Enquirer: ‘Tom’s secret life! Gay lies exposed’

The Enquirer is running a typically misleading cover story this week titled “Katie discovers Tom’s Secret Life: The Gay Lies Exposed.” Inside, the story covers a new book by a high up Scientology defector that’s interesting not for the vague allegations about Tom Cruise but for the way it exposes and confirms the very criminal way the cult does business.

I’ve said this before and I should mention it at the start of this article – as far as I am aware, there are no provable allegations that Tom Cruise has ever had a same sex encounter. These rumors have been around for years, and I’ve done some research into them. I believe that the rumors started with convicted felon and notorious double-dealing private investigator, Anthony Pellicano. (Read this article and the linked articles there for background.) Pellicano regularly spread gossip about celebrities, only to go back to the celebrities and solicit their business in order to clear up the rumors. This is just my take, and maybe we’ll never know, but “Tom’s shocking confession about male lovers and drug use” isn’t even alleged in the book that the Enquirer reports on. Here’s their report, which is about a book by ex Scientologist Amy Scobee called Scientology: Abuse at the Top. Despite the cover, the Enquirer story is actually sympathetic toward Tom and discounts the book. (Some background on how Tom Cruise’s lawyer has responded, along with more details of the allegations in the book are here.)

Tom Cruise confessed to his wife Katie Holmes his secret anguish over incredible claims of gay love affairs and outrageous allegations he used drugs, sources tell The Enquirer.

The Hollywood icon bared his soul in a bid to set the record straight about his private life, insiders say, but now the nightmare rumors have come back to haunt him in a nasty jab on an animated TV show and a new book about his religion Scientology.

During his emotional heart-to-heart with Katie, the 47-year-old “Top Gun” star blasted the gay lies and false claims of drug use that have tainted his straight-arrow image for decades.

“Tom recently sat Katie down and made it absolutely clear to her that there’s no truth to either the gay stories about him or the rumors in the new book that he’s used drugs,” an insider divlged.

“He got really emotional and told Katie, ‘It’s all lies!’ I think she was shocked at the rumors that Tom has had to deal with over the years…”

Now Tom is gearing up for a legal fight against bogus claims about drug use made in a bombshell new book written by a former high ranking member of Scientology…

[Author] Amy Scobee claims that Cruise was “gung ho” to join the church’s elite “Sea Org” group, but didn’t qualify dur to his “drug history.”

Scobee offers no further proof of Cruise’s “drug history,” and was hit with a letter from the actor’s high-powered attorney Bertram Fields that blasted her claim as “demonstrably false and defamatory.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, May 3, 2010]

The “animated TV show” referenced in the text above is of course South Park. They had a 200th anniversary special on April 14 that had Cruise working at a fudge factory, uh “packing” and of course there’s the Trapped In The Closet episode from 2005.

Star Magazine actually has a better account of the book, and includes some dirt about how Scientology employees of celebrities would regularly gossip about their famous employers. People who “audited” celebrities also regularly shared information about the potentially embarrassing and damaging secrets the stars shared. (Auditing is the Scientology practice of eliciting confessions, a tactic used by many cults in an effort to control members.)

Tom’s alleged drug use
In the book, [Scobee] claims one high-ranking official, church leader David Miscavige’s wife, Shelly, even told her about Tom’s alleged history of drug use Tom, now 47, was barred from joining the Sea Organization, an elite group within Scientology, she said.

“I’m not going to repeat was Shelly told me, because then I’d be just as bad as them,” Amy [Scobee] says, “But I can say that smoking pot or doing cocaine wouldn’t be enough to disqualify you from the Sea Org. And medicines wouldn’t either,” she claims.

Another favorite topic of conversation among church officials was the sex lives of their celebrity members, Amy says. At one point, “a well-known spokesman for the Church of Scientology” was found to have a gay sex tape.

Several church members knew, according to Amy. “That was crisis time,” she explains. “Scientology looks at homosexuality as a disease that needs to be handled, and everyone was saying that we had to do something about that man.

“I don’t have any firsthand information that Tom has ever been gay…”

Staff spied on Tom and Nicole Kidman for Scientology leader David Miscavige
From the maid to the babysitter, nearly every single person who entered the home Tom shared with Nicole came from the Church’s ranks, she notes. And while he was allegedly aware – and even had final say on who would fill the positions – he had no idea that all of them were spying on him.

