Charlie Sheen moved Brooke out of their home & moved a hooker in

Actor Charlie Sheen arrested for domestic violence in Aspen, Colorado

The latest on the Charlie Sheen-Brooke Mueller-“whatever random hooker you want to throw at Charlie” drama comes straight from Radar’s sources, who have been talking up a storm through every controversy, for what it’s worth. The newest info: Charlie Sheen is still bangin’ hookers, as in multiple hookers, not just that Angelina chick that rode his fake mustache. Also, Brooke Mueller has moved out of their home, sort of. She and Charlie don’t sleep there at the same time, so it’s like they’re trading off days – some nights, Charlie sleeps at home with his hooker(s), and sometimes, Brooke sleeps there alone. Oh, sources say “Charlie is making all the decisions at this point” and “Their relationship is dead…Brooke wants a payout.” Why would they split up? It was beginning to sound like the two of them deserved each other.

Charlie Sheen moved back home and brought his paid escort friend with him – and his wife moved out, has learned exclusively. It’s the latest outrageous event in a marriage that has been filled with drama and packed a lifetime of controversy in fewer than two years.

Sheen has been sleeping at rehab but coming and going as he pleases. He was caught with a paid escort by photographers recently. reported exclusively that Sheen has been having a several week affair with the escort and prior to that he hooked up with one of the escort’s friends!

Brooke Mueller, meanwhile, was staying at the couple’s house and not talking to Sheen.

But Sheen just moved back home and Mueller immediately moved out. The next night Sheen didn’t sleep at home and Brooke did. And, learned, it’s Sheen who is making all the decisions at this point. So the marital home has become a bizarre place in the last couple of days with Sheen and Mueller never sleeping there at the same time.

Their relationship is worse than ever, sources who know them tell

“Their relationship is dead,” the source said. “Brooke wants a payout.”

Charlie and Brooke have a prenuptial agreement and Brooke has alternately threatened divorce and then backed off. When Charlie was arrested on Christmas on domestic violence charges she claimed he held a knife to her throat.

Charlie used his marital home previously to spend time with his paid escort and even used the home of his manager Mark Burg. learned that he also hooked up with the paid escort’s friend when Brooke wasn’t home.

But now Brooke can’t stand to be in the same house with Charlie. And after refusing to move out for days after the scandal broke, Brooke left because Charlie said he was coming home.

“She doesn’t want to sleep in the same house with him she’s so disgusted,” the source said.

[From Radar]

Ugh. I really think Charlie is back to doing very heavy drugs (cocaine, heroin, whatever else he can get), and it scares me that he’s the one who is “in charge”. Bad things happen when Charlie has money, control and drugs at the same time. Now, as for the hookers… well, I think he’s been doing that the whole time, you know? I don’t think he ever stopped. And the hookers are probably the least self-destructive thing he has going on right now.

By the way, in case anyone is hoping Charlie gets fired off of Two and a Half Men, don’t get your hopes up. While he hasn’t officially signed on for a new season, producers tell Radar that they’re eager to have him back, and they’re trying to work around his drama. So… he’ll still be making a lot of money. Ugh.

Charlie Sheen Released from Jail

Charlie Sheen (aka Carlos Irwin Estevez) Court Appearance

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48 Responses to “Charlie Sheen moved Brooke out of their home & moved a hooker in”

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  1. lucy2 says:

    These people are PSYCHOTIC. Thankfully it sounds like their poor children are not living with either of them. I hope that remains the case, as neither of them is fit to take care of a shoe, let alone a child.
    Do the advertisers of his show have any idea what they’re supporting?

  2. d says:

    Sounds like Charlie officially doesn’t give a s*** anymore. Some production people are going to be out of work, I’ll bet.

  3. Sumodo1 says:

    CBS will do anything to keep their #1 comedy on the air. This is a travesty, of course/

    What if middle America could get their heads out of those Tea Parties and get outraged at Charlie Sheen instead.

    Can you imagine the demonstrations?

  4. original kate says:

    i totally believe this story. what i can’t believe is that “two and a half men” is still on – so unfunny.

  5. Leticia says:


    don’t flame me because I am not a tea partier. But my neighbor is. He is mad about out of control government spending and waste. He would not care about Charlie Sheen’s out of control spending and waste, because it is Charlie Sheen’s own money, and not tax dollars.

  6. YT says:

    Business as usual with Charlie. Money-making is important in Hollywood. Morals are only important if they negatively affect the money. With a number-one show, he can do just about anything he wants as long as the ratings stay high and the advertisers continue to pay.

  7. OXA says:

    She is stupid for staying married to him, The State of Californian will make sure the kids are taken care of financially so she wont have to worry till the kids are 18. Get out and take the kids with, stick it to him and sling his ass in jail.

