David Boreanaz gave his wife a $30K “I’m sorry I cheated” present

Actor David Boreanaz and wife, actress Jaime Bergman, arrive at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Issue Event in Hollywood, California

We only have hard data on two of the women David Boreanaz had affairs with. One was Rachel Uchitel, and last we heard, she was holding some tapes of David saying “I love you” or something over David’s head. The other woman is unknown – as in, we’ve never had confirmation of her name, but we know she’s rep’d by Gloria Allred, and we know she wants some money. This week, Radar also put out a story about an alleged affair between David and a porn star who goes by the name Demi Delia. But we have no confirmation on that one, so it doesn’t count yet.

But, it’s certainly enough, right? If you were his wife, wouldn’t you be a little “Son of a bitch better buy me a new house, and lots of f-cking diamonds before I even think of forgiving him”? Well, it looks like David is a cheap bastard. I don’t know how much he makes per episode of Bones, but I’m guessing it’s probably in the “hundreds of thousands” range. And if you’re making that much a week, and you’re looking for an “I’m sorry I’m big fat cheater” present for your wife, shouldn’t you go really high end? Well, David went to Cartier, so that’s high end. But he only got his wife a $30,000 bracelet.

After admitting that he had an extramarital affair, David Boreanaz is working hard to save his marriage to Jaime Bergman, and he has turned to expensive jewelry to help him win back her trust.

When news of his cheating broke, David not only confessed everything, but – just to make sure – also hit up Cartier and bought Jaime some major baubles, including a $30,000 diamond and gold “love” bracelet!

“David’s been doing whatever he can to try and make it up to Jaime,” a friend of David’ reveals. “He knows that he can’t buy his way out of this one, but he’s still trying to spoil her with gifts.”

It’s working so far: The couple remains together.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

The bracelet is a good start, but let’s see what Harry Winston has. Then we can hit up Neil Lane, and then maybe some vintage pieces from Bulgari. And then somebody mentioned something about a new house? Something near the ocean.

Actually, I think Jaime is probably going to stick with David. But not because of presents or money, I think she really loves him and she probably believes that he won’t do it again. It bothers me too – I always thought that he was probably a really nice guy, like old-fashioned nice. But part of that “old-fashioned” thing is likely his mindset that a man’s man has women on the side, that a real man has a mistress, et cetera. How boring.

David Boreanaz Wife Jaime Bergman And Son Jaden Rayne Hanging Out In Central Park For The FOX Upfront 2010

2010 FOX Upfront After Party

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  1. RHONYC says:

    yo. boreanaz pockets run D-E-E-P.

    let’s not forget about his buffy and angel dough, too!

    him giving her that 30k cartier bracelet is like my man bringin’ me ‘i f#$ked up’ roses from the korean deli. *eyeroll*

    she needs to stop playin’ and ring up vanessa bryant! she’ll tell her how it’s done.

    hell, that chick invented ‘payback’s a bitch’. lol 🙂

  2. lucy2 says:

    Ugh. If some guy did that to me, and then tried to make it better by buying things, I think I’d be insulted and probably get even madder. Destroying the trust of a marriage can’t be fixed by a bracelet.

  3. Samantha says:

    Everyone’s doing it. Its the new “black”.

  4. Lady Nightshade says:

    People should boycott his show, show these cheaters that we are sick of it.

  5. Ann says:

    Unless they have an open relationship, which is great if it works for them, I find it odd how little self respect women who stay in these marriages have.

  6. Kaiser says:

    RHONYC – Yes, I forgot to mention the ring Kobe gave his wife! That bitch was like an $8 million rock. David needs to step up.

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    if I were her, I’d have it melted down, dipped in shit, and sent back to him.

  8. lem says:

    It said the gifts INCLUDED a $30k bracelet, not that the bracelet was the only thing. and seriously, if you want to boycot his show, then do so. but its ridiculous that you are looking to hollywood for some moral standards for marriage. in that case, have fun watching grass grow because i’m willing to bet that 90% of who’s on tv/silver screen are unfaithful. i’m tired of people getting so upset about the morals of people who we, as a society, should not be looking to for moral guidance to start with.

  9. RHONYC says:


    i’m sayin’!

    i hope she don’t think ‘the big d@%k’s all that’, ’cause if the ho-wah really WAS a porn star…that thing’s gonna fall off any day now. lol 🙂

  10. Kelaa Khaa says:

    The child has Davids eyes, and the wife is so pretty. DB is a douche bag.