“Of course, they were definitely reporting back to David,” Amy reveals. He knew everything that was going on in the house. He kept tabs on everything that Tom and Nicole were doing.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, May 3, 2010]

I bet that past use of psychiatric medication would disqualify you from Sea Org, which would perhaps explain Tom’s crusade against antidepressant drugs – it was personal. There’s nothing damning about using antidepressants, except if you’re a Scientologist.

There have been allegations in the past by former high ranking Scientology officials that David Miscavige personally arranged Tom’s divorce from Nicole Kidman. Tom Cruise’s former auditor, Mark Rathbun, wrote that “in 2001 through 2003 Miscavige personally assigned me as Inspector General RTC – the second highest ecclessiastical position in the religion – to coordinate Tom’s divorce from Nicole and to serve as his auditor.” There’s plenty of dirt about Cruise and the church of Scientology, and it’s much worse than some tame allegations that he had same sex encounters.

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  1. YT says:

    I believe Scientology is a cult cluttered with strange people. I believe Cruise is a nut case. Everything else I take with a grain of salt, especially that which is personal an no one’s business.

  2. e says:

    I know everyone has a million stories like this one but in college I had a classmate who was a runway model when she was a teenager. She would have kept doing it but the constant starving and drug culture and cruelty of the other girls got to her.

    Anyway, she told me that Tom was gay and that everyone knew about it. I just think that in those circles you might gossip but you wouldn’t go on record.

    “I don’t have any firsthand information that Tom has ever been gay…” That leaves a lot open for interpretation. But personally, I just assume he is gay and I really don’t care whether he is or is not. I can’t watch Tom in movies anymore but has nothing to do with his ambiguous sexuality and everything to do with how weird and manic he can be. He is just off.

  3. Snarf says:

    Meh. Tom’s almost certainly manic, but I suspect he’s most likely asexual.

  4. lucy2 says:

    I’ve heard rumors from people who work in show biz too, but who knows.
    My opinion – he pings my gaydar, and I’ve come to think he is, but never let himself be, and that’s where the Scientology stuff, and the over posturing with women and macho movie stuff, comes in.
    I think he’s a wackadoo, and Scientology is a dangerous cult, but in a way I kind of feel sorry for him, because he never seems truly happy. It all seems like a very tiring front.

  5. Marjalane says:

    So I guess you can’t even infer that Tom Cruise *might* be gay on your website or the frothing pack of lawyers will descend upon you?

  6. Tess says:

    Anthony Pellicano? That’s a blast from the past.

    He’s also got some history with the Clintons.

    He’s the charming piece of work they hired back in the heady days of their first presidential campaign to silence as many of Bill’s bimbo eruptions, their name for former girlfriends who might be tempted to go public, as possible.

  7. ams1 says:

    scientology is b.s. its just a way to launder money!!!

  8. GrnMtGirl says:

    Tom Cruise creeps me out!! Ew!!

  9. Wow says:

    It seems that any time a person is different than the “norm” then they’re labeled gay or eccentric. Or when a person is rejected, they start a rumor that the person must be gay or a lesbian. I think that is what happened with Tom, Clooney and now Gerard Butler.

    I have to hive Tom some credit though for not being afraid to stick to his beliefs regardless of how the public views him or Scientology. In his world it would be so easy to just go with whatever is popular for the moment and fall in line. But he doesn’t.

  10. omondieu says:

    I too suspect he’s gay.

    On a kinda related note, one of my best friend’s older cousins had an opportunity to go out to dinner with a gossip blogger some time ago. During the evening, they got to talk about some of the dirt that the blogger is not allowed to publish. When the topic of Suri Cruise came up, the blogger said that she doesn’t have an ounce of Tom’s DNA in her, and that that’s absolutely certain.

  11. Cheyenne says:

    Maybe he’s gay, maybe he isn’t. Who cares?

  12. original kate says:

    i’m with snarf about tiny tom – i think he is asexual. i get no sexual vibe from him ever, with anyone.

  13. Tru says:

    I think he is gay but its Katie’s problem not mine.

    I remember the gay porn star that supposedly slept with him or something.

    I’d hate to have the job to clean up all of the mess that celebrities leave behind.

    outside of all of that, he is just too damn weird, everything that is related to him, including his lil family.

