Enquirer: Brad & Angelina’s twins might have Down Syndrome


Ugh, I was really hoping to ignore this story, but whatever. The National Enquirer’s cover story this week is about whether Brad and Angelina’s twins have Down Syndrome. We haven’t been able to read the full cover story yet, so the Enquirer’s reporting is drawn from other sources. Apparently, the Enquirer reports that Knox and Vivienne are “battling secret health issues and MAY even have Down Syndrome.” The Enquirer prints the speculation without any kind of confirmation. Babble does have this however:

The newest issue of National Enquirer shouts: “Twins Health Shocker! Tragic Down Syndrome Reports Surrounding Vivienne & Knox.”

That’s a really heavy claim. Is there any truth?

Let’s take a look inside at the facts.

Well, there are none. Several commenters on the Internet believe that the children look like they have DS.

“They hate that their kids are under such intense observation. It’s very difficult for them to deal with. As far as their concerned, Knox and Vivienne are perfect. Brad and Angie aren’t the type to sweep sensitive issues under the carpet,” a friend of the couple says.

“The twins are healthy, but if there were medical problems with them, I think Brad and Angie would subtly try to destigmatize the issue by not hiding them.”

I agree. Angelina and Brad are both outspoken about issues that concern them, so it’s likely that if the twins or any of their children were suffering a disease they wouldn’t hide it.

[From Babble Blogs]

Yes, I think they would have said something too, if there were health problems or if the twins had Down Syndrome. Much like the Shiloh-is-a-lesbian-because-of-her-hair speculation, I just wish the tabloids and the frothing-at-the-mouth Brangelina-haters would take a moment and just realize that this kind of wild, asinine speculation about children blows. It’s nasty, it’s horrible, and it should end.

And not to put too fine a point on this, I think what some people see as “Down Syndrome” is really just the twins’ genetic predispositions for Brad’s open-mouthed, dumb expressions.

Angelina Jolie Shares Quality Time With Vivienne!

Angelina Jolie Juggles Morning and Motherhood with Vivienne and Knox

Angelina Jolie Shares Quality Time With Vivienne!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt board a canal boat in Venice with their twins Knox and Vivienne

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt board a canal boat in Venice with their twins Knox and Vivienne

Enquirer cover courtesy of Johnny Nikon.

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  1. bite me says:

    i remember when people would say that Shiloh have down syndrome

  2. Oenix says:

    This is where I draw the line. That’s some SERIOUS speculations we have here. Celebrities are people too, if not the grown ones, at least their CHILDREN. Let’s not go wild with this story…. time will tell what’s going on…. and if that is the case then they should have nothing less than compassion!

  3. endoplasmic ridiculum says:

    Um… you can test for the DS gene…Most pregnant women in the US undergo genetic testing for chromosome 21 trisomy.. this is obviously for the clasic National Enquirer target market:

    “Oh yaaa. They LOOK like they have Down Syndrome, therefore they have Down Syndrome”….


  4. cake says:

    And you wonder why Brad and Angelina has purposely not let their babies out in the public much. They have tried to prolong the inevitable. See people can’t help hating on them even via their children. Those babies are fine.

  5. Best of British says:

    totally agree – you just crossed a bridge too far Enquirer.. leave the family alone already.

  6. caitlinsmommy says:

    What a hrrible, hurtful rumor to spread. those children are toddlers with cute full cheeks. That is all. As someone who works with children and adults with DS, I seriously doubt these two have it.

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    disgusting. the triangle bs can be amusing because the stories are so ridiculous, but THIS is really beyond…the tabs pick ONE picture where the kids have funny expressions and use that for their “proof”.

    I wish they could sue the Enq for this crap, but I guess the “coulds” and “may” and “allegedly” stuff keeps the Enq in the clear.

    “I think what some people see as “Down Syndrome” is really just the twins’ genetic predispositions for Brad’s open-mouthed, dumb expressions.”

    Kaiser, on fire as usual!

  8. Bella Mosley says:

    I think everyone’s kids should be off limits. If any of these kids grow up to have issues they could easily and rightfully be blamed on the press. Speculation on the sexual preference of a 3 year old is beyond despicable. As far as DS – these kids look like Shiloh did – chubby cheeks, full lips. They are all beautiful children. The pic on the rag mag shows the hat pushing the eyes. But either way – how abhorrent is it to pick apart babies? Shame on all press who goes there!

  9. Nina says:

    This is ridiculous!!!!!!
    I remember, when Shilo was in the Twins age the same story was running on the internet.
    Kids with Down-Syndrome lookes different.
    I work with kids and teens who have the Down Syndrom.


  10. Lem says:

    boy. that’s gossip over the line. period.
    even IF they have proof

  11. cee says:

    How could anyone have thought that the NE would ever win a Pulitzer Prize. If anything they deserve a booby prize and I cannot believe that people actualy buy this stuff. Even haters need to draw the line at their children.

  12. Luci says:

    the headline is VERY cruel
    plus its obvious its false
    printed magazines are trying too hard to get buyers

  13. Lisa says:

    It’s a lame story and pretty obvious they do not have Down Syndrome. However as the mother of a child with Down Syndrome and Autism I unfortunately find this statement offensive;
    ” And not to put too fine a point on this, I think what some people see as “Down Syndrome” is really just the twins’ genetic predispositions for Brad’s open-mouthed, dumb expressions.”

  14. Whatever says:

    What would be the statistical odds of two FRATERNAL twins both having DS? Astronomically low, I’d imagine. This story goes far past stupid and straight to offensive. Poor babies, they are cute.

  15. lucy2 says:

    I agree that kids should be off limits. I think it’s wrong to scrutinize celebrity children so much, and even worse to suggest something like this.

  16. Maritimer says:

    Blood tests (Maternal Serum Screening) done in 1st trimester will give you a likelihood of having a child with DS, only an amniocentesis will give you definitive diagnosis. Both though? Wow – would be beyond rare I would think.
    If this story is true (very unlikely), they could have known, and simply continued on with the pregnancy (as many parents do).
    A little less than 10% of DS babies are diagnosed post delivery, despite normal screening.

    I do agree, The Enquirer has gone too far with this story. Crossed the line. I hate that our society has dictated that this kind of intrusion is ok. Yes, I am aware that I am part of this socitey and guilty for reading these sites as much as the rest, feeding this monster.

    Although I think the story is total bogus and untrue, I have to admit when I first saw the picture of Knoxx on the balcony in his nannies arms (pic above), Downs is the first thing that came to my mind, so I can see why someone is chasing this story.

  17. Chelly says:

    So what IF they do have down syndrome does that make them any less adorable? huggable? loveable?….Ppl need to stop and get over bs like this.

  18. meme says:

    Jeebus, I can’t stand Brangelina but this is way over the line. ALL kids should be off limits for these rags and the paps need to stop hounding these kids for pictures. It’s disgusting.

  19. Marta says:

    I thought the same thing (as the enquirer) when I first saw these kids

  20. blah says:

    “As far as their concerned, Knox and Vivienne are perfect.”

