Gwyneth Paltrow is probably drunk on wine all of the time

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In her recent Harper’s Bazaar interview, Gwyneth Paltrow confessed that she‘s a pretty big drinker, and she was making a conscious decision not to have wine as she was interviewed, saying: “I’m not having anything to drink. I’m usually such a wino, they must be wondering what’s going on.” I didn’t put two and two together, but could it be that Gwyneth is quite a drinker? And that all of her snotty problems are about her being a “wino”? No. She’s always had this snotty personality. The wine has nothing to do with it, although it’s an interesting little sidenote, that she’s a big drinker. Anyway, I was reminded of that quote because this week’s GOOP newsletter is all about wine. The full GOOP newletter is here, and here’s Gwyneth’s intro:

Pairing the right wine with your meal can be so difficult; there are so many flavors to balance and courses in the meal to consider. Scratch your head no more, we’ve asked for suggestions from a team of knowledgeable wine connoisseurs – big-time sommeliers, an at-home aficionado and an insider in the business.

Love, Gwyneth

[From GOOP]

After that, Gwyneth proceeds into an epic Q & A with FIVE sommeliers, asking a litany of questions about what wines to drink with what foods. It’s kind of funny because Goopy usually doesn’t do this kind of epic legwork – she’s the master of cut and paste, generally just letting whatever “friend” take over the newsletter. But she’s all over it when it’s about wine. Maybe she does have a drinking problem…?

Lastly, Gwyneth was recently talking about her work on the second Iron Man film, and how the producers made her train and train for her (giggle) ONE fight sequence:

Hollywood star GWYNETH PALTROW was forced to have her “booty kicked” for her role in IRON MAN – because she wasn’t fit enough for the film’s action sequences. The actress was forced to undertake a gruelling fitness regime for her part as secretary Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts in the comic book adaptation, despite having only one fight scene in the entire movie.

She says, “I only have one action sequence at the end but they wanted me in tip-top shape so I did a lot of working out. “I did a twice-a-day nightmare, super-hard cardio. I had this amazing trainer and she kicked my booty totally.”

[From Contact Music]

Yeah, I think the producers were probably like, “Damn, we need to give Gwyneth something to do or else she’s just going to wander around drunk, annoying people with her snottiness.” And why do I find it so annoying that Gwyneth says things like, “she kicked my booty, totally”? Ugh. Why not just “ass”?

Oh, and Gwyneth is also going to slum it on The Marriage Ref on an upcoming episode. Apparently, she was making jokes about Brad Pitt and marriage counseling.

Here are some photos of Gwyneth last week with her mom and her kids. Moses is growing up so much!



Gwyneth with her mom and her kids on April 7, 2010. Credit:

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  1. bite me says:

    her face is so below average

  2. Victoria says:

    OK this is what I find interesting. I read an interview with her YEARS ago (maybe after Apple was born) and she was going on and on about how she thinks its SO unattractive for a woman to get drunk. She insisted “the last time I was drunk was 3 years ago in Spain”. Of course she had to drop a name! If its not a person it’s a country! So was she really trying to cover something up when she said that?

  3. may says:

    Because you love wine, that makes you a wino?

  4. Charity is Chic says:

    This woman is such a smug little twat, she probably has no idea she drinks wine all day to get away from that awful personality of hers.

  5. Cath says:

    Who is the other kid? Doesn’t Gwynnie only have 2? Maybe it’s Fax Cannes Jolie-Pitt’s best friend, Grape Ezekiel Paltrow Martin?

  6. hellen says:

    OMG, is THAT Blythe Danner?! WTF has she got on her feet?

  7. Kaiser says:

    LMAO @ “Grape Ezekiel Paltrow Martin”

    I think that one is probably Banana Leviticus!

  8. Risa says:

    “Damn, we need to give Gwyneth something to do or else she’s just going to wander around drunk, annoying people with her snottiness.”


  9. bite me says:

    its sad that i know this, but the other kid is finn burns, christy turlington kid

  10. Susette says:

    “…I had this amazing trainer and she kicked my booty totally.”