  14. d says:

    I just think it’s wierd that Katie dresses like a slob most of the time. Cruise…meh, I don’t care and don’t watch his movies anyway. Scientolgy=cult imo. The behaviours and patterns are too parallel.

  15. shannon says:

    I agree the cult like group is creepy. Who wants to be stalked and preyed upon all the time? I remember when Katie started dating Tom and these people were always with her, probably in the bathroom too. Just to uncomfortable for me. Glad that Nicole is no longer apart of that. Eating ambilical cords and using adult pacifier during giving birth was just too much to comprehend. The gov’t usually steps in when cults start.

  16. voiceover says:

    Obviously I have reservations about scientology, but overall, I think cruise gets a bad rap. He jumped on a couch like a kid, and publicly stated that anti-depressants are really bad for you. Two things that, imo, are pretty tame compared to what some people do in hollywood. Maybe he’s weird, maybe he’s gay, maybe he’s neither of those things. He’s no more eccentric than the rest of them. They’re all royally effed up, imo. Don’t understand how people look up to any of them. Most of what we are allowed to see isn’t even real.

  17. Blaster says:


    I really don’t get why the Church of Scientology gets the rap that it does. Major religions now have done far, far worse and continue to do so.

    Everyone goes on and on about how they believe in aliens and this and that. Well, you know what I find unbelievable? The Red Sea parting with the work of a staff. And a mist coming in and killing firstborns. How do we know that it’s just not interpretive like the Bible?

    And all this stuff about blackmail and lies? Hello, what about the Catholic Church and them continuing to hush up and relocate priests who molest children?? What about the priest who impregnated on of the young girls who was part of his church? Or the one who admitted to molesting 200 deaf boys from his congregation??

    Salem witch trials, the effin Crusades, Holy wars…I’m sorry, but maybe if the Church of Scientology trooped across Europe with an army, killing of hundreds upon thousands of people, I’ll be shocked.

    I’m sorry, but in the ranking of powerful, shady organisations, they rank very low on my list.

    • Selena Castle says:

      *sighs loudly*So many awful things have been done in the name of religion and beliefs in general. Does that make this one right? Scientology was made up by a 2 penny “author” who was a rather clever person. It has ruined many families and people’s lives. So have many christian, muslim, jewish you name it churches or temples. That doesn’t make any of them right and to use problems in the past to excuse problems now is a dangerous road to go down.
      “Rowandan genocide isn’t so bad considering what happened in the 1930′s and 40′s”, “The loss of human rights is not so bad considering what happened during McCarthy” Would you think those are reasonable statements? I think not.

  18. Sumodo1 says:

    Katie’s got Sci people in her house, in her bathroom, and that’s probably why she grabs any old thing to put on and gets out of the house.

    Tom is weird, no doubt about that, but to let a religion/cult have so much control over daily life is insane.

    Poor Katie and Suri. Run for your lives.

  19. bizarre says:

    I think that Tom Cruise is a BIG GAY!

  20. GatsbyGal says:

    I think Tom Cruise is power-hungry and will have sex with ANYONE as long as he is able to dominate them physically and mentally.

  21. Ron says:

    As a card carrying gay, I would like to say that we don’t want him. I have checked with the board and unfortunately at this time, we cannot extend membership in our exclusive organization to Ms Cruise. We already have to many crack-methhead-self loathing-mentals in our ranks. Thank you very much for considering gay fabulousness.

    Why would you ever want to be a member of Scientology? You really have to have some major issues to go down that crazy road.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      LOL!!!! Thank you!! For that AWESOME statement!!!!
      ( standing ovation)

  22. Kim says:

    UMMM HELLO – He is telling her they are lies not saying he is gay so why would anyone think this story wasnt true?

    The Enquirer gets it right majority of the time. Serously go back & check stories and youll see Enquirer has revealed the truth more often than not and always before other tabloids. They have the best celeb investigators out there. I used to think it was the cheesiest publication until i started checking their stories and they reveal alot of stuff that ends up coming out as true even months & yrs before it comes out as truth.

  23. Kim says:

    Blaster – you need to get your facts straight. You dont have a clue what REALLY goes on in scientology. If you did it would scare the crap out of you how stupid people are and how easily a whack job can control them.