    They’re, not their.

  21. operaghost says:

    They are perfectly adorable little kids with the usual cherub cheeks. They look so much like Shiloh did when she was younger, and she is perfectly normal. Why should they be any different? Ridiculous.

  22. Marjalane says:

    Icky story, but it’s kind of odd that the Enquirer would go with it without some basis- I mean, everyone is going to be saying, “Icky story”. Maybe they have facts and wanted to get their name on it first. It’s not “respect” I have for the Enquirer, but after the Edwards thing that EVERYONE said was bogus- FOR OVER A YEAR- I look at Enquirer news with a little less stinkeye.

  23. Melanie says:

    If this were true, there is no doubt in my mind that Angie Jo would milk this for all it is worth. Look everyone, the Sainted one!

  24. Marta says:

    Btw- where was all the compassion and outrage when people were openly mocking Sarah oalins baby?

  25. Alex says:

    geez melanie do you get up everyday with your heart full of hate for Jolie? I feel sad for you seriously

  26. Alex says:

    so the NE get a couple stories right so now all their stories are true, give me a break. When Shiloh was younger some people say the samething about her, leave the kids alone

  27. stinabelle says:

    Um, they don’t even look like they have DS. And it’s pretty offensive to equate having DS with OMG TRAGEDY. Most of those kids grow up to be functioning adults with normal lives.

  28. Eileen Yover says:

    I agree with Meme-not a fan of them but leave the kids alone. WAY under the belt.

  29. Sam says:

    If those kids have Downs syndrome then I do and I don’t.

    Neither do they.

    Egads what fool believes this s#%t?

  30. ogechi says:

    “f this were true, there is no doubt in my mind that Angie Jo would milk this for all it is worth. Look everyone, the Sainted one!”

    Hahaha, u beat me to it. You right!

  31. a says:

    they picked a few photos (out of many) with the eyes are more closed and the mouth is open, etc… i think it is really a shame for them to push that angle, especially since i don’t think it’s true.

    i agree with you and think if they had DS it would be more physically prominent and they would be treated differently by the parents in media… plus they would probably start getting involved in MS causes.

  32. Fire says:

    Lisa – I totally agree with you – Kaiser owes you an apology. COMPLETELY un-PC!!

  33. Ruby Red Lips says:

    I see the enquirer have on purpose chosen a couple of bad angled and strange facial expression photos of the twins to enhance their story. god everyone could have all sorts of issues with badly shot photos

    God, the poor babies, I agree that kids should be off limits, leave the little cuties alone

  34. OXA says:

    I hope this is not true but when the first shots in Venice hit the net,I wondered if they had colds or allergies as their eyes looked off to me, cant explain just not the sparkle or animation of kids their age.

  35. Tia C says:

    @ Maritimer: I have to admit also that it did cross my mind regarding Vivienne, but not Knox.

    However, this is not a story that should have ever been written. It’s completely inappropriate and downright mean. If the twins had any health issue like that, you know Brangelina would be all Jenny McCarthy about it.

    Oh, and Kaiser, I thought your comment about “Brad’s open-mouthed, dumb expressions” was HIlarious…

  36. omg says:

    They look exactly like Shiloh did at tht age…for God’s sake, is there no end to this crap?

  37. twisty says:


    Yeah really. All the Enquirer is saying is that these kids look like they COULD have DS, the media (and the famously tolerant liberals) was saying way worse about Palin’s kid, like why didn’t she abort him, that he’s a drain on society, etc. Apparently it’s only ok to say horrible things about children when they belong to someone who dares to have opinions that you do not like or agree with. I’d love to have seen even 1/10th the outrage there that I’m seeing here, but hypocritical liberals, what can you do?

  38. Kaiser says:

    Lisa – I’m sorry. I was trying to get ahead of the people who were going to say “they’re mouthes are always open, they look like —.” In an effort to get ahead of the nasty comments, I made one.

  39. PJ says:

    It’s true that photos of Knox with his eyes all the way open are rare. But that doesn’t mean we should leap to the conclusion that he has DS.

    I wonder if the Enquirer bothered to call the J-P’s rep and ask about it. But then they wouldn’t have a story, would they?

  40. CC says:

    This is BEYOND belief. I hope Empress Z sends her secret posse of thugs to deal with them.

  41. CC says:

    also, you can see a pic of Knox with his eyes open wide here:


    He just has heavy-lidded eyes,like Angelina

  42. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yeah…um, let’s not make this a “liberal/conservative” thing.

    I personally never heard even ONE person, from either “side”, make a slur against Palin’s kid. The only stuff I heard was the speculation that the kid wasn’t Sarah’s, but was her daughter’s. (silly/stupid, but not mean.) Also heard a bit about her using him as a “prop”, but that’s not akin to what you’re alleging.

    while I’m sure there were some “liberals” who made some nasty comments, it’s not isolated to the “liberal” side. there were plenty of nasty comments made about Chelsea Clinton and the Obama daughters, so don’t make it out like the “other side” is above such nastiness.

    you’ll find it in EVERY shade of politics.

    but please, I’m open to your side…what “media” do you refer to that said worse about Palin’s son? what “media” said that she should have aborted him or that he was a drain on society? was it truly a “media” outlet or was it some nasty blogger who uses shock to get attention?

  43. Huma says:

    They’ve got f–king chubby cheeks and big lips -of course their mouths will hang open like that sometimes. KIDS’ MOUTHS HANG OPEN. IT’S JUST WHAT HAPPENS. IT IS ALSO WHY CHILDREN ARE RIDICULOUS AND SHOULD BE TOLD AS MUCH.

    That being said, it’s absolutely disgusting to print this shit about the kids. If someone said that my kid, if I ever have one, I would f–king belt him/her in the mouth.

  44. Tazina says:

    Rags like the Enquirer are desperate for salacious headlines to keep people buying the nonsense they spew out every week. What an ugly, unkind thing to say about someone’s children. It’s up to the parents to tell whoever they wish and whatever they wish about their children, not the Enquirer’s to make stuff up for ratings.

  45. Chelly says:


    Wasnt Jude Law able to sue a Gossip rag for spewing lies abt his kids and apparently got a court to rule in his favor making it so that no one can photograph his children until the age of 18??? I think ALL celebs shld do that.

  46. Maritza says:

    Unless they have proof, such as medical records, the Enquirer is at risk of getting sued. Knox does have like droopy eyelids and Viv is almost always with her mouth open but that does not mean they have DS.

  47. a says:

    This is sad and hateful. Presupposing there was even a shred of truth at all to this, it would be extraordinarily irresponsible to print it, even if it was not speculation. I never had a huge problem with Enquirer, but I can say I will never purchase one again due to such hateful irresponsible speculation. The Jolie Pitt family has no obligation to share any news about the state of health of their children. The state of, or lack of state of health of any of their children is not anyone’s business but their own. Give the children the dignity they deserve. They look beautiful and well loved!

