Heidi Klum wants us to throw away our sweatpants, no thanks


Heidi Klum is the June cover girl for Redbook. The full slideshow is here, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s some great photo shoot- it’s not. They just use older photos of Heidi out and about at events, and this cover shot is about as good as it gets. Why did they make her look like she’s still pregnant? Perhaps they were just hedging their bets? They didn’t even catch Heidi after she chopped off her hair into a new mom-friendly bob. Here are some excerpts from the cover article:

On her husband Seal: “I don’t know why I got so lucky. I have to pinch myself often and say, “Is this just a dream?” Not only do I love my husband for the obvious reasons (ahem, his sex appeal), but also he is one of the kindest, most loving men I have ever met. He is sexy to me because he is fearless and not afraid to show his emotions. He is a supersexy, hot kisser and…he is sexy to me because he can be singing in front of 25,000 people one minute and, the next, be changing our daughter’s diaper…When is he the most sexy and handsome? Hmmmm… in our bedroom.”

Seal, on renewing vows: “Each year, Heidi and I get remarried. It’s a great party, but for about an hour, we go off on our own down to a private beach. We sit there with the kids and read vows to each other as the sun sets. It’s a very special moment to us.”

On her marriage: “One thing I think I will always want to be for my husband is not only his wife, mother of his children, and his best friend, but also his “hot” girl who keeps making an effort to be attractive and fun!!!!”

On overcoming obstacles in her life: “I have a survivor instinct. I’m not sure where it comes from, but probably from all the little things that make you into who you are. From being teased, to not being the best at school or skinny enough for the big runway shows in Paris, to being cheated on by boyfriends, to the death of family members and friends… But as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

A few happiness guidelines from Heidi Klum:
Don’t be afraid of change
Surround yourself with positive people
And for heaven’s sake, toss those baggy sweats!

[From Redbook]

Heidi sounds very nice, and very grounded. Have any of you ever heard the theory that she’s a meaner judge on Project Runway when she’s pregnant? I think I read that on Gawker, and I think it holds true. She’s more “judgy” when she’s knocked up. But still, people love her because she does seem real, and she does seem like she’s worked hard to make it where she is, and she’s grateful for what she has. That being said, I’m not throwing out my sweatpants just because Heidi orders me to. I love my sweatpants more than Heidi. She’ll get them when she pries them off of my cold, dead booty.


Photos and cover courtesy of Redbook.

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37 Responses to “Heidi Klum wants us to throw away our sweatpants, no thanks”

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  1. danielle says:

    Lol, when you pry them off my cold dead booty! Yeah, I keep reading that piece of fashion advice – but am I supposed to get dressed up to mow the lawn and do the laundry?!

  2. Joan says:

    Baggy pants are awesome for relaxing and, Heidi should know first hand, after having given birth! Come on, girl, show some love!
    She and Seal make a great pair and they have such a beautiful family. I hope that they’ll always be happy and together. I would love to hear my husband sing that sexily whilst changing our daughter’s diaper … :)

  3. Lem says:

    please, please, please toss them out! Or ONLY wear them at home, when you’re sick and on your period and nobody else is home.

    Heidi didn’t say it but I will. Burn those sweats you own that say sh!t across the rear. I seriously did not need to know your a$$ is “juicy”. Don’t even get me started on 10 yr olds whose mother’s think it’s o.k. for their tush to say “flirt” or “tease” or “my daddy’s not around so in a few years I’ll be REAL easy”

  4. terry says:

    Heidi is a very beautiful woman…Seal is a lucky guy!

  5. lilred says:

    I’m with you Kaiser pry… the sweats off my cold dead booty.

  6. xxodettexx says:

    yeah, no thank you [to her suggestion on sweat pants] but i do like her!

  7. VZ says:

    When I have her body, I will walk around naked, so until then I will continuing wearing my sweat pants.

  8. anon says:

    Most people annoy me with constant we are so in love! talks (and makes me suspect the opposite is true) but these 2 are the exception. They are sweet ..now if THEY break up- this is nuts too- total strangers- but I would genuinely be bummed unlike other public couples. They seem like the real deal. He had a tough childhood too which makes me root for him. I like ‘em and think they are darling together. Very inspiring)

  9. Ycnan says:


  10. TaylorB says:

    Sorry Heidi, you are not getting my sweats, my ratty old robe, or my paint covered tee shirts. I figure if my husband only wants to jump my bones if I am in some see thru teddy then I need to bone up (no pun intended) my bedroom skills, for now he could care less what I am wearing… and that is a good thing.

  11. WTF?!? says:

    I will be buried in my baggy sweats and spend eternity in relative comfort, as I have spent this life.

  12. snowball says:

    When I can afford her wardrobe, her body and have a man like her husband, then I’ll think about dressing differently all the time. Until then, I think I’ll keep my PMS, sloppy day and dirty work wardrobe, Heidi.

