How did Sandra Bullock keep little Louis a secret for so long?

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Now that people have recovered from the shock of Sandra Bullock’s big announcement they’re asking how the Oscar winning actress kept her adopted baby a secret for so long. We didn’t even hear a rumor that Sandra intended to adopt, although she did mention to Ellen last year that there were a lot of children who needed homes. (Given that Sandra was promoting a film in which she adopted an older teen, people didn’t think much of it.)

Some cynics have wondered whether Bullock adopted for publicity in the wake of the scandal over her husband cheating and being an all-around racist creep. First of all, adoption is a lifelong commitment not a publicity stunt and second, Sandra started the adoption process four years ago. It’s not simple or quick to adopt a child, particularly in the US. Even if you’re rich and famous there are plenty of hoops to jump through. Also, we’ve learned that Sandra had Louis since January. How did she keep her son a secret for over three months then? Well, according to Sandra she didn’t take him out of the house that much and her friends helped her. Here’s more from The Chicago Sun Times’ Bill Zwecker on the lengths Sandra went to. She had a whole team of people helping her:

There’s a good reason Sandra Bullock’s super-hush-hush adoption of little Louis from New Orleans was such a well-kept secret. The Oscar winner had ”a strategic plan, the best security and help from some real pros,” a major Bullock buddy revealed Wednesday.

”This was an operation that would have made the CIA proud,” quipped the source, adding that the actress actually was aided by a key player who had ”extensive experience with undercover government work.”

The source also indicated ”it was that little guy — sweet baby Louis — who is probably the main reason Sandy has been able to keep her sanity these past couple of months. The revelations about Jesse [James], her soon-to-be-ex-husband] nearly killed her. The one thing she treasures more than anything is loyalty. To have been dealt that betrayal was almost more than she could bear.”

• As for the 31/2month-old baby, ”He’s just perfect,” Bullock told People magazine, which broke the story and features the actress and tiny Louis on its latest cover.

• Another Bullock friend, who only learned about Louis late last week, said the adoption was a key reason James entered rehab. For him to be a part of Louis’ life, Bullock insisted he get help for his sexual addiction issues. In return, according to the agreements tied to the divorce filing Bullock initiated Friday in Austin, Texas, she also wants to remain involved in the lives of his three children from earlier marriages– especially little Sunny, to whom Bullock has become extremely attached over the past couple of years.

While the couple initially had filed to adopt Louis together, Bullock switched the final papers after learning of James’ cheating — and is proceeding with the process as a single mother.

• Her divorce filing states ”the marriage between petitioner and respondent has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities that destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship and prevents any reasonable expectations of reconciliation.”

• As for James, he issued his own statement to People saying he has agreed to the divorce. “Sandy is the love of my life,” he said, “but considering the pain and devastation I have caused her, it would be selfish to not let her go.” James vowed to beat an unspecified “addiction” and “be the best father possible to my four children.”

• Adding more poignancy to the situation, Bullock reveals she and James began the adoption process four years ago, bringing the child who now will be known as Louis Bardo Bullock home in January.

”Due to all of the craziness tied to the Oscar nomination and the whole awards season process, Sandra and Jesse decided to keep this a deep, dark secret and out of the limelight until after the Academy Awards,” said another Bullock friend — who lives on the East Coast and is only now learning about the adoption.

”Sandy has always been great at keeping confidences — especially when it comes to other friends’ problems. This only proves how good she is at it!”

[From The Chicago Sun Times]

Well, good for Sandra! She has an adorable baby boy who is surely starting to show his personality and Louis must be such a joy and a comfort to her. She also managed what could be one of the great public relations coups in the entertainment industry over the past few years. It’s genuine, too, which makes this all the more a triumph for Sandra.

Earlier today Kaiser covered some more of Sandra’s interview, and from what I’ve seen she’s been nothing but gracious to Jesse in light of his massive cheating. She had some harsh words for his obnoxious Nazi photo, but she also said that’s not the person she knew and that Jesse is welcome to be a part of Louis’ life. As for what she takes away from the relationship, she told PeopleThe things I hold most dear are things that could not have happened without Jesse.” [via Access Hollywood] Now that’s how you define class.

