Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry split after 5 years

Oh no! Radar is reporting (and many other sources are picking it up as well) that Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry has split after five years together. The couple are parents to baby/toddler Nahla, who turned two in March. The reason for the split, according to Radar? The age difference began to bother Gabriel – Halle is 9 years older than him. I think that’s a bullsh-t excuse, but whatever. Maybe he really does feel that way, but I doubt that’s “the reason” they split. In any case, it sounds like they are both handling the breakup with a lot of maturity:

Beautiful Halle Berry is a three time loser in love, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned. With two failed marriages behind her, it seemed Halle had finally found her soul mate in Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. The couple even had a child together, adorable daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry, who was born March 16th 2008.

But RadarOnline.com has learned that Halle and Gabriel have called it quits and worked out a financial and custody deal. They spent months hammering out a deal with a lawyer, RadarOnline.com learned.

A source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com that Gabriel was the one who pulled the plug on their five year relationship and that the age difference – he’s 34, she’s 43 – played a role.

“Gabriel just felt it wasn’t working anymore,” the source says. “When they were first together the 9-year age difference between them didn’t phase him, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever dated and he was totally in love.

“But as time went on he started feeling it more and more.

“Also, Gabriel started noticing other women, and being attracted to other, and he felt it just wasn’t right to stay with Halle in those circumstances.

“Gabriel is a really nice, decent guy and he would never cheat on her, but I suspect that he had become attracted to someone and that he felt he needed to break it off with Halle before anything developed any further.”

It’s the latest in a series of emotional letdowns for Halle. Her first marriage, to David Justice, a former baseball player, ended acrimoniously after 5 years amid accusations from Berry of domestic abuse.

Halle’s second marriage, to R & B singer Eric Benet ended after four years when Halle discovered Eric had cheated on her. Benet went into treatment for sex addiction but Halle filed for divorce.

Halle publicly declared she was over marrying again, and when she met Aubry she stated that her “life was already complete without the need for a marriage.”

The source says that Gabriel and Halle quietly split a couple of months back, with Halle employing the services of Judy Bogen, a family law attorney from top Beverly Hills law firm, Hersch Mannis and Bogen, to iron out a custody and division of property agreement.

“Halle was terrified that Gabriel would go after her money,” the source says. “But he’s a decent and proud guy and that’s just not his style.

“Gabriel’s main concern was custody of Nahla, he loves that little girl more than anything, and wanted 50/50 joint physical custody of her, which Halle agreed to.

“Financially, Gabriel isn’t in the league of Halle, but he still earns a decent amount from his modeling career, in the region of $700,000 per year, so he’s comfortable and he didn’t want a dime from Halle.

“All Gabriel has asked for is the house they own together in Canada. Halle put the full deposit down on the house but Gabriel has made every one of the payments since. Halle agreed right away.”

“As much as it can be it’s been an amicable split. They both traveled a lot for work anyway, so they were used to spending time apart for long periods, but I think Halle has taken it pretty badly, she truly loved Gabriel and thought she had found the one.”

[From Radar]

I doubt Halle was “terrified” Gabriel would go after her money too. They seem to have kept everything separate and compartmentalized, and they weren’t married, so how could he “go after her money”? Plus, he really doesn’t seem like that guy. And it sounds like neither of them have a problem with the other’s parenting skills – and to their credit, both seem like very loving, hands-on parents, so why not 50-50 joint custody? Sounds good to me, but we’ll see how everything shakes out. My guess is that Halle will land on her feet – and I also think there will be a line of dudes waiting to be her next boyfriend.

Gabriel is very Josh Holloway, isn’t he? I’ve never noticed that before.


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  1. Bella Luna says:

    I am so sad about this. I liked them together and thought she finally had found some happiness

  2. Cinderella says:

    Ouch, didn’t see that coming. I doubt it has anything to do with her age. She doesn’t look a day of it anyway.

    He seems like a really good guy…I’m beginning to wonder if she has some issues that make it hard to live with her.

  3. Chelly says:

    O noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! They were so great together!!! This makes me sad =(

    God that ltl girl is gorgeous! Great genes!!!

  4. Jillian says:

    That sucks.

  5. Iggles says:

    Not surprised. They always struck me as more of a business deal then a relationship. But in hindsight, I do believe there was love.

    Still, this is harsh:
    “Gabriel just felt it wasn’t working anymore,” the source says. “When they were first together the 9-year age difference between them didn’t phase him, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever dated and he was totally in love.

    “But as time went on he started feeling it more and more.

    “Also, Gabriel started noticing other women, and being attracted to other, and he felt it just wasn’t right to stay with Halle in those circumstances.

    Gabriel’s “source” did a number on Halle! He felt she was too old for him? Such BS! She’s a lovely woman.

    Sounds like what happened is that after the love haze ended there wasn’t much compatibility between the two of them. Not enough for them to continue their relationship and he wanted to date other women.

