Tabloids compile list of Jessica Simpson’s poor hygiene habits

I know this isn’t new in that all of these quotes from Jessica Simpson have been out there for a while. It’s interesting, though, that both US Weekly and Star Magazine have features this week about Jessica Simpson’s poor hygiene. (They also both have “Twitter Wars” sections on the latest minor celebrity feuds over the social networking service. Great gossiping minds, I guess.) There are new photos of Jessica, ironically at an Operation Smile event, that I wanted to publish, so I thought we may as well repeat these stories. They stem from Jessica’s latest comments about how she only brushes her teeth three times a week. Taken along with other things she’s said, about how she chews Nicorette gum (but never smoked) and will only wash her hair when it smells, she sounds like a mess of her own making. Jess usually looks great though, so it seems like her problem is her loud mouth, not the fact that she’s particularly lax about grooming.

Here are Star and US’ take:

Star: Jessica’s Big Dirty Mouth
You never know what she’ll say next!
“I don’t brush [my teeth] every day… maybe three times I week… I’ll use a shirt or something. I know it’s gross, but I always have fresh breath.”

“I am addicted to Nicorette gum… it’s like a party in my mouth… I just spit it out and put it on my water bottle before I came [on The Tonight Show].”

“I’ve broken [my nose] a few times, just walking into the doors… going out to grab another brewski.”

US Weekly: Jessica’s Hygiene Hijinks
[Includes the teeth brushing comments and Nicorette gum saving that Star also reported. New items are below]
Keeps Hair Dirty
“If I’m just in a hang-out mood, I won’t even wash it,” the singer said of her blonde mane. “I’ll wait until it smells.”

Farts in bed
“To be my man, you have to put up with a lot,” Simpson confessed. “I toot under the sheets.” Another habit? “I can belch the A.B.C’s.”

[Print editions of Star and US, May 17, 2010]

I think Jessica calls it “breaking her nose” when she just bruises or smashes it, but now that the comment is out there it can serve as a good excuse for any future plastic surgery.

Many of you mentioned Jessica’s infrequent hair washing in our last post on this issue, in which we quoted her dentist saying that he was surprised there are people who don’t brush their teeth every day. The consensus was that it’s ok to wash your hair every other day, or even every few days once your hair gets used to it and produces less oil. This is especially the case for women who have hair extensions like Jessica. Teeth brushing is nothing like that and needs to be practiced twice a day or more. If you also consider how Jessica has discussed her farting habits (and how she openly talked about going number two while she was on Newlyweds, etc.) she just seems to have no filter. It’s like she thinks it’s ok to tell the press the stuff she should only be admitting to her closest friends. Is that what having a reality show from a young age does to you and/or is this girl just exceptionally dim? Not only does she do stupid things, she’ll compound that by telling you all about it.

Here’s Jessica at the Operation Smile event last night with Ken Paves. I don’t love her dress, but it’s not bad and the cut isn’t unflattering. The giant puff bow on the side is kind of obnoxious, but this is Jessica so it could be worse.

Kaiser likes Jessica’s dress, and writes “I was looking at them and I actually think the dress kind of works. It makes her look pretty thin – I’m starting to wonder if she just lost some weight really fast. The hair is bad though. WTF is Paves thinking?” I think her makeup is overdone too. Has Jessica ever looked exceptionally well styled on the red carpet?

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  1. jessica says:

    SHE IS NORMAL!! HELLO!!! I like her, and if you dont fart, YOU have issues! lol

  2. PrettyTarheelFan says:

    I like her, and I occasionally fart, burp, and skip a day or two washing my hair (even if I’m showering, I’ll wrap my hair up-if you’ve got mid-back or longer hair, it’s a pain in the butt to wash, dry, and style every freakin’ day). However, the teeth thing…I can’t get on board with it. I like JSimp, I think she’s sweet natured and a little dumb, but c’mon-everyone knows you’re supposed to brush your teeth. Her’s are always so white and shiny-how can this even be legit?

  3. suz says:

    Her hair is almost always awful, and usually when it appears “styled,” so Ken Paves, I’m looking at you.

    I have a friend who goes around TMI-ing people she barely knows, and I think that in her case as with Jessica, she thinks it makes her look cute and kooky, that she’s a GIRL who talks about FARTING, how unorthodox! That kind of thing.

  4. padiddle says:

    Tyra would kill her for not giving enough neck.
    That, I think, is a significant contribution to her looking heavy. It looks like she has a fat linebacker neck.
    Also, I think she looks the same in this dress, not any slimmer, but I don’t think she looks fat in the first place.

  5. cara says:

    so what? she may be dumb for being as open about it as she is,but we don’t need to get so hung up over it.It doesn’t make a good story…move ON!

  6. Sumodo1 says:

    That girl is a P-I-G pig! I have officially stopped standing up for her.

    Damn! She must be eating a lot.

