Parenthood’s Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are dating

Premiere Of NBC Universal's Parenthood - Arrivals
I love the NBC show Parenthood, and was so happy to hear that it was renewed for a second season. It’s a dramedy featuring Peter Krause (Six Feet Under), Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls), Dax Shepard (Employee of the Month), Craig T. Nelson (Poltergeist), and Bonnie Bedelia (Presumed Innocent) among many others. The show focuses on an older couple (Nelson, Bedelia), and their grown children (Graham, Krause, Shepard and Erika Christensen). It can be schmaltzy at times, but Parenthood really captures the drama and joy of family life. (I haven’t been able to watch this week’s episode yet so please don’t post spoilers in the comments.)

According to US Weekly, on-screen brother and sister Lauren Graham, 43, and Peter Krause, 44, are dating! I thought Krause was married with a family, probably because he plays a dad so convincingly, but I was wrong. He has an eight year old son from a previous relationship and is single. Lauren Graham is also single, and has no children. I love that they got together without any drama. Here’s US‘ report:

Hot Stuff [US Weekly] has learned Lauren Graham, 43, and Peter Krause, 44 – who play siblings on NBC’s Parenthood – are dating. Says an eyewitness who saw the duo on an April 10 dinner date at Charlie Palmer: Dry Creek Kitchen in Healdsburg, California: “They were having a great time and seemed really happy!”

[From US Weekly, print edition, May 3, 2010]

Graham and Krause don’t have a lot of scenes together, unlike fellow onscreen brother-sister couple Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall of Dexter. Their relationship doesn’t seem as creepy to me as they usually talk on the phone on Parenthood and there are so many other things going on in that show. It’s so nice to hear that the show was renewed and that Graham and Krause are in a new romance. Maybe they were just on a friendly work colleague date, but it doesn’t sound like it!

'Parenthood Premiere' Screening

2010 Winter TCA Tour - Day 2

2010 Winter TCA Tour - Day 2

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46 Responses to “Parenthood’s Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are dating”

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  1. bite me says:

    awww i love them both

  2. Dorothy says:

    I LOVE this show too! I was so happy to see Jason Ritter on a few episodes! I did not expect to love Dax Shepard soooo much!

    I think it is great that they are dating!

    BUT… Don’t most people remember Craig T. Nelson from Coach?? I know, I know everybody is a critic!

  3. Bonfire Beach says:

    @ Dorothy – I agree with everything you said. Dax Shepard surprised me the most, too. At first I was like, EWWW! But his acting is so good on the show!

  4. Chelly says:

    Never seen the show but I loved him in SFU

  5. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Bite me I was going to say the same thing! What nice bit of morning news.

  6. ,,,, says:

    I cosign everything that Dorothy said too.

  7. hstl1 says:

    I LOVE LAUREN GRAHAM! I hope they are really happy.

  8. lucy2 says:

    I like both of them a lot (I LOVE Lauren Graham, she is so underrated) and if they’re happy together, that’s awesome. I always worry a bit though when actors on a show start dating right away – hopefully it will work out for them and there will be no backstage drama.

    I’ve only seen the first episode of Parenthood, but have heard it’s good and plan to check out the rest, especially since it’s been picked up already.

  9. Jane Q. Doe says:

    I concur with y’all – I love The Graham and hope she & Peter Krause are happy. They seem like a lovely, smart, and talented couple.

    Dorothy – I agree. Craig T. will always be linked with “Coach” in my mind. Even though his next show after it(some cop thing?) ran for a while as well.

  10. Julbug says:

    Lucky girl…he’s hot.

  11. Just a Poster says:

    I love this show! And I agree with Dorothy about Dax. He really is good in this role. I think the whole cast is fantastic and works well together.

    And OHMYGAWD! I love the idea of Lauren and Peter dating! Love them as a couple!

  12. What evs says:

    Really cute couple.

  13. Danny D says:

    The show is so good, and looks so expensive, I thought for sure it would be canceled.

  14. Sudini says:

    Aww, they’re two of my favorite TV actors. I think it’s awesome that they’re dating.

  15. Anti-icon says:

    These two make a lot of sense to me. They both seem “normal” by Hollywierd standards.

  16. CeeCee12 says:

    I like them both I still watch Gilmore Girls when I need something to cheer me up. She looks so good and youthful. I was a big fan of 6 feet under so I like them as a couple.

  17. chicoulina says:

    I love them both,nice couple!
    Peter Krause is so yummy!I don’t know why but Lauren doesn’t convince me in this role on Parenthood.I loved her on Gilmore Girls.Maybe I still see her as Lorelai,who knows.
    Peter Krause is perfect for this role.
    The show is good,but it could be better.The chemistry between the siblings is not convincing.I think alot of roles are miscasted.

  18. Vi says:

    i love lauren graham. i’m going to have to start watching parenthood. i’d never heard of it before. though she might always be lorelai to me

  19. cowbell says:

    Am I the only one who thought Lauren Graham was still in her 30s? Love the show.
    Did anyone else get chills from the Six Feet Under days when Peter goes to the beach?