    It’s so common. The relationship gets stale and either there’s not enough to keep ’em together or one party finds it easier to walk away then work out any problems.

  6. JJ says:

    I never can see Halle Berry w/o remembering the time she hit someone with her car and drove away. Karma’s a b—h.

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    aw, that’s sad. I was hoping these two would last, especially because of her previous bad luck with men. at least they’re appearing to split in a friendly way.

    and man, those two beautiful people certainly produced a beautiful daughter.

  8. anon says:

    Sad for Nahla, fewer children growing up with both their parents in the same place. Thank goodness for Angie and Brad as long as they are the focus of the watch and wait for a breakup; the rest of HW couples can breakup privately without the media finding out first.

  9. scotchy says:

    halle barry is a little bit of an emotional wreck.
    really nervous and stressed.
    at least she was a few years back
    perhaps some of those emotional demons came back
    her up and downs may have been too much for the guy after a while.
    who knows, but it the whole age difference excuse is BS.

  10. Feebee says:

    That’s a shame. Nice to see amicable behaviour.

  11. Snarf says:

    Didn’t see this coming.

  12. rraven says:

    This whole karma is a bitch thing really fascinates me, is it still karma when bad things happen to “good people” who have never done something bad? Or is something you can just say when you know of something bad a person has done and the next bit of misfortune they have is a score for karma or what?
    Anyhow, according to what I’ve heard, a person doesn’t start to look in their 40’s until they are 45, however I don’t think its the age thing, just regular general apathy to the relationship as a whole

  13. Nadia says:

    Am depressed now.

  14. Kelly says:

    They were a good-looking couple, but I always questioned their relationship. Did they even have anything in common? What did they even talk about most of the time? They both are gorgeous, but that’s not enough to keep a relationship together.

    Age may have been a deciding factor. They probably weren’t able to connect with each other on the same level. Maybe Halle needs to be with someone who is around her age and Gabriel probably wants to hang out with younger chicks.

  15. Kolby says:

    OK, it must be almost that time of the month for me, because the picture of that little girl with her daddy just broke me right up. Dammit.

  16. lucy2 says:

    That’s sad, they seemed good together, and their daughter is so young still.

    I too don’t see the money being an issue if they aren’t married.
    I’d like to think the age difference story is BS. Halle looks way younger than 43, and is one of the most beautiful women out there. Sometimes things just don’t work out, but of course the tabloids will try to find some stupid label to put on it.
    Their daughter is so pretty. I hope they keep things amicable for her sake.

  17. icthingsclearly says:

    I’m surprised it lasted this long. Poor Halle..She can’t keep a man for nothing..BTW, she’s more than a three time loser at love. A lot more.

  18. Oenix says:

    From the onset, many bloggers have said their “romance” really is an “arrangement”. She gets babies, he gets publicity. And I, in my infinite wisdon argued to the contrary…. now, I am wondering if that wasn’t always the case. Given her age (38 at the time), FIVE (5) years seems a good window to try and conceive two babies and I believe the last rumour of pregnancy was not a rumour at. She probably announced too early and miscarried. So at 43, most women give up the pursuit of of pregnancy. For Halle/Gabriel this translated into “The contract has expeired – how do we announce the “break-up” to the public. So he took the fall to save her career and image. He pretends to be shallow enought to break up over age difference and gets to be picture as an a**hole. In his light of work, it won’t hurt him. But for her, may be it isn’t a good career move to list AGE as a reason. Hollywood might now start to see her as too old… hey – she got the baby and that seems to be what she was after the most!

  19. nnn says:

    I remembered reading that Gabriel wanted to have a big family and give other brothers and sisters to Nhala.

    Maybe that’s where the ‘different of age’ struck. Maybe Halle who doesn’t look her age, acts her age and is not in par to what he, a 33 year old would want at this point in his life.

  20. Oenix says:

    No matter what the tabloids report, I still think Gabriel is a cool dude. I can imagine him thinking, she’s a really nice woman who wants a baby BAD – provided we work out some details – why not? She probably saw in him things she admired that made her CHOOSE him to father her child. The rest is just fabricating a story for the public. Their one mistale might have been to let him take the fall for “the ending”. It would have played out better if they agreed SHE dumped him because of IMMATURITY. Not necessarily true but more believable because he is a model and they are not known for their maturity. Because not only Miz Berry doesn’t look a day over 25, the age difference is not a very creative justification…… (Hire me to spin good stories that would save BOTH face) now it opens up a can of worm about HER. Does she have so much issues that a “seemingly” decent guy like Gabriel is also leaving her to find an other woman? And it will really backfire if his next woman is ONE day older than him.

  21. Oenix says:

    If Halle (43) & Gabriel (34) separate over age DIFFERENCE (9), then
    Sam Taylor-Wood(43)& Aaron Johnson(19) SHOULD really take note…. I’m just saying….