  8. Sugar & Spice says:

    I just feel sorry for all his kids. I hope that Charlie & Brooke get their acts together for the sake of the twins, but that someone else gets custody. Neither one of them are ready/fit to be parents at this point.

  9. Beck says:

    Brooke had to know about the hookers before she got involved with Charlie. Everybody else did. Did she think she could satisfy Charlie with the threesomes and whatever else so he wouldn’t want hookers anymore? Maybe, but I don’t think she is shocked that he is still seeing hookers. She really shouldn’t be disgusted with it either. She knew what she was getting into with him.

    I wouldn’t touch Charlie. Yuck.

    I get so tired of hearing how rich people spend their money. They are so wasteful with it. I would feel like crap if I was a millionaire and blew money on drugs, gambling, hookers, expensive clothes and shoes, etc. You could do so much good with the money. It is really a shame. I think most of these people become morally bankrupt. And, yeah, I get tired of hearing about how the government wastes money too.

  10. Cheyenne says:

    Are his brother and his dad anything like him? I sure hope not.

  11. Lil says:

    And Denise Rchards is LHAOL somewhere…

  12. Sugar & Spice says:

    @ Cheyenne – No, Charlie’s the only one with these problems. In fact, his dad had him arrested & jailed for drug abuse several years ago.

  13. buenavissta says:

    Those poor babies….the actual babies, not the grown-up ones who call themselves the parents. I hope they’re somewhere safe and happy, far, far away from these two morons.

  14. whateva says:

    never, EVER bought off on these two.
    anyone could see their fraud-ness.
    he couldnt wait to parade Brooke around
    right in the midst of his breakup w/ Denise – and the two of them were so smug-looking i felt sorry for them even then. why feel sorry? cuz they’re liars. and liars are sad people.

  15. Kim says:

    She will get a HUGE payout esp w 2 kids. Now people are starting to realize Denise isnt crazy – this man is a nut job. He really shouldnt be around his kids because he is on heavy drugs & who knows what sick stuff he is into. No wonder Denise never wanted him around their daughters. Who knows how perverted he is – scary!

  16. Kim says:

    His father needs to pull a Michael Lohan and intervene. Charlie will be next guy we hear about oding on drugs.

  17. Roma says:

    Am I the only one who’s ever thought this: what exactly is Charlie Sheen paying for?

    Like, what is it that he gets from the hookers that he doesn’t get from normal women? Is it some insane level of kink? Does he have them praise him like groupies? Does he enjoy playing guess that venereal disease?

    Am I really the only one who sits here wondering about this? I feel slightly bad about myself for thinking it, but I’d really love to talk to one of his pro’s.

  18. Crash2GO2 says:

    Drug and alcohol addicts are very often controlling people, so I’m not in the least bit surprised.

    Roma, he is paying for sex and a woman’s company with no obligations other than the financial. He’s probably a sex addict too…

  19. Lem says:

    I want a job where they work around my drama :D

  20. Hautie says:

    I also wonder about what the the appeal of hookers are when you get this old.

    Then again he pays for what he wants and sends them home. So maybe that is it.

    What I have never understood is why does he keep getting married. If he wants to remain a old aging horn dog, then skip the wife and kids.

    But I also realize that Charlie is not the first or the last man who has behaved like this in LA. Just like Tiger is not the first athlete to behave the same way.

    With the internet, all the tabloids and women willing to be a public wh*re for cash… means there is no longer any shame involved.

  21. fabgrrl says:

    Roma, he isn’t paying for the sex, he is paying for them to leave afterwards.

  22. Disco says:

    Who would’ve ever thought Denise would end up looking like the sane, responsible one? Seriously.

  23. Trish says:

    Awesome headline.

  24. mx says:

    Or he could be paying to do something crazy disgusting? Theres enough dumb ladies who follow celebrities for him not to pay a thing so why the hookers?

  25. Carrie says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but the most surprising thing to come out of this whole trainwreck for me is this: Denise Richards looks like a stable, good parent. I’d even go so far as to say that those twin boys would probably be better off if Denise somehow wound up with custody of them (never happen, but the idea is the same).

    I feel badly that I was so against her when she was going through her own divorce drama- time has shown that some of her allegations were true, and she is honestly the more fit parent.

  26. lucy2 says:

    I’ll definitely agree that between Denise and Charlie, Denise is by FAR the more fit parent. However, just like Brooke, she knew what she was getting herself into and still chose to marry AND have kids with him, so I can’t have much pity for her.
    I didn’t realize, there are actually 4 Sheen kids, not just C & Emilio. He seems to be the only one like this, thankfully. I wonder if he has any relationship left with the family.