Meanwhile People has more about Sandra’s ties to the city of New Orleans, where her son is from. They write that she’s been a huge supporter of a New Orleans-based high school, to which she donated “hundreds of thousands” to help with rebuilding efforts, and that she also established a college scholarship fund through the school. She also owns a home in New Orleans, and said that she loves the spirit of the city. “Without the spirit of the people who live there and take care of the city and honor its traditions, its love for music, its love for life, take those people out and you don’t have why I love New Orleans so much.” That’s why we love you too, Sandra, and it’s so nice to see that you haven’t lost your spirit either.

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

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  1. KateNonymous says:

    What a beautiful baby!

  2. dee says:

    She got very lucky that the people around her kept their mouths zipped, it doesn’t always happen that way. I imagine this CIA type operation involved a lot of money. Can’t imagine living in seclusion that way forever, glad that she could finally share her happiness.

  3. Huma says:

    Come the f–k on. She had help from a source with experience in undercover government work? Ugh. That’s a little much. RME over here.

    Cute kid, though. SQUISH. Look at that little smile.

  4. Ricci says:

    So adorable! Happy for her!

  5. ogechi says:

    God i need to marry this year! I know my kid would be as cute as this baby angel.

  6. truthSF says:

    That chica stole my baby, lol.

  7. I love her, I love this, I love it! I Fing LOVE it!

    (Hanging my head in shame as I am saying this next part under my breath.) I hope that in the future they can work it out.

  8. Cheyenne says:

    Awwww… that is one precious, beautiful little baby! I could just eat him up!

  9. Also, I LOVE YOUR WRITING Celebitchy. You are great.

  10. Sarah says:

    Cutest. Baby. Ever.

  11. Praise St. Angie! says:

    oh no…cuteness overload.

    what a beautiful little pooker!

    and again…she’s proven that if a celeb truly wants a private life (or at least PART of their life to be private) they can do it.

  12. operaghost says:

    Aw, sweet chubby cheekies! =)

  13. Green Is Good says:

    Boy, JJ is finding out being cheating scumbag wasn’t worth losing everything he allegedly held most dear.

  14. lena says:

    He is absolutely adorable…and the necklace that sunny made him is cute to..I’m glad they are being civil and allowing the kids and even butt hole jessie to be in louis’ life. Classy and mature

  15. Atticus says:

    What a face baby Louis has….adorable! I admire Sandra Bullock for so many reasons. What a lucky baby to be chosen by her!

  16. Anna says:

    I can’t help but think that one day, someone will make an inspirational movie about Sandra and all this hoohah. Come on, this is Hollywood gold! But seriously, Sandra is a class act. Personally, I don’t think I’d have been able to be as cool as she is. I would’ve gone medieval on Jesse’s ass.

  17. YT says:

    He is adorable! Probably born with the New Orleans/Southern charm.

    Someone reported that Life & Style, a sister publication with In Touch, was about to release a story that Sandra was going to adopt, so she beat them to the punch.

    Kudos to Sandra with the way she has handled everything.

  18. Victoria says:

    Oh this baby is so cute I can hardly stand it! Cute! Cute! Cute!

  19. K-MAC says:

    First of all, I LOVE THIS ARTICLE!!!!! Well written Celebitchy!!!! My hats off to you and second, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ME SOME SANDRA BULLOCK!!!!!! This woman rocks! Good for her and how she has handled this madness, I have learned quit a bit from her. I am thrilled she has such good people in her life for she is exceptional!!! Little baby Louis is adorable, what a little angel!

  20. Bonnie says:

    Just goes to show you that if you want to keep things in your life private it can be done regardless of Celebrity. So those that complain they have no privacy are just blowing smoke out of both ends because Sandra showed it CAN be done!!

    But then again, Old Hollywood has always protected and prided themselves in keeping their private lives private. Look at Tom Hanks. I never knew for YEARS that he had 2 adult children. Not until Colin Hanks ended up on Roswell did I know this. So yeah Old Hollywood loves their privacy.

  21. t-rae says:

    What a beautiful lady!

  22. CC says:

    Her people must love her and be very loyal, reflects well on her.

  23. Feebee says:

    She was able to do it because she has people who have her back. Obviously she has theirs too, otherwise it just wouldn’t have worked.

  24. Lala11_7 says:

    As soon as I saw that baby…I swear I started ovulating!!!

    Sandra has always been one of my favorites…I just love her positive energy and the camera LOVES her face…and I know she’s always had a strong support system…this episode proves it!!!