  22. Marjalane says:

    Wow. He’s a REALLY good looking guy isn’t he? I’d never really paid attention before. I wonder if Halle’s track record for relationships had more to do with it than her age…43 and 34 isn’t THAT big a deal, and she’s a pretty woman, but it has been reported in the past that she was kind of an unlpeasant partner in her other relationships.

  23. Obvious says:

    this is truly heartbreaking. any relationship dissolving when there is a child involved is sad (domestic abuse and such issues not withstanding)

    at least they are handling this like two intelligent adults instead of it becoming a horrible he said she said thing (a la Lohan-though the fact that one is still going on is depressing)

    i wish them both the best luck in the world, and am happy that they are making an effort on Nahala’s behalf because she is the one that matters the most in this.

  24. lena says:

    wow, it’s sad when any parents spilt up… Halle seems to be really unlucky with her love life

  25. Miranda Ann says:

    Halle has tons of emotional demons and she is a real b!tch. This is not a rumor, it’s the truth. David Justice is a friend of my family and several family members have had close contact with Halle and she is a total mess: insecure, self-absorbed and cold as ice!! When they divorced, Justice said he couldn’t understand why people think she’s such a “sweetheart” because the woman is nasty and mean.

    Those two marriages were not Halle’s only failures at love. Remember her story about the actor who beat her so much that she has lost half her hearing in one ear? I don’t approve of men beating up on women but, in this case, Halle drove him to it. (He still should not have hit her but it was justified. Notice there were never any charges filed by Halle?) And Eric went after other women because Halle was “ice in bed” according to what he told mediatakeout.com. Plus, look at how she just cut Eric’s little girl completely out of her life? The child was devastated but Halle could care less. So, I have a feeling Gabriel put up with her for five years because of his baby girl and is just happy to get out while he’s still young and while he can see his baby whenever he wants.

    I do feel sad for Halle because her movie career hasn’t been much lately. (Has she even been in a movie in the past two-three years?) I’m sure she’ll be fine but the woman needs some mental therapy to understand why she can’t keep a man. Or, perhaps she should just not try to keep a man anymore. Not every woman needs one!!!

  26. guesty says:

    not that the jaimie foxx crotch grab has anything @ all to do with it. lol.

  27. nycmom10024 says:

    wow Miranda I hope to meet some of your aquaintances so all of your foibles can be posted.

    I wonder if your partner feels there are times you need to be smacked around. Cuz according to you there are times people deserve it.

    Miranda you are a peach sweetie!

  28. TG says:

    Whatever happened to Eric’s daughter, India? I thought Halle had adopted her? Maybe it was one of those things where she was in the process and stopped it before it was finalized. But, I always thought she had adopted her.

  29. Iggles says:

    @ Miranda Ann:
    Remember her story about the actor who beat her so much that she has lost half her hearing in one ear? I don’t approve of men beating up on women but, in this case, Halle drove him to it. (He still should not have hit her but it was justified. Notice there were never any charges filed by Halle?)

    Blaming victims of abuse, right because their actions have the power to lift up men’s fists and strip away free will..


    What you said is ridiculous. Mr Make A Woman Lose Hearing had choices. If Halle made him so miserable he could of chose to walk away. No, he made the choice to BEAT her. It’s not excusable and I don’t care how upset someone makes you — physically attacking them is a choice. Obviously this MF had anger issues because there’s other ways to deal with anger and insecurity then beating the shit out of the woman you’re with!

  30. anon says:

    Wow @ Miranda’s scoop. Who knew

    Gabriel is freaky good looking.. so perfectly symmetrical and pretty as to be almost androgynous…like a REAL ANGEL (haha Gabriel) seriously, he’s amazing.

    5 years huh? What happened to 7 year itch? Why is everyone in LALA land (and real life i know it seems) breaking up seemingly no warning?>! (nervous and hopes i am not next..)

  31. beyonces wig says:

    There is something wrong with halle , and jen,diaz, hudson, all the women with everyting but yet cant keep men… too desprate , too controlling, too rich whatever there are women like that…

  32. nycmom10024 says:

    Ironically many people know who the actor is, for the person that mention karma abv,interesting to note, he (the ex) has had his own troubles with the law.

    Whether Halle has issues or not, it is always sad when a relationship ends and made more disappointing when children and family are involved. Just glad to hear he didn’t cheat while with her.

  33. Oenix says:

    Thanks for the insider insight.

    HOWEVER, no matter how many emotional demons she has or how much a b!tch she is, NO beating is EVER justified. Her abuser – YES, abuser – could have and should have just walked out. Period.

    Eric went after other women because Eric is a dog. When the sexual chemistry isn’t there, cowards use it as justification to cheat. Real men get a divorce and set themselves free to scr*w around.

    As for Eric’s child, how do you know Halle couldn’t careless and just moved on? If her own father did things that negatively affected their marriage and his child’s stability, why is it on Halle to stick around?

