Young girls do Single Ladies performance – amazing or inappropriate? (update)

Update: These girls are eight and nine, see additional information in the update below.

Last year I saw a pretty good “Single Ladies” reenactment by a four year old at home. You’ve probably already seen this video as it received over three million views on YouTube. The little girl, Ariana, was wearing a pink leotard and mimicking the dancing from the video. The moves were adult and included the girl smacking her butt, but it was all rather innocent and cute. (There are plenty of other popular Single Ladies reenactments, and the Huffington Post has a few here.)

A new video (above and available through this link) has surfaced of a troupe of seven year old girls all tarted up and dancing to Single Ladies. It’s shocking both for how well and professionally the girls dance and for the fact that there was even one adult who thought this was a good idea. The outfits are way too provocative and look like lingerie. The dance is too sexy for even younger teens, not to mention seven year old girls. There are five girls there and they had a dance instructor, so there were at least five to six adults who saw this performance (the instructor could have been the mother/father of one or more of the girls) and approved it! What the hell were they thinking? As this clip goes viral I’m sure other people will be asking that question and we’ll learn more about the origins of the clip. For now, all we have is this video and the news that these girls are just seven. What kind of excuse is there for this? It’s not like their instructor needed to have them dance like strippers in order to show off their moves. They will certainly get worldwide attention for it, though.

Update: These girls are eight and nine and their parents say the video was only meant for a dance competition and was taken out of context. One father called this “completely normal for dancing” on Good Morning America. Here’s a link to a video of two parents defending their daughter. The mother says “the costumes are designed for movement.” Give me a break!

[via Huffington Post.]

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  1. Ana says:

    I have a friend who is an instructer she says this is pretty much all you see at the dance contests now days.
    I can’t wait to put my daughter in dance classes, but if her instructer had her dancing like this I would flip!

  2. sarah says:

    The parents should be ashamed of themselves. There are far too many pedophiles out in the world to be parading your small child around like that.

  3. tracy9s says:

    The parents of these girls should be arrested for being stupid a**holes. Why on earth would any parent dress their 7 year old up like a skank and have her shake her a** like she was a stripper? This video is a pedophile’s wet dream.

  4. jewbitch says:

    Holy.Crap. I might be able to forgive this, if the girls weren’t dressed the way they were. I have three kids, two girls, and NEVER would they dress like that, at that age. they’re not even allowed to wear a two piece bathing suit.

    (they were good little dancers though.)

  5. lena says:

    The dancing doesn’t disturb me as much as the outfits, it’s pretty much lingerie

  6. GatsbyGal says:

    Oh my god, this is fucking disturbing. What parent on earth would dress their child this way? You don’t know who’s in the audience, there could very well be pedophiles out there watching your daughters. And there have definitely been pedophiles watching that video! I am simply astounded that this was allowed to happen. These parents should face charges for something.

  7. ligeia says:

    wow these girls wear outfits that look my halloween costume…that i wore to an adult bdsm themed masquerade ball in Vegas…and they’re seven years old???? faith in humanity waning with each day…barf
    all the ass shaking and leg spreading and las vegas showgirl style leg lifts are also very inappropriate…these dance moves are meant to be sexy and seeing a friggin child perform them is just plain disturbing. It’s not gymnastics or dance, it’s like watching a midget stripper freak show…ugh

  8. sonola trip says:

    This is sexual objectification of a child plain and simple.

  9. Caprice says:

    The girls did a wonderful job at this performance. And I could care less about the costumes. People are way to worried about pedophiles. I think most people ignore the fact that its people you know that are more likely to victimize you.

    All that stuff aside. I don’t see much wrong with it. It was cute and those girls should probably do great with a dance career.

  10. sally says:

    I think the dancing is fine actually, it’s the costumes I have a problem with.

  11. LolaBella says:

    Gah, I just wish this Single Ladies dance craze would just END already!

    That said, I think it’s inappropriate and the parents are (I am sure unintentionally) giving perverts and pedophiles new material.

    ETA: I just showed this video to an older co-worker and her comment was that there is no need for a 7 year old to be ‘all tarted up and dancing like a stripper in lingerie’. Well said.

  12. Kathy says:

    Women wear lingerie when they are WOMEN not 7. This cra* we allow in America? We think it’s right? Kids need to be KIDS.

  13. Caprice says:

    I bet those girls don’t know anything about sex and don’t know anything about lingerie. It was just a fun dance routine to them.

    If you look at it like its sexual then that’s what you will see.

  14. bellaluna says:

    My daughter started dancing at age 4. Her instructors were very sensitive to the age-appropriate-ness and costumes of the dancers, from the little ones to the adults. They chose music that was age-appropriate as well.

    Costumes with bare-midriffs actually had flesh-tone material, and ALL dancers wore tights. Those little girls are bare-bellied and without tights. NOT. ACCEPTABLE.

    @ Caprice – I don’t know any parent who wants to think of someone jacking-off to an online video or picture of their child, male or female. It’s just too disturbing to offer up any more temptation to the pervs out there.

  15. serena says:

    dear lord…….it’s scandalously horrible.

