Ashton Kutcher’s stupid show strikes again

Earlier this week, we told you about E!’s new reality show, “Pop Fiction,” in which celebrities engineer pranks on the paparazzi and tabloids, to prove….I don’t know what. That you can’t believe what you see in a photo? The show was responsible for Paris walking around Hollywood with a fake shaman and Avril Lavigne shopping at baby stores wearing a prosthetic pregnancy belly. Well, it looks like the item we ran last week about Slater– er, I mean, Mario Lopez giving his BFF Eva Longoria a gold necklace from Cartier was all a big prank for “Pop Fiction,” too. Hardy har har.

It’s true that Eva Longoria-Parker and Mario Lopez are friends, but the Cartier necklace he gave her on March 6 is fake! In Touch can exclusively reveal that the pair were setting up a skit for Ashton Kutcher’s new reality show with a twist, Pop Fiction. In fact, a video crew even followed the friends to the Hornitos tequila-sponsored opening of Eva’s restaurant Beso later that night. The show picks up where Punk’d left off, with celebrities acting out fake scenes in front of paparazzi.

[From In Touch]

Big deal. It was pretty much a non-story anyway. Some oily, washed-up former teen star who’s hanging around with an about-to-be-over “It” girl, hoping some of her fame will rub off, pulls a prank on the paparazzi. Wow. That Ashton, he sure is clever!

I’m still confused about the concept of the show. Celebrities don’t like it when tabloids make up false stories about them, so they….intentionally set up false stories? Maybe I need to smoke what Ashton’s smoking, and then I’ll get it.

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  1. Megan says:

    Hmm I don’t really get the point of this show either. I never really found Punkd very funny either, so it’s not surprising Ashton still sucks at jokes. Haha it was only a pretend necklace! Get it?! lol yeah… not funny.

  2. hairball says:

    The way they were acting, it totally looked fake or stupid at best. Idiots cannot act.

  3. geronimo says:

    Notice how it’s only the really dumb, vapid ones that are prepared to go along with this. What egos these people must have. But then again, they’re so stupid in the first place that they really probably believe that they’re providing some sort of public service. Gives new meaning to pathetic.

  4. jane says:

    What I dont understand is…why take the time to create a non-story. They are supposedly BFFs, right? They’re always hanging out. Shes opening a restaurant. Its not weird to get a gift to celebrate. This is just “celebrities” making themselves feel relevant. Boo.

  5. headache says:

    exactly, Jane. It would be a different show, maybe even an amusing one if it was a story out of the ordinary, such as Charlize Theron going crazy and running around town ala Britney Spears or if Calista Flockhart left Harrison Ford for Carrot Top.

    But “catching” half ass, mildly talented celebs doing shit they are likely to do anyway?? Not so funny, not so original and completely untempting to watch.

  6. elisha says:

    Here’s why the show sucks:

    Yes, America IS obsessed with celebrities. But it’s not always because we actually LIKE them. Americans often enjoy celebrities crashing and burning.

    I personally feel celebrities most of the time have no right to complain about papparazzi, no matter how agressive they get. Celebs get paid wads of money to do things most people would do for free. Much of their time is spent vacationing. Who cares if some photogs follow you around? It’s part of the job; the celebs sought it out. (There are exceptions, Britneys Spears for instance has a serious mental problem and should be left alone for the time being). Many people would make the trade; wads of cash and luxurious homes and vacations, for giving up your privacy.

    So, in summary celebrities have “the life.” And here they are relishing in it, getting the last laugh. As a someone who works in the media AND a gossip consumer, it makes me hate them even more. I picture them even more smug than they already are. The only people I see this show doing well with is other celebrities.

  7. elisha says:

    Also, someone should tell Ashton it’s only funny if you make us actually believe something outrageous.

    The Paris story was good. The Avril and Slater stories were not. Of course we’re going to believe those, duh.

    What’s the next “prank”? Lindsay got an orange tan? Paris has a new boyfriend?

  8. geronimo says:

    You’re right, headache and jane, but those celebs would quite rightly probably slam the door in Kutcher’s stupid face. Which is why they’re far more interesting celebrities in the first place.

  9. headache says:

    oo Helen Mirren with a baby bump shopping at Petit Tresor, now that would be a punking.

  10. lulu says:

    okay, Ashton.. here’s what u need to do. reveal to us that britney really isn’t crazy, that paris really doesn’t have herpes, that lindsey is a virgin, and that angelina is childless. that’ll show us!!

  11. Tammy says:

    Is Mario Lopez a little man?…. because Eva is tiny and he doesn’t look all that manly next to her.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The point of the show is to prove to everyone not to believe everything you read or see. Avril went to two baby stores and the press went nuts and ran stories everywhere of her being “confirmed” of her preg. I think that this show is hilarious…it’s about time these celebs that are bring followed and having rumors made up about them that they don’t deserve should get back at paps. So don’t be bitter when you are running stories of “Some oily, washed-up former teen star who’s hanging around with an about-to-be-over “It” girl” b/c you seem to take enough time out of your day to write about them!

  13. bob says:

    Aww, is the annoying Celebitchy columnist upset that she can no longer tell reality from fiction?

    You’re just mad because you’re now forced to actually investigate your stories instead of just crapping out hear-say and gossip onto your lame site.

    Welcome to the world of real journalism – and real work.

  14. nom de plume says:

    I think this show’s a great idea. Too much celebrity gossip is made up and passed off as true. I like this website specifically because when a story is found out to not be true the writers will admit to it without embarrassment. And to bob who says “welcome to the world of real journalism” – this is a celebrity gossip site and not remotely real journalism although the writers here try to be respectable most of the time.

  15. SailorAlphaCentauri says:

    What I find irritating is that I don’t know of anyone who fell for the Avril Lavigne story (I didn’t waste my time looking for people who did), so I don’t see how this is really working.

    Also, bob, this is a gossip site. It’s not supposed to be real journalism (but is handled just as professionally), it’s supposed to be entertainment.

    A prank show doesn’t work if everybody knows about it ahead of time, so this show is stupid. Is it supposed to be funny? Because it isn’t really working as a way to get the photogs to realize that they shouldn’t believe everything they see. Besides, if the paps stopped paying attention to these marginal celeb-u-tards, they’d curl up and die from the lack of attention so these people can suck it.

  16. Bodhi says:

    Amen SailorAlphaCentauri. The only celebs going along with this bullshit are the attention starved ones

  17. AC says:

    i think its sort of interesting to put the paps on edge a little. Sort of making fun of them a little. Making their life a little difficult etc.

  18. jaybird says:

    now mark my words, the media is going to turn it all around when they get punked and start dogging people out. This story for instance calling Eva an about-to-be-over “It” girl …It’s already started.

  19. hannah says:

    The main problem is, they really aren’t punking the photogs, they still get paid for the photos, so they are making fun of us? i don’t feel like that is a great strategy for a tv show. Why watch something that makes you feel stupid? it’s not good marketing…also, i don’t know about you guys, but i don’t actually believe everything on gossip sites or mags anyway, it’s entertainment. I don’t think movies are real, but i still think they are entertaining. Whether or not the stories are real is pretty irrelevant to me. It’s just passing time between classes.

  20. Anonymous says:

    This is strictly for the participating celeb’s entertainment. I’m not entertained. Are you?

    ***and i couldn’t agree more with everything written above except for bob and anonymous 11:15. you guys need to move along if you don’t dig this website.