Is Marc Anthony gravely ill?

Marc Anthony took out a bizarre ad in Variety, declaring his love for J.Lo in the format of a film script:

The crooner spent the money to honor his wife Jennifer Lopez, who picked up a 2006 Women in Film Crystal Award Tuesday night in LA.

The ad appeared in Tuesday’s daily edition of Variety, which charges $8,000 for a full page ad. The ad was written like a movie script, outlining a scene at an award show, describing Lopez as “the most beautiful woman” and “Lola.”

This is our theory, and we have reader Angelika to thank for the insight: something is totally wrong with Marc Anthony. He looks deathly ill, with bags under his eyes and a sunken face. We think he’s suffering quietly from an illness and wants to let Lopez know in the most public way possible that he loves her. Doesn’t this seem like the type of thing a dying person would do? He says “Here’s to never waking up, Baby,” in the ad, which could be a dual reference to the dream-like state of love and death. Unless their two year marriage is in trouble, which would be completely uncharacteristic of J.Lo, it seems like the most plausible explanation.

We’re oversensationalizing this story, though, because there were three other ads from studios praising J.Lo in that issue of Variety, and Anthony probably just wanted to add his loving regards.

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5 Responses to “Is Marc Anthony gravely ill?”

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  1. annonymous says:

    Um…no, I don’t see anything different about him. Still the same skinny homely guy she got hitched to 2 years ago.

  2. annonymous says:

    Um no..he still looks like the same skinny little homely man she married 2 years ago. He just writes good sappy letters it looks like.

  3. Angelika says:

    Like I said, he always looked that skinny. Just all the love declarations made me think a bit, too. But I wouldn’t say he’s DYING! He can “just” have a harmless sickness which can make a couple grow closer, too.

  4. millie says:

    he really looks terrible, esp. around his eyes. I wonder if there is something going on or he’s just exhausted.

  5. fuegochick says:

    It’s the same “I’m on drugs” look he’s always had. Heroin will do that do that to ya.