Joe Jonas confirms he dumped Demi Lovato, but was it by phone? (update)


You know who sounds like a major tool? Joe Jonas. This little pipsqueak dumped his girlfriend Taylor Swift back in November 2008 – by phone. He didn’t have the balls to dump her to her face. And after he dumped her by phone, he let her find out in the press that he started dating Camilla Belle two seconds later. Well, no one really knows how Camilla and Joe split up (I have a few guesses), but at some point, Joe began dating little Demi Lovato. I basically know Demi for two reasons: she used to date that kid who looks like the love child of Joey Ramone and a goat, Trace Cyrus (Miley’s older brother), and because Demi is maybe/probably a self-cutter. Are those two factoids connected? Probably. Anyway, according to Us Weekly, Joe and Demi only acknowledged they were dating back in March – and now a source is not only saying that Demi and Joe have split, but that Joe did the phone-dump again. A–hole. Oh, People Mag is confirming the split, so it did happen. Now we just need to know how it happened.


After just a few months of dating, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato have called it quits, a source confirms to Adding insult to injury: Jonas dumped Lovato over the phone. “He didn’t have the heart to do it in person,” the source explains. And it’s not the first time Jonas has ended things that way: back in November 2008, his ex Taylor Swift admitted he dumped her during a “27 second” phone call a month before.

Lovato, 17, met Jonas, 20, in 2007 on the set of Disney channel series Camp Rock. The pair finally acknowledged their romance in a March radio interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush.

Just last week, Lovato gushed to Us that Jonas was “my first serious relationship…He knows me better than I know myself, and I know him better than he knows himself.”

The source close to the pair explains that Jonas “thought it wasn’t a good idea for them to be dating and working together all time and was afraid it was ruining the friendship.”

The former couple will still have to deal with one another this summer: they’re set to tour together this summer.

“She’s a strong girl,” the source says, adding that the breakup isn’t “necessarily” forever. “They are so young…I wouldn’t count them out yet.”

[From Us Weekly]

Why is Joe Jonas the bee’s knees, by the way? I wouldn’t think any of the Jonas boys would be catnip to women (except for their Mommy), and since we know the two unmarried brothers aren’t having sex, what’s the appeal? Honestly, though, I fear we’ll now have another round of Demi-is-cutting stories. They seem to appear whenever she’s just been through a breakup.

UPDATE: Us Weekly got a statement from Joe Jonas regarding the breakup. He said: “Demi and I knew going into our romantic relationship that it may not be an easy one. I realize over the time we have shared together that I feel I care more about our friendship right now. It was my choice to breakup, but I love her as a friend. She’s been there for me when I needed her. I will continue to be her friend and be there for her.” Meanwhile, Demi denied that it happened over the phone, tweeting: “There are so many crazy rumors flying around today. Joe and I did split, but it wasn’t over the phone. Things didn’t work out but we’ll remain friends.”

Revival Vintage Boutique Grand Opening

Revival Vintage Boutique Grand Opening

Header: Demi and Joe on April 17, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Dorothy says:

    he is the only cute Jonas. Total jackass move though!

  2. Kaye says:

    Why do you think Demi Lovato is a self-cutter?

  3. Snarf says:

    Guess he decided it weas time to shave the beard.

  4. kelbear says:

    Definitely the cutest JoBro

  5. Bonfire Beach says:

    He’s a douche and probably gay. The JoBros may be able to sing but they can’t act for $hit. I only know this because my daughter watches the Disney channel constantly and their show blows. The acting is just horrible and forced.

  6. Cinderella says:

    Of course the relationship wouldn’t be easy. I think he likes guys.

  7. How effed up is it that while I wait for a Sandra/Faux-Nazi reunion, I am glad these two split up? I am wretched!

  8. Kolby says:

    OK, I am no Jonas Brothers expert, so I probably have this wrong, but aren’t (weren’t? Since the one got married?) they all virgins? Maybe their relationships fizzle when they reach a point where sex becomes an issue. He also seems to really like dating younger girls. Maybe that has something to do with sex, too. Date a girl who’s “too young” for sex, maybe it won’t be a problem.

    I’m obviously reaching here.

  9. Iggles says:

    He wanted a beard. She wanted a boyfriend. She probably didn’t realize their interests were mutually exclusive. What probably happened is she didn’t want to accept it, and pushed for their relationship to be ‘real’. Then the JoBro showed her the door..

  10. Leek says:

    He’s cute until he smiles with teeth. After that he looks kind of weird to me. She just sucks. I’m so much more a fan of the Nickelodeon kids.

  11. Relli says:

    Honestly he never seemed that in to her. Wasn’t he crying about the Camilla chick at a concert and then like 2 weeks later dating her. I think it might have been a relationship of convenience and she was there for him. But I do think you have a point about the relationship reaching a sexual pitch and falling flat. And yes Bonfire is right, their show BLOWS.

  12. dread pirate cuervo says:

    She was probably looking for a little action & he got his panties in a bunch.

  13. Vanessa says:

    I have a question – seriously – do people refer/accuse the Jonas brothers as being homosexual bc they dont want to have premarital sex?