  16. Samantha says:

    I just can’t believe a parent would let their child dance like that knowingly. They look sooooo young! Its disgusting…There is absolutely nothing innocent about that. Its disturbing on so many levels…I would yank my kid out of that class so fast. What kind of a dance instructor thinks its okay to teach kids to be slutty dancers?

  17. Leticia says:

    creepy. at 7, they have already figured out how to get attention these days. Dress like a prostitute and act suggestive. Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, etc, this is what our culture has devolved to.

  18. heb says:

    They’re amazing dancers but…its sort of like using your powers for evil.

  19. JulieNewmar says:

    Inappropriate. ‘Nuff said.

  20. Oi says:

    When I was in dance classes, i think I was 8ish, our parents had a problem when the instructor wanted us to wear nude tights instead of colored. They said it looked too much like skin to be worn with just a leotard. Me and my friends protested, because we wanted to look like the older girls. This is ridiculous.

  21. anon says:


  22. Ashley says:

    I can say when I watched this I was amazed at the dancing skills. I am 27 years old and know my hip would go out after ten seconds. You go girls!
    And as for everyone worried about the outfits, their parents obviously knew about it, it is their problem to worry about, people just need something to pick at or else they aren’t happy. Such is life.

  23. texasmom says:

    It is absolutely HORRIFYING. There is a whole industry set up for this — it isn’t like those little costumes appeared out of thin air. Someone designed them, manufactured them, distributed them, stocked them, etc.

    I am sure the kids have absolutely NO IDEA what that looked like.

    I am going to my 7-year-old’s dance recital tonight. She is dancing to “Buffalo Gals.” Thank God.

  24. mtngirl says:

    Completely inappropriate – what were their parents thinking?

  25. tako says:

    it’s clear these girls worked really hard on their routine, so they should get some credit for that. However, the parents and instructor should have stopped this from going forth in the first place. People wonder how girls are getting pregnant younger and younger – parenting skills that encourage your 7-year old to shake it on stage are definitely a factor

  26. carrie says:

    i remember the strip dance in “liitle miss sunshine”!
    here it’s totally inappropriate

  27. Vi says:


  28. Lee says:

    Before watching, I was prepared to be scandalized, since I took my daughter out of dance in our small town partly because of the heavy make-up plastered on 3 year-olds for the recital. But, after watching this clip, I have to say little girls wear bikinis to the beach, so the costumes themselves aren’t that outrageous (one could definitely argue context is everything though). The dancing is amazing, and moves at such a fast clip that it doesn’t put me in mind of sensuality, but rather skill. I am still uncomfortable with the routine, but I am also impressed.

  29. Alison E. says:

    YIKES. Wow.

    I’m with some of the other posters who said they were more freaked by the costumes than the dance. I’m not sure how I feel about that (being more upset about it, since the dance is indeed very sexy). But… that’s… if you’re going to learn to dance, you have to start early, and those kids will be awesome dancers if they keep with it. Heck, they’re already awesome dancers.

    I just wish they hadn’t had the midriff-exposing outfits, but I don’t know. There would still be hip thrusts. I ask myself, am I okay with seven year old hip-thrusts and “here, check out my nonexistent boobs” moves as long as the midriff is covered?

    Now I’m just confused, and I’ve confused myself.

  30. Lala11_7 says:

    What I just watched above was a WHOLE WORLD OF NO!!!


  31. Marjalane says:

    Oh my. Wait till Elizabeth Hasselhoff gets a hold of this one. This is bad- just another example of the pornification of little girls, and before any more sanctimonious. freedom loving dopes try to claim it’s no big deal, attend some local dance recitals this spring and take a look at all the creepy, single men sitting in the back rows or in the balcony; They aren’t there because they appreciate “the art of dance”.

  32. Chrissy says:

    oh no, no, no … it’s not so much the dance moves for me (although several were just WRONG to have a child doing) … it’s the outfits WITH the dance moves that are just totally inappropriate. Who puts their young daughter in that outfit to dance onstage???? Horrifying.

  33. jen says:

    I agree with many commenters, I think the outfits are worse than the dancing. They were truly showing off some skills, not just gyrating. But even Beyonce was FAR MORE covered than they were. They should have taken it one step further and copied the outfit as well. It would at least help make it less creepy.

  34. Stephy2185 says:

    @heb—>lol and I completely agree..way to sum up my whole idea! lol

  35. Chrissy says:

    Lee, yes, it’s true young girls wear bikinis on the beach and at pools. That alone wouldn’t scandalize me. But gyrating and dancing like an ADULT on stage while wearing a skimpy outfit?? Please.

  36. Amelia says:

    Ewwwww! Just ewwwww!

  37. kelbear says:

    First I want to say those lil girls have some talent.

    Second I want to say those outfits are beyond inappropriate.

    Third I want to say the parents of these girls should not have allowed this.

  38. Stephy2185 says:

    Sorry, sorry–not trying to be a comment wh*re but I just finished watching the video cause I’m immensely impressed with their dancing but I just realized what this reminded me off…the pussycat dolls… ooh, how could this BE anymore inappropriate??????