    As for Justice, he knows why people thinks she’s such a “sweetheart”. It’s call good PR. The same he benefits from. The public doesn’t know either Halle or Justice personally – if the public image we’re fed is good, at best we take it with a grain of salt until proven not.

    Wether or not you’re Halle’s fan is a personal choice but here you’ve made the choice to present yourself as a very unkind person….

  34. EB says:

    Miranda – nice try, sweetie! If you’re a “friend” of David Justice, you wouldn’t put his private, relationship business on the internet. Some friend.

    Secondly, if you “know” about this other boyfriend, why do you hesitate to say his reputed name? You don’t worry about saying anything else. I wonder what Halle did to have permanent damage done her to hearing?!?! Sorry, people like you ring all kinds of alarm bells. You can’t have it both ways. He shouldn’t have done it BUT he was justified?! Is english your first language? Either he should have done it or he shouldn’t have! Look up the word contradiction in the dictionary.

    Lastly, don’t quote Mediatakeout. They have a TERRIBLE reputation.

  35. jeannified says:

    I’m not surprised at all. I never got the vibe from him that he was in love. I always felt that she was the one who was more into him. Glad that they both will be moving on amicably.

  36. ziggy says:

    tch. gabriel is fine. he did what he thought was right. who knows how halle really is? i doubt she’s the angel she tries to make herself out to be. likely, like most celebrities she is self-absorbed, vain and insecure. comes with the territory.

  37. Carmelatta says:

    Does anyone else get the impression that the Halle basher is the same person? I think you’re the same person who posts all those nasty comments about her on JustJared.

  38. stinabelle says:

    So apparently every celebrity couple is going to break up this year. Man. Their baby is too cute!

    And what really annoys me is the misuse of the word “phase.” The age difference didn’t “phase” him? What is he, a shapeshifter? The word is “faze.”

  39. Carmelatta says:

    @beyoncee’s wig

    Dude, most relationships end and never lead to marriage. How is it that one person can date several people and marry only once or twice and be considered abnormal by your standards? That’s a bit unfair. . . and sexist.

  40. malina says:

    If that’s true I really appreciate going away before getting involved with somebody you’re attracted to. It takes some balls to risk everything for the unknown but also some class to break your current relationship off with no harm done.

  41. Toe says:

    Halley does seem cold in bed. she can be beautiful an all…but beauty doesnt help a relationship with anything.

  42. nycmom10024 says:

    EB you are one bold poster! You brought a big smile to my face when you listed the actor by name. Since it seems to be edited out, is it ok to list his college Kaiser? Can I say it was a SUNY? Can I say taxes?

  43. Ana says:

    I was sad because I thought they would have more babies and populate the Earth with beautiful people.
    He has my respect for realizing his feelings and not cheating on her.

  44. mariex says:

    The short hair on her is so incredibly boring. She had that look for what all of the 90s? Look how much better she looks in that 4th pic. The rest zzzzzzzz.

  45. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Don’t ask me why, but I have never really felt Halle Berry was a nice person. I do not know why I feel that way.

    As for her break-up with Aubrey. That happens. People meet, fall in love and break up every day. Some things work out, and some don’t.

  46. I Choose Me says:


    I loved these two together. Somebody say it ain’t so. Sigh. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, 2010 is shaping up to be a very bad year for relationships.

  47. Miranda Ann says:

    @EB: If you read (and comprehended) what I wrote, I did not say I was a friend of David Justice; I said I have family members who are friends of Justice. I’ve never met the man. (He did play ball in my city, though.)

    And, no, I have no plans to name the actor who beat her up. She did not file charges against him and will not name him and I have no proof if the man I think is the actual beater. So I’m not setting myself up for a defamation suit. Besides, a lot of people know who he is and, yes, he has had his own problems but he is still a money making movie star, albeit a bit “B-list” these days.

    And people shouldn’t get all high and mighty about a woman being beated up. There are times when that woman might deserve it, especially if that woman pulled a knife on the man who beat her up. No one has a right to threaten another person, man or woman, but a person has a right to defend him/herself. That is all I have to say.

  48. Kim says:

    Wesley Snipes beat her up

  49. Cheyenne says:

    @Miranda Ann: There is never any justification for a man beating up on a woman. A man who beats a woman up is a punk-ass coward. Period.

  50. buckley says:

    I’ve always had a strong dislike of Halle…that said.
    Breakups suck!

    Hate that short hair she’s been sporting since 1999 and she seems a bit unstable.
    And that baby name?…urgh

  51. omondieu says:

    Nooooo, my best friend and I were just talking about how so in love they seemed. That sucks.

  52. Marjalane says:

    The morning gossip girl on KABC wondered if Gabriel was paid a little $$$ to take the blame for the break-up. She “inferred” that Halle is not known for being easy to live with.

  53. skibunny says:

    Miranda Ann:
    No one deserves to be beat upon. Especially a man beating a woman or a child….that’s really messed up thinking!!! A man can defend himself without beating up someone who is less powerful.