  11. searching4grace says:

    I really liked him. It’s disappointing, and now i have a hard time liking even his characters as much. Plus she still gives me the sarah michelle gellar look a like vibe. it’s kind of creepy.

  12. a says:

    so he has at least 2 more $30,000 gifts to pick out… the amount should grow exponentially.

    and does anyone worry about STDs anymore?

  13. Lady Nightshade says:

    @ lem It’s not about moral guidance, it’s about calling someone out for being a piece of sh*t.

  14. Red Folder says:

    I’m going with Praise St Angie@if I were her, I’d have it melted down, dipped in shit, and sent back to him.

    F**k him and his lame ass apologies.

    Personally, I think the only one who made the decision to get the hell out of dodge is Sandy B.

    Ten bucks says Elin would have stayed if Tiger’s cheating had stayed in the SINGLE DIGITS.

    Besides Sandra and by default Elin, which H’wood wife has EVER left her hubby for cheating? I can’t think of anyone else. . .

    So…that means to me the women are in it for the money and the prestige of being the spouse of someone famous/rich. It’s not about “love” or “respect” or even “family.” It’s about the money, money, money.

  15. Paige says:

    lem: IMO, boycotting a-holes like Boreanaz, Tiger and Jesse isn’t about a disappointment in their morals per se, it’s about the natural disgust many consumers feel whenever they see their images or products now. They are forever linked to the reputation of being nasty dogs.

    All I think is “Ewww” when I think of those guys and if I can avoid sponsoring entitled, selfish and mean people with my money, I will.

    It’s worked before, just look at Chris Brown.

  16. sharylmj says:

    @ 11 – searching4gr – I agree with you. I really liked this guy and I LOVE his character on bones – it has wrecked that for me a little. Kinda weird cuz I didn’t realize how attached I get to the characters in these shows. I hope he does the right thing from now on. He seems to have a forgiving wife and good family.

  17. lem says:

    @paige- chris brown beat a woman and broke the law. very different from sleeping around.

    and yea, they are all gross/pieces of shit as people. but its idiotic for us to think that who they portray on-screen, or even who they portray in interviews/publicly is who they really are. “he” can act/play golf/build motorcycles- awesome. THAT is what they are getting money for; they are not being paid to keep it in their pants therefore i don’t care what they do with their d*cks.

  18. Gwen says:

    Red Folder – I agree, it’s the money. Once you find out your husband has cheated on you repeatedly with a string of porn stars and skanks, any real ‘relationship’ is over, and the ‘family’ is ruined. The only reason a women would stick around in a situation like that is cold hard cash.

  19. Paige says:

    Lem: I only brought up Chris to show the effectiveness of a consumer boycott, primarily by women. I agree it’s a very different situation though.

    Again, I simply choose to spend my money on the products of people I like and respect, not people who cause me to dry heave. I don’t really care that David sleeps around, I just don’t like him as a person now and it’s not like anyone OWES him their allegiance and he is not entitled to fame and fortune.

    Lady Nightshade’s response was better than mine; short and to the point.

  20. Strawberry says:

    agree with lem: anyone who thinks Hollywood stars/celebs should keep it in their pants “for us” probably also believes Bill Clinton/John Edwards/etc did not have sexual relations with those women. In my opinion, doesn’t take away from their performance/talent, just makes them seem human and that much more fallible.

  21. kia says:

    I can’t even see how this “slow” looking dude even found someone to sleep with him in the first place….oh that’s right, he’s rich and famous! Too bad he looks like he’d eat paint chips and drool. I wouldn’t have married this mongo anyways, but his wife must be as slow as him if she’s going to tolerate his BS. I’d divorce him IMMEDIATELY and take as much $$ as possible. Let the hoes have him, he’s no prize pig that’s for sure.

  22. Katalina76 says:

    Beyond all this cheating douchiness, the one thing I have noticed in all pics of Boreanaz and family is that their son always looks so sad. Even before this mess, the kid is never smiling. He looks like he wants to cut the next bitch that takes a picture of him and the family. Poor li’l fella.

