Geri Halliwell’s singing awakens young stroke victim

Sometimes you hear just the strangest stories, like someone being knifed in the head and surviving, or a dog returning home after being lost for years. Or Geri Halliwell’s singing curing a stroke victim.

The girl who had the stroke is Jessica Knight, who last month was walking home and was stabbed 30 times, causing the stroke. She is 14 years old, and the attack has received a lot of press in the United Kingdom where it took place.

Jessica – who also suffered a stroke as a result of her injuries – hadn’t moved but as soon as Geri started singing, it triggered her long road to recovery.

Jessica’s mother, Jill Walmsley, said: “Geri sang a couple of lines from one of the Spice Girls’ songs and Jessica started moving her arms and legs. It was amazing. We were all in fits of giggles because we were so relieved and it was just so funny seeing her legs move to Geri’ singing.

“The next day, she opened her eyes for the first time.”

Sydney Morning Herald

This is actually a great story, Jessica is now talking again, and will soon be heading home. She can’t recall the visit from Geri, but Geri left her a Spice Girls tour wristband that I suspect this kid is never going to take off.

Geri will never have to hear any criticism of her voice again – who cares what she sounds like, she can cure illness! Can you do that, Celine Dion?

Geri Halliwell is shown at the Spice Girls’ final concert in Toronto and at the after party on 2/27/08.

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7 Responses to “Geri Halliwell’s singing awakens young stroke victim”

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  1. gg says:

    Well, I was gonna slam her silly little-girl dress sense, and make some crack about that shit waking my ass up from a coma too, screaming to turn it off, but after reading the story … I can’t. 😀

  2. geronimo says:

    This is such a horrendous story that I too am going to reign in the initial thoughts I had about the healing powers of Geri’s voice. So just going to say well done, Geri, and hope this poor kid continues to improve and recover

  3. Bodhi says:

    Wow. It was very nice of Geri to visit Jessice & I’m sure she was just as surprised as the family.

    Is there any info on whether or not they caught whoever attacked her?

  4. geronimo says:

    Bodhi, this is the most recent update I could find.

  5. Bodhi says:

    Thanks geronimo. What an awful story; I hope this isn’t one of those cases that just slowly gets cold. Nobody should have to suffer like that

  6. Jaclyn says:

    YAY! Go Ginger Spice! 😀 She’s sooo pretty and thin, I’m jealous.

  7. Gary Catona says:

    I just wish she could really sing..