“Where the f**k is Suri already?!” Links

Some people with filtering software (at least ChicMommy) are being blocked from the site. This is most likely due to keywords like pr0n in our post about slutty Heather Mills, which proved surprisingly popular. This also caused some software on our host to throw weird errors for people trying to access the site a couple of days ago. We’re going to try to be less dirty in post titles.

We also have company this week, which explains our agitated zest for muckraking along with the slightly lighter posting schedule. It’s a busy summer so far.

By the way – where the hell is Suri?! All the celebrity newborns, including even Rachel Weisz’s baby, have been seen, but Suri is still a no-show. What’s wrong? (We just love hearing people comment about this.)

- Details of the Cruise-Holmes prenup are not credible until we see proof that there is an actual GD baby (MollyGood)
- The world’s most beautiful family and baby, Shiloh Jolie Pitt, are more lovely when illustrated. (Gallery of the Absurd)
- Jessica Alba has hot dolphin sex (Jordan is your Homeboy)
- Beyonce launches search for all-female band (Concrete Loop)
- Nicole picks up Paris’ leftovers (Faded Youth)
- Salma Hayek looking hot at the Swarovski Dinner (99 Monkeys)
- Da Brat raps with her pants down at the Hot 97 Summer Jam (Young Black and Fabulous)
- Mischa Barton drives a green Impala? (The Bastardly)
- Paris Hilton parks in handicapped spaces (WWTDD)
- Lindsay Lohan snorts a line of coke every 2 hours (yeeeah)
- Naomi Campbell wants a baby to beat on (Crunk and Disorderly)
- Geri Haliwell and Blueballs Madonna in a low-rent version of the Messiah Jolie-Pitt photospread (DListed)
- Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson’s divorce to be final on June 17th? (Socialite’s Life)
- Angelina Jolie replaces her Billy Bob tattoo with the latitude and longitude for Maddox and Zahara’s birthplace (I’m Not Obsessed)
- The Effects of 666 : Nicole Richie Splashes Water on Paparazzi (Gossipin)
- Janet Jackson’s freaky boob job (Egotastic)
- J.Lo says she’s not pregnant. Big surprise there. (PopSugar)
- Everyone is getting legally harassed to remove the Jolie-Pitt pictures. (popbytes)
- Fox News says Anne Coulter went too far even for them. (BlogNYC)
- The Lingerie Bowl Press Conference (Hollywood Tuna)

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