    All this talk of her being so madly in love – the nasty cynic in me is wondering when the horrible cheating story countdown is for them.

  13. Green Is Good says:

    Ugh. Martial advice from a super-model with MILLIONS of dollars and an army of nannies, and other miscellaneous staff. *PUKE*

    Celebs that do this sh*t annoy me. “What she gave up to keep her marriage sizzling”. File this under “B*tch, please”.

    Not all of us are super-models earning millions annually, with an ARMY of hired help, so we can get sperminated for 8th time, blah blah, blah…..

    Don’t judge. I like Heidi Klum, but honey, real women wear SWEAT PANTS, and comfortable shoes. Piss off.

  14. Feebee says:

    If I looked like Heidi I’d never wear sweat pants. I think I’m safe in having them for life.

  15. Joan says:

    @ Green Is Good -

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud with your funny commentary! :) “Bitch, please!” LMAO

  16. Persistent Cat says:

    Lem, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baggy sweatpants are the worse. If you have to be that comfortable, wear looser fit jeans or something. Just because you don’t have her body doesn’t mean you have to hide in those awful offenders. If anything, it makes you look worse.

    @Green is Good, I’m a real woman and I don’t own sweatpants, nor do I wear comfortable shoes.

    She’s saying be attractive for your husband and I agree. I like to look nice for my husband. He’s not with me for my looks but I want him to look at me and think I’m beautiful. Just like I expect him to make the effort for me. Not 24/7 but the majority of time.

    And what’s with the meanness of the opening paragraph? She doesn’t look pregnant at all and I don’t see the need to complain about not photographing her new haircut.

  17. Katyusha says:

    Not when they cost $100, I’m not.

  18. Carrie says:

    Ever since I saw the first picture of Seal walking around LA with teeny, tiny little Leni (Heidi’s first child with some other guy, whom Seal has adopted) strapped in a sling across his chest, telling everyone how proud he was to be a dad, I have loved this couple. I’m a sucker for happy endings, and their family is a good one.

  19. Ana says:

    I don’t really care for Heidi by herself. I like her as part of the couple. She is beautiful and I find the way her body bounces back after babies AMAZING. Seal melts my heart.

    She does look pregnant in the cover picture. It’s just the shirt though. I love the pants! I want but I can’t keep white clothes white.
    I don’t own sweatpants, but what I wear is probably worse-my husband’s basketball shorts and his plain colored t-shirts. Usually not matching. It doesn’t matter to my husband, he’s more worried about what’s underneath.
    He does like it when I get all dressed up for him, so I do make an effort just not an every night occasion.

  20. jc126 says:

    Well, I’ll say, that for the most part, and for most people, I agree with Heidi about the sweatpants. Some people, particularly guys, can wear them and look okay, as can thin, young girls. But, I don’t think they flatter most American women. And I always think of Seinfeld saying “Sweatpants are a sign you’ve given up altogether”. They’re so sloppy, and – speaking as someone who struggles with her weight at times – I do believe wearing loose clothing all the time is conducive to creeping weight gain.
    I also hope Seal and her have a permanent, happy marriage – he seems like a great guy and I also loved how he took Leni as his own bio daughter, correcting anyone who referred to him otherwise.
    BTW – does anyone else remember a story like 15 years ago when Seal was dating Tatjana Patitz? She was supposedly pregnant with his baby, and I thought a saw a VERY pregnant pic of them, but they don’t have a child. Don’t know if the child was stillborn or if it was a false report.

  21. Laura says:

    Fitted yoga pants or clinging cotton shorts people! They are comfy but not sloppy. I think what Heidi is saying is don’t wear baggy, gender neutral, unflattering clothing just for the sake of being comfortable.

  22. Mary says:

    Get rid of the sweatpants you people. Have some dignity!

  23. noonoo says:

    ummm…you know some sweatpants can look fantastic…its all about the cut and the fabric nad the body underneath. I don’t believe in blanket rules. Personally I think Heidi Klum would look terrific is some slouchy harem trackpants and one of Seals t-shirts and many men find that relaxed athletic natural look sexy.

  24. Lenore says:

    “Baggy sweatpants are the worse. If you have to be that comfortable, wear looser fit jeans or something. Just because you don’t have her body doesn’t mean you have to hide in those awful offenders. If anything, it makes you look worse.”

    “don’t wear baggy, gender neutral, unflattering clothing just for the sake of being comfortable.”

    What’s so WRONG with just being comfortable? I know this may astonish some, but looking hot is not actually mandatory for women! Jesus, what century is this!?

    Sure, sweats don’t flatter anyone and they look sloppy. So what? If you go around looking scruffy in comfortable shoes and baggy pants, you’re not actually breaking the law. Just because sweats and flats don’t make a woman look stereotypically “hot” the way tight jeans and heels are supposed to, doesn’t mean the woman is letting herself go. No woman is obliged to dress up in the hopes of being aesthetically pleasing to the general public!