    Hmmm. More amazing than Tracey? How can that be?

  11. snapdragon says:

    i’m actually thinking goopy might be a bit more tolerable drunk.

  12. bellaluna says:

    How is it that she knows anything about meals and with which wine goes what? It’s not like she eats people food.

    Her being frequently drunk would explain a lot.

  13. GatsbyGal says:

    Is Goopy preggers? If she is, I missed that news. Those photos of her in the black dress, it looks like she’s trying to pull the fabric away from her baby-tummy. It would also explain why she wouldn’t have a drink during her interview.

  14. Tess says:

    Holy Moly! What’s up with Bathsheba Dannon Yogurt Paltrow the elder?

    @ bite me
    Very impressive!

  15. AC says:

    im sorry … i don’t love gwen but… i bet it’d be fun to get drunk with her. there.. i said it.

  16. Missmilly says:

    If I were her I would be drunk all the time too! I mean, why not?

  17. Red Folder says:

    I used to love Gwennie. I did! And admittedly my favorite movies of hers are Emma and Sliding Doors and Shakes in love. I thought her and Brad Pitt were divine together.

    But now I find her yawningly booooring. Yawn. Oh you drink wine ALL the time?? Damn girl, you know how to live on the edge!

    Plus her Goop advice is advice you can find anywhere, so I’m not seeing anything “new” brought to the table except the fact that it’s her name on it.

    I miss the old fabulous glamorous gwennie.

  18. Chris says:

    I personally like Gwyneth and who doesn’t find life more tolerable after a couple of glasses of wine

  19. sharylmj says:

    LMAO @ “Grape Ezekiel Paltrow Martin” me too!!! thanks for the laugh!! I can’t stand this woman, except I like Pepper Potts, she plays that character well.

  20. danielle says:

    I usually hate on Gwynnie all the time. But I’m a bit of a wino myself, so I’m with her on this one. Also, the outfit she’s wearing in the pics I really like.

  21. Lisa says:

    I highly doubt that she wakes up in the morning and starts drinking or anything like that. She jokingly made a comment about being a wino, then happens to have a topic on wine/food on her website. Jeez people…you really know how to take something and run with it don’t you.

  22. late night wigs says:

    Alcohol is stupid, it makes my stomach hurt and within 30 minutes of drinking it, I’m either asleep or ravenously hungry, so f*ck it. Give me a big ass blunt any day! Besides, alcohol will make you diabetic, fat and turn you into that annoying douchebag that talks too loud and thinks they’re cute when they’re really just annoying.

    Also, I read that the whole wine thing is a huge scam, and that more expensive wines aren’t necessarily any better than the cheaper ones, and that NOBODY can tell the difference between cheap or expensive wines because of the amount of taste buds we have, or something along those lines. I wish I could find the magazine I read that in, but I believe it. It all tastes the same to me…NASTY (with the exception of red wine which is ok but the cheap tastes like the expensive IMO). God I hate wine snobs and the whole “winery” thing…my home state of VA has been taken OVER by wineries, who the hell drinks that much f*cking wine that there has to be a winery at every turn? Madness!!

  23. alma says:

    I don’t think she’s a wino at all, she probably (oops) has a couple of glasses and blows it all out of proportion.
    Also I can’t believe she’s going on that marriage ref show when hers is apparently in shambles. Hypocrite!

  24. Sumodo1 says:

    My cousin just named her new baby daughter Pom Honalee, “Pom” for a character in “Babar” and “Honalee” for the country in “Puff the Magic Dragon.” I know, right? Goopy.

  25. alma says:

    @Sumodo1: but Pom was a boy! She could have named her child Pomme (apple in French)

  26. snapdragon says:

    “NOBODY can tell the difference between cheap or expensive wines.”

    yes, many of us can indeed tell the difference between cheap & expensive wines. it’s like the difference between triple cream brie and velveeta.

