Heidi Montag: trapped & brainwashed inside crazy Spencer’s wrecked home

Given all we know about Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, it’s easy to conclude that they both have mental health issues, to put it kindly. Heidi suffers from body dysmorphic disorder and is searching for elusive self worth through ever increasing amounts of plastic surgery, with the result that she looks like a lopsided cartoon. Spencer is unable to get along with anyone and has admitted to spending $500,000 on crystals, basically all of his money, in order to achieve some kind of cosmic harmony. Heidi has also hired and fired a psychic as her manager.

The latest cover of US Weekly declares that Heidi has been “brainwashed” by Spencer and that friends and family worry they’ll “lose her forever.” First of all, that would mean that she had a brain to wash, and that she wasn’t already lost to her friends and family. US Weekly doesn’t have that full story online, but there’s a teaser and a related article about a recent episode of The Hills. In response to Heidi’s mom’s criticism of her daughter’s extensive plastic surgery, Spencer spit back in a statement on last night’s show “She’s not God. She didn’t make Heidi. She’s just a vagina!” That’s priceless. US is also reporting that Spencer and Heidi will most likely not be asked back to tape the final episode of The Hills. They haven’t been on set since mid April.

As for Heidi’s “brainwashing,” US’ website tells us to pick up the article for the details. “For more – including how Heidi hasn’t spoken to her mom since the premiere; how Spencer has “preyed” on Heidi’s insecurities and ruined her self-esteem; Spencer’s scary “rage issues” and how pals fear he could “snap at any minute” and how their sad, desperate hunger for fame has left them friendless (“No one ever visits,” says a source) – pick up the new Us Weekly today!

Meanwhile this week’s issue of Life & Style, on stands now, has a story that sort-of confirms US‘ new cover. It’s all about how Heidi is staying in a cluttered home with Spencer where he’s a shut in. Spencer confirms that he hasn’t left the house more than three times in a month, and that some former Marine is living with him helping him write a screenplay. He doesn’t admit to trapping Heidi or anything. The best part is the photo of the place, which looks wrecked.

Heidi Montag is trapped inside Spencer Pratt’s prison. At least that’s how Life & Style is putting it. Pratt is barely leaving the house, and he’s making Heidi stick close to his side. Furthermore, he’s brought a former Marine in to be their roommate (he’s taking up residence in the spare bedroom).

“It’s true, I do have a Marine in the house,” Spencer told Life & Style. “He’s helping me write a script. And yes, we’ve been out of the house only three times this month, but that’s because I’m busy working on several business ventures.”
Life & Style goes on to say that the couple is not living in the lavish Hollywood Hills, Calif., home that’s featured on “The Hills,” but instead is in an “unkempt and unsafe home” in Pacific Palisades.

“The living room is filled with Spencer’s mess, which Heidi often has to clean up,” according to the magazine. And Spencer lines the window with crystals, which he believes will keep bad spirits out but keep Heidi locked in,” according to a source who spoke to the magazine.

Pratt did not respond to requests for comment about the claims.

[From MSNBC’s The Scoop]

Is this really true? Is Spencer trapping Heidi inside his apartment while he obsessively hoards crystals and crap, hanging out with some random Marine? It could be. It’s probably just as true as the fact that Heidi mangled her face in her sad quest for infamy and belonging. These two are crazy like foxes, but that doesn’t mean they’re not crazy, just that they use it to their advantage. They earned the cover of US Weekly at a time when we should be forgetting/ignoring them, and that’s definitely something. Heidi was just on the cover of Life & Style last week too.

Photo inside Heidi and Spencer’s home courtesy of Life & Style. Header image via Cover Awards.

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  1. Jillian says:

    I watched The Hills last night (for the third time ever). I always thought it was scripted, no? Spencer is just acting this way for the ratings.

  2. Gwen says:

    I hope Spencer gets hit by a car. “Just a vagina”????? Die, loser.

  3. MARKY MARK says:

    This is ending how it’s supposed to. With everything going down in a terrible flameout

  4. Bee says:

    Oh yeah, that marine is “helping Spencer write scripts.” Just like George Rekers rent boy was “helping him carry luggage.”