    A beautiful baby…what better gift can you get than that…

    Man Sandra…your life these last three months has been pretty balanced…at the end of the day…that’s all you can ask for…some balance…

  25. DoMaJoReMc says:

    This most AMAZING woman, this most AMAZING human being should be the example every FAMEWHORE should want to emulate. (KHATE, are you listening?) Sandra is living proof that you CAN live your life paparazzi-free….if being paparazzi-free is what you REALLY want.

    I am absolutely in awe of how much class this woman has. With all the hurt, stolen hopes and dreams, and betrayal this woman has had in this short amount of time, she still finds that to really take the high road is the only way to go. She is a tremendous example of a good human being.

    I wish Sandra and baby Louis all the joy that their relationship will bring them for the rest of their lives! I give her kudos, as well, to still want to be such a strong presence in her (paraphrasing Trisha Yearwood) “Bonus Children’s” lives.

    Sandra, I admire and respect you! I pray that your life and the lives of the children will be blessed with all the love that can possibly surround you! I love how you chose his name and all I can think of is John Lennon’s song about the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful baby boy!!

  26. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Look. At. That. Baby!!!! Too f’ing cute!

  27. Dee says:

    that baby is so cute! I am happy she chose too adopt an American baby from New Orleans!!

  28. Juice in LA says:

    I am truly happy for her and her new family. She really deserves the best. Thanks CB, for clarifying to people who didn’t know that the adoption process takes years and years… sometimes even for celebs.

  29. Lilias says:

    BABY!! Sweet mother of mary that baby is cute. Look at those big squishy cheeks and that smile!

    Cuteness overload happening here.

  30. lucy2 says:

    I like how she’s handled such an impossible situation, she’s shown a lot of grace and class.
    That baby is just flat out adorable!

    I find it funny that the “friends” who are talking to the magazines about her didn’t know about the adoption – for good reason! Guess they’re not such close friends, huh?
    I think the undercover operative stuff is a bit bogus – she simply didn’t tell people who couldn’t keep a secret, and didn’t court publicity or hang out at paparazzi infested locations.

  31. Popcorny says:

    Julia who?
    … heh heh heh

  32. RHONYC says:

    he’s such a lil’ nugget. super-adorable, alot like baby kenzo…kimora & djimon’s new baby boy.

    i’ve always loved how sandra operates on the d.l.

    she’s supposedly still good friends with her hot exes (keanu & matthew) probably because she’s not a blabbermouth & knows how to keep her private life exactly that.

    more hollywood chicks should follow her example.


  33. Whatever says:

    She has been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember. After all this, she has moved up to #1 favorite. She is a class act! And that baby is precious.

  34. anon says:

    Celebitchy, nice article. This baby is too too cute! @LittleFATme: hey, nothing wrong with hoping they can work it out. We all root for love! And there has to be some good in him that she fell in love with. @Lala11_7- LOL at ovulating as soon as you saw the pic. I felt a ping too!

  35. Mairead says:

    Awww he’s such a little dude! 😀

    She really did manage to keep this under her hat didn’t she? I guess living on an estate in Texas helps, plus the child is very young and wouldn’t really need to leave the grounds all that much. And with super-tinted windows and being strapped into the baby seat out of site when she did. Savvy savvy woman.

  36. Gypsy says:

    In every photo I see, that four month old baby seems so self-aware, and I get the feelings that Sandra might have a very special/smart child on her hands.

  37. dee says:

    Maybe it was easier for Sandra to hide her child because all the tabloids are focused on fake Angelina, Brad, and Jennifer stories. And Kendra and Kim Kardashian. They are so busy looking for a scandal where it doesn’t exist so it’s easier for other celebrities to keep their lives a secret.

    Look at InTouch, after they did a few covers about Sandra, they were right back to writing Angelina is a monster stories.

  38. Juice in LA says:

    A silver lining just occurred to me: that this horrible nazi whorse infidelity “bombshell” situation has actually helped Sandra.

    What? yea right.. Ok this is what I mean: think if she had completed the adoption process with that nightmare of a man? Once that shixa broke, she had leverage to adopt by herself and move on from a monster.

    Now she has the bebe and she will be free of the primate.

  39. l says:

    little fat me: You know what? ME TOO. I do think they can pull through and probably be stronger because of it. And about all the Nazi chatter. I think that there may be something there (maybe a fascination or interest?) but NOT what everyone has latched on to.

  40. Kim says:

    This whole thing is such a set up. I think Sandra & Jesse were headed for divorce years ago but she needed him to help her adopt baby so she overlooked his infidelities etc. or it was an arrangement from the beginning with her getting baby and him getting fame (much more than he already had).