    You only get one life, and if some chicks want to spend their life being comfortable rather than hot, then more power to them. It’s the ones who think they have to look hot every time they leave the house, and are afraid to be comfortable for fear of being unsexy, they’re the ones with the self-esteem problems, not the slobby wenches “letting themselves go” in sweatpants.


  25. Lem says:

    just a quick comment for the “i would dress better if I had a better man/life/budget/body” crowd. That ship just looked past you and your baggy sweats.
    baggy sweats say I cannot be bothered to take care of myself or dress myself. they say I have low self-esteem, bad body image and my hygiene may be questionable.

    @LENORE: “No woman is obliged to dress up in the hopes of being aesthetically pleasing to the general public!”
    I think everyone should put in some effort. I invite you to spend the day at walmart, then ask yourself if people should be trusted to dress themselves.

    I look hot… for me(!) not my man. DRESS better and duh! you feel better about yourself. Hot does not have to equate with full face and heels. I look damn hot in yoga pants and ballet flats.

    Dress like the gym. Go to the gym.

  26. Lem says:

    As Tim Gunn would say ‘if you want to dress like you’ve not gotten out of bed for the day; then don’t get out of bed’

    you’re not getting my tatty robe… but I’m not leaving the back porch in it :rolleyes:

  27. jc126 says:

    I don’t think it’s really about being afraid to look unsexy. Rather, I think it’s that most people, most days, actually feel better when they look appropriate for the occasion. Looking good helps with feeling good. And that doesn’t mean dressing provocatively or sexily, necessarily, or ever. Also, dressing appropriately puts others at ease and they will treat you better in social interactions.
    Dressing appropriately can, and should, also mean dressing comfortably. Comfortable doesn’t have to equal sloppy/very unflattering.

  28. lillsche says:

    In Germany all the trashy people wear sweat pants for other reasons than during sports. Maybe that’s why?

    Furthermore like Heidi acts on Germany’s Next Top Model, do not like her that much anymore. Maybe she’s just pi**ed?

  29. Persistent Cat says:

    Lenore, my self-esteem is pretty good. I don’t have to look “hot” or “sexy,” I like to look presentable. Being presentable not only for myself but also for the people I’m with.

    There’s comfortable and there’s sloppy. Baggy sweatpants are sloppy (thans JC!).

    As you say, you only get one life, make the most of it. Don’t show the world you’ve given up.

  30. lisa says:

    BAHAHAHA…I love how worked up you’re all getting about whether or not to wear sweats like there’s a right answer. I seriously can’t stop laughing!!! HAHA…

    If you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, doesn’t ranting about baggy sweats seem kinda silly? :P

    By the way, it’s HEIDI’s “happiness guidelines”…obviously, you all follow your own!

    There you go, problem averted. ;)

  31. jessica says:

    I just dont like her nose.. something went wrong there.. lol

  32. Kim says:

    Her comments about Seal remind of comments Jenny made about Jim last year

  33. snowball says:

    You’re right. I have no self esteem, my life is one never-ending series of bad choices and I’m lonely and unloved. Not only should I take my sweatpant-wearing self back to bed, I should just shoot myself.


    Please people. I can wear what I want in the privacy of my own home when I’m doing something like, oh, painting the walls and don’t want to get paint all over my nice pants, can’t I?

    You’re getting all hysterical because you’re assuming people are wearing them to work or something? I can’t tell why there’s this anti-sweatpant furor. Some people are nuuuuts and reading way too much into someone’s fashion choices. Are we going to analyze blouses and color choices next?

  34. Aussie Mama says:

    Don’t own a pair, they’re gross. Nothing worse than the saggy assed trackie bum look, yuk. Ok to lounge around in, but unless you are excercising, they should never go past the front door.

  35. Laura says:


    I a not saying that you’re committing a crime by wearing sweats. Actually, had you not taken my quote out of context, you would have noticed I wa saying you an be attractive and comfy both at the same time :) I am very confident and dress sexy for no one but myself (although I do live with a significant other). The better I look, the better I feel. I think a lot of women are that way. curiously, the women that I have met that don’t like dressing sexy for themselves tend to be chubbier and less attractive than those of u that do. Hmm :) Ladies, you’re beautiful. Don’t hide that beauty under sweats or a bushel :)

  36. kim says:

    she’s very judgemental I’ve noticed. Makes her ugly.

  37. Cleo says:

    Her clothes are really bad and obviously “inspired” by her passing resemblance to Sienna Miller who hopefully can now put down the fedora now that Heidi Klum has taken up the look. Check out Heidi Klum’s line on Amazon.com and note the resemblance to every paparazzi photo of Sienna Miller. Nobody wants to look like that! LOL