  54. Gracie says:

    I am too sad over this to even comment.
    I thought they really had it…were in it for the long haul.

    Someone else said that the “summer of death” is finally over, and now we are into the “break-up” season. Every day it seems like some couple is saying goodbye. It’s depressing.

  55. dj says:

    He sounds like a stand up man by ending the relationship (as opposed to OTHER celebrity men in the news lately) at the proper time…when he felt it was time. It sounds amicable and how refreshing is that? They have the most beautiful child ever! I hope they continue to co-parent respectfully.

  56. Miranda Ann says:

    @Kim: I will neither confirm nor deny.

    I refuse to reply to those who think a woman should never be hit by a man. That’s just some sh!t thinking from the dark ages. There have been many men killed by women because the man thought he shouldn’t hit back at a “weak” woman. If you pull a weapon on someone then you should be prepared to get your ass kicked!!

  57. Fire says:

    I’m gonna have to throw the bullshit flag on you, Miranda! NOW you are saying that a man has a right to hit a woman in self-defense but when you first commented you said “I don’t approve of men beating up on women but, in this case, Halle drove him to it.” So you are saying Halle drove him to it by…..what? pulling a knife on him?? Threatening him with a weapon? What the fuck are you saying here?

    Your comments are completely ludicrous! You are so close to the situation because you have family members that are friends with Justice but you’ve never met him? Sounds like you are pretty tight and know “inside information” I guess. (Especially since he “played ball in your city.” Guess I have first hand info on Michael Jordan too, since he used to play ball in my city)

    And, guess what honey, Wesley Snipes isn’t reading this blog and therefore somehow finding out who you are to sue you for defamation. Put the crack pipe down!

    Oh, and it’s “beaten up” not “beated up” you dope.

  58. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Miranda Ann, you don’t need to confirm or deny…it’s been documented that Snipes is the actor in question. why didn’t she file charges? for the same reason a LOT of women keep quiet. the embarrassment/shame of it.

    “There have been many men killed by women because the man thought he shouldn’t hit back at a “weak” woman.”

    really? do tell! your examples of this?

    and I’m in agreement with the rest of the people on here.

    for you to say that Halle Berry “drove” ANY man to hit her is blaming the victim. way to set society back about 50 years.

    sure, if a woman is coming at a man with a knife, and he has the ability to disarm her by hitting her, that’s a little different. but that’s not the case here.

    but hey, I’m always open to new information. what exactly did Berry do to drive Snipes to beat her deaf?

  59. iou says:

    speaking of hitting things, didn’t she do a hit and run, not once but twice? Class act.


  60. TaylorB says:

    Miranda Ann wrote: “Those two marriages were not Halle’s only failures at love. Remember her story about the actor who beat her so much that she has lost half her hearing in one ear? I don’t approve of men beating up on women but, in this case, Halle drove him to it. (He still should not have hit her but it was justified. Notice there were never any charges filed by Halle?)”

    Wait a second… What the f*ck? Are you acually saying that she ‘asked for it’ in regards to being abused by her partner? Even suggesting such a thing is beyond the pale. No man, woman, or child EVER deserves to be beaten/hit especially by a loved one, and to suggest that is the case is flat out revolting. There is nothing that would ever cause a rational person to abuse a creature they love, and if they attempt to rationalize that behaviour THEY are the one with the problem and in need of serious mental health help.

    Abuse is wrong, and there are no two ways about that. If a person is so obnoxious to you that you are inclined to physically harm them then it is best you simply leave them. Easy solution and one that won’t land your butt in jail, where abusive people belong IMHO.

  61. lena says:

    Fire… I love you today!

  62. Oenix says:


    Are you an abusive man using a female name? Are you a monkey trained to use a keyboard or a human being at all?

    Is that statement – “I refuse to reply to those who think a woman should never be hit by a man. That’s just some sh!t thinking from the dark ages.” – proof of your enlightment? because it is doing the opposite.

    The abusive women who kill their men should not be getting a free pass either. The point is regardless of gender, beating up your partner during a domestic dispute (or ANY other kind) is for the weak and the cowards.

    Since statistically women have killed in self-defense and are often physically weaker, they get more compassion and support. The automatic conclusion is not that women are free to physically abuse their men. Are you getting it?

    I doubt Halle pulled a knife out of nowhere for no reason to stab him. Something happened – we don’t know what. The energy he spent “putting her in her place” by beating the crap out of her could have been spent else where. Like getting the hell out of the house. He is still sc*m and apparently so are you!

    And from this point on, I am going to ignore your post. They create too much bad energy.

  63. Kim says:

    Miranda did Rihanna deserved to get hit by Chris too.

  64. voiceover says:

    Sad. This, imo, was the most beautiful couple on the planet. And their child was absolutely the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I was really rooting for them because of how hard she’d had it in the past. And him? Mmmm…he’s just as gorgeous as she is. At least they aren’t fighting, and at least there wasn’t any cheating…that we know of.