  27. irl says:

    Charlie is a freak and not all there in the head.
    He tried to date my sister when she did hair an make up for the movie 8 men out. At the time I didnt’ understand why she said “hell no, I’m not going out with him” I thought he’s a movie star what? but she said he was strange.
    Years later I’m workin’ room service at a Four Seasons and I sure found out why she never wanted to go on that date.
    The guy was too strange to even try and explain. He says non-sensical stuff and he thinks he’s sooo funny.
    He called down asking for cups of baking soda .. .ummm humm. He’d say he wanted ants in his syrup so he could pour it down his underpants. on and on immature stuff. I never could stand to watch two & 1/2 men b/c of him.
    I always felt sorry for Denise and how she was being portrayed during their divorce. I figured that Brooke chick would get her cocky ‘tude shoved back in her face too.

  28. Missmilly says:

    Oooooh Kaiser…you do such a good job making me get through my days! You really say it how it is…you don’t sugar coat much do you? thank you for that.

  29. Cinderella says:

    I think Brooke wanted a payout before she married him.

  30. Sudini says:

    LOL @ Sumodo1 :)

  31. Sugar & Spice says:

    Isn’t his oldest daughter 24 or 25? I wonder if she would be willing to take temporary custody of her brothers.

  32. Green Is Good says:

    Chucky needs to be held down, and forcibly given a vasectomy. Enough of spreading his maladjusted seed.

  33. Green Is Good says:

    The only smart thing Charlie did was get a pre-nup.

    Like Brooke was with him because she loved him. They were drug buddies, and she smelled cash to feed her habit.

  34. Whitey Fisk says:

    To think that I feel like a bad parent if my kids watch two episodes of Spongebob back to back. At least my children have a wonderful father – he NEVER brings his hookers home.

    I’ve seen about three minutes of “Two and a Half Men” and that’s all I need. Charlie Sheen’s alternative lifestyle is the least of its problems. All they need to do is cast Jay Leno in a supporting role and it would be C-Span-worthy. (No offense, C-Span.)

  35. icecream says:

    I think a condition of his bail was no drugs.

    I bet that’s why Charlie got his head shaved, nothing to take a drug test from, it stays in the hair quite a while. They will have to do urine tests to check him now, out of the system in a few days. Ugh, what a creep.

  36. Jessa says:

    I ALWAYS believed Denise, right from the start. Charlie was big in the Heidi Fleiss scandal, then he tried to clean his act up and Heather Locklear suggested Denise go out with him, that he was all straightened out. Denise has always lived a clean lifestyle and it wasn’t until after she was pregnant with her second child that she realized Charlie was messing around again and she left him, even being pregnant and fought very hard to keep that perv away from her girls after she saw little girl porn on his computer. Maybe Charlie and Healther need to get together since they are both so messed up.

  37. bellaluna says:

    The common denominator between Charlie, Denise, and Brooke is that they all wanted attention and thrive on drama. I’d say all 3 parties knew what they were getting into, and none should have been surprised (except maybe Denise, who “found out” about Charlie’s whore while she was pregnant) when things went so far south so fast.

    I feel sorry for the children (all 4 of them), who the only truly innocent victims involved.

  38. Jazz says:

    Roma I think it’s insane kink with a bit of VD thrown in.

    Didn’t Chuckles’ eldest daughter get arrested for shoplifting a few years ago?

  39. ThenAgain says:

    He is the reason I believe that there is such a thing as Sex Addiction.

  40. SK says:

    Im glad people can begin to see Charlie for who he really is. They used to think Denise was crazy and lying..

  41. Amy says:

    Can Robert Downey Jr. kindly go round Charlie’s house and bitch slap him? Seriously, if RBJ can turn into such a good egg then Charlie has no excuse.

    Emilio seems to have gotten the better Sheen genes…

  42. Kelaa Khaa says:

    I read on this site once that CS killed a prostitute and got away with it??? and on a lighter note there is this really good movie called Charles Bartlett which has Robert Downey Jr in it and he is really good and very nice to look at!

  43. Dina says:

    I don’t know why Charlie ever bothers to get married. He’s obviously not good at it.

  44. Jessa says:

    Khaa, Charlie ‘accidently’ shot Kelly Preston when they were engaged. The engagement ended shortly after. Wonder why.

  45. mike hunt says:

    He trades in his lease every 2-4 years
    VIOLENCE, untreatable STDS, DRUGS =
    And one of the worst shows created makes him over 500g’s a week!!@#$%%

  46. ogechi says:

    A nice headline to start my week. :)

  47. justjanek says:

    Beck–is it? Hard to read your name. Anyway, so agree w/you. The waste of so much money these stars have! There are so many worthy charities here & overseas that could save lives, provide clean drinking water, heal the sick, & feed the poor…but all that money just goes up their noses or on their backs. It’s just sick.

  48. LUCI LIU says: