Kim Kardashian sprays Windex on her food so she won’t eat it

Kim Kardashian’s weight loss secret might not be the caffeine pills she’s constantly hawking. Mike Walker in this week’s National Enquirer has an item claiming that Kim told Ryan Secrest she renders her food inedible by spraying Windex on it so she won’t eat it. How does that work logistically? Kim told Ryan she only does that at home, so does this mental giant bring a big bottle to the dinner table, spray her food, and then just sit there and move it around while the rest of her family eats? Why can’t she just excuse herself and/or dump her food in the trash and just wait? It doesn’t make sense to me, but then this family rarely does:

Ryan Secrest, seated with Kim Kardashian at the star-studded White House Correspondents banquet, admits he was shocked when she whispered her super-secret diet trick: “I spray Windex on my food so I won’t eat it!” Blurted Ryan: “What do you do, carry it around in your purse?” Giggling, Kim told him she uses the Windex trick at home, mostly – but when she’s out on the town, she pours soda to spoil temptation for unwanted meals.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, May 24, 2010]

Kim could alternately carry some of her own perfume in her purse. Considering all the crap that’s in perfume she could spray that on her plate and ensure that she either stops eating or gets sick. Just throw your damn food out or ask for a half portion. The mind boggles. This reminds me of a couple of things: when Miranda dumped cake in the trash and poured dishwashing soap over it on Sex and The City so she would stop pigging out, and the dad on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, who used Windex for just about everything, including bug bite treatment. Apparently it’s also an appetite suppressant, although some scrubbing bubbles or cyanide would also do the trick.

Along with perfume, Kim and her family have slapped their name on a jewelry line, ironically called Virgins, Saints and Angels. Kim and her two sisters Khloe and Kourtney made an in-store appearance at Kitson earlier this week to launch the line. has it available, and it looks like incredibly overpriced gothic and rosary style pieces. It’s ugly and with a price point that starts at $198. This family is just raking in the dough. They’ll need it to pay for all the plastic surgery they’re obviously fond of.

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  1. John Doe says:

    Wow, that’s pretty effed up.

    Why not just eat less or stop buying food?

  2. Missmilly says:

    wow, now it’s cool NOT TO EAT? Seriously….how sad.

  3. Kayla says:

    I don’t think it makes a lot of sense at home, but this is a trick you get taught to use when you’re dieting and at a restaurant- eat a reasonable amount, drink water throughout, and then put a napkin over or, if you’re in the early stages, dump soda all over the meal so that you won’t be tempted to pick, which is a problem many people with portion control have.

  4. Marjalane says:

    We can only hope that Windex is toxic.

    Having said that- this chick is in line for a lifetime of eating disorders.

  5. Icedwavez says:

    Hey, here’s a thought. Don’t eat anything. What a waste!

  6. Samantha says:

    Yes, lets take perfectly edible food and then destroy it. While we are at it, lets film ourselves doing it and then send it to poor countries, because that would be hilarious. No wonder the world hates us. “Just make less food?” No way jose! That’s preposterous. I’m just going to make a meal fit for a king and then spray windex on it because I’m evil.

  7. Missfit says:

    That’s a waste of food and waste of money. There are people in other countries starving, with hardly to no food. She should just not eat that crap, she already is NOT eating, which isn’t even healthy at all. Or she should donate her food to the homeless or whatever. Dumb broad. But then again, people with money don’t care or don’t think about when they are wasting money like that. She might as well grab her money and throw it in the trash or spray windex on that or on her face, that’s what.

  8. Lisa says:


  9. Laurie says:

    And she wants to be a mom?

  10. Sudini says:

    The only thing I can figure is that she sprays it after she throws it away so she won’t dig it back out of the trash later (a’la George Costanza)? Lol, either way that’s just NOT right on a couple of different levels..

  11. bellaluna says:

    There are children in THIS COUNTRY who go to bed hungry every night. Sometimes the only meals they eat are the free breakfasts/lunches the schools provide. She could be sponsoring meals at a shelter or in a food programme.

    How shameful of her!

    To control portions, use a salad plate and eat with a seafood fork. The full salad plate “tricks” you into thinking you have more food, and the seafood fork slows down how fast you eat since it holds so much less. Eating slower allows me to realise when I’m actually full, at which point I stop eating.