  41. aury says:

    he’s so squishy!!! gorgeous baby. XD

  42. Eileen Yover says:

    Ok for the positivity of the article, I’m going to bite my tongue to Kim’s comment and focus on how cute that freaking baby is.

  43. a says:

    i love the facial expressions of that baby… he seems smart and sarcastic, although i know it’s too early to know for sure.

  44. YT says:

    Kim, Sandra never needed JJ to help adopt a baby.

  45. krissy_kitty says:

    Oh-my-goodness, that little face is too cute!

  46. Monique says:


  47. bite me says:

    whatever, she is a phony just like the rest of hollywood, you don’t get to her kind of position without being savvy

  48. Eileen Yover says:

    Mmm hmm ok whatever Bite Me.
    Hey guys, isn’t this little squishy peanut baby the CUTEST??!

  49. mamalama says:

    @Kim – given the way Sandra handles herself, there is NO WAY she stuck with JJ simply to get the adoption done. case in point? the adoption is now happening without him. I’ll be the first one to tell you if sh*t stinks, but I’m not even getting a whiff with this story.

  50. Melanie says:

    the chicago sun times refers to her adopting a gorgeous little baby as a deep dark secret


  51. julie says:

    In a society where “class” seems to be a very rare attribute, this story gives me hope that taking the high road is still possible, and I wish that every other so called “celebrity” would take a page out of sandras book and find some class. She is the true definition of class, grace,and dignity. I cant think of another celebrity I could say that about.

  52. Taya says:

    @Kim ..I agree with you.

    Sandra Bullock got her black baby, a Jewish bris and now the public loves her. The public just eats up anything that a celebrity says, without question.
    This is simply a great PR stunt and her and JJ are together without the public knowing. Like JJ said in his statement, “I will be the best father possible to my four children.”

    SB knew way ahead of the public that he had women on the side. Sandra is clean so the public is on her side now. People seem to think that just because they see a celebrity on the screen that they know her. Just because Bullock plays a certain character and smiles for the cameras, does not mean she is this nice sweet person.Considering JJ’s type of women that he likes, Sandra is no angel.

    Cute baby though.

  53. Raven says:

    Dee makes a very good point. The tabs are so busy making things up that they completely miss all the real stuff happening.

    SB has some very good friends who kept her secret. You don’t get very good friends without being one yourself. And the fact that Jessie and his bozo friends also kept quiet about it is nothing short of miraculous. She is both classy and lucky.

  54. jc126 says:

    Who’s Jesse James kidding with this “I love him with all my heart” crap? If he really did, and really considered him his child, he’d fight for at least visitation. What a phony.

  55. Beth says:

    For those screaming that Sandra proves privacy can be done for celebrities, actually she didn’t. She didn’t leave her house with her own child for months and didn’t tell most of her friends and maybe family. Also she used decoy cars and people. This is not a fun way to live.

    It is great that the adoption agency and friends, associates didn’t run to the tabloids. It must feel good to know that those close to you actually care and aren’t spies. I remember some of the stories from the last couple of months and they were so off base that you just have to laugh.

  56. ThatBKChick says:

    In light of the last few negative comments, I am going to actually say that Sandra knew that JJ was a “bad boy”, but might have been one of these women who wanted to changed him, or him wanting a woman that could help him change.

    You do not know what goes on in a person’s life. For instance, I have been re-married for the past 2 of the five years I’ve known my husband, every so often, I find a skeleton here and there and everywhere. When you are in love, often times you don’t want to look past a persons flaws, because you always seem to think you can change a person. Why do you think a lot of these murder shows showing a husband or wive, married for years-just ups and murdering their husband/wive…and no one knew they had problems, etc?

    I say this because my first husband, I married when I was 17 for 13 years I was married to him. I never knew he was cheating on me while I was in bootcamp/military school until after the divorce. Someone in his family volunteered the information to me and his infidelities. You think you know someone some times, and you really don’t. POINT IN CASE: LEAVE SANDRA ALONE!

  57. Maritza says:

    Sandra didn’t need Jessie to adopt the baby because there are plenty of single celebrities who have adopted without having a spouse. I hope she moves on with her life and forgets about Jessie, I don’t believe he is capable of being loyal. I’m happy she has a baby of her own who will call her mommy.

  58. Cinderella says:

    I don’t know what to think about the circumstances surrounding this adoption, but little Louis is adorable.

    Both Louis and Kenzo are going to make the ladies swoon one day.