  20. Atticus says:

    I watched the first two episodes and loved them…have fallen behind but have everything on DVR so will catch up soon, so glad it got picked up! I love Lauren Graham in Parenthood, was not familiar with her before but she steals every scene she is in on this show. And I, too, am so pleasantly surprised by Dax Shepard! Starting to see what Kristen Bell sees in him.

    Sadly, Maura Tierney was supposed to have the role but had to drop out due to a cancer diagnosis. Hope Maura is doing well.

  21. Carrie says:

    Love the show, LOVE the Graham, love this pairing…

    And yes, Dax Shepard is really pretty good on the show- pains me to say it, but he’s pretty good.

  22. kelbear says:

    Agree totally with Carrie.

  23. Annie says:

    Ok…cute cute cute.

  24. Samantha says:

    Love this show! I still think its weird when people who play relatives in a show hook up (Dexter and Debra, Charlie and the Waitress) but I’ll get over it. =P And I love Dax Shepard, my favorite character in the show. =)

  25. yeng says:

    I like the pairing. Hope it works out for them.

  26. Sumodo1 says:

    Hooray! This is a nice pairing. He’s dreamy, and she’s a pistol!

    Yaaaaaay for them!

  27. Kim says:

    Can you say Odd Couple. A case of we are on set together all day so we are dating.

  28. Kim says:

    Her bad nose job slays me =(

  29. Jeri says:

    Love the show, one of my favorites! I hope they’re having a good time & keep it up. They both seem like cool people & they’re not posing on every red carpet & hanging their life out there for everyone. Good Luck!

  30. jzhz says:

    I like her, but he’s starting to look like an old lesbian.

  31. blaugaro says:

    jzhz, an old lesbian? Don’t say that about my Nate!!!

  32. Reason says:

    I’m jealous! He is a hunk!

    He looks so IN LOVE in these pics.

    What an adorable couple 🙂

  33. Camille says:

    Adorable couple, I love LC and boy doesn’t she look amazing, I didn’t know she was in her 40s, now *there* is a woman who is aging well- no skin damage there!

  34. gia says:

    The show is good. Dax Shepherd is a stinky actor, though. If only they would recast him, things would be sooo much better. Lauren Graham is my favorite!

  35. liss says:

    oh come on! sure they went out but do we have to assume it was a “date”?

  36. The one says:

    Lauren Graham could do better. Guy looks ok, but seriously she’s out of his league. Love Lauren’s work, but she keeps picking around the gutters for guys.

  37. lauren says:

    Peter lives in nearby Sebastopol, CA…I’ve seen him numerous times around town…A couple of years ago I saw him hanging with Steven Weber at Mombo’s pizza

  38. Puppet says:

    Awhh! <3
    But I can’t help but worry that the relationship might not work out, causing backstage drama? I hope not, though.
    But of course, I’ve always imagined her with, well, Scott Patterson(AKA, Luke in Gilmore Girls).

    And I absolutely LOVE Parenthood. I can’t believe Season 1 is almost over. Of course, I love making comparisons between Sarah and Lorelai. There are times when I’m like; “That’s SOOO something Lorelai would say.”

    If I didn’t already know her age, I would NOT guess she was already in her 40s. She looks so much younger. Mid-30s, maybe, but not 40s.

    I hoped they would do a Gilmore Girls reunion or something, but Parenthood has been a lovely gift, as well. :3

  39. Mickey says:

    I love parenthood i think it’s great. Also Lauren Graham is so amazing, especially as Lorelai. I also think her and Peter are cute but come on let’s be honest, we all know that Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry are meant to me together.

  40. FRoYoGo says:

    Meh. I don’t really like Dax Sheppards character. He should play something a long the lines of his character in Employee Of the Month. suits him more..

  41. Shane says:

    I am jealous, she is hot! They look good together though minus her stupid man-pants. She should wear a skirt or wear nothing at all :).

  42. Judy says:

    Parenthood is one of my favorite shows on TV – I am so happy that it got renewed. It relates to many people that I know and care about. The family has problems as families do in real life but it doesn’t let them get to the point that they are beyond repair. They work on their relationships in a way that shows that it can be done – with love. A family is important. Even when they hurt each other the answer is to work it out and not hang on to bitterness for years on end. You can picture them as your neighbors and believe the situations can happen to anyone. Yea for a show that I can watch without hearing cussing every other word.

    I watched all of the Gilmore Series because the snappy dialog spoke to me. All of the “Gilmore women did a great job with their characters.”

    However the romance turns out for Lauren and Peter – I’m applauding them as actors and as a couple.

  43. ubc says:

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  44. joni says:

    Can I be Lauren for one hot night, puhleez?

  45. Kimx says:

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  46. cally lang says:

    wow i lov them two of being a couple…i think they ar cute…