  12. gonzo says:

    she needs to just eat the windex

  13. lucy2 says:

    I thought the 5 lbs she loses every week were due to whatever diet pills she’s been selling??? And didn’t she try to sell some exercise video too???

    Seriously that’s gross, a disgusting waste of food, and a sign of a real eating disorder. Though I’m thinking she must cave in and eat the Windex’d food sometimes, because only that could explain how stupid she is.

  14. Aviatrix says:

    Ehhh…I kind of understand. I used to tie my fridge shut (it’s a French door one) with my bikini top to remind myself not to mindlessly forage.

  15. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yeah, that’s really something to “brag” about when there are starving people IN YOUR OWN FUCKING CITY, you worthless tramp.

  16. original kate says:

    that’s funny – i feel like spraying windex on my eyeballs every time i see “keeping up with the kardashians.”

  17. bros says:

    yah no joke original kate! i sprayed windex on my eyes after I watched her animalistic sister pull her own baby out of her hoohah with two hands while on some epidural in labor. I wanted to drink a whole bottle of it to remove the image seared into my brain.

  18. Melinda says:

    I immediately thought of Miranda too! This is so wasteful. Why not have half of it packaged up and never be on the plate. Or here’s an idea, serve yourself a smaller portion! I dispise these women more and more every day.

  19. Novaraen says:

    What a total waste….oh and the food too.

  20. TaylorB says:

    Order half portions at a restaurant or ask them to box up half of a regular portion right away, use a salad plate instead of a large plate for your meals at home. Wasting food like that is awful. Not to metion there are people and animals who eat food out of trash cans, they peobably do not need for their food to be covered in Windex.

  21. Myrrhlyn says:

    What an idiot, I mean seriously, whenever she opens her mouth something unbelievably vapid and completely witless is going to be said.

  22. Chelly says:

    Actually this is old news. there was an episode of KUWTK that showed her spray it on some cupcakes that was sent to her cuz
    she didnt wanna pig out on em.

  23. malina says:

    Well, I don’t really believe it. Maybe it was just a joke? Anyways, it did remind me of the dad in “my big fat greek wedding” too :).

  24. Leek says:

    She should just swallow it. I’m sure she’s no stranger to that.

  25. california angel says:

    How bout just don’t eat as much or order so much food? Eat less, work out more. The end.

  26. cowbell says:

    Hi-larious thread

  27. Michelle says:

    It sounds weird but I have done this before. I’ve done it on food I threw away and didn’t want to eat. No temptation to take it out of the garbage with windex or similiar on it.

    I guess you’d have to be a food addict of some sort to understand.

  28. Kiki says:

    Throw it away?
    Put windex on it?
    Why not give it away?
    Does this girl have any idea how many people are starving to death not because they are on a diet but because they literally HAVE NOTHING TO EAT.
    I’m pissed off now:-(

  29. andrea says:

    Captain Obvious says: this chick REALLY needs to re-order the priorities. Another one with an IQ of negative a million.

  30. Taya says:

    Kim is horrible, just like her bad plastic surgery.

  31. a says:

    that’s wasteful and asinine.
    not cool for her to brag in public about her pro-ana tips…

  32. Jeri says:

    She should spray some harmful burning goop in her vage to keep her from reproducing.

  33. Moore says:

    She seriously lacks self control if she has to go that far to not pig out. Common sense would tell you to put half away and only eat a small portion but this story makes me doubt she has any sense.

  34. gen says:

    I don’t get it. Why buy the food if you’re just going to throw it out? Um, either don’t bring it home or don’t prepare as much. My mother would slap me up the side of my head if I sprayed windex on sdome meal she made me. And this is why Americans are a joke to the rest of the world.

  35. westcoaster says:

    Someone example to me why this family is so popular?

  36. fizXgirl314 says:

    lol I’ve done this 🙁

  37. abbydoom says:

    Wow, this family is definitely not known for being charitable. She should stop messing up her face and wasting food and find something worthwhile in life. But at 30 it’s kind of late to change yourself from a vain, narcissistic freak into a charitable, kind person.

  38. MingMing says:

    Now she’s sharing her eating disorder tips with the world? Stupid!