  7. Naye in VA says:

    I dont hink she’s lost any weight. i look to be about her size and a good tight dress will do that for your stomach. Notice the poses with her arm on her hip. I pose this way because my arms look huge when they are at my sides.

  8. Jess says:

    I would just keep these things to myself!

  9. Michelle says:

    Not a fan of Jessica, but I hardly see this as a reason to hate on her. There are probably tons of people with way worse habits and hygiene, and it’s not like she’s hurting anyone, lol. At least she is honest.

    Jessica seems sweet but clueless. It’s her sister who I can’t stand.

  10. Marjalane says:

    Didn’t she date John Mayer? It frightens me to contemplate where they went with their body functions…..

  11. Anastasia says:

    Other than the teeth thing which she should never have admitted, the other stuff is no big deal. Everyone farts in bed whether they admit it or not (althought it should not be done if someone shares the bed) and who can’t burp the ABC’s? Heck, I had friends who could sing a song with burps.

  12. Jessica says:

    Ummm… #1 Jessica is NOT normal.
    Jessica IS Nasty and gross, esp. considering she is ALMOST 30 fucking years old.

    That is what Jr. High and High School kids talk about, NOT 30 year old women.

    I remember reading in the August 2001 issue of Twist magazine where Jessica mentioned that she and Nick would always have farting contests.

  13. danielle says:

    I think she looks good in the picture, but her hair is bad. Old lady hair. I also like her with a bit less makeup.

  14. kelbear says:

    Totally agree with the hair washing thing. If you have long hair(at least mid back length) it’s not easy to deal with. Looks great when styled and finished but it takes work to get it that way. My hair is extremely thick and I just got ten inches cut off because I just don’t have the time to make it look good. Having a 2 yr old my hair was mostly always up in a ponytail. Now it’s shoulder length and must easier to deal with. Still not necessary to wash hair everyday

  15. Missmilly says:

    wow, guess what??? SHE’S HUMAN!!!! AMAZING!

  16. a says:


  17. Laura says:

    I think a lot of people are like that – she’s just up front about it.

  18. Jessica says:

    Yes, it’s totally normal for a 29 year old little girl to talk about how she does not brush her teeth, wash her hair, how much she loves to burp and fart etc.

    Jessica is repulsive.

  19. BlahBlah says:

    Smelly, gassy, dirty and gross…small wonder she’s single.

  20. Jessica says:

    I love Jessica, but WHAT HAPPENED TO HER NECK?! At first I thought it was a bad camera angle, but lately, in every picture I see of her it looks like she has no neck! Just a head sitting on her shoulders. What gives??

  21. annaloo says:

    It’s the secret behind her sexual napalm!

  22. t says:

    I thought the broken nose comment was a cover for a rhinoplasty she might be planning too. Hasn’t her nose always looked like that though? When does she want us to believe it was broken?

    I agree with Marjalane too. Jessica’s filthy hair, public farts, and plaque encrusted teeth are the least of her hygiene problems compared to any participation in Mayer’s rumored human waste fetishes. Maybe the human waste is the secret behind her sexual napalm, annaloo…;)

  23. Ana says:

    That pose (to make her arm look thinner) just shortens her neck. She needs to stop.

  24. Ling says:

    Screw her. Seriously, screw her.
    And I say this out of jealousy, because I am a brush ‘n’ floss drill sergeant and I still get cavities every year or so. My dentist is awfully confused, and has decided that my teeth are just crappy. And then Jessica Simpson treats her teeth like who-cares and she still has a full mouthfull?
    Screw her and everyone else who takes their pearlies for granted.

  25. Missfit says:

    Well the truth is everyone has gas, male or female…oh, I forgot, only guys can do it, but not women. Such double standards. Or are women are supposed to be “lady like” and can’t fart in the comfort of their own homes. Maybe she doesn’t go around doing it everywhere, maybe just at home and in bed. I think the not brushing teeth is gross, but everything else is normal. Atleast her hair looks better than Britney’s, maybe she should take some lessons from Jessica,lol. I actually don’t think she’s fat, but maybe some of the stuff she wears, depending if it’s too small and pattern could make her look a little weird and like some people said, her neck posture.

  26. Angie says:

    The hair deal isn’t that big, but BRUSH YOUR CHOMPERS!! That’s just nasty…sorry! I’m a fan, but that’s just gross!

  27. Christine says:

    Ling,even though you take great care of your teeth, your problem might be that you are not producing enough saliva. Jessica chews gum, granted it’s Nicorette, it still cause’s one to produce more saliva. That might make up for her lack of oral hygiene.

  28. John Doe says:

    Jesus Christ she’s one dumb-ass hillbilly.

    I have a bad feeling about her possible armpit condition.

  29. itzbilebitch says:

    she looks like shes stinky.

  30. anonymous says:

    Boy she sure has played all of you. All the way to the
    Doesn’t matter what she says you all jump on it & she knows it.

  31. Sharonkings says:

    LOL shes normal…except for the not brushing her teeth everyday! yuck! Thats is something you keep a secret.