  5. Melanie says:

    Once the money runs out Spencer will burst flamboyantly from the closet. Heidi, well, her career in pron will begin in earnest.

  6. Shay says:

    Spencer is scary and insignificant at the same time.
    I wonder when Heidi will wake up.

  7. Leticia says:

    I can’t wait for Spencer to start his own cult. I bet the marine is there to help with “recruitment.”

  8. HaphazardStudiousity says:

    LOL at Melanie!!!

    Of COURSE he’s playing up the crazy but you’d have to have something seriously wrong with you to put yourself out there on such a show and to behave like he does…Just think of all the people who participated on shows like Jerry Springer…CRAZY with a capital K…

  9. zen says:

    spencer is one creepy looking guy.
    I thought there was going to be a ban on these two from this site?

  10. Mister Mane says:

    Everybody involved with that garbage ass show are shallow self-absorbed idiots. I sat thru one episode and it was the most nothingness shyt i’ve ever seen in my life. Watching paint dry is more entertaining.

  11. Dawn says:

    Heidi and Spencer are two people not getting the mental help they need.

  12. julie says:

    I miss the days when celebrities had talent.

  13. suz says:

    On one hand it’s entirely possible that they’re playing up the crazy for exposure, but I’m inclined to believe it and be scared. Spencer from day one has seemed a little off, and I seriously think he is a textbook sociopath. Like if you look into his eyes, there is nothing there and he is incapable of remorse. Heidi is not that bright and obviously not able to see that.
    It scares me because I really think he is capable of harming her.

  14. MsTriste says:

    From the looks of that place, plus his addiction to buying crystals, it looks as if he’s a hoarder. We all now know (thanks to A&E) that hoarders all have psychological issues.

    I’m surprised that either of them would let a magazine come in and take picture of their home. And that Life & Style didn’t take more pictures! Come on guys, show us the unusable bathroom!

    Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it could be used to pay for a house cleaner, an organizer, and a few therapists and psychiatrists.

  15. GatsbyGal says:

    Betcha anything they decide to commit suicide together, except Spencer opts out at the very last moment and lets Heidi die alone. Then he rides the wave of fame that comes from her death until he can’t squeeze any money from it anymore. Then he starts dating another stupid blonde…

  16. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    Why do I have this vision that we’ll all be discussing Spencer’s descent into madness after he finally takes Heidi out?

    I can’t stand this couple, but he’s gone from being obnoxious to totally whacked. Once I thought it was for publicity, but now I think there’s a lot more to it. Heidi might be the dimmest bulb in the box, but she doesn’t deserve to get hurt.

    For some reason, I see something very terrible happening to her at his (and now the Marine’s?) hands.

    Ugly stuff…

    I sincerely hope my gut is wrong.

  17. Kittypants says:

    I thought all that crap with the crystals was some kind of bizarre performance art or something. He looks like a timebomb waiting to go off and it’s not going to be pretty when it happens. Scary sh!t.

  18. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I’ve never seen the Hills, but that’s a FAKE reality show, right? They’re playing this up for the attention. If Spencer knows someone who would sell him half a million dolloars worth of “crystals”, that person would be living with them, not the Marine.

  19. Kelaa Khaa says:

    I hope someone is taking care of that s little white dog who is holding the teddy bear and I wish I could adopt him/her since it looks so sad and the place is such a pigsty.

  20. a says:

    the only clean table in that room shot has a huge crystal on it!

  21. ViktoryGin says:

    Who the hell spends half a mil on crystals? A genuine new age practitioner could have told him to put his money elsewhere. That money is the result of some hard famewhoring, after all.

  22. bellaluna says:

    Yeah, colour me shocked. Their impending insignificance is making them worse than “normal” – for them, at least.

  23. Melinda says:

    I see something really bad happening to her too. Locking yourself up like that when you are clearly unstable to begin with really freaks me out.

  24. MissyA says:

    Love that he’s blowing all his money on a holistic healing philosophies, but he and his plastic barbie doll voted for McCain and Prop8.

    Something about that makes me giggle and feel nauseous at the same time. . .