  48. Fire says:

    I think it’s hilarious that a few of you are going all political on this thread. “Hypocritical liberals” – that’s funny. Please point me in the direction of those media articles that said that Palin’s DS baby was a drain on society and should have been aborted. I guess I must have selective memory.

    Thank you, Kaiser. I know you were trying to be funny, but as someone who has volunteered with mentally and physically challenged adults for over 20 years, including those with Down Syndrome, I felt that was a pretty harsh statement. I can only imagine how the mother of a child with this disease (Lisa) might have felt.

    Looks like you beat me to it, Praise St. Angie. Thanks!

  49. Lisa Turtle says:

    This is a terrible article. The tabloid obsession with tearing down this family is sick, and I am embarassed to be a part of a culture where we speculate on the sexuality and health of little children. So what if their parents are famous? These are BABIES! We are supposedly adults! Leave the kids alone!

  50. Victoria says:

    They look like they have DS to me but, with the kind of doctor care that Angie has – how could this happen?

    Didn’t she fly in her doctor to France and for Shi’s birth?

    And, the NE always gets the medical stuff right…

  51. TaylorB says:

    Twisty wrote: “the media (and the famously tolerant liberals) was saying way worse about Palin’s kid, like why didn’t she abort him, that he’s a drain on society, etc.”

    That is a total, flat out lie, and you should be as ashamed of yourself for saying such a terrible thing as I am of you for doing so. NO ONE regardless of political party would ever say such a thing.

    That is a flat out DISGUSTING charge to level against anyone, and even more so based only on your particular political leanings.

    For g*ds sake, grow up and attempt to behave like an adult.

    Shame on you! And if this is the kind of behaviour that is considered acceptable on this site (or anywhere for that matter), then shame on them as well.

    My lord, the way some people choose to behave is astounding. It is fine to disagree, but to make sweeping generalizations, based on total fabrications is exactly what is wrong with this world. “All libs” or “All cons” do this or that or the other, is utter bullshit and anyone who buys into that nonsense is a f*cking moron. People have different opinions, and agree with different policies, but they all want the same thing, a better country and the best for their fellow citizens they just may have a different idea on how to get there.

    I am sorry, but reading your horrid comment frankly made me sick. Please excuse my outburst, but outlandish nonsense based on pure bias, regardless of where it comes from (be it lefty loons or right wing wackos) just puts a burr under my saddle.

  52. fabgrrl says:

    Thank you, TaylorB. My sentiments exactly!

  53. Fire says:

    What, Victoria??? Having children with Down Syndrome has NOTHING to do with the kind of prenatal care you receive. What the hell kind of comment is that? Is everyone bonkers today or what?

  54. dee says:

    I wonder what it’s like to hate two people so much for being together that it makes you say cruel and racist stuff about their children. The bio kids and adopted kids both get the hate.

    It’s like they need something to be horribly wrong in Brad and Angelina’s life.

  55. Bonfire Beach says:

    This does absolutely NOTHING to remove the stigma surrounding DS.

    Not saying they do, but so what if the kids have DS? It doesn’t make them less of a person. I personally have worked with many individuals with DS and they are some of the sweetest, caring people. And they’re not “retarded.”

    What a heated argument the Enquirer has started. And over nothing, in my opinion.

  56. lola lola says:

    According to the NE, the kids can’t be healthy and happy because that’s not a story headline. What a horible rumor to start…next they’ll say all the kids are autistic. Jerks.

  57. JC126 says:

    Hey Twisty – I’m sure you’ll provide us a link to all those “liberal media” types who mocked Palin’s son, or advised her to abort him. We’ll wait. @@
    Regarding the twins, I did think in a couple photos, one of them looked a bit like Britney Spears’ younger kid.

  58. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Why are the kids’ half-closed eyes being used as a diagnosis for DS? It’s not like they’re posing. They don’t know anyone’s taking their picture. From what I understand, babies are pretty much tired all the time. They’re supposed to sleep like 12 hours a day, right?

  59. BiggieShortie says:

    I am NO way pro-Brangelina. I don’t drink they KoolAid, but I must say that I don’t see a shred of evidence of Down’s. I do NOT see the telltale mongoloid trait.
    Leave the kids alone, sheesh.

  60. TaylorB says:


    Thank you! Who cares if they have DS or not? What if they had flat feet, webbed toes, or dandruff? Would that make them any less cute? Not one bit! I think that if they have DS or not, they are still sweet kids with cheeks I would love to pinch, and they have a loving family, so what does it matter?

  61. serena says:

    I think what some people see as “Down Syndrome” is really just the twins’ genetic predispositions for Brad’s open-mouthed, dumb expressions.

    LOL that’s so true. xDDDDDDDD

    Poor children.

  62. Cheyenne says:

    I’ve worked with children who had Down syndrome and these children look absolutely nothing like that.

    Down syndrome has become so rare over the past 20 or 30 years — 92% of Down syndrome fetuses are aborted before birth — that most people don’t even know what a child with Down syndrome looks like any more because they have never seen one.

    The National Enquirer is beyond despicable. I hope Brad and Angie sues the living shit out of these ghouls.

  63. Melanie says:

    You can tell it is a full moon. It doesn’t matter if these kids are DS, not my problem, but I just don’t want the Brange to pull a Jet Travolta because that implies shame. There is absolutly NO shame in having a disabled child and the parents of DS children are the REAL saints.

  64. TaylorB says:

    I am sorry for how long this is but please give it a chance…

    God Chooses A Mom for A Disabled Child
    by Erma Bombeck

    Most women become mothers by accident, some by choice, a few by social pressures, and a couple by habit. This year, nearly 100,000 women will become mothers of handicapped children. Did you ever wonder how mothers of handicapped children are chosen? Somehow I visualize God hovering over Earth selecting his instruments for propagation with great care and deliberation. As he observes, he instructs his angels to make notes in a giant ledger.

    “Armstrong, Beth; son; patron saint, Matthew.

    “Forrest, Marjorie; daughter; patron saint, Cecelia.

    “Rudledge, Carrie; twins; patron saint…. give her Gerard. He’s used to profanity.”

    Finally, he passes a name to an angel and smiles, “Give her a handicapped child.”

    The angel is curious. “Why this one, God? She’s so happy.”

    “Exactly,” smiles God. “Could I give a handicapped child a mother who does not know laughter? That would be cruel.”

    “But has she patience?” asks the angel.

    “I don’t want her to have too much patience or she will drown in a sea of self-pity and despair. Once the shock and resentment wears off, she’ll handle it. I watched her today. She has that feeling of self and independance. She’ll have to teach the child to live in her world and that’s not going to be easy.”

    “But, Lord, I don’t think she even believes in you.”

    God smiles. “No matter. I can fix that. This one is perfect. She has just enough selfishness.”

    The angel gasps, “Selfishness? Is that a virtue?”