  59. michellllle says:


  60. cowbell says:

    Did I really read she hired a mohel to perform a bris? What in the – what? I get everything but that part.

  61. says:

    why not a black baby?? if that’s the baby or mother or whatever that she felt a connection with, then why not?? that’s sort of a ridiculous thing to say. it may also be the case, and i’m sure we’ll never know the details, but in order to get the fastest adoption possible you tell them you don’t have an specific qualifications-such as, you don’t care if it’s a white baby with blonde hair and blue eyes or whatever. so if you are open to whatever baby, and this is one of the first ones that is available for you to adopt, ESPECIALLY IF SHE’S BEEN TRYING FOR FOUR YEARS, i’m sure she’s completely thrilled. babies are wonderful little creatures, she looks incredibly happy and totally inlove with him in that way that mothers do, and he looks like a very happy, healthy baby…so good for them!

    btw, that baby is friggin ADORABLE!!!

  62. Bee says:

    @Ally what is wrong with you?! Why shouldn’t she adopt a black baby? Grow up, and take off your hood.

  63. Jag says:

    Adorable little boy!

    I’m one of the cynics, though. While I’m sure that Sandra will be a wonderful mother and Louis will have a fabulous life, I can’t but wonder about the timing of this. And I especially wonder about adoptiong a baby of color when the father is a white supremacist. It just doesn’t make sense to me. (Meaning that I don’t think Jesse would have gone for it.) I think that his quotes about loving Louis are all lies, and the timing just doesn’t sit well with me. Anyway, I hope she doesn’t turn into a “picture of the week from the paps” type mom. Also, does it make a difference that she’s going to be a single mother? A lot of adoptions wouldn’t go through if the status changed like that from being married. I guess she’s rich enough that it doesn’t matter.

  64. TG says:

    If a parent is giving their child up for adoption can’t they decide if they want a single mom raising their child or not? I don’t see how a law or rules can decide who gets to adopt your child as long as they are deemed fit. I don’t know how it works though, just going on that show I see on TV sometimes where teenagers stay in a home and choose who the adoptive parents will be and they decide not the law or a court.

  65. mia says:

    How cute is this little fella???????????
    Sandra has a lotta love coming her way from Louis!

  66. I Choose Me says:

    That is one absofreaking adorable baby. I wanna hold him and smell him and hear him giggle and coo then give him back to his momma. Lol. I don’t want kids myself but I can see why a lot of people do. Without knowing her personally I think Sandra’ll be a great mom to little Louis.

  67. westender says:

    I am still so surprised that no one in Sandra’s circle said a word about the baby. The way the tabloids have been all over the JJ and Sandra split you would have thought something would have come out before now

  68. I'm Only the Messenger says:

    this is a beautiful boy…and yes he will have all material things and what appears to be a loving mother. but he will not have a father and that is a tragedy…i know everyone thinks sandra is snow white to jesse’s poison apple, but that can’t be the entire story..she is not the first woman to win an oscar and then throw her less famous husband under the bus (no pun intended) i just don’t thinks sandy’s as squeaky clean as everyone thinks nor jesse as dirty

  69. Messenger says:

    this is a beautiful boy and yes he will have all material things and what appears to be a loving mother. but he will not have a father and that is a tragedy. i know everyone thinks sandra is snow white to jesse’s poison apple but i don’t think we know the entire story. she would not be the first woman to win an oscar and then throw her less famous husband under the bus (no pun intended). i just don’t think sandy’s as squeaky clean as everybody says she is …nor jesse as dirty.

  70. Sincerity says:

    Some of you people are just “too cynical” for your own good. GOOD NEWS IS GOOD NEWS, PERIOD!

    I’m so very happy for Sandra Bullock because she chose to proceed with the adoption in spite of her marriage collapsing. At lease this beautiful child did not “fall through the cracks” due to a sudden “change of heart” on her part. None of us are perfect by any stretch of the imagination; however there is something to be admired when someone such as Sandra Bullock opens up her heart and home in the midst of a personal crisis. This woman was obviously raised with solid “family values” which makes her persona much more appealing. She’s not some tacky, self-absorbed fame whore who’ll do anything for attention. Sandra Bullock is truly “a class act” worth emulating. May she and her son, Louis Bardo have a long and happy life together. Lovers come and go, but children are FOREVER!!!

  71. Ron says:

    I’m just happy she adopted an American baby and not one from Africa, China, Russia or Timbuktu.