Britney “slaps, punches and hits” boyfriend Jason Trawick

Is There Trouble Between Britney Spears and Jason?
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Last week Britney Spears was photographed crying in a car while she was behind the wheel, her maybe on-again boyfriend Jason Trawick in the back seat. Apparently some paparazzi from the X17 agency witnessed an altercation inside the parked car, with Britney hitting and/or slapping Jason in the face during an argument. The way an eyewitness at X17 describes it is that she “hit Jason in the face five or six times,” but it’s later described as slapping rather than punching. Both In Touch and The National Enquirer are running this story, with different viewpoints as to how and why Britney flipped out. In Touch runs with the headline “Jason Pushes Britney Over The Edge” while The Enquirer reads “Britney Beats Up On Jason.” If it was a guy hitting a woman, no tabloid (except maybe Star) would claim the woman had “pushed him over the edge.” Britney is responsible for her own behavior and there’s no excuse for resorting to violence. This doesn’t bode well for Britney’s mental health or for the state of her relationship.

Here’s some of The Enquirer’s account, which has Britney pounding on Jason after he turns down her marriage proposal:

An enraged Britney Spears punched her boyfriend-watchdog Jason Trawick in the face after he flatly refused her plea to get married, an insider tells The Enquirer.

The 28-year-old pop star believes tying the knot is the best tactic to terminate her father’s conservatorship over her affairs, according to sources. But Jason, 38, balked at her marriage talk during a meeting with her lawyers, sending Britney into a rage.

“Britney thought getting married would be a good strategy to bring an end to her father’s conservatorship, but Jason wasn’t on board with it at all,” divulged the insider.

“Britney has begged Jason to marry her, and he’s repeatedly told her no. When the meeting with her lawyers didn’t go her way, it put Britney in a horrible mood.”

After the meeting – a seething Britney and Jason – a William Morris agent who was hired by her father Jamie Spears to monitor her – headed to Barneys to shop, said the insider.

“Britney walked into Barneys hopping mad, and wanted Jason to buy her almost everything she saw,” said the insider. “Even worse, she treated Jason like a servant in front of the store’s staff, and he got increasingly irritated.”

When Jason told Britney that they had to head home, she blew up, said the source.

“She started cursing him and threatened to end his career,” said the source.

“Jason quickly led Britney out of the store and she got behind the wheel of her car, a white Mercedes SUV. She started screaming at the top of her lungs, and as she drove off, she started to slap, hit and punch Jason.”

When she finally stopped pummeling him, a stunned Jason announced that he was quitting his job as her minder, said the source.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, April 26, 2010]

According to X17, Britney was at the gym before she went over to Jason’s. He was following her leaving the house in another car with a bodyguard and called her on her cell phone, asking her to pull over. She ended up blocking traffic waiting for him and she laid into him when he got into her car, screaming and slapping him. X17 doesn’t mention this alleged Barney’s trip preceding the incident, but In Touch reports the same sequence of events as The Enquirer does for the same day. Britney was at Barneys with Jason, then she had a fit in the car. It’s possible Britney went to both the gym and Barneys that day. Whatever happened, Britney was seen slapping Jason, if X17 is to be believed. I expect we’ll hear soon that they’re breaking up again, and I hope Britney is ok and can keep it together. On one side I feel sympathy for her because it’s possible the man she wants to be her boyfriend is bankrolled by her dad, who also controls her life. On the other hand it’s really upsetting to hear that she’s smacking Jason. Is that due to mental illness, anger management problems, or a lot of both?

Is There Trouble Between Britney Spears and Jason?

Is There Trouble Between Britney Spears and Jason?

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  1. bite me says:

    i really don’t think Jason is britney “boyfriend” i think he is paid to keep her “company”… and brit brit needs to elarn how to keeep her hands to herself

  2. bellaluna says:

    I fear she’s heading down the dark path again…

  3. Lisa says:

    I agree, @biteme. And let’s say it is true – what I wonder the most is, does Brittany know that he’s bankrolled, or does she really think he’s her boyfriend? Again, hypothesis because we can’t be sure, but still, I wonder.