    God nods. “If she can’t seperate herself from the child occasionally, she’ll never survive. Yes, there is a woman I will bless with a child less then perfect. She doesn’t realize it yet, but she is to be envied. She will never take for granted a ‘spoken word.’ She will never consider a ‘step’ ordinary. When her child says ‘Momma’ for the first time, she will be present at a miracle and know it! When she describes a tree or a sunset to her blind child, she will see it as few people ever see my creations.

    “I will permit her to see clearly the things I see — ignorance, cruelty, prejudice — and allow her to rise above them. She will never be alone. I will be at her side every minute of every day of her life because she is doing my work as surely as she is here by my side.”

    “And what about her patron saint?” asks the angel, his pen poised in midair.

    God smiles. “A mirror will suffice.”

  65. Sarah says:

    They both look like cute, chubby, healthy babies to me!

  66. archiepelago says:

    Kids, should be off limits but the parents court this by putting their kids in ‘spreads’ in magazines. The safety of the kids come first and celeb parents that slap photos of their kids all over the internet and in magazines need to understand that they are making them public domain at that point. Even posing with them day after day on a balcony while the world’s press hangs out below is courting it. Not saying that people shouldn’t have the right to privacy but in today’s celebrity climate, it goes with the territory that you will have a camera lens rammed up your arse everytime you leave the house. Kids shouldn’t be part of your ‘publicity machine’.

    Agree that this story is despicable. They are beautiful children.

  67. Cheyenne says:

    I notice the scumbags at NE are hedging their bets and saying they MAY have Down syndrome so they can’t get their asses sued.

    The “several commentators on the Internet who believe the children have DS” are the freaks from Female First who said the same thing about Shiloh when she was the twins’ age.

    I remember NE ran a cover story about the twins’ “health crisis” when they were two or three months old. Turned out they had colic.

  68. Zoe says:

    I think it’s hilarious people are NOW saying National Enquirer has gone too far. All these people have done for decades is rip others lives apart, with the financial support of a greedy public. They aren’t stooping any lower than usual. That they are now getting even more press and money by being quoted in blogs just puts more money in their pockets and will allow this nonsense to continue. Supply and demand.

  69. xxodettexx says:

    TaylorB, you took the words right out of my mouth…

    i have a niece with pentasomy x syndrome who i help raise along with my parents [since my sister is worthless as a mom] and i really really hate when these precious kids are trashed on gossip sites or by ANY media, liberal or conservative or in between!

    while i may lean a sharp left politically, and while i have many reservations as to palin, her son is just tooooo freaking adorable…

    the sweeping generalizations and polarization when it comes to political stuff is just too nauseating to deal with when i am just sitting at work wanting to get away from the stress of my reality…


  70. d says:

    wow, that’s waaaay over the line. wow. that’s so bad.

  71. Hautie says:

    Just tacky and mean.

    Oddly enough… Britney Spears had the same type of eyes when she was a kid.

    That is why all the tacky comments are being made. Their eyes look a tad too far apart.

    Which will not be a issue when they grow into them. Geez they are barely toddlers and getting attack for their looks.

    But for the Enquirer to run a cover story about it, is beyond tacky.

  72. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Cheyenne; I agree with you WHOLEHEARTEDLY….

    Also, any veteran poster knows that AJ and BP are not my favorites, but (believe it or not) I am APPALLED by the hateful attitude towards the children. While Angelina and Brad can defend themselves, these beautiful children (all of them) cannot. Someone made a comment about Jude Law and the photogs not being able to photograph his kids….I think this is THE way to go in the US as well as with the British press.


  73. teri says:

    Nothing p. sses me off as much as someone claiming an innocent child to have DS without first hand knowledge. It’s horrible and just ignorance. I know jen aniston would love nothing more along with her fans but that’s just evil.

  74. teri says:

    Melanie great post, ITA with you. For any parent caring for a DS child my heart goes out to you.

  75. Maritimer says:

    Cheyenne you wrote:
    “Down syndrome has become so rare over the past 20 or 30 years — 92% of Down syndrome fetuses are aborted before birth — that most people don’t even know what a child with Down syndrome looks like any more because they have never seen one”

    What rock are you living under? There are 500 Down Syndrome babies born each year in Canada alone, which means approx. 1 in every 725 births. It is the most common chromosome abnormality among liveborn infants in all of the world.

    I know very few people who’s lives have not been touched by a DS child or young adult. I know it is such a blanket statement, but I have yet to meet one that doesn’t make me smile, such kind hearts with great personalities.

  76. javagirl1 says:

    Basically, Angelina will always be disgusting to me. Regardless of the circumstances, she stepped on another woman’s toes. Females should look out for each other…
    That being said, I think the NE’s story is disgusting also. If the twins had down syndrome, I’m sure AJ and BP would have mentioned it by now…I hope they sue.
    And Kaiser, you’re so right about Brad’s dumb expressions…he sure pulls off the doofus look to a tee!

  77. Praise St. Angie! says:

    teri, are you actually saying that Aniston would “love” it if the twins had Down Syndrome?

    you DEFINE the term “brangeloonie”. saying crap like that is no better than the NE running a story like this.

    jesus H.

  78. Shannon says:

    Beyond the fact that this is just a horrible story altogether, the idea that FRATERNAL twins would just happen to have the same genetic mutation is really stupid. The odds of that happening are very low. Whoever wrote the story obviously forgot that if twins are male and female they CANNOT be identical and therefore they do NOT share the same DNA. Really, really stupid. I’m outraged by this.

  79. lucy2 says:

    Sigh. I shouldn’t bother, but…Aniston has NOTHING to do with this. Why so filled with hate for someone you don’t know??? To say anyone would take joy in a child having DS is quite disturbing, IMO.

    Maritimer, I was curious and found similar statistics for the US, about 1/800 babies born have DS, about 6000/year. According to the CDC, there has been a steady INCREASE – probably due to an increasing average age of mothers, since that is a big risk factor for DS.

    I think it’s quite likely that most people know someone with DS or a similar condition, or are at least aware of it. There is even a supporting character on Glee with DS.

    It’s just gross that anyone would run a story about a child’s health like this.

  80. Amy says:

    What a vile thing to say. They should be ashamed of themselves for resorting to this low!

  81. voiceover says:

    I’m under no spell with Brangie, but I also think this is really horrible. If I were to pick up a paper and read that headline about my own kids I’d go apesh!t. They can’t sue, however, because of NE’s conveniently worded accusations. Mostly, I think it says more about the American Public than it does about the magazine. The paps know that a negative story about the JP’s is going to sell. America wants to see them suffer, and thus, the mags cater to those theories.

  82. moops says:

    This is only a cruel thing to speculate about if you think that DS is a terrible or pitiable condition. I do not, nor do the thousands of people with DS. Before you excoriate the Enquirer (which I agree is terrible in many ways), perhaps you should examine your own views.

  83. TaylorB says:

    #73 wrote: ‘I know jen aniston would love nothing more along with her fans but that’s just evil.’

