Whitney Houston’s inner circle plans an intervention

Whitney Houston Performs At The O2 Arena
It looks like the National Enquirer, once again, was right on the money. New reports confirm the report earlier this month that troubled singer Whitney Houston’s close advisors and familly are scheduling an intervention as rumors of erratic behavior plague her comeback tour. And get this: Bobby Brown, once Whitney’s partner in crack, has agreed to help.

Though Whitney Houston’s official camp denies the fading diva has fallen off the wagon and blames her recent concert problems on health-related issues, I’m hearing some longtime close Houston friends and family members suspect otherwise.

A veteran associate of the superstar told me Tuesday, ”a couple of us are even seriously thinking of flying to Europe — now that we can [referring to the Icelandic volcano] — and facing Whitney in person and figuring this out.

”We have known her for so long, we will know immediately if she’s using again.”

• The source said even Houston’s ex-husband Bobby Brown — who himself long struggled with drug addiction — has been approached about reaching out to his former wife. Brown reportedly has been clean and sober for quite some time and supposedly is open to helping Houston.

• Though Houston’s reps admit the singer is frustrated that her voice is failing her — and disappointing her many fans — they claim the entertainer is working through all of it and will soon be back on track.

• Another BZ [ed.note: Bill Zwecker] source, who saw Houston at Claridge’s Hotel in London the other night, reports the singer ”was visibly upset and seemed kind of out of it … talking, or rather jabbering, nonstop to the people she was with.”

[From Chicago Sun Times]

Meanwhile there are more reports from Whitney’s tour about her once-soaring voice that is now struggling. In her concert earlier this week in Tobago, Whitney only performed for 30 minutes and had a hard time hitting high notes throughout the concert.

R&B diva Whitney Houston disappointed a sold-out crowd who came to see a rare performance by the trouble-prone singer at the Plymouth Jazz Festival in Tobago on Sunday, April 27.

The ‘Greatest Love of All’ singer performed on the last night of the festival, just before headliner Rod Stewart took the stage.

Houston opened her show with ‘Its Not Right, But Its Okay’ and by her third song, ‘Saving All My Love,’ the once soprano’s newfound tenor tone was in full rasp.

Delivering only seven songs during her 30 minute set, Houston was reportedly paid a whopping $3 million for the show.

Though journalists were flown in from all over the world, Houston refused to allow media and photographers within 200 feet of the stage. She brought her own photographer to the venue and only he was allowed to shoot her performance.

Wearing a white gown with a single shoulder strap, Houston skipped around the stage and continuously shouted to the crowd: “I love you Trinidad!’

Unfortunately, the concert was in Tobago!

[From AOL Black Voices]

It is sad to see that years of abuse have ruined one of the greatest modern R&B voices. There was a time when Whitney’s vocals could smoke anyone. Now, she can’t even make it through a half hour set. It’s a shame. And if the reports of this intervention are true, it needs to happen soon. If she keeps blowing these concerts and disappointing her fans, I doubt she will get another shot at a comeback.

Whitney Houston Performs At The O2 Arena

Whitney Houston Performs At The O2 Arena

Whitney Houston Performs At The O2 Arena

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  1. WTF?!? says:

    Wow, she is completely bloated. Her liver is in crisis.

  2. simplicity says:

    Appears to need help again. Sad, one of the powerful voices.

  3. Lala11_7 says:

    I don’t understand this…

    Even in her prime…Whitney wasn’t the greatest live performer…and touring didn’t agree with her then…

    Why didn’t they release the album…do a bunch of interviews…do a bunch of kick-ass videos…and then take…maybe a year to craft a live show that showcases her more of a charteuse than the bombastic singer she’s known for being…make it more intimate…and then, in like 2011…she could have opened up in Vegas with her show…sort of like what Bette did in the 80s…

    I’m just saying….

  4. bellaluna says:

    Thank God. It’s about time. I don’t think Whitney should have gone on tour again (or been pressured by her “handlers” to go on tour again, whatever); I think it was too early in her “recovery” – though I doubt she was ever truly fully recovered. For what it’s worth, I think the same thing about Britney, and I’m pretty sure I’ve written something along those lines before.

  5. meme says:

    so sad. whitney’s done. ruined her voice and she knows it. tragic.