    Is that the reason? If so….it’s pretty insulting.

    Although I would agree that it would be highly difficult for a young man with raging hormones and plenty of willing girls to resist…I dont think it makes one gay…[and there’s nothing wrong with being gay either!]

    Let’s not forget: Brit claimed to be a virgin when she was getting down with Justin Timberlake, perhaps someone in the Jonas’ camp thought it would be a good idea for them to do this to make parents of preteens think they are great group of clean, safe guys.

    For all we know they each have a bevy of tatooed, nazi obsessed, porn actresses who strip on the side.

  14. snowball says:

    My gaydar broke a few years ago and even though I’ve duct-taped it, it’s not working at full capacity.

  15. Wench. says:

    Joe Jonas is having sex. Just not with women. Which is woe for me because I, embarrassingly, drool over this guy.

    Vanessa – you need to check your GayDar.

    Kaye –

  16. anon says:

    All kidding aside cutters are people who’ve been seriously traumatized in early childhood usually and they cut as a way to deal with stress/feel things b/c they are usually emotionally numb..amongst other reasons. I read about this stuff for school so FWIW.. if cutting stories come up whatever.. it’s a fine line b/t gossip and mocking other peoples’ severe emotional traumatic pasts. Just saying..Kinda immaterial to the story here I think. It’s a horrible thing to experience I can imagine and I had a good friend in college who was.. you;d never know it and I found out by accident.

  17. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    The almighty press release. Grasshopper been studying with Mayer, I see. At least August Strindberg had the cojones to his crazy, crazy battiness through.

  18. andrea says:

    who gives a press statement saying yeah, the breakup was my choice? that’s just rude. i mean, ok, aren’t these 2 teenagers? teenagers are idiots and breakup like assholes all the time. but doesnt he have “people” to keep him from putting out a press release that makes him sound like john mayer in training?

  19. ogechi says:


  20. asiont says:

    I would broke with them both, even by text!

  21. Jeri says:

    Rude little sh__ ! Glad Camille B made him cry. He must be into someone else now, hope he handles it better this time.

  22. Lauren says:

    Both Joe and Demi literally are the breadwinners of their families..I wonder if this was a so-called relationship for publicity. Joe looks painfully bored with Demi in these photos..just another day in Disney’s fake kingdom.

  23. marie says:

    I actually herd that the jonas boy used his father to break up with her for him…
    i guess it was only a rumor then..

  24. Jeri says:

    Isn’t the younger of the three singing Jonai the moneymaker (there’s one too young to be in the group).

  25. fizXgirl314 says:

    lol doesn’t this guy dump one hot girl after another?

  26. alexandra says:

    I agree with everyone who thinks he is gay. What’s wrong is the lie this little douche is living by breaking girls heart.

  27. Mistral says:

    Why does everyone think they’re gay?

  28. Danielle says:

    i’ve come to the conclusion that straight men don’t wear v-neck t-shirts…

  29. j. ferber says:

    Demi is adorable. She’s a better actress and singer than either Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez (Disney’s other tween princesses). I really like Demi and wish her luck.

  30. Gabby says:

    @ferber: I don’t think you need to put her other female Disney colleagues down in order to prop her up. That’s a stupid reflex women have. Demi, Selena, and Miley all have their own individual appeal and talents that endear them to tweens.

    Oh, and I couldn’t care less if Joe Jonas is gay, but he is indisputably a total douche. For someone who has advertised what a pure, innocent lad he is, he sure gets around. He seems like a cold hard bitch, and he needs to leave the little girls alone now.

  31. I’m kinda upset with joe jonas cause he
    shouldn’t be breaking up with Demi Lovato because she is one of my best role mdales like miley cyrus and selena
    Gomez and i hope jo jonas and demi reads this note from one of your biggest fans ever chelsea elizabeth daley

  32. la says:

    Let me think about something Super Quick…Look At the pics Of Them Kissing The only time he looks Remotley Interested is When She Pulls Away. She Loved him,You Might think he loved her but it doesn’t Seem Like it, He Cared About her which is Great but I Don’t think He was interested in a SERIOUS Relationship. It might have also Been Kinda Irritating when She Was Telling all These Interveiwers she Loved him. I Don’t think Joe is Gay. Its Really No ones Bussniess if They Did Break up in the first Place. Paparaztizi Make me Mad.. THEY NEED PRIVATE LIFES 2, BACK OFF!
    Joe & Demi Seemed Like a Good Couple, you never Do know what when on when the press wasn’t around

  33. chris says:

    joe is so stupid but she is stupid for going out with him

  34. PhonesLand says:

    I dont like that guy

  35. MoniCa says:

    Joe ur a total jack ass. You were my favorite Jonas but now ur just a loser in my head. I guess my new favorite now is nick.

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  37. Angel says:

    Shut up joe is not a jackass he is a very awesome guy I bet an he is totally not gay nun of the jonas brothers are gay get a life 😛

  38. Beebeegirl1 says:

    Man you people need to get a life yes they probably broke up