    Actually suggesting that Jennifer A. or her fans would ‘love’ for these children to have DS or any health issue is actually the ‘evil’ comment. No one would wish for a child to be anything other than happy and healthy, and to suggest otherwise speaks more about your character.

    What in creation is wrong with people these days? I can’t even imagine being so jaded that I would suggest a person who didn’t hold my exact views would be so horrid that they would wish harm upon another, not to mention a child.

  84. Gaga Fab says:

    they do look like they have down syndrome, but so what, it shouldn’t matter and it definately should not make headlines if it’s true. I think they just have puffy cute faces and big eyes. They are beautiful to me..but in a few pics I thought the same thing, but I didn’t want to say it out loud.

  85. teri says:

    It’s not just a child it’s the JP children. Many and I mean many jennifer aniston fans wish them so much misery on a daily basis. It is sad isn’t it? After visiting ff site there are so many delusional cowards who would wish them the worst death ever including the innocent children. Not all of them but the majority riding the pity train.

  86. teri says:

    My views are exactly that, MY OWN. You can and have disagreed with my opinion, but making it a point to also call me a brangeloonie for saying it is wrong. IMO she’s held a very long grudge against the JP for actually making a family together that’s lasted. You saying she doesn’t hold any bitterness towards them or their children is your opinion.

  87. voiceover says:

    I think that’s stretching, Teri. I’m not a fan of the Jolie Pitts, and I also like Jennifer Aniston for a bunch of reasons (although, like most on this board, I wish she’d try new film roles), but I don’t wish anything like that on a kid. The only people who are like that are the mental patients on BOTH ends of the spectrum, and we don’t have many of those on this board.

  88. teri says:

    Viewing a DS child I do feel terrible for them personally. Having two in my ex fiances family It is very sad. Just knowing the pain and suffering these innocent children go through tugs on my heart. I feel the parents are great providing endless care for them. As I’ve said I’m an expectant grandma and it could possibly turn out I will also have a downs grandchild. My son is expecting a child in Sept. and yes his fathers side has two mentally retarded children by his father. I guess this just took over my emotions reading that article. My son knows it could happen to his own child, and his response was this. I will love this child no matter what, I’ll be the best dad and give the baby more love, something apart of me I will never be ashamed of. So yes we will know for sure in September when the baby is born or before if it has DS. Just my emotions taking over.

  89. whogonacheckmeboo says:

    As someone who works closely with children and adults who have developmental disabilities, I am so disgusted that the NE would even fake-report on this smug. They have NO evidence, and from the pictures the public has seen, the children do not display the classic traits that come along when a child has downs syndrome

  90. teri says:

    By my ex fiances fathers side. His own dad had two mentally retarded sons. After reading that I guess I didn’t write it clearly. sorry

  91. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yes, teri, you’re entitled to your OWN views…but when those views are as warped as yours, you should ALSO expect people to REACT to those views.

    you have a right to say what you want, and we have a right to react and comment on it.

    and yes, if you are saying that Aniston is HOPING for a DS diagnosis, you ARE a loonie. a SICK loonie. if you don’t like being called that, don’t say stupid shit.

    “Many and I mean many jennifer aniston fans wish them so much misery on a daily basis.”

    perhaps, but not on this board. stop projecting whatever nastiness you read elsewhere onto posters here. (why visit those sites at ALL?! Seriously, WHY GO TO THOSE SITES IF THEY’RE SO DISGUSTING?! I have yet to hear a JP fan answer that one.)

    “IMO she’s held a very long grudge against the JP for actually making a family together that’s lasted.”

    your opinion, and you’re entitled to it, but what do you base that on? what has aniston said or done to make you believe she’s held a grudge for the reason you’ve stated?

  92. Cheyenne says:

    @Gaga Fab: Have you ever actually seen a child with Down syndrome? I thought not.

  93. Kim says:

    they dont look down syndrome? Enquirer doesnt usually do stories totally false so maybe they have some learning disabilities? They just dont look like Downs kids.

  94. Cheyenne says:

    @Maritimer: 1 out of 725 babies is an infinitesimally small percentage of the total number of babies born every year. And according to most sources on Down syndrome, since ultrasound became a routine procedure in pregnancies, 92% of fetuses with Down syndrome are aborted.

    That said, I agree that Down syndrome children are some of the sweetest, kindest, and most loving and affectionate children one would ever want to meet.

  95. Kaiser says:

    Praise St. Angie – I moderate the comments, and trust me, there are some truly nasty Aniston fans who wish death and disease on the entire Jolie-Pitt family, and who say really horrible shit about the children. Just because this site rarely lets those comments through, doesn’t mean the same people aren’t sitting on every other gossip site doing the same thing.

    There are truly pathetic loonies on both sides. So enough already.

  96. Cheyenne says:

    teri: I know jen aniston would love nothing more along with her fans but that’s just evil.

    Teri, come on now, I don’t like Aniston either but that is really pushing it. I don’t believe she would wish something like that on any child, any more than I believe the freaks on Female First represent most of her fans.

  97. Kim says:

    The cover claims reports of Downs. They arent claiming the kids have Downs.
    This is how they get out of being sued. They would claim they never said the kids had downs, we said there were reports of them having downs (tricky arent they).

  98. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Kaiser, I thank you for deleting comments along those lines. I don’t like to read nasty comments about kids either.

    which is why I DON’T go to sites like Female First! 😉

  99. TaylorB says:


    I think it is a testament to you and CB that you moderate out the horribly foul stuff and make this such a funny yet pleasant site, I didn’t realize that people would actually be so harsh. On other sites (Perez Hilton etc) sure, but it seems that the commenters here are generally very respectful and thoughtful even if they disagree.

    I guess I may be the one sporting the rose colored glasses.

  100. Melanie says:

    I was not aware that people where actually making death threats, ect. Wow, that is freaking insane. Please people, get help if you are crazy!

  101. Catherine says:

    There is just something so mean-spirited in both the article and a lot of the comments posted about this touchy subject.
    Some people are seriously lacking in class. Leave Angelina and Brad alone. Leave the kids alone. It has nothing to do with any of us, downs or not.

  102. GatsbyGal says:

    Have these people never seen a kid with DS? The twins don’t have that look. Granted, I always did think they seemed a little…well, off…in the face. But there’s no DS there.

  103. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Bonfire: Thank you for saying what I was thinking. The Enquirer is displaying a ridiculously archaic attitude towards ‘differentness’. They think we all would be HORRIFIED to learn that the twins had Downs? How TERRIBLE! It’s the END OF THE WORLD. Burn them at the stake. Burn their parent’s at the stake.

    The article is insulting to people with Downs Syndrome and those who love them. It’s only laughable to Brad and Angelina I am sure.

    And yes Cheyenne, I have seen LOTS of both children AND adults with Downs.

    Teri – you need a nap.

  104. LondonLady says:

    Vivienne looks exactly like my friends daughter and she does not have DS either.

