and want to raise wonderful people. They had children for the sole reason of not wanting their only child to have to care for them by himself. But instead, having the three children to care for them in their old age. Not thinking about the children – only thinking of themselves and who would care for them. Why didn’t they set up a trust with a home-nurse company instead? Those poor kids!

  70. Sandy says:

    Thank you Diamond Skylace for pointing out the obvious…I don’t get it when people bash someone up for being unattractive….some of the comments are really mean…

  71. karie says:

    @#70. Have you thought for a minute that the comment was a joke? It sounded like a joke to me. I think it’s very easy to skewer something someone says and read the nastiest intentions into it(like Kaiser did with SJP placing lotion on her kid!). Seriously, where is all of this hatred coming from? Is it jealousy that she has this life that people wish they could afford? It just seems so mean-spirited and unwarranted. She hasn’t said anything even mildly offensive to me. I mean there’s so many other celebs out there who are really bad. And, picking on her looks makes y’all really shallow. How are you guys any better than her (narcissistic, shallow, spoiled, etc)? What makes you any better? I don’t get it.

  72. Allie says:

    While the word “hate” is a very strong one, that’s Kaiser’s opinion. I just don’t feel hatred, sure, there’s loads of things, I don’t care for, but I don’t hate them either.
    I for one, enjoy this blog. I am puzzled by the outlash over Kaiser’s outlook on this subject. That’s her opinion people. Just like you have your own opinion. Doesn’t mean anyone’s right or wrong, it’s just how you look at things. If you’re truly that upset over what she said, then you don’t have to read this blog, now do you?

  73. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I’ve always been pretty neutral on SJP–thought that she was a good mom, wife, etc. but totally annoying on SATC (she was my least fave character by far). But, I have completely changed my mind on the good mom thing. Shame on her for buying those beautiful babies then deserting them for months! As a mom, I felt so completely guilty when I had to leave my 6mo old for 5 days, let alone months! And, it’s NOT okay because her husband is at home–at this age every moment together is essential for long-time bonding. Those girls are always going to feel distant from her, and probably instinctively know she’s not really their ‘mom.’ She’s an exec producer on SATC–she could have worked the schedule or brought them with her or something. Leaving infants for months at a time (especially after BUYING them for pete’s sake) is horrible parenting.

    PS There’s nothing wrong with lotion at bedtime. Lavendar lotion combined with gentle touch can be a great relaxation technique for kids.

  74. Delicious says:

    If it weren’t for SITC, I could care less about her. She has all the appeal of a white athletic sock or the scent of iceberg lettuce.

  75. Dannni says:

    Seriously, you have to compare this to Kim Cattrell’s front page story in Chatelaine this month. What different women!

  76. Amanda says:

    Okay seriously people CALM down, I HIGHLY doubht she left the twins for two whole months and didn’t see them a SINGLE time ever! Sure she did, the magazine just doesn’t say that. Of course she saw them, SJP is to devoted of a mother to go that long without seeing her kids. I’m sure she flew home to NY to see them. There are far to many paparazzi candids of her in NY during breaks between filming the movie. As someone else said there is NO way she could have gotten out of the SATC 2 contract no matter what, they didnt let Liam Neeson quit Chloe when his wife died. SJP had signed the contract for SATC 2 a year or more before the twins were concieved via IVF with the surrogate.