  65. Get Real says:

    You all need to get real. We were all moved by the Burning Bed – that’s not what Miranda seems to be saying.

    There is a difference between abuse and physically reacting when someone pulls a weapon you.

    Sounds like you guys don’t like what she had to say generally and are being deliberately obtuse. Name calling? All the world is indeed a stage and there are some bored wannabe divas looking to dance all over it.

  66. Maritza says:

    I always thought they were the most beautiful celebrity couple out there. Gabriel is very very handsome, since he’s a model he is exposed to very young beautiful models. I just hope Halle doesn’t fall for another womanizer or abuser.

  67. Oenix says:

    Since she wrote in plain English, there was no need for translation. Miranda Ann made some fairly vicious statements regarding physical abuse that most of us don’t take too well to.

    A man beating a woman DEAF is more than physically reacting to her pulling a knife on you. That she went deaf meant he kept hitting even AFTER the knife fell out of her hand.

    Nice try using another name. Nice try!

  68. GatsbyGal says:

    Wow, this guy was her husband? Not bad. I think his excuse is bullshit, though.

  69. Fire says:

    Get Real (or is it Miranda?) – I’ve read exactly what Miranda is saying and obviously so have others. I am responding to each of her little gems, not being obtuse in the slightest. I certainly know the difference between the two and that’s why I made the comments I did. She specifically said that Halle “drove him to” beating half the hearing out of one of her ears – that’s abuse in my book, but, hey, maybe he was “physically reacting when someone pulled a weapon” on him ?? That’s what I am asking clarification for. Not pressing charges does not equal guilt on her part by any means. LOTS of victims of abuse don’t press charges. And here’s a theory, since it happened when he was more popular and could have lost a lot money/acting gigs, maybe he paid her off to stay quiet? Maybe he threatened to kill her if she pressed charges? These are just theories, of course, since Wesley has never “played ball in my city” so I don’t know first hand what actually happened.

    I am sorry for calling her/him a dope – you are right, that’s not nice. But I stand by every other comment I made.

  70. whateva says:

    right about the time youre more in love w/ your babies/children than your mate? that’s your man’s queue to GO. i think she was ready for more and he wasnt. isnt this what men do? they stick around for a while… but i dont think they ever really intend to stay for life – do you?

  71. EB says:

    I sincerely hope that Miranda, or anyone else on this board is not a victim of domestic violence. Believe me, when you or a loved one have suffered you won’t be so cavalier with ridiculous generalizations and shoddy thinking. It really is too bad in 2010 that this is still a conversation.

  72. Leticia says:

    They were the most beautiful couple ever, but I am not surprised at the breakup because they never seemed happy together in photos. I’ve never even seen one candid photo of them smiling and having fun. But maybe they are so aware of the paparazzi that it inhibited them in public. Anyway, they are two of the most beautiful people in the world…

  73. TaylorB says:

    ??? (sorry but I can not read the top part of your name, it is on top of the ##’s)Real wrote: “Sounds like you guys don’t like what she had to say generally and are being deliberately obtuse. Name calling? All the world is indeed a stage and there are some bored wannabe divas looking to dance all over it.”

    To be fair, I and most others here are not being obtuse, when someone states that a person had it coming in regards to physical abuse I would suspect that the person making that statement is the one who has a very serious problem with comprehension, not the people who are opposed to such a comment. Oh, and calling people who are vociferously offended by abusing a loved one ‘obtuse’ is a comment you may want to revisit and reflect upon. I mean no disrespect, but people of character DO NOT beat people or defend that behaviour. Maybe that comment means I am a ‘diva’ but if so then I will wear that lable with pride.

  74. westender says:

    He is 34 and Halle is 43 that is a huge age difference? WTF??? Look at Ashton and Demi or Tom and Katie and why not include Brad and Angie there is some fairly decent differences in ages of all those couples. The only reason I can see for the two of them spliting up is that they could not agree on who was the most beautiful!

  75. Fire says:

    Get Real – forgot to address this – calling people “bored wannabe divas” isn’t name calling?

    Nice points, EB and TaylorB!

  76. linda says:

    I think that Miranda is a man and possibly someone who knows something about abusing. The whole knife thing is the stupidest response I can recall here. It had nothing to do with the scenario described or “Miranda’s” initial defense of the abuser

  77. Get Real says:

    You don’t have to hit anyone “repeatedly” before they lose hearing capacity. You just to have to hit them well enough in the right place – one time.

    Miranda said in response to having a weapon pulled on him “he beat her up” and “beat her so much that.” Who says it was abusive situation? If her story is to be believed then it sounds more like two emotionally dwarfs who lack boundaries and self respect. No different than two meth heads whacking each other in the street.