    I looked at the jewelry: Nothing special. It is cheap looking overpriced junk.

  39. Marjalane says:

    Thread Winner: Original Kate

  40. freckles says:

    I saw this on another reality show, I think it was the one with Guiliana and Bill Rancic. Or however you spell their names.. I’m not about to look it up. Anyways G’s gay friend sprayed windex all over a cupcake so that she wouldn’t be tempted to eat it, or something like that. She said “why can’t you just throw it away?” And he said “well I wouldn’t want you to be so tempted that you dig it out of the garbage!” It was kind of funny in that context, but hearing about people who actually need to do that is a little sad. It’s called self control… learn it.

  41. LolaBella says:

    This is so incredibly wasteful.

    What a moron.

  42. WTF says:


  43. MissyA says:

    I grew up poor. Like, government housing/food stamp poor. I was absolutely disgusted when my very wealthy MIL threw out half an onion because “it doesn’t last after you cut it”. (Luckily the boyfriend doesn’t share his mother’s wasteful habits.)

    This about gave me an aneurism.

    No wonder the world hates Americans.

  44. DD says:

    let’s see tonight I’m going to spend a few hours making myself a gourmet meal, just so I can spray windex on it.
    Normally if I don’t want to eat anymore I simply put the rest in the trash or in the fridge. And since I’m thinner than Kim I think my trick works better.

  45. Jane says:

    She’s starting to look all weird in the face. About a year ago, she looked great but she’s gone too far w/the plastic surgery. And now with the weird eating…trainwreck, party of one, your table is now ready…

  46. Liana says:

    What the heck happened to her face? She used to be pretty in an overly made up sort of way. Now, she’s a Jocelyne Wildenstein in training.

  47. Toe says:

    Paris and Victoria Beckham did similar things. They pour salt on the food so they dont eat more. This is kind of an old news. Not everyone has the same “self control”.

  48. Kim says:

    I wish we could spray her with Windex and make her disappear.

  49. Nanea says:

    As everyone above me has commented about the disgustingly wasteful method to make sure KimK doesn’t eat, I’d like to know who in the K family are the Virgins, Saints and Angels they’re promoting.

  50. Kim says:

    All common tricks used by amorexics and bulimics. Way to be a role model to girls Kim. She is trash.

  51. DiMi says:

    What’s so sad is this woman is a role model to young girs who will now start spraying household products on their food to prevent themselves from eating it. She’s providing new ways to enact eating disorders.

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who found this disturbingly wasteful and insult to people who go hungry every night.

  52. Marjalane says:

    Yeah she’s trash, but even THIS kind of attention gives her the warm fuzzies. I saw a picture on some other site of a HUGE line of people waiting to see her and her butterface sister at some clothing store, and I have to say that even though I am a die hard lover of America, I too, can see why we are scorned across the globe….sigh…..

  53. Cruisin Through says:

    Jeez! I can’t stad her but I really don’t think this is a big deal. I’ve poured water on something in the garbage or thrown out something gross so it was over it. This is not uncommon for anyone who has ever struggled with weight. It doesn’t mean it’s anorexic or bulemic behavior.

  54. DiMi says:

    Cruisin’ Through – I didn’t call her behavior anorexic or bulimic; I described it as indicative of an eating disorder. Not all eating disorders are as extreme as anorexia or bulimia. An eating disorder is related to any behavior in which food is being used in an unhealthy way to meet emotional needs or in which food plays an extreme role in somebody’s life. I’m sorry, this is not healthy eating behavior, and it’s not a healthy weight control strategy to model for young girls.

  55. Kelaa Khaa says:

    I agree with Jeri, this douchette should not reproduce as she would make a crappy mother.

  56. LisaMarie says:

    Why does her forehead never match the rest of her face? If you’re going to pile on that much makeup, you need to blend, blend, blend!

  57. Iris says:

    look how waxy she looks in the first picture. disgusting!

  58. GatsbyGal says:

    Complete waste of food. Maybe she shouldn’t shovel so much on her plate, or maybe tell people she’s not hungry? Wow, she’s fucking stupid. I’d smack her in the mouth for ruining food like that.

