Salma Hayek changed to her married name per her daughter’s request


Salma Hayek is at the Cannes Film Festival, living it up and partying, showing up to various red carpets decked out in gowns and jewels and wearing her favorite accessory, her billionaire husband Francois-Henri Pinault. There’s even buzz about Salma making some kind of career-comeback, but we’ll see. Meanwhile, Salma is the June cover girl for InStyle Magazine, and in the interview she spoke about how her daughter Valentina asked her to change her name to Pinault, and how Valentina is the reason Salma won’t be going into space anytime soon:

The Mexican beauty welcomed a daughter, Valentina, with Francois-Henri Pinault in September 2007, and married the French fashion executive 17 months later. But the tot was becoming curious as to why her parents didn’t share the same last name – and the innocent question convinced her mum to make the switch.

The actress tells U.S. magazine InStyle, “It was Valentina’s request. I didn’t think about it until she brought it up. We were shooting a film, and she saw my chair with my name on it. She says, ‘What does it say there?’ And I said, ‘Salma Hayek.’ And she said, ‘What about Pinault? Why not Pinault?’ Because people here (in France) say ‘Madame Pinault.'”

And Hayek is thrilled to show her solidarity with her family as she continues her new life in France.

She explains, “I said to myself, ‘This is who I am now. I’m starting a whole new life. I’ve never been happier. Why shouldn’t I share it with the people who have been supporting me my whole career, who have been with me since the beginning?’

“I’m a private person, but I should let them in on the fact that I’m a different person, and a better person. It’s a new life.”

The actress insists she’s “not much” of a risk-taker since she welcomed daughter Valentina in September 2007, with her husband, French fashion executive Francois-Henri Pinault. And she’s given up many dangerous thrill-seeking adventures – including a once-in-a-lifetime chance to orbit the planet with the Virgin boss’ spaceliner, due to launch next year.

She tells U.S. magazine InStyle, “I love scuba diving and used to dive where the sharks were, and now? No more sharks. Everything became about the baby. You are in second position, or third… My dream was to go into space. I reserved my place with the Virgin (Galactic) expedition. And then I got pregnant. And now I’m a mother. So I’m not going to go.”

[From and The Toronto Sun]

CB generally thinks Salma is full of sh-t and full of herself, but I’ve always had a haphazard love for Salma. Yes, she’s full of herself, but she seems like a throwback to the movie stars of the 1940s and 1950s, the goddesses who had reason to be full of themselves. Personally, I don’t buy that Valentina – at the age of 2 years old, if that – would be all “Mommy, why didn’t you take your husband’s last name?” Like she’s a little Miss Manners or something. I think Salma took the Pinault name because she married a f-cking billionaire and why the f-ck not?

Here are some assorted photos of Salma at Cannes:

'Wall Street Money Never Sleeps' Premiere 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival

Photo by: KGC42/ 2010 5/12/10 Salma Hayek at the premiere of Robin Hood at

InStyle photos courtesy of ICYDK.

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  1. ViktoryGin says:

    I kind of agree. I don’t completely buy it that a two-year old has that kind presence of mind.

  2. bite me says:

    a bilionaire that going to drop her ass soon enough for a younger model

  3. kai2 says:

    the only substantial role I’ve seen her in was Frida. one good role is not reason enough to be SO full of yourself, I think. or did I miss some good films with her?

    I’m with CB.

    *edit* I looked her up at imdb and saw that she has a adam sandler comedy coming out. disqualified.

  4. nena says:

    Did she got a breast reduction?

    Well, she looks amazing! 🙂

  5. Oenix says:

    Salma it’s ok to take your husband’s last name without justifying it because it’s YOUR business. Cute as it may sound, very few people actually believe a 2-1/2 year old is THAT aware… please!

  6. oxa says:

    All a 2 year old knows is mommy or daddy they do not car about last names/
    Also like so many other women do, she can always say its just her work name.

  7. suz says:

    What’s up with her smile? Is she that deathly afraid of wrinkles?

  8. onyx says:

    hahahaha! she is married to Elmer Fudd!

  9. Ann says:

    I agree. Always thought she was full of it and a terrible actress to boot. Career comeback? She never really had a “career” to begin with. But maybe sugar daddy can buy her better parts now.

  10. LindyLou says:

    @nena – I was thinking the same thing. Up until maybe 5 or 6 months ago she had huge boobs. Maybe she just stopped breastfeeding???

  11. Melissa says:

    Yeah, I totally call BS on the daughter asking her. My daughter is one month younger than hers, and has no idea what her last name is, nevermind that my last name is different from hers and my husband’s. Change your name or don’t change your name – I don’t care. But own your decision, godammit, and don’t act like it was because your daughter was asking questions.

  12. escapee says:

    It’s like Katie Holmes syndrome! Yes, all kids are amazing and brilliant to their parents but do they have to try and make them so creepily cognitive and articulate. Let them be cute little kids that incessantly ask “what’s that” about everything they see without having some deep philosophical meaning behind it.