    Also, around 1:46 mark…wtf???? I go out clubbing about once every two weeks and I haven’t even seen GROWN ASS WOMEN grind like that…Where the hell is child services to check up on the potential of the parents to properly parent, protect and raise these children?? I’m SICKENED and I hope one of their parents, instructors or teachers visit this website and see how disgusted we are…They need a reality check.

  39. Kaye says:

    This video is both amazing and inappropriate. These girls are terrific dancers but they shouldn’t be gyrating like that. My daughter danced for 3 years and her costumes were always kind of over-the-top but also very innocent. Kudos to the girls for their hard work, but shame on the parents for letting this happen.

  40. Whitey Fisk says:

    Totally putting aside the ethical concerns here, and the fact that I think every single (without exception, sorry) parent of a “pageant kid” has legitimate, diagnosable psychological and/or psychiatric issues, why would they not choose plain black leotards like they wear in the actual video? What was the thought process? “Let’s base the routine on one of the sexiest videos of all time, but make it sexier. After all, the girls ARE seven now! Beyonce looked like such a prude in her leotard – let’s remove most of the material, and make the remaining scraps red spandex with black lace!” And then at least four other adults said, “Great idea!” Consider the lessons these children are learning at such a tender age. What a shame that their talent and dedication will be wasted on a handful of sweaty guys staring at a pole.

    P.S. In my opinion, pageant kids are NOT the same as kids who enjoy dance, acting, and costuming. Pageant kids’ parents make the decision to direct that interest in an exploitative direction in order to benefit themselves financially, emotionally, or physically.

  41. Stephy2185 says:

    I’m SO sorry—i’ll refrain from commenting on other posts today, you guys need a break from my loud-mouth commentary but check out this video by the SAME little girls…

    Thigh-high stockings and all!

  42. a says:

    looks like pedo fuel, not good at all.

  43. Meg says:

    I’m a dance teacher that work with this age range and I’ve been to competitions like this one- and Im SHOCKED. These are 7year olds, I don’t want to see them grinding their hips and I DONT want to know that they can bounce their rears like Beyonce. When I was 7- I was doing dances like the Macarena and the Electric Slide, there’s no way any teacher of mine would’ve even suggested this kind of thing. The problem is, its all too common in dance competitions. Teachers need the raciest costume to get attention on stage- what kind of attention apparently doesn’t matter as long as all eyes are on their girls. While I think that routine was technically amazing…I don’t know that I would’ve appreciated it even with teenagers. My we’re sexing up children early…

  44. N says:

    At what age does the objectification of women become unacceptable to the mass public? For me, it’s at any age, but this has to reach out to the people who accept it in adults…..this is positively and unarguably unacceptable.

  45. QQ says:

    I made it til 00:34 which is when My disgust with this stupid song kicks in and one second after seeing some child tooting up that was plenty

  46. Lissa says:

    The parents and the instructor(s) should be ashamed of themselves. Little girls of 7 should never wear anything like that during playtime, much less on a stage thrusting and grinding like this for a camera!!!! this makes me ill on so many levels… makes me so sad to see these little girls act like this, so sad.

  47. freckles says:

    Wow.. their dancing is incredible!! They’re obviously super talented and each of them has a big personality that they can bring to the stage, it was really enjoyable to watch and really cute!

    That said, WTF???

    Obviously watching this didn’t give any of US sexual gratification, and to most people this could just be seen as a fun showcase of these girls’ awesome dance skills. But the problem is that small percentage of the population who will get their rocks off to this video. The thing that disturbs me more is that if the parents thought about that and still OK’d this dance, they should have their parenting licenses revoked. And if they didn’t think about that possibility….. that’s even worse. As amazing as I think this video is, I think it’s super inappropriate. Caprice was right when she said it’s not the girls that put the perversion into the mix, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

    EDIT: #40 I totally agree with you about the whole thing, especially the pageant parents part.

  48. ams1 says:

    GROSS. if i had a 7 year old, it would have a tu-tu on…not something from the “lady marmalade” video….

  49. justme says:

    The dancing was amazing! I have no problem with it. It’s just dancing. Now the outfits ummmm… yeah, those are a bit much for a 7 year old. Especially the fish net gloves…WTF?!

  50. sunspot says:

    The dancing is amazing. I think that if you put them in traditional hip hop clothes, it wouldn’t have been weird at all. 7 year olds like to shake it too you know. I don’t think there was anything offensively sexual about the dancing, it was the costumes that were the problem. With that kind of talent, you don’t need tawdry costumes to catch people’s attention.

  51. Dorothy says:

    @ Stephy2185!!!! I just watched! They give the Pussycat Dolls a run for their money! I

    I am thanking the Gods I have boys!

  52. scorpiogal says:

    My first thought (like some of the other posters) was “that is fucking disturbing.” Fine- they have awesome skills for 7-year-olds. I don’t care. It’s CRAZY inappropriate. And anyone who thinks otherwise needs to give their head a shake. There’s no need to dissect it any further than that. Inappropriate.

  53. ams1 says:

    @ dorothy….i’m with you! they are great dancers, but what 7 year old really needs to be bumping & grinding in stripper clothes?!!?

  54. ams1 says:

    @ scorpiogal—-AMEN!!!