  59. amanda says:

    Kim is looking increasingly fake. Why does she look so unnatural? Her lips don’t look natural, her cheekbones are so large its hilarious, and there’s something weird and pointy about her eyes and eyebrows. She a naturally pretty girl should not be messing around with plastic surgery and injectables as much as she obviously is.

  60. hannah says:

    multiple posts that say

    “thats why people hate americans”

    i don’t get it though, this isn’t some american tradition to spray your food, we are generally pretty good at consuming it, hence the weight issue;)

  61. Tania says:

    Stupid and WASTEFUL! Starving people would love to have access to the food she wastes by doing this … DUMB! … Must be nice to be able to afford to just waste food like that …

  62. Liana says:

    My dad is an old school Italian. If I wasted food like that, he would smack me upside the head and call me something I can’t pronounce and don’t know what it means. Why not just simply take less food when you’re at home and when out, ask for a half portion or for half to be bagged in the kitchen – then give it to someone who needs it on the way home?

  63. Aspie says:

    I actually used to pour salt on my desserts at restaurants so I can’t blame her. 😉

  64. perry says:

    And on another note….Kitson is an overpriced Walmart.

  65. Duh says:

    I’ve actually had multiple dietitians and my bariatric surgeon say to do this. Either spray Windex on the food you are finished with or put liquid dish-washing soap on it. It stops the temptation of over indulging. Its done in combination with sensible eating and portion control.

    The American clean plate club has to end. Eating an entire 2000 calorie slice of cake because “People are starving some where” is ridiculous. And yes here where I live there is this magically delicious monster slice of chocolate cake with chocolate moouse inside and vanilla buttercream frosting. It doesn’t come in cupcake form. None of my friends like chocolate (I think they aren’t human), so if I treat myself to a slice from the deli one slice weigh over 32oz (2 lbs of cake)! So I weigh out a reason portion say 4 to 5 oz and because I know that fatty, sweet chocolaty cake will call my name from the fridge I trash the rest and pour some soap on it. I may want it. I may open the trash can and stare at it but I cannot overindulge in it.

    I won’t be seriously overweight again just so that my plate is clean.

    If wasting cake is bad, then I’ll be bad.

  66. Crash2GO2 says:

    Ha! All the outrage here at throwing away ‘perfectly good food’ is so illustrative of why Americans have weight problems!

    When you are full, stop eating and throw the rest away, and do whatever it is you need to do to it if you have problems with over eating. It will recycle itself. Jeez-us. I’m more worried about the massive I people I see @ Disneyland than I am about food being thrown away.

    Oh – and if Kim is so worried about weight gain, why in the hell did she have massive silicone balls implanted in her ass?

  67. Camille says:

    LOL I LOVED your last 2 lines Celebitchy- hilarious and so true!

    I don’t actively dislike many people in this world, but this family I just wish would disappear and get out of the spotlight- forever! (And that is putting it nicely!)

  68. Amy says:

    Wish she wears less make-up

  69. Sasssy says:

    She growing rather ugly.

  70. weslyn says:

    everytime i see a pic, i just feel like i could mold her face like playdoh

  71. poster 1 says:

    hahahahhaa I did this once as a child. I had just learned that red = hot and blue = cold. My food was RED so I added BLUE!

  72. Sharonkings says:

    Lmao! I totally do not believe this story. I need an audio or something because this is just too rediculous to be true!

  73. nnn says:

    She really looks more and more trannylike.

    As for the rest, she is becoming too old for selling bullsh*t !

    At some point, you have to cater to your brains a minimum or if you are a bimbo, at least be it totally instead of selling a fake redempted classy image.

    At least Pam Anderson was true to her bimbo attitude and plastic surgeries and was more genuine because of it and didn’t take herself seriousely !

  74. WTF?!? says:

    This is a standard dieting tactic. Julian Michaels just said in an interview that she pours candle wax over her food. Some people dump cigarette ashes on the remainder of their meals, keeps you from munching on fries and such once you’re full.

  75. Karen says:

    A garbage disposal would also do the trick!