  13. mr. stinky fishface says:

    I believe it, I was a preschool teacher for 5 years in the 2-3 year old room and most of them knew their last name and would be confused if mommy or daddy had a different last name…

  14. LeManda says:

    I believe it too. She didn’t say her child demanded she changed her name , she said she was confused as to the different name on the chair when she hears her mom being called Madame Pinault. It only made Salma think that she maybe should change her name. So she did.

  15. Persistent Cat says:

    Oh my God, why the hate?

    @ Suz:

    They take 10 billion pictures at those things. Those are the two shown here.

  16. Ann says:

    I think she’s taken her implants out.

  17. Feebee says:

    I think she elaborated on what her 2 year said, but I believe her daughter asked why her name was different on the chair. My now 5 year old used to ask those sorted of questions at 2 and 3 years. Now she asks harder ones, drives me happily bonkers.

  18. Mika says:

    “I believe it, I was a preschool teacher for 5 years in the 2-3 year old room and most of them knew their last name and would be confused if mommy or daddy had a different last name…”

    Why confused? Tell kids that their parents have different names, it’s 2010, and it’s normal. Women are no longer property, and no one needs to know which man they belong to. We have a right to be proud of who we are and where we come from, that is often embodied in our name.

  19. jover says:

    Ah, the barrio never looked so good from a French chateau. Can’t stand this overrated marginally-talented barely visible famewhore. I’ll bet when and if she comes to the US she’ll be all down with the hispanic community but there can’t be a hispanic within hundreds of miles of her palatial digs. She’s a phony just like Beyonce and Jay-Z getting all hood while they are multi-millionare celebs that would never visit the real hood but for a photo op or to sell their products. Sorry I’m ragging on Salma but she’s just a slightly better version of no-talent bimbo Megafarse. They need to both disappear.

  20. ERM says:

    I believe her daughter could have brought up the topic of the name – perhaps not as succinctly as quoted in the article. As every one knows kids are curious and she most likely asked why is your name not the same as daddy’s….

    Regarding her husband, I am always stunned that he does not have better styling – he is the head of LVMH so there is no excuse. The button on his jacket looks like it is hanging on for dear life…

  21. Catherine says:

    She is too full of herself for me to believe what comes out of her mouth. Go live your new life, Salma, no one misses you here.

  22. Me says:

    to Bite Me: I think you are wrong on this one. He has been with her throughout years now and he is still very keen on her. I wish them happiness, Salma deserves that!!!

  23. lena says:

    I can’t hate this woman she won me over after i saw that video of her, in some poor country, breast feeding a starving child, it was sweet

  24. I should be working says:

    As much as I love the writing on this site, I’m going to have to stop coming here–the commenters seem SO unhappy! I love to dish like the rest of the world, I have to admit, but…

    What’s the reason for the hate on Salma? Why do you think a 2-year-old isn’t aware enough to ask why Daddy’s last name isn’t the same as theirs or Mommy’s? Have you only met retarded non-speaking a$$ed almost 3 year olds? UGH.

    “the barrio never looked so good from a French chateau”? Seriously? Go look in the mirror and say this: “I love you. You are worthy.” Why you so mad, son? Was there word about Salma being a nasty elitist? Hmmm? Or are you assuming this because she’s married to a billionaire? Who, BTW, looks much older and less attractive than I’ve seen him in other pics.

    Maybe I’m just too American and loving this chick because she is (physically) absolutely stunning. I don’t think she ever had implants, either.

  25. Alis says:

    I dont think she has implants. InStyle has just photoshopped her to half her size.

  26. gg says:

    I love her. She is a strong woman and doesn’t seem to let anybody play her, and she keeps her nose clean and has a billionaire madly in love with her. What’s not to like?

  27. jjnotbitchy says:

    Salma Hayek has done much for the Latin community, including making it easier for people like Penelope Cruz to have a chance in the spotlight.
     She was one of the first non-white looking Hispanic women to grace the cover of magazines and be signed as a campaign spokesperson for beauty products, helping to change the dynamic of what we see as beauty.
    She is the woman behind Ugly Betty, which has gotten praise from both the Hispanic and gay community for its diversity and positive light.
    She did everything she could to bring Frida to the big screen and did a stellar job as this underrated woman artist.
    We scrutinize her physical appearance, yes, she is, as we all are, getting older. We scrutinize her personal relationship- hopefully no one is scrutinizing ours, but it really doesn’t make much sense to criticize her for anything other than her acting skills.
     I am not so concerned with Salma’s looks and her marriage that I cannot appreciate her work as an actor and producer.

  28. Lauram says:

    I agree that the comments are way too harsh, and with little justification. She look fabulous! The magazine shoot is gorgeous, and I can find no reason to hate her.

    @ jover. Surely point of success and the reason to work so hard is to get out of the ‘hood’ and live the american dream? Why would they want to go back? Would you?

  29. Chico says:

    “The barrio” Are you joking, jover? Salma has never pretended to be “gangsta” like Jay_Z. She comes from a well-to-do family. Her father was an oil executive and he’s part Lebanese. Her name is Arabic. Just because she’s latina, doesn’t mean she’s from the barrio! Talk about stereotypes. Time to realize that Mexico is a huge, diverse country. Geez.