  23. Paige says:


    I don’t believe that they should keep it in their pants “for us”, they should do it for their spouses. If these guys were single I would not give an eff. I barely give an eff as it is. I don’t play golf, buy motorcycles or watch any of the shows that Boranaz tool is on, so Tiger, Jesse and David aren’t going to miss a cent from me anyways.

    People have been expressing their opinions via their money/votes forever. What is the big deal here?

    Also, I don’t expect politicians to be absolutely perfect, but if they have a glaring defect like infidelity, addiction, lying, corruption etc.., then yeah, I want that jerk out of office. Good, principled people do exist and those are the ones I want in office.

  24. Wif says:

    Reminds me of this story about George Burns and Gracie Allen

    “In the early 1940s, during the height of their popularity, Burns had a brief extra-marital affair. He apologized to Gracie Allen by giving her a new coffee table, and nothing more was said about it. However, years later, when Gracie was serving coffee to a friend in their living room, George overheard her say, “You know, I wish George would have another affair. I really need a new coffee table”.

  25. lem says:

    sorry i giggled at the thought that there are ANY politicians that are “good principled” persons. LOL.

  26. liz says:

    HAHA! – i love your words, ‘Kia!’

  27. Leticia says:

    Given his wealth and that there is public humiliation involved, $30k is too low. These types of gifts should be based on a percentage of total net wealth. He needs to talk to Kobe and Vanessa about this.

  28. Bonfire Beach says:

    $30K – lightweight.

    Now I’m going to actually read the article.

  29. lena says:

    Am I the only that thinks you can’t put a price on this type of thing?

  30. original kate says:

    $30,000 won’t give his wife back her self respect.

  31. RHONYC says:

    original kate:

    $30,000 won’t give his wife back her self respect.


    yeah…but with a cool couple mil she could cool her heels in the alps with elin woods, yodelling & sh!t until it comes back. lol 🙂

  32. amy says:

    That kid has a look on his face like, “F*ck my life…” Hope he kicks his dad’s ass one day for doing this to his mother.

  33. krissy_kitty says:

    A $30k bracelet is cheap?!? I am lucky if I ever see a thousand dollar engagement ring!! LOL!!

  34. Amber says:

    Leticia, I think he talked to Kobe and Vanessa, already. When David and Jaime were at the US Weekly party last month(the pic at the top is from that very event. You can also see it in the bottom pic), I couldn’t help but notice the new, huge wedding ring she has. That’s not her original ring. I’m sure that was well more than $30,000.

  35. Cindy says:

    Is that all only $30,000! not only is he a scumbag but cheap too. Tiger was like that too.

  36. Bella Mosley says:

    Lady: Boycotting his show would be unfair to all the other people who are employed to produce Bones. Why should they be punished for what he does?
    Would you want to be fired or lose your income because a co-worked cheated?

  37. Tonya says:

    The puritanical finger-pointing amuses me. I have no expectations from David Boreanaz or any celebrity beyond entertaining me and in his case looking cute inside the idiot box. To borrow Charles Barkley’s philosophy, Boreanaz shouldn’t be held up as a role model. Who cares about his flaws and foibles? I won’t boycott his show(s) or judge him for having an errant dick.

  38. Bella Mosley says:

    I so agree with you!! Charles Barkley said it best. He told the parents and fans to look to the people they know such as pastors, teachers, friends, relatives, etc as role models and not sports figures they will never know personally. He said to chose him was stupid as just because he is a good or great basketball player does not guarantee him to be a good or great person. People keep screaming/crying “How could they do that to us?” That is so ridiculous. Their personal life is theirs. All that is ours to judge is their talent. I have never agreed with the reports of Madonna’s personal life but I enjoyed her music and bought her CD’s. I am not thrilled with what David did but I still like the show Bones. But then i have never had trouble separating fantasy from reality.
    Comment all you want – you do have a right to your opinion. But they are not doing this to you, they do not owe us anything, and in the end it is really none of our business. It’s just idle gossip and we don’t know if they really did it, or if they did why they did it, and if they were the only one in the marriage doing it. We do not know what goes on in a home unless we live there.

  39. Jamie says:

    I am the same now that I cannot watch Bones and not think of him as a giant d-bag, but I can’t boycott Bones. I love it too much.

  40. dj says:

    I wondered about how this will impact his show too. Seeley Booth is a stand-up guy. He has a strong moral character that does the right thing (so to speak). I love that show and I’m having trouble with looking at him say crap like that’s “because of love … or faith… that’s just what you do.” Like not cheat. This just bums me out!