  105. Cheyenne says:

    @Melanie: They weren’t making death threats, they were making death wishes. Also wishing the kids would be born handicapped and/or retarded, and that Z would be raped by a psychopath and get AIDS. No I am not making that up. And don’t even get me started on the racist comments about all of the adopted children.

    People are freaking insane to say things like that about anyone, let alone a child.

  106. anon says:

    @melanie crazy people either don’t admit it or don’t consider themselves crazy; they don’t usually go for help. And you can’t even try to prove it (that someone is crazy) until someone or something has been harmed at which point it’s too late for the victim/s

  107. rraven says:

    I actually think some of the AJ/BP fans go to the “hater” websites because they are either (a) curious to see how bad the hate is based on reports or provided links or (b) they go there to convince them that the brange aint that bad.

    I won’t even comment on the DS claims because the rational people have said it all.

    I will say that some people just really want them to be deeply unhappy or doomed because of “karma”, nevermind the fact that universal justice does not usually take cues from hateful pissed off bloggers, and all three people in the bermuda triangle and their nearest and dearest might just have success no matter how many times people think they don’t deserve it.

  108. Melanie says:

    Anon, Are you trying to tell me something? 🙂
    I am picking up what you are laying down, Sugar. I will seek help immediately.

  109. Beth says:

    It’s very obvious that NE and people on this site don’t have a clue what DS is. Just by looking at somebody you can tell if they have it. Their eyes are small and narrow, almost Asian looking. There are plenty of pictures where the twins’ eyes are wide open. Most of these photos the kids are looking down. Also the reports are probably NE trolling websites. The haters’ favorite insult for the biological kids is to say they have DS. You kind want to laugh since they don’t even look it.

  110. Liz says:

    Tne NE rarely gets medical stories right . They claimed Patrick Swayze had 5 weeks to live he died 17 months later. According to them Oprah had 3 years to live about 3 years ago.This DS BS was said about Shiloh until she was about 2 1/2

  111. Ginny says:

    They don’t even really have the distinctive markers for down syndrome. They have some features that seem that way, but not as noticeable as many children with DS. The Enquirer is running it for sales, but they’re not actually claiming that the twins have it.

    As for the Trig Palin stuff…well, I’ll just throw it out there that I am not a Republican by any means (but I doubt it will make a difference to say it) but there was a lot of disgusting stuff thrown around about that little baby. The idea that no one took that dirty shot is more than a little silly. Someone always takes the dirty shot, whether they’re Republican or Democrat or whatever.

    As for the links….




  112. Lilias says:

    Yea teri needs a nap and a nice Valium.

    Anyway, I’m also glad that the completely insane comments are weeded out on this site. I’ve read some stuff on other sites that made me wonder why someone would write something so cruel about someone so innocent.

    I also no longer visit those sites which are full of crazies. Going there is masochistic. Just stop going. You know it exists so why bother reading it over and over again?

  113. Oy says:

    Oh please no one gave a crap when everybody called Sarah Palin’s kid names so why is it such a big deal now?

  114. Melanie says:

    Palin Shmalin! This here is a Brange post.

  115. Linda says:

    This makes me sooooo mad. When my daughter was in pre-school she had to have a school physical. That dr. called me on the phone to say that he felt she was a good candidate for having downs syndrome. He was going only by her facial features. Her eyes were slightly turned down, as are her fathers. She had to go through the blood work test and it took 6 weeks for the results to come back—-negative. This fool even had it put in her school record that she showed definate signs of downs syndrome. Never mind that she was right on target with the rest of her class. What a terrible thing for parents to have to go through!

  116. anon says:

    @melanie I was not including you in any way, really 🙂 you sounded sincere to me in your plea for them to get help 🙂 I just thought I would mention that about “crazy people”. There are a lot of anons who post here. I am not one of the snarky ones or one that uses F word etc. only the site moderators see our email info, so they know 🙂 I would never call you or anyone posting here crazy

  117. Melanie says:

    Anon, I was just teasing you! Have a great evening 🙂

  118. Ruffian9 says:

    Lisa: April 29th, 2010 at 9:40 am

    That comment bothered me too; Thank you for addressing it.

  119. Ruffian9 says:

    Bravo TaylorB!

  120. Anti-icon says:

    Brangelina has NO CHOICE now but to sue the pants off the National Enquirer. The lawsuit will be epic, and everyone’s dirt will have to be aired. Or is there some truth to this story? I’m getting my popcorn.

    (I think all their children are adorable, special needs or not. But, this is the celebrity gossip site and these two can’t ever expect their lives to be private….cause they court the press too much themselves.)

  121. DD says:

    Whether they have Down’s or not doesn’t make them any less than anyone else. All the people involved at NE for running that article are discriminating against people with Down’s Syndrome.

    About the repulsive comments that get posted on other sites, I think we can agree that every celebrity has their borderline psycho haters. There is nothing really that can be done, except censor them, which this site already does. It’s not like they gain any sense by reading about how we know they exist and how vile we think they are.
    Some of the broad generalizations about how Aniston fans wish this or JP fans wish that is offensive because you are pooling everyone with a few psychos. It’s like saying that everyone who likes the color green is a psycho just because you know of one psycho who likes the color green.

  122. Aussie Mama says:

    BS, they don’t have the wide gap/nose bridge, they don’t have the folds around the eyes, like DS kids, they just don’t have the look about them. they look fine. Lay off the kids, it’s frickin’ not on!
    And….even if they did, how lucky would they be, to have folks with endless money to give them everything and care for them the way they do.
    Let’s not ever say a thing about any one’s kiddies, over 18 go for your life, but leave the babes alone.

  123. VP says:

    I must admit that when I first saw their pics as infants I wondered if they had Down Syndrome. Perhaps The Enquirer people thought that too and just ran with it. Brad and Angelina are so popular, and they seem to evade the press, so they’ll write anything to sell their crappy rag, no?

    @Linda – that is very unfortunate. I’m not sure when DS is diagnosed, but I hope it would be made more on developmental deficits, not physical appearance.

  124. andrea says:

    yeah, now this is pretty awful to print and even if it were true and they werent announcing it to the world, if anything is nobody’s goddam business, its whether or not your child has down syndrome. i think the ones who pimp their kids pretty hard – which is cruise in the top spot followed by the brange – they can expect stories like “zomg, suri is a princess brat” or “zomg, zahara can beat down maddox with only one hand” or whatever, but not this kind of thing. UNCOOL.

  125. Kali says:

    Jeez, they look like children with hats on. They don’t look like they have Down syndrome. And I’m sure Brad or Angie would have said something if they did. What a fake story!

  126. Cheyenne says:

    @rraven: That is one of the most intelligent and insightful comments I’ve ever read on any blog. Some people simply don’t believe this couple has any right to be happy together.

  127. My2Cents says:

    What is this world coming to.
    How sad that grown adults pick on babies.
    I am writting to the editor there and letting them know exactly what I think of them.

  128. anonymous says:

    Why post ANY RAG MAG stories that target children, whether it is Britney’s, TomKat’s, Beckams, Depp’s or ANY children????