  24. Kim says:

    At least we all KNOW what Anthony is, we dont know what Tom or scientology are about because they keep their cult activities hidden.

    You cant just walk into a scientolgy center and be welcomed like you can in most churches. How secretive they are is proof its a cult and they are up to no good.

    No “religion” out there hides what it is about. Geez even satanic cults we know what they are about and satanists will tell you to your face what they are about.

    Scientology is a farce made up by a sick man who was indeed gay and a pedophile and a huge drug addict. This we have proof of and this is all we have proof of in regards to scientology.

    This is all the proof I need to know anyone involved in scientology has major screws loose and zero self esteem.

  25. Bobby the K says:


    The fact that it is a widely accepted cult is one thing. But the U.S. gave it ‘tax-free’ status years ago.

    So in a way, it is everyone’s business.

    Millions, perhaps tens of millions of dollars that would have been legitimately owed, have never been paid.
    Surprised there is no real pressure to revoke that status.

    It would surely be more lucrative than going after welfare cheats and their hundreds of dollars.

  26. Blaster says:


    I actually do know and do have a clue. My point was that people harp on and about it when there are also far more sinister things in other religions. Things that Scientology has no competition with. Hundreds upon millions of people belong to the main religions. More power, more influence, more secrets and infinitely, more lies.

  27. Anti-icon says:

    The US government LOST its case against Scio, because even the US Government could not marshall the LEGAL resources this cult brought down—they have rooms full of files, this is their tactic, always. Drown any and all distractors in legal battles. They have the money to do it. They have the shady attorneys right in their ranks. Human rights violations everywhere and the US Government can’t even manage to have their tax exempt status taken away. It’s a mess.

  28. gg says:

    Blaster, other religions don’t require you pony up $60,000 to begin ‘saving yourself from mortal doom’, as they put it. This happened to my best friend.

    Other religions don’t kill people nowadays either. You need to do some research or else put down the fkn e-meter long enough to read what is going on in the rest of the world.

  29. dorthysfriend says:

    Everyone knows TC is really gay with contractual wife ‘covers’.

    Scientology promises to help ‘reform’ homosexuals. How stupid! Gay people should be free to be true to themselves instead of ending up twisted like the insanely bizarre TC.

  30. westender says:

    The problem I have with these rumours about Tom Cruise being gay is only one person has ever come forward saying he slept with Tom and that person was some porn star. That was discredited very quickly and we have never heard from him since. IF Tom Cruise was gay and he did sleep with someone in the industry I could see him using his influence in Hollywood and CoS to keep it quiet. But no one else in all that time has come forward? Makes no sense

  31. Tazina says:

    This is such a non-story. It just goes on and on and on with nobody knowing the truth. Who cares?

  32. Zelda says:

    A makeup artist friend of mine said that — at least before Scientology — Cruise was very certainly known to be gay.
    Wasn’t a secret at all in showbiz circles–it’s just not public.
    My theory is that he joined Scientology as a way to “cure” it. Ditto Travolta…

  33. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Middle aged dudes do not look good with bangs, but then again, neither does LeAnn Rimes.

  34. Madchen says:

    LOL Ron. Rock on.

  35. M says:

    @ Blaster
    The problem is that religions like Catholicism and Islam are unfortunately really well established and have been around for over 1000 years now. The issue with Scientology is that it’s recent, it doesn’t have thousands of years of dogma to call upon and still gets away with all their sh*t.

  36. bertha says:

    Tom Cruise is GAY!

  37. House Mouse says:

    I met a woman in New York city, Katie. She moved to the Big Apple from California. I said, oh “Katie, like Katie H!”

    “Oh yeah, this poor girl. My former boss, gay, knows her husband VERY well, if you see what I mean.”

    She met dozens of “peolple” on the West Coast but said something like that only twice.

  38. Kelly says:

    IMO, what sets off everyone’s gaydar about TC is the fact that he IS actually gay, but so effing closeted that he himself is probably only semi-aware of it, and deeply invested in staying in denial. Come on, it’s not that unusual- we can all probably name at least one people in our own circle who we know is in the same situation.

    I think hes a big f*cuking Ahole, gay or straight or whatever, and most importantly a massive, indefatigable control freak. He would see the gay rumours as a failure to control an aspect of our perception of him, which seems to me what he’s always been most about. Controlling our perception of, and attitude toward, him, and by extension, scientology. Anything that doesn’t fit his image of himself is ruthlessly suppressed.
    I actually find him repellent and his humourless fundamentalism kind of scary. Would you like to live next door to this, because I certainly wouldn’t.