  55. omondieu says:

    @ Stephy2185 – That whole channel creeps me out! It’s so sad that those commenting don’t even notice how inappropriate those performances are, as if such movements and outfits are normal and expected of young children.

  56. embertine says:

    Whitey Fisk, that was exactly my thought. OK, the dancing is, IMO, too sexual for little girls, even though it is amazing. But the costumes are flat out creepy.

    Why not just put them in the black tights and leotards like the original video? That would remove a lot of the skankosity.

  57. Lacy says:

    This wasn’t just trashy and inappropriate, I’ve seen more talented young dancers in my little shithole town than these girls. I thought the whole thing looked sloppy as hell… and isn’t one of the first rules in dancing that you don’t sing along as you dance?

  58. ams1 says:

    LOL @ LACY!! yesssssss you’re not supposed to sing you’re supposed to dance!

  59. Jillian says:

    That’s disgusting. Reminds me of the scene from Little Miss Sunshine.

  60. Nick says:

    Hmmm. I watched this and was put off by it. I think it’s mostly the clothing and the makeup. It presented them as being sexual instead of empowered. Thats a shame and on the parents and instructors. Grinding aside, the girls were really good.

    I’m pregnant with my first child, a girl. I’m taking bellydancing right now and I’d love for my little girl take it too. It teaches amazing body control and can make you feel more comfortable in your own skin, but it’s also considered a sexual dance. I woudn’t freak out over her having a recital and performing to show her technique, but I sure as crap woudn’t let anyone dress her like a slut.

  61. keirelle says:

    I saw this last week and all I could think was, these girls are sooo talented… so why are they in junior stripper training classes?? Imagine what they could do in a REAL dance class! I cant even picture allowing a child to wear such a thing or dance like that- recital or not. Those parents should be ashamed…

  62. Bee says:

    I am appalled. Do their parents not know that there is a huge industry for kiddie porn out there? I’m sure there’s some creepy perv in his basement who’s currently adding this to his personal collection. Those little girls are fantastic dancers. There was no reason to have them bumbing and grinding in those skimpy little outfits. Disgusting.

  63. Victoria says:

    The dancing is SPOT ON awsome but those costumes and some of the jestures those girls do are inappropriate. Im sorry but it makes me uncomfortable. I always thought getting your girl (or boy) into dance was to teach them poise, grace, discipline not how to do the “Ho Stroll”.

  64. Lisa says:

    I have a little girl who will be seven I
    like two months and she would NEVER be wearing or dancing like that period!!!! There are times to drawl the line and they stepped way over that line. It’s disturbing because watching this we all know what these poor little girls have to look forward too in their future…does anyone remember poor little jonbenet ramsey??? This is a prime example of that and she lost her poor little life.

  65. Aimee says:

    I’m not going to lie. I’m 23 and I wanted to cry when I was watching this. I can’t even reason that. I know times are a’changin’, but I guess I’m used to this stuff hitting the media when girls are around fourteen. This seems really premature. They are amazing dancers, I won’t negate from that. I’m sure it wouldn’t be as entertaining to watch a classical piece, but this just seems trashy. The gyrating bothers me.

    You can be talented and give a beautiful, classy performance.

  66. original kate says:

    these parents are nuts.

  67. nj says:

    I would love to see the parents of these kids and hear them explain why they thought this was a good idea. I CANNOT FATHOM a father allowing his 7 year old to do this. Are they going to show this performance to Grandma and Grandpa? This is really disgusting. Its got over 6 hundred thousand hits, how many were by perverts?

  68. Melinda says:

    These girls are good dancers. Why not put in a few more pirouettes or throw in some grand jetes? Why make it into a totally inappropriate dance? Those costumes are so wrong. Good point Bellaluna, where are the tights??? When I was in dance, we always wore tights! We weren’t even allowed to practice with out them. This makes me sad.

  69. buckley says:

    Pedophiles around the world just found their new favorite video.

  70. bellaluna says:

    …and the parents will wonder why their daughter is pregnant at 14…

    @ Melinda – The music chosen by my daughter’s instructors was age-appropriate, as well. My daughter took tap, ballet, lyrical, jazz, even some hip-hop. I remember how her lyrical instructor worried over the words “lying naked on the floor” in the song “Torn,” and the dancers in that routine were 14 at the time!

  71. buckley says:

    How it should have been done:

    Put them in a classic outfit, like the skinny black pant and white shirt (ala Audrey Hepburn)and skip the bumping and grinding.

  72. Green Is Good says:

    Oh, retch. What kind of parents allow their little girls to do this?

    The girls are great dancers, but this is so eepy-creepy.