  4. nAynAy says:

    I can honestly say, that it seems since her daddy took control of Britney, her life has somewhat gotten back in order. Yes, it must be frustrating to have some in control of your life at this stage, since she has done it since she became big. For her own sanity, I believe it is in her best interest for her dad to continue to have control over her.

  5. sickofit says:

    if she is borderline, that girl has to come to her senses. marrying him would not end the conservatorship automatically.
    i wonder if she knows what she wants for her own life. this does not seem to be the case right now. she seems to be fixed with the idea of getting married is going to get everything fixed anyway. but thats not going to be the case too. poor girl.

  6. Chelly says:

    If this were a male celebrity “just smacking” a female it would be insane! NO ONE would be talking or even caring about a conservatorship that was placed buuuuut since its a female and its Britney and we alllll know she has mental issues it isn’t as big of a deal.

    Gimme a fuckn break!!!!

    IF this is true, she should be absolutely ashamed of herself and take responsibility for her actions and he should leave her indefinately! I was in an abusive relationship that went both ways and it was NEVER ok no matter which way it went!

    Pack up your shit jason and leave her until she gets the SERIOUS help she needs!

  7. LindyLou says:

    I agree with bite me too. I never bought that those 2 are a couple. They just don’t give off a couple vibe in any photos I’ve seen. I’m sure he’s just doing his job keeping her out of trouble….or trying to.

  8. GatsbyGal says:

    I completely believe this. Britney doesn’t know how to deal with someone as an equal. I hope that, if she really did hit him, she faces charges and goes to prison. If the genders were reversed here, with him slapping and punching her in the face 6 times, we’d be calling for his balls on a stake and his ass in jail.

  9. KsGirl says:

    Unlike many, I don`t really believe that Britney has, in any objective sense, gotten `better` under her dad`s conservatorship. I just think they – her handlers – have succeeded in keeping it out of sight. Most people simply don`t `recover` from serious mental illness through some magical work-as-therapy period. I mainly feel very sorry for this woman, who I don`t think was in any way equipped – by nature or nurture – to deal with her fame.

    Also, I`m not sure giving conservatorship to someone who clearly has and continues to benefit financially from the person under the conservatorship, is ever a good idea. Conflict of interest, imo.

  10. Danny D says:

    Who is Britney Spears again?

  11. e says:

    She has a mental illness. I think this man helps her keep it together and that they don’t have a sexual relationship. There is no excuse for hitting but this girl has some serious issues and is not rational.

  12. Ethel says:

    What career does this guy have?

  13. Jag says:

    He needs to follow through with his quitting, and she needs to learn some anger management. She’s lucky he didn’t press charges. If she’s going to hit people, she needs to go to jail.

  14. bite me says:

    jason is an agent, he represents brit brit along with some other talents

  15. Lauren says:

    I don’t buy this story at all. Britney is the most photographed star and there are no pictures of this. This is just X17 making up more stuff.

  16. lem says:

    i want to know why the PAPARAZZI don’t have pictures of what they claim to have witnessed….

  17. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I’ve wondered the same thing for awhile: is this guy just a rent-a-babysitter? And if so, does Britney Spears know this, or does she honestly think they’re together? And if she does think they’re together, is it because he pretends they’re a couple, or because she’s delusional?

    I think she needs to be committed. Girl has has serious issues that she needs serious help dealing with. She can’t have babysitters forever.

  18. Sigh. says:

    @ laura and lem

    Waiting for the highest bidder or non-existent?

    And ITA that if this is true, she’s getting away with something that a man would be immediately vilified/prosecuted for…need I remind everyone of another famous couple fighting in a car?

  19. Lori says:

    I believe Courtney Love (que the lol’s but I do). I think Jamie did something to Brit as a child. I think her mother knows. I think they made a lot of money off of her and continue too. I think if Britney ever did get to speak to the public about how her life has really been, the public would mock her statements and call them crazy. I think she is our new Michael Jackson. Completely tragic, and misunderstood.

