Jeremy Piven wants to experience Jessica Simpson’s napalm

Jeremy Piven Walks Down Las Vegas Blvd After The Mayweather Vs Mosley Fight On May 1, 2010 In Las Vegas, NV

This story is all kinds of wrong. So, yesterday Jessica Simpson was on the set of Entourage, filming a small cameo for an upcoming episode. Unfortunately, the photos are exclusives that we don’t have access too – but you can see some here at PopSugar. Her scene was apparently with Jeremy “The Piv” Piven. Now… we all know The Piv’s type. He likes them young. He likes jailbait. He doesn’t really care about anything beyond “young and willing”. So I wouldn’t have thought Jessica would be his type… but apparently she was. Sources say that The Piv was ogling Jess hard, and he “wasn’t being sly about it”. However, the source who spoke to Us Weekly is a massive bitch, because he/she included this aside: “He flirts with ugly girls, so you can imagine how crazy for Jessica Simpson he was.” I don’t know who that maligns more, Jess or The Piv:

Jeremy Piven found a way to pass time on the Beverly Hills set of Entourage Tuesday as Jessica Simpson filmed her buzzed-about cameo.

“In between takes, he was staring at Jessica’s ass in the most obvious of ways,” a witness tells “He wasn’t being sly about it and would just watch her every move. He flirts with ugly girls, so you can imagine how crazy for Jessica Simpson he was. She almost seemed like she couldn’t wait to change into her jeans, but she was a good sport about it and kind of laughed it off.”

Lucky for Simpson (whose acting has been panned in the past): Her scene “didn’t require any acting,” says the source. (The singer, 29, plays herself.)

“It was simple – she answers the front door, and it’s Jeremy Piven,” the source tells Us. “She had on a very tight skirt and was leaning against the door in a sexy way. They did the scene a few times and didn’t change much. The whole production is very laid back and they always have a good time. Jessica seemed to be having a ball and was not taking herself too seriously.”

Her father Joe also was on set, a source tells Us, chatting up the producers. “They were buttering each other up,” says the witness. “At the end of the scene, they all took pictures together for the set photographer and then Jessica went back to her trailer with her assistants. She brought a bunch of clothes in her Louis Vuitton luggage, loaded everything back up into her assistant’s car and left.”

The shoot went well. After filming, Simpson Twittered: “I have the utmost respect for the entire cast and crew of Entourage! Thank you for making the past 2 days memorable :)”

[From Us Weekly]

What’s weird is that The Piv and Jessica might actually make an interesting couple, right? She acts like the teenage girls he usually dates, and he’s enough of an established actor that they could become some kind of B-list power couple. I do wonder why The Piv was staring at Jessica’s ass, though. Her ass isn’t her best feature. Hint: “You can’t cover those suckers up!” Chesty McNapalm strikes again!

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31 Responses to “Jeremy Piven wants to experience Jessica Simpson’s napalm”

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  1. Juice in LA says:

    Eww. That. is All.

  2. Kittypants says:

    I bet he does. He’s quite the sleaze isn’t he.

  3. andrea says:

    i seriously doubt he wants to be a “power couple” or any kind of couple with her, or anyone else. he seems like a strictly hit-it-and-quit-it type. i.e., douchebag. i think entourage should be renamed Douchebags.

  4. JulieNewmar says:

    HaHaHa.. I hope his dick falls off one day.

  5. Lisa says:

    He seems like the type that wouldn’t care if a girl doesn’t brush her teeth or that waits until her hair smells bad to wash it. So have at it Pivs!

  6. bellaluna says:

    He’s so nasty. I’ve been disgusted with him for quite a long while now. YUCK!

  7. snowball says:

    Why. The. F. Do people (the person mentioned in the article, obviously) keep saying Jessica’s ugly? What standard are they using? I’d better find some burlap and a cloak, I guess.

    She’s pretty, she’s got great hair (admit it, we’ve all had it flying around our heads or pinned up and had it looking like crap on some days) most of the time, and on her shortie little bod, considering she’s sporting some DDs, she’s probably got a size 4 or at most, a 6 figure.

    Ugly? Yeah.

    If the Piv is checking you out, run like hell in the opposite direction.

  8. nanster says:

    With all the recent revelations about Jessica’s hygiene (or lack there of), I’m surprised anyone would want to get close to her. I guess it just goes to show you that a piece is a piece to most guys.

  9. original kate says:

    sexual napalm + mercury poisoning = trainwreck.

  10. guesty says:


  11. Strawberry says:

    He and Gerard Butler should start a club. The Manwhores!

  12. TaylorB says:

    “sexual napalm + mercury poisoning = trainwreck.”

    Or WMD, weapons of mass disgusting.

  13. LolaBella says:

    LOL@ Chesty McNapalm.

    I just bet that Pimpa Joe was working some sort of deal for Jessica’s next ‘boyfriend’, just in case the ‘Renner Agreement’ falls through.

    Adrian Grenier, perhaps?

    The Piv might be a douche, but I love me some Ari Gold!

  14. ViktoryGin says:

    In what universe is Jessica Simpson ugly?

    Sure, she looked better a few years ago and I can easily name someone that I consider more attractive, but in no way is she “ugly”. What the f*ck?

    As for Piven, will I get kicked off of CB if I say that I hope that he contracts a sexually communicable disease?

    Honestly, she would be better off bagging John Mayer and that obviously isn’t saying much.

  15. irl says:

    Ick, she can do way better. Even alone is better then him. I hope she doesn’t have anything to do with him.

  16. Lisa says:

    Piven, the ultimate sleazball.

  17. Missmilly says:

    @snowball you are awesome…you took the words right outta my mouth!

  18. Danielle says:

    I don’t think they were saying she is ugly…they were saying (basically) he flirts with ugly girls so you can imagine how he flirted with her, who is not ugly.

    My take on it….

  19. Dawn says:

    He’s not tall enough to reach it.

  20. Maritza says:

    What Danielle said, that’s exactly what I thought too.

  21. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Danielle

    Got it.

  22. LindyLou says:

    Well she DID date John Mayer so why not the Perv…I mean Piv??

    It wouldn’t last but it would be interesting!

  23. meme says:

    @LolaBella There is NO JEREMY RENNER AGREEMENT. He is still MY IMAGINARY BOYFRIEND. I just can’t quit the dude LOL

  24. Mistral says:

    She’s not ugly.

    Piv, however, is nasty…. If this is really the way he behaves, he is a creepy, creepy guy.

  25. LolaBella says:

    @meme: I’m holding out hope for you.

    MIBF Eli Roth is slowly but surely losing all of his hotness by ‘dating’ and defending that fruity skank…and now there’s speculation that she might be PREGNANT??!

    Ugh, just what we need – baby blueberry/peach hybrid fruit.

    I wish I knew how to quit him. Sigh. 🙁

  26. Marko Polo says:

    Dont you all know. He HAS a GF! She is an escort. The complete details were posted a couple of days ago!

  27. Sakota says:

    Maybe if Jessica didn’t market herself as a sex object, then she wouldn’t have men treating her this way.

  28. Jackie says:

    I thought he was gay

  29. Melinda says:


  30. Shay says:

    Jeremy needs to experience a better hairpiece and a ton of acting lessons. How this guy is working is beyond me. Nepotism? Something?

  31. abbizmal says:

    This guy is creepy. I don’t see why he is even famous. He is disgusting. I wish he would go away.