  27. Tia C says:

    @ late night wigs:

    Yeah, people can tell the difference between cheap and more expensive wine, because there IS a difference. But I’m with you on your rant anyway because I hate wine snobs too (figures that Gwyneth is one) and I’m VERY with you on the big ass blunts!! LOL

  28. demonterius says:

    i everything love you

  29. MooCow says:

    She’s far too uptight to be a drunk, and she can kiss my ass in regards to that other interview.. I’m a classy, happy lush thanks very much!

    When she says she’s a wino, she probably pours half a massive glass of wine & just sniffs it. D:

  30. Kitten says:

    @ Wigs-
    Yeah cuz “big-ass blunts” never make me hungry….Puh-leeze, I’d eat the asshole out of a dead rhino after a blunt.
    I believe that I might not be able to tell the difference between a $9 bottle and a $14 bottle of wine but ’02 Etude Cabernet Rutherford and that Sutterhome garbage?-kinda like the difference between swag and chronic, honey.
    Keep drinking your wine, Goopy. Whatever floats your boat!

  31. Ruffian9 says:

    God knows I’d like to be …

  32. Lisa says:


    I watched a show about wine a few years ago that was hosted by one of the python guys (forget which one) and he threw a party where he had people over for wine and they had to blind taste a bunch of wines and rate which they thought were the best and most expensive. Yeah, no one guessed right – they just rated the ones they liked the best the highest. The take home message? If its a 5 dollar bottle of wine and you like how it tastes, then that makes it a good wine – snobs be damned!

  33. Fifthpocket says:

    Blythe Danner is all kinds of fabulous in that suit with the red frames.

  34. CeeCee12 says:

    Totally agree #32.

    Goopy is so pretentious sometimes. But she makes me laugh at her and I kinda like her ridiculousness in a completely pathological way.

    Wigs and Lisa;
    There are really good wines in every price point. Some tasty under 10s as well as some fab over 60. Some wine is over priced and some comes from countries that make great everyday wines at 10 and under so…it is valid that you can like a 5 over some others.
    But expensive wines are usually fuller bodied and more complex. My husband knows wine from his business so I learned from listening to him talk about it with other people. I used to get bored and he claimed my eyes glazed over when he tried to teach me.

    I hate wine snobs too and think its stupid. Wine should be fun and not an exercise in blowing smoke up your own arse.

  35. Luci says:

    i know you hate goop, and Im fine with that
    but then why do you give it so much publicity? you comment of the newsletters

    its no news that goopy recommends 1000€ wine bottles 7000€/night hotels or 300€/meal restaurants

  36. cara says:

    her kids aren’t as cute as shiloh and the crew

  37. D says:

    2 things: 1) HATE those ugly brown shoes especially with that dress. Otherwise I would have really liked that dress/cardigan comb.
    2) I think she had her mole removed from between her eyes or that one eyebrow. I haven’t seen it in awhile. Strange from such a professed “natural” beauty.

  38. dee says:

    That is defo a preggy tummy! And yes, she is pulling it away as soon as the paps came on the scene. Must be their band aid baby.

  39. kili says:

    her kids are much cuter than shiloh and crew cara, get glasses.

  40. deborah says:

    just a little comment-I truly enjoyed the series On the Road Again-Gwyneth is such a nice person,and just happens to enjoy wine,heck,I too enjoy a glass or two or three during my days,why not.Wine-o,nah!How about all those fast food people all day long,come on!!!,well,I am sure she handles her wine just fine,and I too have a son who has said,ahh,you’re just a wino Mom-so-wine is good,fun,and truly does do a body good.Lighten up on her!!My husband too enjoys his glass ,and only one glass-to eah their own!

  41. deborah says:

    This whole Wine-O thing is I am sure just her sense of humour,I too say that at times,Yes,We all enjoy our glass or two or three of wine.One of the best shows ever she appeared in,On The Road Again-great,and when you look at how the rest of the globe looks at wine,we here in the Americas seem to look at it so negetive.Not all of us,thankfully!!Have a nice day Gwyneth and family,and girl,enjoy your wine.My husband and I truly do!!Yep,wine-O’s too.Hee!!

  42. deborah says:

    my first comment didn’t show up,so,submitted another one,then the first showed up,oops,too much wine-hee,everyone have a great day-enjoy your wine