  39. Slymm27 says:

    Just listen to all of you. What the hell is a gaydar? You guys make such a big deal out of what you percieve to be people’s sexual orientation, so what if he is gay? Has he said so? No! Then let it be. And leave him and his scientology alone. He is a grown man .

  40. Anj says:

    He is insult to gay community. someone if ur gay come outta closet why jump like a madman and run after the person who claims ur gay with a butcher knife?

    everyone knows ur gay Mr. Cruise. Better come out of closet it will do no difference to ur long lost MI career.

  41. Crash2GO2 says:

    As much as I dislike TC, I think all this silly speculation about his sexual orientation is specious. As for whether or not Suri is really his biological daughter? Knowing someone who has a sister who had dinner with a blogger who…. ROTFL!!

    Suri looks strikingly like her father. If you can’t see it, you don’t want to.

  42. Kelly says:

    GAYDAR- (prncd gay’dar) Noun. The ability to sense a person’s gayness, especially through opaque materials ie. houndstooth, gigantic egos, tight denim, busily-constructed fronts, drywall, plywood etc etc. Universal but not universally recognized, ignored at one’s peril. Gaydar is so highly developed in some individuals that it qualifies as a sixth, or even seventh sensory pathway.
    Some claim to have GayNAR, which is gay sonar, capable of picking up the vibrational signature emitted by even the most deeply buried private sexual inclination, some boasting a range of up to 1.5km through pure psycho-emotional strata, but I think this is exaggerated. At that depth you don’t even know you’re repressing shit and it only emerges through fissures in the layers as the occasional awkward and poorly-timed fag joke.
    Scientific fact, my friends. Read ‘The Origin of Species’ and weep.

  43. What I don’t understand is this: Why would Tom even care if here were disqualified from joining the Sea Org anyway? This so-called “elite organization” pays $15 per week and essentially sequesters most of its members on Gold Base premises. These folks sign billion-year contracts (no joke), do manual labour 7 days per week with just a few days off per year, and are often deprived of sleep for several days to meet certain quotas. Sure, Tom would willingly give up his “Celebrity Scientologist” status as well as all of his millions to be in the Sea Org. No problem.

  44. Slymm27 says:

    @Kelly, in other words, you are quick to judge people, just by the way they act, talk and the clothes they wear? How pathetic!!! I wonder what “dar” of mine will be on alert just by looking at you.

  45. Crabbey says:

    Tom Cruise is probably gay. More likely than not, really. Very few leading men have the rumors swirling around them like he does, and 99% of the time it’s spot on. (See: Travolta, John) There is no way Suri is his daughter. What I want to see is Chris Holmes finally stepping up and going public. That would be just awesome. How would the Cruiser “handle” that?? As for Blaster above, $cio plant. I thought they had taken all the $ciobots off the toobs but I guess they are back.

  46. Darkmetal says:

    I don’t care if Cruise is gay or not, but there is something about him that makes me think he is. Gay men seem so ultra concerned about their skin, hair, and bodies, even beyond that of most stars. Tom is almost too well groomed at all times, you never see him letting his hair get messy or have a sloppy beard that a “guy” (and this is not a slur) like Brad Pitt would don simply because he could.
    I think that Stone and Parker, of “South Park” fame, sense this as a “Gaydar” thing, as many of the above comments also note, and don’t like hypocrisy. Note that South Park has had some very good and kind references to “Big Gay Al” a recurring flamoyant, but good hearted gay character in their show.

  47. coexxi says:

    As strange as TC is… (gay or not)

    I find it even stranger that people are so afraid to be gay.
    Or not?
    We write the year 2010 and still the word gay is used as a slur. Being gay can be a career killer. Gaybashing is as common in many regions as rassicm. So on second thought: I understand that some people are afraid of the consequences of being out. But it’s a shame.

  48. Norman says:

    Honestly, I just don’t care any more.

  49. SDman says:

    For many of those of us that live in southern California, especially those of us with celebrity ties – this is not news. We have heard for decades about his (and several others) trysts. The funny thing is… no one cares. We understand in part why he does it, but we would probably all like him much more if he just came out. Like Rock Hudson, he’ll probably keep silent until the end. In any case, the last thing we want to see is his face in a movie, or hear about his bizarre cult connections and ET ceremonies. Good Luck Katie!