    I doubt you’ll get clarification on the story. It’s available in many forms across the web. It sounds like your version of the story is at odds with hers. And because of it, you guys took a part of one comment, twisted it 90 degrees and ran with it while not bothering to hide your contempt.

    What isn’t available on the web is the why and how and because we don’t know we certainly can’t claim it was because she was being abused or pulled a knife. We can’t say she didn’t report it because he paid her off – when it could have been that she would have faced charges too.

    I can assure everyone I am not Miranda. I would have never chosen such a screen name. No offense Miranda.

  78. Camille says:

    Bummer for their child, but gee, who didn’t see this coming. She got what she wanted out of that relationship- a baby.
    Boy has she whittled down her nose or what! Natural beauty? Not so much.

    Also who’s next to break up? Brangelina?

  79. Oenix says:

    GetReal. MirandaAnn.

    It does NOT matter the circumstance or scenario. If Halle pulled a knife on whatshisname he had OTHER options than beating her deaf. One hit or two or three or more makes NO fre-king difference. WALK OUT! If it is the person we all think he is, his moves in action movies, real or acted, suggests he hit with intent to cause harm.

    That you said “hit them well enough in the right place – one time.” speaks VOLUME about you….

  80. MingMing says:

    Not a surprise.

  81. ligeia says:

    at least he didn’t do what everyone else in hollywood seems to be doing aka sleep around until it came out.

  82. cara says:

    boo! Nothing lasts forever does it?
    I’m surprised at this split

  83. whateva says:

    i’d pull a knife too if some f*ck was tryin to pound me.

  84. jzhz says:

    I don’t think she’s a “three-time loser.” Sheesh. Maybe she dated three losers.

  85. Bee says:

    Oh noooooooooo! I loved these two together. I had hoped that Halle had finally found the right man. I was so looking forward to them having a bunch of beautiful babies. So sad.

  86. iris says:

    it lasted way too long for Halle.
    she is a loser with men. And this guy was just another gigolo.

  87. Dhavy says:

    They were a beautiful couple and it’s sad that they are no longer together. I thought she had found happiness at last

  88. annaloo says:

    Gabriel Aubry is single???? WOOOOOOOOT!!!

    (no disrespect Halle, but hey, if he’s being thrown back, all’s fair…)

  89. fizXgirl314 says:

    Shouldn’t one’s foundation match one’s skin color? Isn’t that like make-up 101???

  90. Mistral says:

    Miranda, your statements are completely ridiculous. Being a bitch doesn’t = deserving a beat down. As for you not naming the actor: we know the name of the actor–Wesley Snipes. Well known fact.

    Anyhow…Gabriel is freakin’ gorgeous. Too bad Halle couldn’t get one more baby out of their relationship.

  91. Jag says:

    Unless he’s an ageist, I don’t see the age thing being a problem. Kudos to him for breaking it off when he decided he wanted to see other women, rather than cheating on her. More men should have that kind of backbone and morals.

    Gorgeous little girl, too.

  92. J says:

    Most people here who believe Miranda Ann is a man disguised as woman is wrong.

    After I came to gossip website to view the remarks, I realized most of time it’s woman who verbally disapprove of another woman. For example, the debate over the famous Brangelina triangle. Brad Pitt never got the blame. It’s Aniton who is a selfish bitch or Jolie who is a manipulative witch, but never Pitt the wanker.

    What Miranda Ann hint is: this woman doesn’t know how to keep a man. She deserves it. But “I” know. “I” am better than she is. It is an expression of female supriority over another woman.

    So I say, re Miranda Ann’s comments, that’s a woman talking. Man will simply say: Halle Berry, here I come!

  93. heyyyy05 says:

    I don’t believe the age difference excuse either – that revelation should have come far earlier – not after 5 years! Some men are just jerky, can’t make a commitment, and/or have wandering eyes, even after having a child. It’s really unfortunate.

  94. paige says:

    scared for her money? why not, haven’t you heard of palimony, especially in California and child support…payable to him??? absolutely. as for the age thing, take a look at the top picture…she always looks great for “her age” but she has a TON of makeup on too! i was 43 and dated a 34 year old and there is a real gap if either party is acting not age appropriate, but “just their age.” nobody’s fault…

  95. Bruce says:

    The Black Jennifer Aniston but slightly more off kilter (CB).

  96. Lilias says:

    I think she wanted a baby, found herself the most beautiful man possible, and made it happen before she got too old to have them on her own safely.

    I don’t think Halle Berry trusts men-after what’s happened to her, I wouldn’t either.

    I think she found herself a safe one (i.e. one who is probably gay), had a kid and let him go.

  97. jc126 says:

    That’s a bummer. I hoped she would find permanent happiness with him, seemed like a lovely couple.
    The baby is SO gorgeous. I don’t believe 2 beautiful people always make beautiful babies, but in this case, it happened.

  98. jc126 says:

    BTW, I don’t get why people would think they had an “arrangement”. Is it hard for a beautiful woman to find a boyfriend? Or vice versa?