  73. Missfit says:

    WTF DUDE???!!! Burlesque clothes is too much as it is for a teen and minor, it’s even worse for a child. I didn’t read everyone’s comments, but I imagine everyone is pissed and has the same point of views. I agree with sick fuck pedaphiles just out out looking for their prey, as a shark looks for a kill. I mean, if they already go for a child who dresses normal and they think that child is “hot” it’s worse when they are dressed this way. They can look this shit up on youtube and please themselves to it. Uggh, just thinking about it makes me sick. That’s why I am so paranoid on making my kids photos and videos public online, I have them on private. And that’s still no way to dress. But you see, they see Miley do it and they want to do it too and their mom doesn’t tell them not to dress that way. When I was little and I wanted to dress like Madonna, it was like a green sweater, a long black skirt and a black ribbon in my head, I kept it clean, nothing skanky. My mom would have wooped my ass if I tried to dress like a slut. These little girls could have done single ladies, but have kept it clean about it and more covered up…like the little kids re-made Telephone by Gaga and they kept it clean and covered up and the little boy who just recently sang Paparazzi by Gaga, kept it clean, played his piano and showed his talent through vocals. Kids can still be inspired by artist, there’s just a limit, boundaries, that line they shouldn’t cross, cause they are kids after all. For crying out loud! Then again, we all get inspired by artist different ways, but this is not the way for a child to do it, no way.

  74. amanda says:

    I am shocked at the people who are saying the dancing is “fine” and they don’t have a problem with it. Yes, the girls move fast and execute the moves well. But the moves are INCREDIBLY inappropriate for any child, no matter the age, to be performing. There were some straight up stripper moves in there,grinding their butts as they squatted down to the floor, shaking their behinds, thrusting their chests. The outfits are lingerie inspired and not even appropriate for teens to be wearing to a public peformance. This video is gross and anyway who defends it is gross and needs to re-evalutate their thinking.

  75. Myrrhlyn says:

    Absolutely creepy. Little girls shouldn’t even be listening to that crap much less dancing to it.

  76. ams1 says:

    ugggghhh i’m so annoyed with this video the longer i know about it

  77. ams1 says:

    @ amanda! for real!!! straight up stripper moves! someone needs to tell that to their parents.

  78. lilith says:

    A pedo’s dream come true.

    Completely inappropriate. The parents should be pistol whipped.

  79. ViktoryGin says:

    Yes, ladies and gents…

    Choreography brought to you by the strippers at the local titty joint and costumes by Noah Cyrus.

    Everyone’s mentioned that this is just fodder for pedophilia, but also the sexualization of little girls is tragic and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I’m living in a country where sexuality and juvenile innocence (purity) are intimately linked and I’m perpetually disgusted. Just got through traveling through a country where some men believe that if they have sex with a young virgin it will cure AIDS. (I’m no sociologist, but I think that it reinforces a male’s need for sexual dominance.) There is nothing cute about this, and never will be.

    These girls look like they are auditioning for a Las Vegas burlesque show, but how many of them will actually have intelligent instruction concerning the various aspects of sexuality when the time is right? I’m willing to bet few.

  80. Lizzard says:

    I think their dancing was INSANE! How are those girls 7? They’re great dancers! I think the dance itself was great, a few parts maybe it was getting a bit sexy, but I think you only noticed it because these girls look like they’re dancing around in outfts from Fredrick’s of Hollywood. I think that whoever chose the costumes should be smacked upside the head. You don’t put 7 yr olds in two pieces! ESPECIALLY when they’re dancing what could be considered a too sexy dance for someone their age. I would REEM my daughter’s dance teacher out and refuse to allow her to participate in that contest in that outfit.

  81. Anastasia says:

    Wow. My 17 year old daughter has never appeared dressed that way in public, not even for a dance recital (she takes dance and does competitions, as well). She knows HOW to dance like that, but won’t. And she’s not a nun that I keep hidden away at home. But she just thinks that’s inappropriate.

    Just wanted to give people some hope–there are parents who still raise their kids right.

  82. Momto3 says:

    I am in agreement with those who don’t think the dancing is that bad, too be honest I think the performance is great and these girls have some serious talent…..That being said, it was pretty “sexy” for their age group, and their costumes (or lack there of) were very inappropriate I’m disturbed at the thought of how many perverts out there are “Getting their rocks off” watching that!

    As I said, I think these girls are very talented and are going to make it far in life…but at this age and stage in the game, I’d say toning it down half a notch would be a great idea!!

  83. Glory says:

    Absolutly disgusting, what the hell is wrong with the parents..

  84. marie says:

    They remind me of Mean Girls…
    And yeah I dont think is adeccuate for their age, why the hell did they pick this song when there are plenty of songs so accurate for their ages??

  85. Dominique says:

    My first reaction was that of aw, because they are really good dancers regardless of their young age. I don’t have any kids of my own, but I think it’s the combination of the suggestive dance moves, the costumes, and their age that makes it so bad. Someone pointed out that young girls wear belly baring outfits (to the beach & the kids at my church during summer school). I do think the lace and lingerie look is a bit much though. The problem is they look like little adults and they were acting like it too (with the attitude & sass).

    Little girls should just not be winding their bodies like that. Let them be kids!!

  86. daisyfly says:

    I have a problem with the dancing, not the outfits. Combined together, it makes for a pretty wretched combination, sure, but when separated, the outfits cover more than most 2-pieces I’ve seen on the beaches here in Hawai’i…and that’s IF the child’s wearing anything at all.

    The dancing has its physical skill moments, but those get lost in the gyrating of the pelvis and the pumping of their non-breasts. It’s stuff I wouldn’t let my 8yo daughter do.