  20. scorpiogal says:

    @ Chelly- ITA!! Talk about reverse sexism….I can imagine the uproar if the genders were reversed in this story. Britney would be encouraged to press criminal charges. Instead it’s “oh poor mentally ill Britney.” Um…NO! It’s NEVER okay to get physically violent.

  21. Just a Poster says:

    Lori, I agree something did happen to her, but I don’t know if it was her father. But something happened to her.

  22. KsGirl says:

    “Oh poor mentally ill Britney” does not = “hitting her boyfriend is OK”. I can feel sorry for Britney AND think violence is wrong.

  23. Chelly says:


    Sure you can can feel both at once but the fact is u didn’t mention the violence that allegedly occurred. Just her mental “status” and conservatorship. Sooooo….
    the violence did seem to be be “ok”, according to ur first comment bc it was completely disregarded as though it wasn’t part of the story. If it was a big deal u woulda mentioned it…just sayn.

  24. scorpiogal says:

    KsGirl- I totally wasn’t commenting on your post, I hadn’t even read it. I was more commenting on the tone of the story itself :)

  25. Novaraen says:

    She’s cuckoo for cocoa puffs!


  26. d says:

    Gee and NO pictures? Please. Anyway, #9′s view seems right. Poor woman though; there’s such a strong whiff of batshit crazy around her. It boggles my mind that she can’t leave LA, retire completely, and just try to live a normal life in Nowhere, America. Just let her go already.

  27. d says:

    And I totally believe that Jason’s her minder and not her boyfriend. Jason is a friend that people (who make money off Britney) trust to keep Britney in check. And she’s frustrated that she’s not truly free, which is understandable, but also sad, because it seems clear that she is kinda out there. It’s just such a sad situation.

  28. Sassy says:

    Um, this story (X17 saying Brit and Jason were fighting and she hit him) is so… what’s the word? FAKE.

    If you look at X17′s pics (which by the way, there are 21… but out of the 21, there might be 5 or 6 different ones and then the rest are repeated. Way to get your clicks X17!), Britney does not look like she’s crying. She looks dead tired and it looks like she’s yawning. Or she farted, didn’t like the smell (and that bad boy made her eyes water) and made funny faces, covered her nose and mouth. Or she let out one of her famous belches and tasted Monday nights spagetti. Doesn’t matter – point is, X17 is a crap site that likes to make sh*t up.

    Seriously, *if* they had an “eyewitness” photog, they would have put those pics AND video at the top. They would have proven they had the goods that Brit was smacking Jason.

    While Britney does seem like she could be a loose-enough canon to smack Jason if she doesn’t get her way, I just don’t think that’s the situation here.

    I give X17′s version of the photos a giant FAIL.

    There was nothing bad taking place in that car – unless you count Britney’s craptastic weave.

  29. Joanna says:

    Some of y’all are beyond stupid 1. do any of you actually think that if paps saw britney spears smack her man there wouldn’t be pixs of it? and 2 this shit is so last week and has already been proven fake so try keep up…

  30. Chelly says:

    “some of ya’ll are beyond stupid”
    “this is so last week so try to keep up”

    Some of us have other things, more IMPORTANT things going on in our lives then to follow tabloid trash ALL day like um….u so chill out

  31. Jules says:

    It looks to me like a whole lot of you didn’t even go look at those pictures before making your snap judgments. I was expecting to see pictures of her wailing on that man, but instead it’s pictures of Britney yawning. X17 built a story around pictures of Britney yawning. People who don’t have the sense to figure this out will believe whatever they read.

  32. Zelda says:

    I think it’s due to the fact that she is a hillbilly brat, who also happens to be mentally ill. But judging by all the early footage of Britney pre-babies…she’d do it even if she were in perfect mental health.
    She just seems like and ugly, ugly person to me.

  33. Erin says:

    Haha, when I was reading this, the song ‘Toxic’ came on by her…ironic, much?

