Heather Mills gains full custody of her daughter

Heather Mills McCartney denies that the porny pictures of her that came out this week are hardcore, stating instead that they were for a German “lover’s guide” to help couples spice up their relationship:

A letter sent to The Sun editor Rebekah Wade reads, “This photo shoot, undertaken approximately 20 years ago, was for the purpose of a ‘lover’s guide’ to caring relationships and instructive sex in the same way as are many other books on the market.

“The photo shoot was not pornographic or for the purposes of gratification of the viewer.”

She can’t deny that it’s her or that she’s performing simulated sexual acts for the camera. It’s a clever defense that shouldn’t do much to stem the embarassment from the photos. She can always add this to the nasty “Fact vs. Fiction” section of her website for posterity.

McCartney is said to be “devastated” by the explicit pictures of Mills that were published in The Sun, and may have discussed them with Mills on Monday:

“This has come as a real shock to Paul and those around him. He is beside himself over the whole thing.”

“His priority is making sure his daughter Beatrice’s best interests are looked after.”

Meanwhile one of Heather’s friends said that she was advised against having a baby due to medical limitations and that she only had two and a half year-old Beatrice to please Paul.

Despite fleeing to Yugoslavia recently without her child, Mills has gained full custody of her daugher, with visitation rights for McCartney.

Heather plans to appear on Larry King Live to give her story about the breakup. We can’t wait.

We also wonder if her “Life Balance” book will be released next month as scheduled. Releasing a preachy self help book during her high profile divorce won’t make her a hypocrite or anything.

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