    And while I know most of you think that the clothes are “pedophile” material, let’s be real here. Pedophiles strike not because of what a girl is wearing, but because of his access to her. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a bikini or a bhurka; if she’s easily accessible, and the pedophile has the opportunity, s/he will take it.

  87. jeannified says:

    These little girls obviously are passionate about dancing, and did an excellent job!

    It probably was a poor choice to pick that song and those outfits, though.

  88. jeannified says:

    Ya know…after watching this video, I wonder if the girls chose this song and the outfits. They just seem like they are totally into it and enjoying their dance moves.

  89. Maggie says:

    In response to Caprice who said:

    “I bet those girls don’t know anything about sex and don’t know anything about lingerie. It was just a fun dance routine to them.

    If you look at it like its sexual then that’s what you will see. ”

    They might not know about sex but whoever taught them the dance, whoever deesigned the costumes and certainly the people watching the video DO. The girls are presented as sexually provocative.
    Even though outside the dance studio they might be proper little girls people who view this video won’t see them that way. It’s disgusting and sad!

  90. joolx says:

    pedophiles will be hitting this up on youtube like crazy. disgusting and sad.

  91. Jocelina says:

    Totally inappropriate, especially those costumes. Children are not adults — there are lots of things that are perfectly okay for adults to do that are NOT child-appropriate activities, and dancing and dressing in a sexually provocative manner is one of them.

  92. ,,,, says:

    I am pretty positive that they are wearing flesh tone pantyhose. The main dancer that is Asian, her belly skin doesn’t match the skin of her legs. I understand that the costumes are a bit exposed for girls so young but what I don’t understand is this concern for pedophiles.

    I know pedophiles exist but why do we have to alter our lives because they are sick?! They have the problem, not me. Granted, when I have children I will want to protect them and teach them about such people but I would never base their whole lives around avoiding the internet gaze of creeper.

    To me it’s like saying, women can’t wear mini skirts because it might make men want to rape them. Wearing revealing clothing does not mean you are asking to be raped. It’s the rapist that has the problem and should control his urges. I think the same goes for pedophiles. I’m not going to alter my life because someone else has a really gross problem.

  93. Gymo says:

    I enjoyed it, there is nothing wrong with little girls having fun, unless you have a dirty mind.
    Not having a dirty mind I just saw it as great fun, while wonder what did Beyonce unleash on us.

  94. Cindy says:

    Where are the idiot parents of these kids, it’s shameful they allowed this to happen.

  95. abbydoom says:

    @,,,: Umm because they are children! They don’t know how to protect themselves. As ADULT women we can make the choice to dress however we want, and you are right we definitely should not alter the way we want to dress just because some sick person might think of it as an invitation. However, rape is about power and has nothing to do with how we dress. When you tart your daughter up like that it is different because YOU are the adult making the decision for them. Of course they don’t know any better, but we do! It is our responsibility to keep children innocent for as long as we can. Why? because sexualizing children at a young age really does damage them and it teaches them to believe that our only worth as women is our sexuality and in order to attract the opposite sex all we need to do is act provocative and that is WRONG WRONG WRONG. JFC, I’m 21 yrs old and I know better than you. People who don’t see anything wrong with this make me sick. Go take a psychology 101 class then make an EDUCATED remark

  96. mollination says:

    Great dancers. I believe the same girls from yesterday’s video featuring “my boyfriend’s back”.

    But absolutely no reason for the grown-up makeup, lingerie, etc. They can be just as flexible in age-appropriate costumes. And there’s no need for them to bump their pre-pubescant crotches at me.

  97. westcoaster says:

    I really have to wonder what were the parents thinking when they allowed their children to dress like that

  98. Wisteria says:

    Yes, the costumes were way too adult. But, I think all the outraged mommies should be more concerned with the REAL (and very COMMON) damage of having their kids growing up with alcoholic parents, in broken homes, growing up and modeling the behavior of parents with low-self-esteem; eating disorders, depression, etc, listening to dysfunctional parents fight all the time and the effect parent’s critisism has on their developing self-esteem, etc, etc…

    But, I suppose blaming and worrying about strangers is always safer, easier and more fun.

  99. MingMing says:


    Anyone who watches the news knows it will be the unbalanced parents fault when thier 7 yr old daughter gets abducted and turns up dead later.

    Who’d ever encourge a 7 yr old to dress this way?

    Only pimps and stage moms!

  100. Dingles says:

    I’m less concerned with pedophiles than I am with the fact that even 7-year-old girls are being taught that talent is meaningless unless you look hot displaying it.

  101. Mistral says:


  102. gossip_ho says:

    the pedophiles out there would think this is one hell of a sexy video…shame on the parents; shame on the person who uploaded this video on the internet and shame on the person who taught this inappropriate choreography to young little girls.

  103. ,,,, says:

    @ abbydoom – I never talked about the sexualization of the girls. I was talking about pedophiles looking at it on the internet. Like a poster said above:

    “Pedophiles strike not because of what a girl is wearing, but because of his access to her. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a bikini or a bhurka; if she’s easily accessible, and the pedophile has the opportunity, s/he will take it.”