  76. Lita says:

    I read that in the US 40% of food purchased is wasted, and that in UK 30% is wasted; suspect my country falls somewhere between those two and frankly it appalls me. I get that is doesn’t look like much when you throw something away but it is just as much of an environmental issue as (insert fave cause here). Think of the resources it take to make, process, dispose of that amount of food. Not picking on anyone but the lady who said she buys a whopping great cafe cake slice (I know, they’re like that here too) .. Why not ask them to only cut a smaller piece off if you’re happy to pay the additional and bin it anyhow. I am not some massive vegan/peta/fruitarian poseur, but if you want to talk about “one person can make a difference” on environmentalism then I think all household consumption is a good place to start – and the food thing is just so easy. All it takes is a little planning! Food for thought (arf).

  77. padiddle says:

    If you don’t want food, box up half before you even put it on your plate, and then donate to meals on wheels – which delivers to elderly shut ins. I mean seriously, some of you people are defending this tactic rather than donating food to those in need? It’s sick. It’s not about defending obesity and saying everyone should eat everything on their plate – People are outraged that instead of maybe giving that to a local soup kitchen, she wastefully and selfishly poisons it to keep herself looking good. It just shows the self centeredness of this fool.

  78. docalion says:

    Kim, that’s very insensitive. Your habit is a very bad message to the public and an insult to people who are being deprived of this basic necessity.

  79. TaylorB says:

    I am not trying to be rude, but I simply can not understand this Windex on the food thing. Wasting food is pointless and expensive. There is an easy fix, order half portions. If 20 min after you have finished your small portion and you are still actually hungry and not just wanting to nosh for the sake of noshing, order something else. At home, use a smaller plate instead of a reg dinner plate (my mother just gave us some ‘dinner’ plates that are about the size of manhole covers); a small plate that looks ‘full’ is just as pleasing to the brain as a giant plate that looks ‘full’.

    I know we all struggle with issues and I don’t mean to judge at all, and I am sorry if it comes across that way.

  80. lin234 says:

    padiddle- I don’t know much about meals on wheels but do they accept a small portion of pre-cooked food by random strangers?

    I mean I’ve volunteered with soup kitchens and it’s my understanding that the food is cooked in mass quantities then served at a specific time period. It wouldn’t make sense for a person to give away food that is enough for one person. In fact, it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the needy for one person to get a gourmet meal while the rest eat cooked canned meat and not as fresh vegetables. I’ll even be as cynical as to say that someone poor will likely not even see the food and someone on staff will just take it. Or else it may be thrown away if they don’t feel it’s safe.

    I mean in the perfect world, people with excess food would share with the poor and it would all even out but realistically the poor have preferences and standards too. They don’t want food that looks like it’s been purposely cut or potentially eaten by the giver.

    I lived in Berkeley for a while and I would always cut my portions in half in restaurants and if I saw a bum on the street (there is plentiful), I would ask if they wanted the food. Sometimes it worked out beautifully and other times I’ve accidentally mistaken people for bums. After a while I stopped doing this because I didn’t want to offend anyone.

    It would be realistic if people donated fresh ingredients to the soup kitchen but pre-cooked food of unknown origin is tricky. As sad as it is, it’s a safety issue.

  81. Lemon Drop says:

    I think its more of a waste when obese or overweight people buy and eat way too much food, especially when the taxpayers have to pay for their health problems. If Kim doesn’t want to finish her meal, who cares? Its not as if you can donate a half-eaten meal to any place.

  82. TaylorB says:

    I must say it sure would be nice if restaurants would stop serving such huge portions, they can simply offer a menu option with smaller portions at a slightly smaller price.

    I can’t tell you how many obese animals I see in my practice. I attempt to explain to the pet parents that they should portion out only a certain amt based on the breed, activity, age, calories in/out etc. and use a feeding schedule. And while we all want ‘treats’ (be it ice cream for people or Beggin Strips for the pups) they must be limited.

  83. gg says:

    Hey, Windex and Dow scrubbing bubbles works GREAT on flea and mosquito bites — it’s the ammonia. I use it every summer and if you put fresh pure ammonia (at about $1 per gallon) in a little applicator on a new bite the bite will go away completely in less than 30 minutes. Works great on beestings too. Same active ingredient as No-Bite which is about $3.75 for about 1/2 ounce. I refill the No-Bite pens with ammonia or use a small cosmetic spray bottle.

    It stings a little so small kids won’t like it but I put some on a small cotton ball and use a bandaid for bad ones – take it off after about 15 minutes.