  34. Sincerity says:

    Britney’s PR people may have purchased the most incriminating photos from the paps in case someone decides to press charges. She lives in a “fish bowl” under constant supervision and is obviously frustrated. The best thing in the world for this woman is to work with those who are very disadvantaged so she can actually appreciate just how blessed she is. She was not born with a “silver spoon” in her mouth and desperately needs to get back in touch with that reality.

  35. buckley says:

    Agree there would be pics if it happened and the cameras were there. Don’t believe it.

  36. Crash2GO2 says:

    I did look at the photos, and she is clearly crying. However, I am puzzled by the verbage that speaks of Jason being int the back seat? He’s in the front seat.

  37. alejandro says:

    Here’s a woman pleading for help and instead they push her out to make them money. Her career and image should not be the priority; getting her help should be. If that means putting her in an inpatient facility so be it. They cannot babysit her for the rest of her life or even worse set her free once she’s done making them money. These past years should have been dedicated to getting her stabilised instead of a mime tour.

  38. Beth says:

    X17 is known for saying stuff happens yet they never have photographs. If X17 had photographs why would they sell them back to Britney and report the incident anyway? That doesn’t make sense.

  39. Bex says:

    Thanks bite me, I agree. I think that Jason is not in a relationship with her but just protecting his investment. This woman has serious mental issues, she is under a conservatorship and I’m sure is never allowed to even be left alone with her own children. She has to have someone with her whenever she is out in public because her behaviour has to be controlled.

  40. Jennifer says:

    If she did hit him, then I say YOU GO, GIRL!!! While it is never okay for a man to hit a woman, no matter what, I am all for women hitting men. Women RULE!!! Deal with it, fellas!! That jerk deserved to get slapped around if you ask me. He’s just another K-Fed, trying to sponge everything he can off of this poor girl.

  41. Istanem says:

    WHAT IS IT WITH THE HAIR ?? Doesn’t she have a mirror ??? Someone give the girl a mirror for God’s sake !!!

  42. xtina/gaga_fan says:

    seriously why can’t this woman just go away already?! i don’t care if her so-called “comeback” was a success! to me this chick is a has-been and needs to be locked in an institution someplace far, far away! yes i do think it’s cool for women to smack their men around but i just wish britney would just take a hike and take mily cyrus, justin bieber and the jonas brothers with her and leave the music world to actually TALENTED women like lady gaga, beyonce and christina aguilera!

  43. Shadowd says:

    To me, she looked like she was yawning, BUT in none of the pictures did it appear that she was hitting, going to hit, or even thinking of hitting anyone.

    I also do not believe that Britney’s people would be able to buy pictures of her hitting anyone, the amount of money each shot would generate (according to a documentary I saw), that every time a picture is printed, they person printing them would have to pay the person or group who owns it, and if you had pictures of Britney beating up her boyfriend, each picture could potentially generate over 1 million easily, as every paper, every news outlet every gossip site would want to post it.

    Like I said I only saw a documentary on it, so I may be wrong, maybe someone involved in the business can answer if I am incorrect about the way this works.

  44. Ambywamby2010 says:

    If this is true they must be having lots of problems, it doesn’t seem like it though, I garentee that most of this was over exagerated or not true cuz I’m sure as he’ll sure that Britney doesn’t have anger management, she could have been having a bad day and overreacted but I could not see her hitting Jason. But I guess it’s non of anyones buisness wats happening in her life

  45. britfan2010 says:

    all on here dissing britney are just jealous because she has been the single most lusted after woman in the universe for the past ten years now. every man in the world wants her more than any other woman. i think she’s gorgeous and the most hottest woman on the planet and no other woman comes close. megan fox and scarlett johansson are both ugly and look like trannies. britney is the one all the men want.

  46. Jonah says:

    Uh, Britfan, I don’t know where the heck you’re getting your information from, but there is NO WAY IN H-E-L-L that us men want CRAPney over Scarjo and Megan Fox! Compared to those two, Brit looks like a rotting piece of crap! BTW, did anyone see Christina Aguilera’s new music video? Man is she HOT!!!! WAY hotter than CRAPney!