Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant?! HQ bump pictures

Thanks to Girlzilla at Oh No They Didn’t for pointing out that Aniston’s got a bump! It would be just like her to go and get pregnant out of spite.

Is she just slouching or could she really be having a Vaughn spawn?

At first I didn’t think this was true – then I looked at the HQ photos. I really believe she’s knocked up. My husband looked at these photos and said “She’s at that age where she’s getting desperate.”

She wore a tight dress to the Australian premiere of “The Break Up” on June 5th, so she’s not doing anything to try and hide it.

Aniston seems indifferent about having children. Although she says she wants them eventually she balked when asked by Regis if she ever babysits Coco Cox, Courtney’s daughter.

Aniston’s supposed boyfriend, her “Breakup” costar Vince Vaughn, told Oprah that he hasn’t talked about children with Aniston and that it’s a big deal for him:

“No, I have not talked about having kids with Jennifer,” he says. “I think [having children] takes a lot of focus, takes a lot of attention. I think it would be nice at some point to have a different priority in something else as you’ve sort of done stuff and challenged yourself, I think that time would come. But not any time in the near future for me, I don’t think.”

We commented at the time that it sounds like Vince wants kids, just not with Jen.

Here are high quality images thanks to Hollywood’s Best from “The Break-Up” Australian Premiere on 6/5, press conference on 6/6, Chicago premiere on 5/29 and LA premiere on 5/22. She has a definite bump at all of these events.

For comparison, the last row has pictures of Aniston outside “The Late Show” on 5/24. Her stomach is perfectly flat there, so there is a chance that she is bloated in the other pictures. The woman is thin and toned though, and the bump is pretty pronounced, so we are inclined to think she’s pregnant.

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6 Responses to “Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant?! HQ bump pictures”

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  1. AC says:

    Poor woman. Can’t even get pregnant without people saying it’s out of spite. I bet if she bought plumping lip gloss people would say its in a pathetic attempt to look like Angie…

    If she wants to breed let her breed! She had said before that she had wanted kids.

  2. jess says:

    i think she just put on some weight and hasnt realized its time to start sucking in her tummy…if you look at her arms they are bigger and not as defined as they used to be.

  3. millie says:

    of course she said she wanted kids, if she didn’t she’d look like a nasty bitch. Whatever.. let her breed but don’t hold your breath–she won’t ruin this perfect body anytime soon. And Vince is far from wanting to have kids. He’s a freaking DOGG.. with a reputation for partying and sleeping around. If you ask me, this romance is a little too convenient for him.. he produced the movie, after all and he wants to sell it. I’m not saying he doesn’t have a soft spot for Jennifer, but to me, this is far from being serious. As to the bump, I noticed that too but she’s so flat on pix from other events that I decided it was simply bloat and a shiny dress (nobody looks good in that this type of fabric, it’s like satin and reflects every bump). I think that Jennifer won’t have kids and will adopt when she’s in her 40s and finally realizes that it’s time to go back to TV.

  4. celebitchy says:

    Millie, I agree with you about Aniston not wanting kids and Vaughn being a party guy, but did you see the first picture of her in the black dress in high resolution? There is a definitely bump to me, and it does not look like fat. If she gained weight you would see it on her face and arms too and she looks skinny to me still. There’s something up. Of course she could have irritable bowel syndrome. She has that same bump in the other pictures too.

  5. Angelika says:

    I don’t have much time, so I didn’t read the other posts.. Just wanted to say that I’d love to hear that Jennifer is pregnant. Don’t know if it’s with the right man, but.. it would be great news anyway =)

  6. - says:

    poor Vince Vaughn…