  30. Victoria says:

    @I should be working:dont go! Stay stay! Stay with us!

  31. Anastasia says:

    I don’t know. This kid of hers is apparently very smart, speaks three languages. So maybe she can read too and especially her last name. Anyway, I love Salma. She is very successful, assertive and yet knows how to be a woman too. I think it’s great she’s happy with her fabulous billionaire!

  32. buenavissta says:

    @ishouldbeworking and all the other intelligent posters: I, too love the writing here (and Kaiser’s cheeky photo choices-you kill me!), but the smart comments are also a big draw for me. Some threads I’ll abandon cuz there’s too much hate. More often though, I’ll have a laugh and also think of the issue in a way I wouldn’t have on my own. So please stick around!

  33. patricia says:

    I have a 3 years old daughter and when she was younger, she used to correct people who called me “Ms. Patricia” instead of Patty, as she was used to hear so I think it is feasible that Valentina was wondering about the last name Hayek if she was used to hear “Mme. Pinault” often.
    I think many of the comments in this blog are full of racism, envy and anger.
    People, live your life and try to be happy. If you have a miserable life, it is not the fault of famous actors/singers or multi-billionaires. Shut up and work hard so maybe one day you will feel proud of yourself!

  34. ering says:

    My boyfriend pulled this whole “When I was growing up, it was weird having a different last name than my mother” thing on me once, but he didn’t think it through well enough. His mother decided to keep her maiden name and is still happily married to his father 30 years later. My response was something along the lines of boo fucking hoo, my mom has a different last name than me too, but it’s because I’m from a broken home, so get over it.

  35. Persistent Cat says:

    I love her too. I don’t know why since my husband would leave me in a second for her but I guess I couldn’t blame him. I’m 100% straight but there’s something so womanly and gorgeous about her.

    I loved her in Dogma.

  36. Missmilly says:

    The things people do and endure for the green

  37. Strawberry says:

    I agree with everything jjnotbitchy and Ishouldbeworking said. She is a talented performer – eff the haters. Too many of you on the internets.

  38. georgiagrl says:

    Love her and hate the haters on here.
    BTW, that barrio quip is downright racist. Not all Latinos are from the barrio, but are lawyers and doctors from the burbs. And I’m black if that matters.
    Not cool!

  39. Maritza says:

    She has natural large boobs not implants. I think she is beautiful and very lucky to have found a billionaire who loves her.

  40. Shannon says:

    Maybe her daughter is just linguistically advanced. I had this exact conversation with my mother when I was 2 years old; I was an early talker. 2 year olds can understand a lot more than people give them credit for. Especially smart 2 year olds. And given the fact that this kid has a billionaire for a father, I’m going to assume he passed on some intelligent genes.

    In case anyone is curious, my mother never did change her last name.

  41. fugly says:


  42. Ana says:

    I don’t think that she took her implants out rather than she lost some weight. She looks really tiny and yes, she is probably stuffed into some spanx but she is looking pretty fit!
    I hate the cover of the magazine. I always thought there was something off on her face and now I’m thinking it’s her nose and mouth.

    I loved her in Fools Rush In.

  43. For Sooth? says:

    I’m down with the uniting and having ONE last name. Kids get it, why can’t Mommy and Daddy get it? Probably because Mommy is too busy “roaring” and seeking an identity outside the family via the work force. Whatever. The only title kids care about is “Mom”.

  44. Deens says:

    I think the reason people are so negative towards her in the posts is because, if you frequent a lot of industry sites, she has quite a reputation for being a serious b*tch. Their words, not mine. Treats staff and ‘minions’ like dirt and has a tendency to lose her temper for things like making eye contact or the coffee being cold. These kinds of stories get around…

  45. Sarah says:

    I still thoroughly believe if you can’t say something nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all. There is just so much hate on this woman who is a great actress and who has done a lot for the Latin community. She’s gorgeous, and you all are kidding yourselves. I babysit often, and know several younger (2-3 year old) children who have asked me because their parents didn’t have the same last names (weren’t married or divorced usually).

  46. Sarah says:

    And @Deens, I see what you’re saying. But gossip, whether founded or not, shouldn’t influence those who don’t know her personally. If commenters on this site don’t KNOW her, they sure as hell can’t truly say if she’s full of herself or anything of the sort.

  47. Gabriela says:

    So many haters here. People should travel and study more..Latinamerica is a huge, diverse continent…there is everything there like in USA…blacks, indians, mixed ones-blonds, short- tall people, doctors, artist, painter, musicians…People should stop talking about stereotypes..This women is great and gorgeous and has done a lot for the Latin community…AND SHE IS NOT A whore ok…she has work very hard to be where she is….She did not look for Mr. Pinault- He said in a magazine long time ago that he did all possible and impossible to date her. She hasnt been involved in scandals..and she is married now with a billonaire and has daughter…why so many haters and envidious people here.
    He looks crazy in love with her. Lets be honest models are not really beautifull women in real life…They all look bored and with the same face features…do you think he will change Salma for such a women…no way…
    Guys…she is 40…and looks amazing…

  48. melina says:

    @44 Please tell me you’re being ironic!!

  49. Danny says:

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