    NOT posting exploitative rag mag covers on children under 12 or highlight this filth on blogs would do a lot to STOP this nonsense.

  129. Eye Opener says:

    Highly doubt that NE would cover this story if there wasn’t some truth to it! Enquirer aren’t fools. They know what legal ramifications this could bring, so they cover their ass WELL (just ask JOHN EDWARDS).

    But when you go into a clinic and “manufacture” a child, who knows what could go wrong by human hands!

    Even if those kids don’t have DS – they don’t look healthy. Maybe AJ should stay HOME and give them some motherly love and attention and stop running away from her responsibilities!

  130. anonymous says:

    Female First freaks infest any and every blog they can with their demented and deranged “truths” and “beliefs” about every negative thing about the JP’s just to satisfy their blood-thirsty lust for evil and harm to come to these people.

  131. anonymous says:

    I sure hope we have grounds for a lawsuit here. This is asinine & cruel for these children or any child or any human being to have to put up with this garbage.

  132. i don’t believe these children have downs. while they do look a lot like pictures of a young jolie or pitt, that is about it. nothing to see there.

    there just isn’t a lot of information regarding these children. another possible scenario: if they were born, for example, with premature lungs(not that uncommon in twin births)these children may have been sheltered early on to keep them safe from respiratory diseases that could kill (RSV), and not because of a congenital issue like downs.

    i also have a set of young fraternal twins(1 year next week)and when the H1N1 scare reached our community last fall and our babies were too young for any vaccine- we kept them at home and strictly monitored our other children(believe me, i have more!)to try to create a barrier to shield them. it did work, although many people thought we were odd for not going out with our children. to each their own.

    my point: the first year for any baby can be delicate-for twins it can be even more so. we may be seeing them more now simply b/c they have crossed a critical threshold for survival.

    btw: if communities in general could learn to man up and actually demonstrate baseline support for families with children of special needs- then a lot less of this speculative gossip would be going on. people fear what they do not understand.

  133. Beth says:

    They can’t sue because NE doesn’t say they have DS just that there’s reports saying it looks like they do. Semantics are tabloids and blogs bestfriend. I really hate that NE got the John Edwards story because now people believe everything is true. 99% of their stories are still wrong and exaggerated. Also there are a lot of ugly and hateful comments on this site. But they aren’t as bad as other sites.

  134. westender says:

    How would the writer of this NE article feel if someone said the same thing about their own children?

  135. Zenobia says:

    Am I the only one here who doesn’t really see this as a capital offence against the Jolie-Pitts? Sure, it’s a dumb story. But I was far more offended first that this site – which is normally more circumspect than this in choosing stories – would a) run this; and b) leave such a colossally douchey statement at the end of it; and secondly, that the comments here somehow do not qualify as vitriolic or offensive or bigoted just because they don’t happen to take aim at the celebrities themselves.

    Having a brother with autism and two adopted cousins with Down’s (yes, my aunt and uncle were on a waiting list for six years specifically for babies with Down’s), I have this to say: they are a blessing. They are a bloody miracle. They are the most important people in my life. The Enquirer article – and, by extension, this post – didn’t level itself against celebrities. It leveled itself against disabled people because they thought that would hit the goddamned celebrities where it hurts. And to so many of you, it did. The idea that it’s possible to shame a parent for putatively having a kid with Down’s makes me want to vomit, completely apart from the logical impossibility that this story is true.

    About 80% of you should be ashamed of yourselves. And for the record, comparing the beautiful faces of kids with Down’s to Brad Pitt’s bloody gormless mug does a disservice to those kids.

    I really hope this site will be a little more circumspect in future and think for 30 seconds before compounding a felony and posting garbage like this.

  136. cara says:

    FIRST OFF…I Love people with downes syndrome…they are not “retarded” it’s those of us that were born with proper brains, that refuse to use them as we should, that I would deem retarded. All the people that I’ve ever personally known with Downes, were THE most kind hearted, amazing people. True gifts from God.

    That said, I don’t think those kids look like they have Downes at all. But, if they do, I hope B and A raise them exactly the same as they do with the others. Just like Chris Burkes fam did.

  137. Kathy says:

    the readers should take a class action suite against the Enquirer for the horrible story about Angie and Brad’s twins. They do have Down’s! They are beautiful children. Who started the rumor, Jennifer Anison? Angie and Brad shoul sue the Enquirer!!!!!!!

  138. TaylorB says:

    Just out of curiosity what is ‘Female First’?

    As many of you can understand, after several ‘puter viruses I am extra cautious of visiting an unfamiliar site.

  139. Cheyenne says:

    @VP: Down syndrome is diagnosed conclusively by an extra chromosome. But the physical characteristics of Down syndrome babies are most often seen in the eyes, which have a kind of Asian slant (Down syndrome people used to be called “Mongoloid” back in the day) and a single crease across the palms of the hands instead of multiple lines like people without the syndrome have.

    There is nothing in the J-P twins that looks remotely like Down syndrome. The same idiots who claim the twins have Down syndrome used to say Shiloh had Down syndrome when she was their age. It bugs the hell out of them that Brad and Angie produced three normal, healthy children. Karma isn’t supposed to work like that. 🙄

  140. Kim2 says:

    I read th NE story they quote comments from people on female first, justjared and pink is thenewblog. The comments are, I’m paraphrasing, ” Viv looks like she has DS. The story says people are speculating the twins have DS . They never quote a medical expert only people’s comments on those 3 gossip sites.The story never states the twins have DS nor sdoes it say they have any health issues. It says people in the public have speculated because they were rarely seen in their first year. They can’t be sued

  141. TaylorB says:

    Zenobia wrote: “About 80% of you should be ashamed of yourselves”

    You are correct some of us have been far too pushy and opinionated, myself included to the nth degree. I guess we all get a hitch in our giddy-up from time to time and it comes across as offensive to others, for that I am very sorry. But to be fair, and I mean no disrespect, but I would suspect that on this particular site it is more like 20% of us (again myself included) are offensive and need to be a bit more judicious when making comments and the other 80% are nice, polite, kind hearted, funny people simply making a comment or stating an opinion. I don’t mean to be difficult, but I have been to my share of celeb web sites, and the people here seem very kind and thoughtful in comparison.

  142. snapnhiss says:

    The kids are just mouth breathers, I don’t see what the big deal is.

  143. batgirl says:

    It is offensive that the NE claims that Down Syndrome is “tragic”. Try saying that when you are looking at my beautiful 4 month old son who has Down Syndrome. Oh my “health shocker!”

    Even if they do have Down Syndrome…so what? Does that make them less beautiful? Does that make them less of anything? Don’t feel pity or bad seeing people with Down Syndrome – they lead very happy and productive lives.

  144. Cheyenne says:

    @TaylorB: Female First is probably one of the most vicious hate sites on the internet.