  25. Katija says:

    I always thought that Spencer was probably a douche in real life, but his on-camera nutbag antics were just for the cameras. Like, he was probably an obnoxious “bro,” but only acted crazy when they were rolling. Now it’s looking like his crazy 24/7 – with, or without the cameras?

    WHY is she with him?!?!?! He’s not even sort of attractive! He’s ugly!

  26. Roma says:

    I sincerely believe both of their craziness is real. Let’s be honest… neither are very good actors.

  27. hatsumomo says:

    Thats what I noticed! The tiny toy dog, just at the bottom, wandering around forgotten and hungry until a trash pile topples over and crushes it and no one notices until Niecey comes over to clean up.

  28. Mairead says:

    Anyone remember “Princes of Malibu”, which was notable for being even more scripted than The Hills – I honest to God thought that he was a member of the Foster family, considering that he seemed to believe that he lived there and he could use the house as he wished. I’m not sure his lunacy is completely put-on

  29. Adios Amigo says:

    The dogs will be just fine. Twit and Twat are beginning the second phase of self destruction. Phase 3 will most likely involve an attempt at suicide, but they will screw that up.

    They’ll lose the house in less than a year either by defaulting on the loan or not paying rent. The contents will be auctioned to the highest bidders. The auction will tell us a lot about these two pathetic media pandering individuals.

  30. kelbear says:

    I watched some of the episode last night, and even if the show is somewhat “scripted” there was no reason for Spencer to talk to Heidi’s sister the way he did. Complete a*hole!

  31. J says:

    Wait – this isn’t the house from the show??

  32. ewww says:

    I’m pretty sure he means he spent $10,000 on “healing” crystals and the rest on crystal meth. He’s totally insane!

  33. Alarmjaguar says:

    I also noticed the poor dog…

    I’m always amazed by the inside of people’s homes. You’d expect them to be all luxurious, but they’re filled with cheap everyday crap…the pictures from Michael Jackson’s house were like that, too (not that I’m remotely comparing these two untalented twits to MJ in the talent arena, but maybe in the crazy arena)

  34. Sumodo1 says:


  35. original kate says:

    something tells me that spencer, heidi and the marine will be found dead, wearing new nikes, with a pitcher of kool-aid by their side.

  36. westcoaster says:

    Could this be some kind of scam to get people interested in a reality show(you can be sure that is coming)all about their daily lives? I am also thinking they will appear on Hoarders

  37. Camille says:

    Now here is a prime example of a pair of idiotic famewhores.
    Every time my husband sees Spencer on tv he starts talking about how he wishes that someone would punch him out. I don’t condone violence, but I have to admit that I agree with him! lol

  38. Kim says:

    PLEASE PLEASE stay inside forever so no one ever has to see either of you anymore.

  39. Anon says:

    This is very similar to the Dorothy Stratton case…she was a playmate brutally murdered by her manager/husband when she tried to get rid of him because he was harming her career. Watch the movie Star 80.

  40. CB Rawks says:

    “Like if you look into his eyes, there is nothing there and he is incapable of remorse.”

    Yes! I have known someone like that. There is no soul behind the eyes. Terrifying.

  41. Lori says:

    I just actually laughed out loud.

  42. Brittany says:

    I do have to agree, he has went off the deepend. Its totally obvious hes on drugs. Only people on crystal meth act like that. He will prob end up doing something very bad to Heidi, she needs out! I only hope her family, or friends(what she has left) can help her leave, before its too late!

  43. Anti-icon says:

    I am sorry that reality TV has come to this. I never watch any of them (except the docu-style ones, like Intervention). Take a bunch of young people, throw money at them for behaving like animals and then be surprised and entertained when same young people become REAL LIVE addicts, and develop real life mental illness. Way to go Hollywood. Nice job.

  44. eternalcanadian says:

    Heidi and Spencer are whacked, totally whacked. That’s all I gotta say.

  45. Jimmy Dean says:

    Wow, this means there may finally be a sequel to “Star 80”!!

  46. Jordanuk says:

    However much people hate him, Spencer used to be a fun, outgoing person….the show has turned him into this