Jennifer Lopez says she’s training for triathalon for her babies

Jennifer Lopez told People Magazine in the interview that accompanied her $6 million baby pay day that she was training to compete a triathlon in six months. Then she gave the eyebrow raising reason that she wants her “babies to be proud” of her. As if seven month old babies are proud that their mom devoted hours training daily:

Lopez gave birth to wins Emme and Max on 22 February (08) and is already focusing on taking part in a endurance event, in which participants swim, cycle and run, later this year (08).

She reveals her intention in an exclusive new People Magazine interview, prompting journalist Peter Castro to ask her when she plans to enter a triathlon.

She replies, “Probably in October, September/October… I want my babies to be proud of me.”

The singer/actress has rehired celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson to help her get in shape for the grueling challenge.

[From The Post Chronicle via Gossip Rocks]

Jennifer Lopez bugs the shit out of me. She’s getting fit so she can be slim and feel better, so why not admit that? It’s part of her job to maintain her physique and she can certainly train for a triathlon if that’s what she wants to do, but it’s for her, not for her newborn babies.

This week’s National Enquirer had details of Lopez’s exercise regime and says she paid that trainer Gunnar Peterson $75,000 for an emergency shape-up:

“Jennifer called Gunnar, who lives in Beverly Hills, and asked him to get on a plane as soon as possible to come to New York.”

J.Lo flew Gunnar first class and paid him at least $75,000″ for the “exercise emergency,” revealed the insider.

“Gunnar has Jennifer doing different high-cardio workout programs at her home gym for an hour to an hour and a half every day.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, March 31, 2008]

It’s understandable that she wants to get in shape right away, but somehow I see everything through that “J.Lo is a selfish wench” lens and it maddens me that she says her babies will somehow know and be proud when all they want is their mom’s love and care. Compare what Lopez is saying to how her ex’s wife Jennifer Garner did it. Garner got in shape and although it’s hard to tell she claimed she took her time with it and that “I could not motivate myself to work out. I wasn’t going to give up that time with Violet.” [via CBB]

J.Lo on breastfeeding
J.Lo is not breastfeeding her babies, and says of her decision that “My mom didn’t breast feed and I think that was the thing for me. You read and figure out what’s the best thing for them.” Even the formula brochures say breast feeding is best so I don’t know what she’s reading. And that is not a dig at women who don’t breast feed – it’s aimed at J.Lo’s stupid comment about what’s best for babies. There is nothing to figure out.

I thought that motherhood might change Lopez enough to make me see some positive qualities in her. Maybe I shouldn’t judge until I read the whole interview, but from the quotes I’ve found she sounds like the same old person who thinks the world revolves around her and pauses to make sure she has every luxury item her heart desires. She’s not going to give up anything for those babies and she doesn’t think she has to.

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  1. Anastasia says:

    Well, I think the whole marriage is a sham and everything she does is for PR, so the babies? Same thing. Unfortunately they are also real human beings she brought into the world for PR. I don’t predict any mother of the year awards for her, she’s too desperate trying to prove she’s still relevant in the world of celebrity and she’s just not.

  2. summertime921 says:

    I’m SURE that she regularly feeds her children wearing a couture gown…what a fake.

  3. daisyfly says:

    Anyone who thought that J.Lo wouldn’t change after having babies was wrong. She DID change.

    For the WORSE.

    Those poor babies are always going to be her “reason” for doing anything. Her “reason” for staying out long hours. Her “reason” for never seeing them. Her “reason” for not breastfeeding them. Her “reason” for hiring many people for them to attach themselves to, rather than her.

    Poor Emme and Max. Unlike in the cartoon, when THESE kids come back from fantasyland, there won’t be Mami there waiting with peanut butter sandwiches. Oh no. But there will be the housekeeper, the gardener, the nannies, the assistant, the laundress…

  4. MoreCowbell says:

    I read this article and the other thing that bugs the shit out of me is that she wants us common folk to believe that she got pregnant “naturally”. That’s the part that irks. Just either say it’s not anyone else’s business or yes we did but don’t prattle on and on about how twins run in the family.
    She really has a distorted image of herself and Senor Muniz. She thinks they’re Colonial Aristocrats.

