“Tara Reid‘s fiancé dumped her” links


Tara Reid‘s fiancé dumped her. [Crazy Days and Nights]
Awful trailer for Beastly, starring Neil Patrick Harris. [Pajiba]
John Stamos dreams of being a daddy. Take him, ladies! [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Behind the scenes of Russell Brand‘s new movie. [Moviefone]
Vesty McSparklepants wished he could have escorted K-Stew to Coachella. [LimeLife]
File under “Things she should tell her therapist”: Kim Kardashian‘s mom made her do Playboy. [Celebnewswire]
Kate Winslet‘s retro fashion for Mildred Pierce. [PopBytes]
Jennifer Aniston will direct! [I Don’t Like You In That Way]
Kim Kardashian doesn‘t really have a unibrow, but the photo is still funny. [Hollywood Rag]
Kelly Ripa‘s husband fears her weird belly button. So do I. [The Superficial]
Tina Fey wants some Mariska Hargitay boob. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Lindsay Lohan‘s career options. [A Socialite Life]
Mad Men will end after Season 6. *SOB* [ICYDK]
Spencer Pratt thinks Kate Hudson should have gotten her boobs “Montaged”. [Bitten and Bound]
The Beib‘s hair is insane. [Starpulse]
Roman Polanski got Pres. Sarkozy to write a letter on his behalf to Pres. Obama. UGH. [The Frisky]



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  1. Samantha says:

    He’s gay, obviously. No shocker here.

  2. bros says:

    there was a blind about a “fiance having no intention of ever marrying his fiancee which is a shame since she really seems to love him.” maybe it was these two, but he does seem pretty gay. shell probably be back in rehab in 3…2…1

  3. lucy2 says:

    Oh boy. Cue Tara Reid Downward Spiral #435.

    I’d be curious to see how Jen Aniston does as a director. She’s done enough TV and film work that she might be pretty good at it. Either way, I’d be happy to see her doing something else, rather than the same old same old rom coms. Oh. Hope she doesn’t direct a rom com.

    I find it hard to believe Stamos is still single.

  4. bored says:

    Those are some scarily groomed man eyebrows.

  5. Squirrel says:

    Also had the ‘isn’t this one more into men?’ reaction while looking at the photos. What is it, the overgroomed eybrows and hair or the weird body language they have going?

    She would be really pretty if she found back to some more natural colours. It has been so long in the orange-skin-yellow-hair-black-around-eyes combination though I doubt she remembers how or dares to go bare. What a shame!

  6. Miranda Ann says:

    He’s rich and that’s probably why she was kind of overlooking the gay part. Poor Tara. I hope she doesn’t hit the skids after this. If she stays clean maybe another REAL man might want her.

    Re Jen . . . being an actor does not automatically make you a good director. I just don’t see her being creative or having a vision good enough to be a good director.

  7. Missmilly says:

    Poor Tara…she actually looks really adorable in the above pics…

  8. Iggles says:

    Seriously??? Is that a joke about Tara Reid? That dude is obviously into dudes!!

  9. Sumodo1 says:

    Oh, c’mon. You don’t think Richie Rich’s PARENTS were going to let him marry THAT BIMBO!

  10. GatsbyGal says:

    Ten bucks says he’s gay and is finally coming to terms with it.

    Also, Kelly Ripa’s penis-looking bellybutton is, hands down, the SICKEST THING I’ve seen in a very long time. OMFG, she needs to get that fixed. It’s disgusting. I want to throw up.

  11. gen says:

    There was a blind item attributed to her recently that she’s constantly out partying with some gay dude that’s she’s been trying to turn straight…..not her ex-fiance. Just sayin

  12. Alexis says:

    To be fair, dude looks like he’s a homosexual so…perhaps he was just being true to himself.

  13. Joe says:

    dumped? can’t be dumped when there was never a relationship…the dude’s gay.

  14. snapdragon says:

    something tells me he dumped her because she doesn’t have a penis.

  15. Obvious says:

    is it just me or his head like 3 sizes (at least) too big for his body? It’s can’t all be the angle can it???

  16. Fifthpocket says:

    Wait! Kate Winslet is doing Mildred Pierce!!!! Hopefully she’d rather cut off her hand than slap that movie in the face..

  17. gg says:

    There are more fish in the sea, Tara ~ you dodged a bullet from the looks of him. 😛

    Tara, style tip: Go with ginger hair and wear green and stop the boring blonde, blue-eyed over pencilled Paris Hilton look. It’s boring me to pieces!

  18. Emily says:

    Oh, god, that Beastly movie looks, well, beastly. I don’t think even NPH will get me into a cinema for that. Urgh.

  19. Shannon says:

    Honestly I try hard not to judge sexuality by appearance because you never know when someone is gay and you can’t see it because you’re being heteronormative. However, in this case, c’mon. The eyebrows, the hair, the shirt! Dude’s gay as Boy George in a pride parade.

  20. d says:

    Aniston needs to get with Stamos. I like them as a couple.

  21. Reason says:

    Poor girl! She’s had a tough time with love (and her career).

    I hope things turn around for her. Life can turn around on a dime!

    Hang in there, Tara.

  22. freckles says:

    Aww Tara looks cute, actually! Never thought I’d say that.

  23. coucou says:

    With this guy you don’t even need gaydar, check out those precision-sculpted eyebrows…i could be friends with a guy like that, but not engaged; i can just see Tara struggling to get room in front of the bathroom mirror to pluck her own eyebrows…asking him where her liner went…etc. DURRR…

  24. Chessie says:

    Tara’s looking healthy… I hope that’s the case, she looks good!

  25. Crash2GO2 says:

    @d: hahahaha! Good idea!

    I feel sorry for Tara. I hope she keeps it together.

  26. Lil says:

    Reason, I’m with you!

    Tara, I wish very good luck!

    Everybody makes mistakes in life and we have the right to restar our lifes trying to make things better!

  27. canadianchick says:

    Tara will land on her feet.

    Polanksi’s lobbying the U.S. Prez via the French Prez? Polanksi has a special place in hell waiting for him *burn you sick, twisted cowardly pervert, burn*

  28. pluck says:

    Dude gets his eye brows overly ‘shaped’! Looks like Tinkerbell. . . LOL! maybe the weddings off bcz dude ran away with the eyebrow waxing guy.

  29. paranel says:

    Wow, dude’s eyebrows…. he probably is a gay men who used her for publicity. Why would you even consider a guy with those over plucked eyebrows?

  30. Jenny says:

    Poor Tara. He is totally gay, from his plucked eyebrows to his pink and bedazzled teeshit, gay.