    The only thing I’ve tested with this that it doesn’t work on is them damn chigger bites. Only time and some de-sensitizing nail polish or a bandaid will make those stop itching.

  84. WTF?!? says:

    Other WTF– please change your handle. I’ve been posting here for years.

  85. padiddle says:

    lin234 – Meals on Wheels accepts home cooked meals. If it was something you actually ate or put a fork in, no.
    But let’s say she cooks some pasta and grilled chicked and decides it’s too much. If she wraps it up BEFORE she eats it and labels it, yes, Meals on Wheels would take it.
    I’m not sure they even do Meals on Wheels anymore, as it was something my mother and aunt did with their church in the 90s, but my mom and aunt always put uneaten leftovers and stuff in there. It’s more to be delivered to the elderly in their home, not along the same lines as a soup kitchen. But even if she just individually took it to a homeless person, that would be better than wasting perfectly good food.

  86. Crash2GO2 says:

    There is no way Meals on Wheels accepts pre-prepared half eaten meals. It’s a safety issue (as others have said).

    Cook and order less, yes. But don’t hesitate to throw away food if you have eaten what you can or should. Honestly, I think one reason people’s pets are so obese is they think it’s better to give the leftovers to the dog rather than throw it away.

  87. TaylorB says:


    You are so right. So many people won’t admit to me the crap the feed their dogs/cats, but it is obvious. Granted from time to time I find a person who freely admits to feeding total junk to their pets, one pet parent/client of mine actually has a specific crock pot set aside just for his wildly obese dogs meals, he cooks up pot roast with gravy, buttered mashed potatos etc and gives the dog pie with ice cream. I have scolded him about this. Frank said he couldn’t care less, and his very, very fat dog Winston is happy as a clam. Healthy no, but happy…

  88. Michelle says:

    Of course that mule faced hooker sprays windex on her food, it explains the obvious brain damage!!!

  89. Ogechi says:

    No am not happy that Kim could waste food considering the amount of hungry people around. Kim I love you but am not happy with you on this one!

  90. wtf??? says:

    Kim really looks like she got an eyebrow lift and some botox around her labial folds. Her face looks way too taught. Especially in the eye area. I think she is a beautiful girl though.

  91. Rambo says:

    Most detergents (alkaline or acidic) are corrosive. Once swallowed, it’s very risky to puke it out. It could seriously harm one’s throat by burning mucosa on the way up. It may lead to life-long painful respiratory problems or even death.

    So great frickin’ tips there, Kim!

  92. Shona says:

    In Kim’s defense I destroy my food too. I have had an eating disorder since I was 9 years old (I am now 33). And I will pour dish deteregent on mine so I won’t eat too much. Of course I do this at home only. Especially if it’s something sweet. This is a horrible way to live but you do what you got to do.

  93. A says:

    Yeah but it’s not a hilarious world. Obviously, she is mentally ill. No it doesn’t make sense, but she’s had a tough life, she was in a very abusive marriage at only 19. That had to leave scars. The man beat her and told her she needed liposuction and only then would she be perfect.

  94. CB Rawks says:

    I saw a sitcom where a guy fished the soapy cake out of the trash and put it in the freezer, planning to freeze the dish soap so that he could chip it off later. See Kim, nothing’s foolproof.

  95. ccc says:

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  96. Victoria says:

    That is so wasteful and just stupid!
    And I don’t understand why she is that big if she sprays all her food with windex? It must be a lie for publicity because she would be suuuper skinny.

  97. WTF?? says:

    Great role modeling, Kim. Ever heard of asking for smaller portions? Or fixing less food? Or saving the extra for the next day? Clearly not. Obviously you can afford to be wasteful.

  98. WTF?? says:

    Awesome role modeling, Kim. What happened to just saving the rest for another time? Or asking for a half portion? Smart people save their leftovers for another family member or for lunch the next day. It is what I do. Of course, you are hemorrhaging money, so you can afford to wreck food cavalierly. You fail. Badly. Get some common sense and learn to save it for the next day. Wasteful selfish loser. If you want to keep your weight reasonable, exercise a few days a week. And drink water at meals so you feel full. Those are all better than pouring Windex on your food.