  50. John Myers says:

    Tom Cruise is a homosexual and most of gay Hollywood has known about it for years. Why he persists to deny it and sue is beyond me. I guess he feels his movie star leading man status is at risk. Wake up Mary! Your 51 years old your now the leading man’s short father.

  51. Billie says:

    Mimi Rogers, his first wife, tells us that after their marriage, he decided to “save himself” for his art, and not have sex with her.
    Nicole Kidman, his second wife, has to make him happy by adopting a whole bunch of kids from other countries that we don’t even hear about anymore. Where are they? Anyway, she marries this new guy (Keith)and she gets pregnant right away.
    This proves there is nothing going on in Tom Cruises bedroom…at least not with the ladies.
    I believe his latest wife, Katie Holmes, got pregnant artificially. He can’t get it up for the ladies.
    I heard years ago, when I lived in San Francisco, that he used to go to the mens bars in the Castro.
    He is also about 5 feet 4 inches tall. Our leading man is not only gay…he’s short as shit!!

  52. Tom Banger says:

    Hollywood is still in the dark ages when coming to their stars personal lives, won’t sell tickets if their life doesn’t conform to popular public opinion. Just like politics. Therefore homosexuality is still a discriminated and unaccepted lifestyle. Leading off alittle: Take Angelina Jolie, was leading a pretty bizarre lifestyle, goth almost, but when confronted w/superstardom, studios had to groom her into a global ambassador, and family figure. That is hollywood powers that be, the town and culture itself is almost like a cult, proper and pristine on the surface but seething, dark, and greedy underneath. So Tom unlike his predecessors is a studio child, groomed, and perhaps never truly or knowing oneself. Look what happens to the stars who do stand up to the system. The guy is def. gay, and would be happier if he steps away from the system, and truly learn who he is.

  53. Steve says:

    I have gay friends and I dont have problem that Tom Cruise is gay, 95% of the actors are GAY!!! But i wouldnt like Tom admit that he is gay because he will destroy his career.

  54. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Well, I happen to know his accountant (verified when I first got to know him) and he told me very matter of factly what I already suspected that yes he is in fact gay, that katie and he ( as well as with Nicole) had a lavender marriage. He also said he was totally likeable, polite and generous but a total loon.
    It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure TC out though……what “red blooded” American male hops directly from marriage to marriage to marriage without having a few lovers or girlfriend in between?? TC supposed hetero behavior is a very antiseptic PARODY of hetero behavior. The sad thing is he just doesnt “get it” and he never sees how obvious he is. Its painful to watch because he’s so Fing sincere its laughable. Tom just come out your exhausting us all.

  55. Hell Yeah says:

    no way, Tom is clean and innocent! :D

  56. tibby_zoe says:

    How is an accountant, a makeup artist and a blogger, respectable sources? And who were their sources? Did any of these people physically catch him redhanded? Idk? He could be bisexual, asexual, gay-for-pay or straight, impotent, and low-sexed. How the hell can you really know? Honestly, unless you’ve screwed him, you probably don’t. I always felt the only thing keeping these rumors alive are the public and their weird fascination with this guy. I don’t get it. Hugh jackman seems gayer than tom.

  57. tibby_zoe says:

    How is an accountant, a makeup artist and a blogger, respectable sources? And who were their sources? Did any of these people physically catch him redhanded? Idk? He could be bisexual, asexual, gay-for-pay or straight, impotent, and low-sexed. How the hell can you really know? Honestly, unless you’ve gone to bed with him, you probably don’t. I always felt the only thing keeping these rumors alive are the public and their weird fascination with this guy. I don’t get it. Hugh jackman seems gayer than tom.

  58. tibby_zoe says:

    How is an accountant, a makeup artist and a blogger, respectable sources? And who were their sources? Did any of these people physically catch him redhanded? Idk? He could be bisexual, asexual, gay-for-pay or straight, impotent, and low-sexed. How can you really know? Honestly, unless you’ve gone to bed with him, you probably don’t. I always felt the only thing keeping these rumors alive are the public and their weird fascination with this guy. I don’t get it. Hugh jackman seems gayer than tom.