Shiloh baby pictures (update: HQs)

Thanks to reader Millie for e-mailing me to let me know that I’m not Obsessed had the Shilloh baby pictures that are coming out in People and Hello!. Unfortunately they had to be taken down, but we’re under the radar for now and found them on the Saving Face Forum. This family is so cute that we feel sort of bad questioning Shiloh’s parentage.

In the press conference with Brad yesterday, Angelina dismissed claims that she may marry the supposed father of her newborn baby, saying that they are committed to their children, but that “to have a ceremony on top of it is nothing.” Getting married is nothing indeed, Angelina, especially when you have no plans to do it.

These photos are from Italian Vanity Fair.

Update: higher quality images thanks to CelebVent and originally from JustJared.

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  1. jess says:

    your pictures aren’t working. feel free to borrow the links from my blog as i wont be deleting the gorgeous pictures of baby shiloh…i have about 6 pictures up!

  2. jess says:

    oh just kidding lol now they are there…

  3. celebitchy says:

    Yeah one of the quotation marks in the image reference wasn’t there. Figures. It’s all fixed now.

  4. celebitchy says:

    You have better pics though – I may snag a couple of yours.

  5. jess says:

    thanks! gosh…i just can’t get over how beautiful this family is…can you?

  6. annonymous says:

    Judging by the picture of dad snuggling with his new daughter, he looks at peace now..almost like he’s accomplished what he’s been so desperately wanting for the past several year.

  7. millie says:

    Brad looks like he’s about to melt on the photo where he’s holding her next to his face. LOVE them all.

  8. jenn says:

    She is cute love the photo of her and her big sister, they just need Big brother to get in the photo too

  9. xiaoecho says:

    Just look at the beauteous Zahara!! Guess she learnt how to “be” around the camera the way any little girl learns – by watching her mother. Love the way Shilo’s little ears dip down at the top – just like Prince Charles’ aww

  10. Khalid FENSAB, Just un ami.

    «Shiloh is God’s present ”
    B.Bitt and A.Jolie , two stars who give birth to a girl future star: Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. But, it is still too much early for the girl to meet these curious strangers (Journalists, photographers) who do not respect its childhood and its innocence. The girl has the right to live her life with her father and her mom far from cameras.

    I like saying a word to both parents: «Remember yourselves, please, Shiloh is a gift of God, take for the better care, them will be on drugs wasted a big part of your life. Do not let projectors too much illuminate your home, only your love has the right to illuminate the life of Shiloh “.

    I have a question:
    - Has Bitt and Jolie the right to engage their daughter in the media world (sale of the reproduction rights of the photos of Shiloh)?
    - Is not it going to disrupt the life of the girl?
    Thank you.

  11. Katie says:

    man, Shiloh defineally has her mom’s lips for sure…. SHE IS SOOO CUTE!!!
    that family is just cute period…lol