Britney Spears ordered to pay $375 k to K-Fed’s attorneys

Britney in a still from her upcoming guest role on “How I Met Your Mother”
Britney Spears was ordered to pay $375,000 to cover her ex Kevin Federline’s exorbitant legal expenses while fighting for custody of their two toddler sons. Federline was asking for half a million, and the judge’s ruling represents $125k less. Federline will receive $175,000 just for showing up at his own birthday party at Pure Nightclub on March 21, so it might be tight for him given his pimp lifestyle but he can probably afford the remaining legal bills. Maybe he’ll ask his attorneys to reign it in, now that he knows he’s responsible for at least part of the bill. Britney reportedly makes $700,000 per month, but up until her father took over she was spending it almost as fast as she made it.

britneymother2.jpgIn November, 2007, Britney paid $120,000 to Federline’s lawyers for his last legal bill. He received $20,000 a month in spousal support and $15,000 a month in child support at that time, but his spousal support ran out on November 15. Federline has denied reports that he has asked for more child support after retaining sole custody of the children.

Apart from this expected financial setback, Britney is doing well by most accounts. There’s positive advance buzz for her guest role on the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” which will air on March 24. The cast praised Britney’s professionalism on set and said she was funny and personable. Today the network released these two stills of Britney on the show, in which she plays a goofy receptionist with a crush on Josh Radnor’s character, Ted.

Pictures via People and Page Six.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That is not right, in the end she will end up with nothing and no one and that is not fair. I hope she gets smarter and starts fighting back at all those losers.

  2. AC says:

    those pics are cute.

    her neck is so long!

    three horns don’t play with long necks. 😛

    I bet she did a pretty good job and i’m totally curious to see the episode. Too bad i don’t own a TV!

  3. texasmom says:

    God! She looks so CUTE when she wears normal clothes!


  4. chamalla says:

    Egads, that’s a lot of money to pay someone to screw you over. Brit may be of questionable value to the common good, that doesn’t mean she should be this guy’s ATM.

    $35k a month for child support?!?! How much does it cost to keep a kid in Geranimals and Cheetos in CA?

  5. Toubrouk says:

    Looks like K-FedEx got the perfect gold mine; it never stops pouring…

  6. mollination says:

    baby steps, love.

    she looks cute. A few more small confidence boosters like this and she’ll be just fine.

    AC- lol! I loved that movie.

  7. KPC says:

    It is amazing what a little upkeep will do. She looks happy and downright pretty.

  8. headache says:

    bwahaha chamalla. You are most definately a parent.

  9. Beanie says:

    One of the reasons she was ordered to pay was because she repeatedly showed contempt of court and many, many unnecessary hearing were held just because she couldn’t be bothered to show up. It’s good she is doing better but it’s going to take more than one month of good behavior to undo the damage she has done both to those kids and to her reputation.



  11. Loob says:

    Don’t they have a hair dressing team for that sitcom?
    How come Britney’s hair still looks like hammered shit?!

  12. Jessica says:

    I agree with Captain Obvious!! Is she photoshopped here??

  13. Tia C says:

    Yeah, her hair is still not quite right, but I think it at least looks better – someone obviously tried to do something with it. I’m amazed at how much she looks like her former (cute) self! And she looks so much thinner in these pix than she does in all the papp pix. Maybe because the camera is not RIGHT on top of her, LOL. I have never been a fan, but I am rooting for her nonetheless. Keep on growing, Britney!

  14. Brit says:

    Thats just a rumor. Trust me I know!!! That new show on E! Pop fiction !!! Its freakn hilarious. Ashton Kutcher is a genius punking the paparazzi.. so great!! Last sunday Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez made it look like they were dating or something and the pap fell for it.They went crazy over it. This show is freakn awsome.Next Sunday is gnna be even better. Heres those links you wanted. Tell me what you think.

  15. Jessica says:

    I’m Ms. Photoshop Queen since I was 17……

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