    Now if we are talking about the sexualization, yes I think that is wrong. I never ever said that I agreed with what they are wearing or the dance moves. I think they are inappropriate even if they are good dancers. However, to say that they shouldn’t do it because a pedophile might see it on the internet seems like a stupid reason to me. Rather they shouldn’t do it because it’s too sexual for a 7 year old. I would agree with what you said. All I was saying is that just because a creeper on the internet might look at it and think impure thoughts isn’t reason enough for me to be against what they are doing but I never said I wasn’t against it.

    Maybe before you out right attack someone you don’t even know and suggest that you are more intelligent, you should actually understand what he/she is trying to say. You even assumed that I am old when I am actually right around your age so it wouldn’t be weird even if you did know more than me. Also I would suggest that you take a logic or philosophy class in order to learn that attacking the person/commenter is a logical fallacy known as Straw Man. You should focus on attacking what I said, which you didn’t because I never mentioned the sexualization of the girls nor did I say outright that I didn’t care what they were doing. I simply said that a pedophile watching the video isn’t enough to condemn it in my opinion, which I am always entitled to. Pedophiles will look at anything because they are creepy pedophiles and I am not going to revolve my life and the life of innocent children around their creepiness.

  104. Beth says:

    I’m sure Miley Cyrus is glad this video came now. It makes her stunt look innocent. Great dancers but some of the moves and gyrations were too much for little girls.

  105. Kate says:

    They are amazing dancers. Truly.

    I’m a dancer, and I was well beyond that age when I got to that level of skill.

    The dancing itself is not terribly inappropriate (some moves are too risqué for that age, however.)

    The dances, the subject matter of the song, the age of the performers, none of that taken on its own is terribly inappropriate. However, when you mix those costumes in, it sends this routine into an area that is sexual exploitation.

    It is not in the eye of the beholder; one would have to be blind, or delusional, to not admit that those outfits are not appropriate for a child.

    A child might wear a two piece at the beach, but a stage in front of an auditorium of people is not the same as a beach. And a child would not be dancing provocatively to a song on the beach, one would assume.

    The sad truth is, these costumes are becoming more prevalent in modern dance studios, and the age of the child that wears them is consistently getting younger.

    I am for artistic expression, I am for expressing oneself through their love of dance, and I hope these talented young ladies continue on their way in dance. But we must draw a line for decency.

  106. Kim says:

    The outfits are WAYYYYY inappropraite! What on earth parents let hteir daughters wear these outfits WAY to skimpy for their age???? To bad because it takes away from their act which is ok.

  107. ERM says:

    These girls are very talented but the talent is overshadowed by the sleaziness of the costumes and dance.

    I’m all for artistic expression but come on now there should be some very strict regulations governing costmes for those under 12 or so. They should have been told to go home!

  108. Kim says:

    Dingles- Amen. Its a shame their risque outfits took away from their true dancing talent.

  109. Jackie says:

    If you filmed your child doing this in your own home, and they wore these kinds of outfits, you would be arrested for child pornography.

  110. Ana says:

    My dance instructor friend said the dance needed to focus on technique rather than thrusting and I couldn’t agree more. They are awesome but there is no way I would put my daughter out there like that. There are perverts that look at an innocent little girls there is no need to sexualize them further.

  111. Aussie Mama says:

    Disgusting, I am sure there are millions of pedophiles wanking off to this every opportunity they get.
    The dance instructor/dresser needs a good kick in the twat!
    This is what happens, a consequence of EVIL DISNEY PROGRAMMING, Hannah pole dancing, etc, etc. this is the intent of these corporations, to oversexualise and corrupt the kiddies. Society at it’s most repulsive.

  112. Aussie Mama says:

    You wonder about parents?
    There are those mental case stage mothers that put their little gals into the pagaents, false nails, spray tans, false eye-lashes, makeup, crazy outfits, heels, should be banned, exploitation at it’s ugliest.
    It needs to be age appropriate. You wouldn’t let a 10 year old sing a frickin’ song about having hot sex, just like you shouldn’t have a child do this hard core f*** me dance, or speak inappropriately, or wear a padded bra and french knickers. Wrong on every level.

  113. Andrea says:

    I think people on this posting think that you can’t appreciate their skills AND see it as inappropriate. I feel that they are good dancers, but they should have had another routine.

    And to the people saying “Girls wear bikinis to the beach”, that’s like saying I can send my daughter to school in a teddy and a thong because people wear bikinis. They’re two totally different things

  114. Ugh says:

    These parents need to have their children removed from their care. It’s gross and disturbing.

    Guaranteed they’ll all be pregnant by 15 and everybody will act all confused by it. It’s one thing to be talented (which they are) and to develop that talent. It’s another thing to be dressed like a whore and moving like one as a SEVEN YEAR OLD, with the approval of adults.

    Adults sometimes need to step back and realize that although this dance and the costumes would be perfectly appropriate for a 17 or 18 year old woman to do, it is NOT appropriate for a seven year old to do.

    The fact that anyone thought for even one moment that it was, proves we have a very very serious problem in this country with objectifying women… and apparently the sooner we get girls used to the idea that being a whore is awesome and cool, the better.