    If your curiosity is insatiable, the web address is http://www.femalefirst.co.uk . But if you do decide to check it out, you’d better have a barf bag handy. You’ll need it.

  145. MomtoDSchild says:

    So what if one of the kids did have DS? Then Brad and Angelina could consider themselves very lucky because kids with DS are simply the best! They would be incredibly blessed and lucky if one of the kids was diagnosed with Trisomy 21.

  146. Missfit says:

    Wow, that’s NOT nice. National or anybody in general shouldn’t talk about people’s kids that way? They are idiots for going by others comments of DS to run such a story. They are pathetic. For a child is innocent, they cannot defend themselves. Even people that say some of the celebrity kids are UGLY…like come on now people, grow up! Even IF those kids were to have DS (hypothetically speaking)… I’m sure Brad and Angelina would love them no matter what. Why should a child with a disability or special needs be outcasted or withdrawn or hated on because they are so different? Not everyone is perfect. Even if those kids were not out and about with mommy and daddy, people would still be talking smack and most likely making accusations about the kids anyway. With such a statement, it should not be told, unless it’s from the parents themselves, a certified neurologists. For someone who doesn’t have a child with a disability or have been around them, it’s easy for them to talk and make the wrong assumptions. They think they know what it’s like, but they have no idea. I have a child with autism and yes, he’s a handful and it’s a challenge raising him, but you know what, I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Stating the obvious, things happen for a reason. I love him for who he is, not for what he is not. To be retarded isn’t the mentally challenged, it’s those whom are afraid in what they don’t know or understand and they choose otherwise instead of understanding what is true.

  147. batgirl says:

    Also, at 21 months old they would definitely know that a child has Down Syndrome. I am sure those kids have the best doctors…our pediatrician picked up on my son’s DS within minutes of birth. It is not based on “looking” like they have Down Syndrome. That is ridiculous. Seriously, get educated about Down Syndrome before you spew garbage!

  148. Cheryl says:

    well the twin’s doctors look at the same faces we are looking at, so if there is a diagnosis to be made it would have been made and sold to the highest bidder by the army of turn-coat nannies, body-guards and so-called friends that traipse through that compound on a weekly basis.

  149. pino says:

    They are just ugly.

  150. barb says:

    neither of the twins has downs syndrome they have wide faces and are usually shocked by paparazzi and who can blame them…..poor kids but they are not at all downs …not even close cheez angelina and brad should just move to like belgium or something and get away from all ths nonsense

  151. Jenna says:

    The fourth picture with Shiloh in it looks as if a caption should be on it saying “Does not approve”.

  152. eternalcanadian says:

    Wow, such disablism. Whether a child has down syndrome shouldn’t be cause for cries of the world has ended because Brad & Angelina have children with challenges. The NE is a shameful piece of rag gossip, and yet we all are compelled to discuss it…

  153. argirl says:

    He does not but she certainly does look like she might have Down Syndrome….not that it really matters.

  154. Zee says:

    I wonder if all the people here who are decrying any bit of the story or the way these children are treated were as charitable and kind towards Sarah Palin’s baby who was mocked and photoshopped.

    These children look normal and if they aren’t I certainly hope they are treated respectfully. In this crass world I doubt it. Sadly.

  155. Chico says:

    It’s SO sad that people hate the parents so much that they have to take it out on these innocent little kids. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read comments about Shiloh having Downs, Shiloh being a lesbian, racist attacks on the adopted kids, and now, the twins are being attacked, too. What is WRONG with these people? Their lives must be really SAD. 🙁

  156. Alicia says:

    For those that say two fraternal twins can’t have Down’s. Yes they can. I’m the mother of two such children and they have been blessings from the moment they were conceived.

  157. mon says:

    there gloids

  158. Dara says:

    You know having DS isnt the end of the world either this is really offensive to people who do have DS kids,acting like its some great tragedy….poor reporting!

  159. matta says:

    QUOTE: I think what some people see as “Down Syndrome” is really just the twins’ genetic predispositions for Brad’s open-mouthed, dumb expressions.

    Nice. My daughter has Down’s Syndrome and I really don’t appreciate that remark. The author is reinforcing a negative stereotype and showing their complete ignorance. BTW – having a child with DS is not a “tragedy”. I speak with 40 years experience so I should know.

  160. Nikki says:

    They definitely look like they are developmentally challenged. Maybe autism. Hey, have you noticed how mothers of tards have to brag ad infitem about how really special they are how much love anyway>

  161. Justaline says:

    The heading is Over The Top, this magazine has crossed the line of dignity by not showing any respect for any parents of ‘specials’ and for any specials themselves, who quite frankly have more manners and qualities than your uneducated author.

  162. Jennifer says:

    I was shocked at the alleged disorder speculations by the Enquirer myself. However in some pictures, Vivienne does show some physical attributes of down’s especially the eyes. This does not at all mean she has it. If she has it, her parents are well aware.

  163. What an epic put up – undoubtedly essential! Much appreciated!

  164. kittiekat says:

    awwww, cute cute little things. congrats, Brangie!!!
    if cute babies like those carry the syndrome, let us all have it!!

    [people are hateful, jealous and judgemental,ugh, how disgusting]

  165. pam says:

    As much as I CAN’T STAND Angelina and Brad Pitt, it makes me sick that people would stoop so low as to talk S@#T about innocent childern!!! and even of they do have downs or anything else, its nobody’s damn business!!!!

  166. Mary Jane Iorio says:

    Angelina and Brad make the most beautiful babies together. This is none of anyone’s business. Shame on you Nat’l Enquirer. You’ve stooped too low on this one. What one will do for a dollar never ceases to amaze me. Leave the children of celebrities alone.

  167. Victoria says:

    Cute kids!

    Star’s personal lives are always fodder for lesser mortals living vicariously through them. Also, parasites trying to make a buck off them.

    I agree though that kids should be left alone. Very crummy behavior Nat’l Enquirer.

  168. Kellie Stamey says:

    After having read this article and only a few of the comments posted! I, after having been blessed by having had a child born to me in Sept. of 2008, with DS. Can assure you that if these children have DS, those parents will come to know, if not already, that although sometimes time consuming, these children are previous gifts, that can open up a casym of untapped strength that you never thought yourself possible of having, and unwavering belief in a POWER GREATER THAN SELF, that my family chooses to refer to as JESUS CHRIST!

  169. Dianne says:

    This kind of journalism is sick…simply sick.

    I was reminded on a soap that celebrities can be made and unmade at the will or publicity, hence putting celebrities at risk for whatever they want to report.

    It is one thing to tell lies about the celebrities…. and a very LOW blow to discuss celebrities’ children.

    News like this ought to come from the parents, not on speculation.

    Angelina and Brad will always be targets because they are beautiful vibrant people.

  170. emmarose says:

    because they successfully busted john edwards with rielle hunter, they think they can go back to this shoddy kind of reporting. stop doing it. the kids look fine. they’ll both grow up to look like supermodels. i don’t know how well they’re being parented, but otherwise, they look fine.