  99. Carmelatta says:

    “Miranda” is a multiposter who uses different names to bash Halle. This is the same nonsense she/he pulls on JustJared to spew her antiHalle propaganda. In most of the posts she holds conversations with her other personas to make it seem as if its a ligit conversation.

  100. pato says:

    the main point there is “he started noticing other women”..meaning he cheated or was about to. typical.

  101. Ana says:

    Yes, a woman can drive a man crazy and make him extremely angry, but a REAL man would walk away from the situation. Not beat the crap out of her.

  102. imo says:

    @ Ana, ITA

    I’m sorry to hear they’ve broken up. Beautiful family… the little girl is so precious.
    As per Halle, I’ve heard she’s a bit of a nut but we all have our faults. Some physical, some emotional and some mental like that stupid twat Miranda that thinks beating someone deaf can be justified. Excuse my french 🙂

  103. Sincerity says:

    Oh, well! Another one “bites the dust”! Their daughter Nahla is an “absolute doll” and they both seem to be really sincere parents. More couples should take lessons from these two. When it’s over, it’s over! Negotiate the legal issues as quietly as possible, file the papers and move on! Having affairs with delusional, manipulative third parties only unnecessarily complicates matters. Such people don’t usually have your welfare or that of your family’s at heart. If possible, it much better to end a relationship as a “controlled descent” rather than a “crash landing”.

  104. canadianchick says:

    Sorry to hear of their split, especially for the child.

    Miranda/Get real-maybe some “mental therapy” is an idea for you to consider? No one is saying Halle is an angel, but your comments suggest you’ve got issues that Halle triggers for you.

  105. fizXgirl314 says:

    J: I’m sorry but NO… as much as I would love to believe men are such noble little creature with no ill intent, I highly doubt that’s what “most men” would “simply say”… Since statistically, most men by far are doing the beating, I assume they’re not all sitting around making such jovial comments… Not saying this particular poster can’t be a woman but seriously… men have displayed a multitude of anger issues throughout history (one prime example is the holocaust) and I don’t think that’s because they haven’t been able to come up with their own twisted justifications for it…

  106. eternalcanadian says:

    While I was hoping this was going to be a success for Halle, I am not surprised. Gabriel has made it pretty clear he wanted more kids right after Nahla was born, and either Halle couldn’t or wouldn’t. Also Halle’s pretty public declaration of no marriage might have added to the situation as Gabriel’s life growing up was in a close and big family with married parents. He sounds like a pretty traditional French-Canadian bloke and probably really wanted to get married and have more kids which he isn’t going to get with Halle. I guess there’s only so much one can take, and best to end a relationship now than later if Halle is not going to have more kids or get married with Gabriel.

  107. Jenna says:

    Everyone quit beating up on Miranda Ann I know for a fact halle bitch berry is a royal pain in the ass. She is a cukoo bird and that is putting it mildly. She is almost as bad as naomi campbell another nutcase. She deserves to be hit if she pulls knives on people.

  108. ViktoryGin says:

    Slightly off topic and to diffuse the misogynistic stupidity perpetuated by a few on this thread^:

    A few years ago before she was a household name, Jennifer Lopez commented in a magazine (the name of which I’ve since forgotten) that when she was filming Money Train (1995) with Snipes and Woody Harrelson that Snipes would overtly harrass her. Furthermore, given his very outspoken remonstrations regarding black woman the man is just a dreadful human being.

  109. K McFarlane says:

    I think the Jennifer Lopez interview was the Movieline one where she dissed everyone – Gwyneth, Madonna etc.

    As far as Halle goes, I think Scotchy nailed it in post #9. A lot of actresses are neurotic, emotionally needy and self-absorbed people and what I’ve heard and read about Halle over the years makes me think she would be pretty high maintenance. Having said that she at least seems to have made a better choice in men this time around and I hope for Nahla’s sake that it’s genuinely as amicable as it sounds.

  110. Kitten says:

    I think Miranda Ann may be Chris Brown. He probably has a lot of extra time on his hands what with his album bombing, career going down the sh*tter….etc etc.

  111. Crash2GO2 says:

    Well she’s wasting no time mourning. She’s moved on to another man. Perhaps the reason for the break-up? Who knows. *sigh* My sympathies lie with the child.

  112. ogechi says:

    so so sad

  113. jenny says:

    saying that the age difference is the cause of their breakup?? WTF does that have to do with anything either your into the person or your not. Either you pull your weight in the relationship or you just dont and then both parties move on. I thought he was cool but if this commemt is true, good for halle for dumping him.

  114. crazydaisy says:

    i always thought he was too pretty for her.

  115. John says:

    I feel sorry for Gabriel.He started a new business in new york but was never there because of Halle.She charmed him and then dumped him and ridiculed him when it failed.She is not a nice person.She is a user and the eternal victim in the game of life.

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