  41. Amy says:

    Um, this story doesn’t fly. Figures, it’s In Touch. David told Jaime about his infidelities, last year. They’ve been in couples therapy(on top of this, David has been going to individual counseling, as well) for awhile and have been dealing with this, privately. The only reason why he and Jaime decided to go public is one of his ex ho bags was trying to get a six figure settlement from him or she was going to the press. Basically, she was trying to extort and blackmail David. David pretty much said “hell no” and went public with the story about two weeks ago in an interview with People magazine.

    My point, when David told the public, Jaime already knew this information. It’s old news for them. Just new news for us. And, if he really did buy her a $30,000 gold/diamonds love bracelet, I think we’ve would have seen her wearing it. The paps were all over them last weekend in NYC and that supposed love bracelet was nowhere in sight.

    I hate what David did, but I don’t know him. So, who am I to judge him? I just wish the best for him and Jaime.

  42. Jennifer says:

    For some reason, I am just really having an issue being angry at Mr. Boreanaz for his infidelity. I am hoping that the number of mistresses stays at two and that this situation doesn’t turn into a Tiger Woods-esque scandal.

    Which, maybe that is why I easily “forgive” David for this? I am so immune to celebrity cheaters after that whole affair, no pun intended.

    Or, it could just be that I am so hot and heavy for David Boreanaz that I would sleep with him, regardless of his martial status? I mean, did you SEE him in that army uniform.

    I never thought I could fall for a military man until I saw that.

    Now I know I could.


  43. Aspen says:

    “puritanical finger-pointing” Hee hee. Love that.

    Since half of you already think I’m totally evil anyway, I’ll go ahead and tell you the funny that popped into my head when I saw this:

    “…but puritanical finger-pointing is the only thing left to separate us from the French!”

  44. puma says:

    He did buy her a new house, too. Probably because he’d slept with too many other women in their old house, and she demanded a new bed! What a train wreck. He’s a filthy creep!!!!! Jamie knows it, but she’s too dumb to realize he doesn’t love her, and that he will cheat again, and again, once the dust settles. He doesn’t want to divorce cuz it will look bad to his fans, and he will lose half his riches. Disgusting choice in women, you deserve every bit of shit that’s coming your way.

  45. david bo says:

    “You are the ONE, the Greatest Love of my Life, Nothing or No one will ever come between us, this Love is Forever, this Love is Pure and Real…….”
    Nothing but LIES. Pathetic LOSER.

  46. NANCY RUTT says:


  47. Joy says:

    Still love David, but the cheating stories never surprised me in the first place. He did it to his first wife, too. So, I was just waiting for the confirmation. I really don’t get these women like Jaime who stay with their cheating husbands, though. I think she knows he’s not going to change and thus, their marriage will probably always be rife with his infidelities, but she’s probably hoping he’ll change anyway.

  48. Joy says:

    That statement also sounds like another rehearsed answer by David’s publicist to me. I also completely agree with puma about him cheating on Jaime again and again and why he won’t divorce her. He’s been doing this to her for years already. Everyone in Hollywood knows it. It’s just that David’s only been busted for 2 or 3 of these affairs publicly (and the only reason he even admitted anything in the first place was because he was being blackmailed, not because he was actually sorry). Cheating on your significant other/spouse is not an act of love in my opinion and I wish she’d realize that. Then again, this whole thing came as no surprise to me (not just because of his history of cheating on his first wife too), since Jaime was already pregnant when she married him. That almost never turns out well in my opinion.

    The only reasons these rich and famous cheating men don’t ever want to divorce their wives and end up begging to be taken back are because: a) It would look bad to their fans (which really shouldn’t matter anyway, especially in this case, since his family man image/reputation has been effectively shattered), b) They’d lose half their cash and c) The kids. Divorce is sad, but there are instances where I say it’s for the best, especially concerning the kids. This would be one of those situations. David’s been doing this to her for so long, so it’s not like this was a one-time mistake. He’ll keep doing it, that won’t change in my opinion. It’s a pattern of behavior with him. All the gifts in the world aren’t going to make this any better or make it magically disappear. But, these cheaters always seem to think they can buy their way out of it. Tragic situation, especially for two very young and innocent kids.