    Absolutely disgusting.

  115. Ana says:

    That little blonde one needs to make prettier faces when she dances.

  116. skeptical says:

    such talented little ones.

    so sad that their talent is being exploited by the adults who were in charge here.

    the costumes, the choice of music and the choice of dance moves… that combination is pure exploitation.

  117. eternalcanadian says:

    The costumes are totally inappropriate. There is a time and place to run around half-naked. It is clear from that video on stage (and on the Internet now) wearing what I consider “skanky clothes” is not the place for 7-year old girls.

    If it wasn’t for those costumes, I would be impressed with the talent the girls have, but their talent is way overshadowed by clothes that are a pedophile’s dream. Yikes!

  118. whatevs says:


  119. sueg says:


  120. docalion says:

    I actually don’t find it gross at all. I think the kids are really amazing. Very good ballet dancers! They are dancing without any hint of corruption in their’s only the people who are saying such stuff into it. Maybe the costumes are a bit at the edge, but the comments are way beyond the intensity of the performance. It’s also a good thing to appreciate the talent of these kids! Peace off America!!

  121. Ash says:

    To be as young as they are they are very excellent dancers. i do agree that the outfits are tasteless, but they’re dancing is amazing. i used to dance, i was a little older than them and they can do a lot more than i could at that age. i say good job to the girls, but shame on the instructor, should have thought about parents & family members before they picked the outfits.

  122. Crittle says:

    I think the girls are talented, but really, their teacher and choreographer aren’t doing them any favors. All they can do is turns, extensions, and splits. Then the booty popping and dropping it like its hot. Its rushed and sloppy choreography, and completely inappropriate for 7 year olds. That why I can’t stand these competitions with the hack routines they praise.

  123. Lucinda says:

    Several have hit on this already but I’m going to add my 2 cents.

    It’s the sexualization that is disturbing. These girls are too young to truly understand what they are doing and what those types of movements mean. When they are older, they will move that way not understanding fully the message they are sending and get unwanted attention for it. Or worse yet, they will get exactly the kind of attention they want thinking that is the kind of attention they SHOULD want. That’s what is sad. It’s wrong to confuse children at such a young age.

  124. gross says:

    Send this to Roman Polanski. He will like it.

  125. Aitch says:

    well, they look and dance like Las Vegas strippers.

  126. Sarah says:

    Look at the comments on the actual video!

  127. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Abbydoom…..Amen

    @,,,,: Good rubuttal

  128. Aussie Mama says:

    Woody Allens next wife could be amongst them.

  129. Shona says:

    This is a pedophiles dream video. Shame on the parents that allowed their daughter to participate in this dance. There is nothing wrong with the dance or outfit….for an adult! But these are children! This was sick in my opinion. They are extremely good dancers and could have showed off their talent in a more appropriate dance and attire.

  130. dancing mom says:

    How sad. These little girls are fabulous dancers, but instead all a person can focus on is their inappropriate costumes and sexy moves. This choreography would be edgy for a Laker Girl and looks like something you would see in a strip club! As a former child dancer, it disturbs me to see children objectified and treated like sexual objects. We should be able to appreciate these girls for the talented dancers they are.

  131. cersmi says:

    Every year at competitions, the trashy dancing is done by younger and younger girls all done up to look like streetwalkers. These girls get cat calls from their own mothers who are patting themselves on the back because they are proud. Listen up stage momma, if your daughter truly has talent she doesn’t need to dance like a stripper/showgirl to impress the judges.

    Comps like: Applause, Star Power, Show Stoppers, DEA and others should and could stop dances with girls this young dancing in such a sexual fashion.

    My daughters group is dancing to Alvin and The Chipmunks ‘We Are Family’ for jazz, Michael Buble for tap – moves & music appropriate for their ages.

  132. J.D says:

    So if a little 4 year old dances to Single Ladies it’s “all rather innocent and cute”. But if 8 and 9 year olds dance to it, it’s “shocking”. Please help me understand your logic. I would think it would be “shocking” for the 4 year old to dance like this, not “innocent and cute”.

  133. Catherine says:

    The whole thing is repulsive: their outfits are a disgrace and the dance routine is way too advanced for 8 & 9 year olds to be dancing to, so I could care less how they are good little dancers.

    It makes you wonder if the parents actually cringed when their little ones were shaking their asses on stage. I bet some of that pre-show pride went straight out the window. But then most parents today are retarted, so maybe not.

  134. People don’t seem to get tired of this song. Great for dance lessons.

  135. hank says:

    These little girls are cute and very talented.Give them a break!


  136. ta says:

    they are amazingly talented and the routine is incredible, but i do think the customes and sexy movements are slightly shocking to watch in such young girls (having said that, watching 12 year olds do this might look even more shocking perhaps?).

    I’ve seen another clip of them dancing to ‘my boyfriend’s back’ and although that was also sort of sexy and the customes similar it still looked much more appropriate to me; just more within the limits of what’s to be expected in dance/theatre and where it crosses over in over the top and asking for bad reactions.

    they are incredible dancers though!