  6. Tia C says:

    In these photos she’s totally reminding me of Elvis in his final, pasty, puffy, sweaty, bloated stage. Not good.

  7. Gracie says:

    @Lala11_7….I totally, totally agree with all you said. That would’ve been the perfect way to handle her and not rush her into perfoming live when she so clearly is not ready.

    I will always love Whitney and I feel sad that her life has come to this. I
    really want her to rest, relax and get to a good place again.

  8. sharylmj says:

    wow those pictures tell it all.. so tragic… I love Whitney.. prayers to her.. snap out of it girl before it too late!!!

  9. Lois says:

    As a recovering alcoholic/addict, I look back with sorrow on what my addictions cost me. In the past, the sorrow has caused me to relapse, but now I have reached a stage of acceptance.
    It must be much harder for Whitney to realize what she’s lost: this unique gift, a voice that has thrilled the world, inspired countless people, and likely given her great fulfillment in those years of success.
    Material things can be regained through long-term sobriety, but I think a singing voice doesn’t come back.
    She may need a great faith and family support structure to accept this terrible loss.
    My prayers are with her.

  10. lolol says:

    Maybe she’s just sick because Years of abusing her body caught up to her? she might not even be using.

  11. nnn says:

    I think she is still on drugs. She already lost most of her teeth and is probably all messed up inside.

    She had several misscarriages after Bobbi and i believe it was because of the drugs and alcohol.

    She is toasted. She should just quit. Get clean and a long therapy. Then found something valuable to hang on to.

    Plus she smokes cigarettes and nicotine stays active 10 years in your long after you have completely stops. Sooner or later it catches you. First sign : smoker voice, sign of nicotine laced lungs. Nicotine is one hell of a smooth criminal. Illness due to nicotie is in the top 3 yearly death.

    It kills everyday…more people than harder drugs actually and when your lung is already weaken because of drugs and aclohol you have ingested for more than a decade, then you invit cancer and other future breathing and vocal problems with open arms.

    If she doesn’t stop, i am afraid she will die of an overdosis someday.

  12. EB says:

    Her face is totally bloated, but she still looks like her thin self. That is a sign of some serious toxicity in her body. She did say during her Oprah interview that she still drank alcohol. Perhaps she’s turned to that in trying to cope with everything? Her voice sounds bad enough, but she really looks unhealthy. It’s just too sad. I hope their intervention works…

  13. Sandy says:

    Hold it!!! Her performance at that Jazz Festival was in 2008. WHY is that being incorporated in an article with 2010 pictures. Whoever started this article (and there are a few out there, word for word) has no idea what they are talking about. Is the “inner circle” “planning an intervention” from a 2008 story or is this current? I think she needs it but I don’t believe it when it’s connected in a story with a 2008 concert. What utter nonsense the web can be!!

  14. Cinderella says:

    It’s not even about another comeback at this point. I think she will die soon if she doesn’t get help.

    She can’t even catch her breath when she’s performing. Not good.

  15. Beth says:

    I’ve looked at a couple of performances on youtube and she can still sing. The problem is she’s trying to sing as if she had the voice she had 10+ years ago. If she had revamped the songs to fit her new voice I think her tour would have run smoother.

  16. k says:

    I’m sure drugs and smoking have killed her voice, but back in the ’80s, my HS choral instructor commented that the way she was singing was going to ruin her voice. Combo of all of the above?

  17. Oenix says:

    Perhaps Whitney needs to accept that CHANGE is the one life constant. No one remains unaffected by time (especially while abusing substances not mean for heavy consumption) and those that think otherwise, sooner or later, learn. Her voice was a gift she squandered for reasons she may not even know. Perhaps she can touch and affect people’s lives throught other means other than by the goosebumps her singing use to. Find a good cause – there are plenty to choose from – use her celebrity to push/plug it. BUT. In all her interviews Whitney has never come across as someone with any depth perhaps that’s the reason she cannot seem to regroup and head in a fresh direction. Singing and drugging is all she sknows and until she finds another hidden talent. The failed comeback and relapse into drugs will have a very unhappy ending.

  18. Ted Coffman says:


  19. Ted Coffman says:

    sorry, what’s that suppose to mean?
    slash and all…