  5. Trashaddict says:

    I haven’t seen the other pictures (why support the J. Lo industry) – is she making eye contact with the babies in any of them??? Most new mom’s can’t keep their eyes off their little ones.

  6. Daisy says:

    hey katie Holmes ran a marathon too.. ( supposely )
    maybe JLO will do what she did too.

  7. CinPin says:

    I just got through looking at the People Mag layout, and I must say it is horrible. Most “new baby” photos in magazines show the parents staring lovingly at the new baby, and basically show them loving their baby.

    This one looked so staged! Not one picture looked like JLo was actually engaging with her babies. Instead, they looked like props. Skeletor looked more genuinely loving to the babies then she did. My point is that she is so self-absorbed,that she can’t even put her children before her.

    Also, I don’t think JLo has any real grasp as to what is important to a newborn, or any babies for that matter. They don’t give a shit if she is able to run a marathon, or if she is 300 lbs. They just want to spend time with mommy. That doesn’t mean she shouldn’t workout, but don’t say it’s for the babies to be proud!
    I also heard she got each baby their own Shetland Pony. If this is true, she is a bigger idiot then I thought.
    What the hell is a baby going to do with a pony??

    I haven’t even read the article yet,but I’m already annoyed by her!

  8. minx says:

    she’s so vain.. I’m so glad Ben Affleck got out when he did. He must be thanking his lucky stars every day.

  9. kl says:

    Frankly, I didn’t find anything wrong with the photos of Jennifer & her babies. I thought she looked beautiful holding Emme & Max. I seriously doubt she wears lavish gowns when she’s feeding the twins or changing diapers. A lot of people are jealous of other people’s success & in her case… there’s a lot to be envious about. As for her stance on what?!!! Who says you have to breast-feed? Have you seen what happens to your breasts?!!! That;s some scary shit!

  10. marisa says:

    I really don’t think it is about anyone being envious of what she has, or else there would be negative comments on every single post from these people. Often, people just can’t stand the personality of the star, like Jennifer.

  11. Jen says:

    I seriously doubt she wears lavish gowns when she’s feeding the twins or changing diapers.

    Yeah, and I seriously doubt she feeds or changes those babies. That’s what nannies are for.

  12. 123 says:

    Who the hell cares about her or her babies? She is a nobody and she is still ugly!

  13. Monalicious says:

    If they would have got a pic of the baby spitting up on Mommy and her high-dollar dress, THEN I would buy the People Magazine…….

  14. Anonymous says:

    I do not live in the USA, so can celebitchy please try and post some more photos of J.Lo and babies if you can. Thanks.

  15. Granger says:

    Re: the pics in People… It IS a photo shoot, and it’s no secret that J-Lo is a self-absorbed Diva, so the fact that there aren’t any photos of her gazing lovingly at her babies isn’t really surprising. But I don’t think it necessarily means she isn’t head-over-heels in love with them. It just means she’s a self-absorbed Diva who can’t turn off the Persona whenever a camera is around. I can only imagine how awful she must have been during labour. “Ouch! My god! Who has the NERVE to cause ME such pain — ME, Jennifer Lopez??? Do these babies KNOW who I am???????”

    As for the breastfeeding comments… Wow. This woman has said some stupid things in her life, but this takes the cake. The reason Jennifer’s mother didn’t breastfeed back in the late 60s/early 70s is because scientists had ignorantly determined that man-made formula was better for babies than the mother’s milk that has sustained the human race for thousands of years. Women who wanted to breastfeed were actually frowned on. But science has PROVEN in recent years that breast milk is the best possible nourishment for a new baby — which shouldn’t be a surprise, really, when you consider the human race would have died out long ago if we weren’t able to feed our own offspring. So that’s why breastfeeding is so encouraged. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not some rabid breastfeeding advocate who thinks women who don’t nurse are nuts. But I do think every woman should try. And I do think there should be more help for new mothers, more funding for free breastfeeding programs, so women get as much assistance as they need. Because breastfeeding can be very difficult and stressful, and it’s easy to see why many women stop after a few days of struggle and sleeplessness!

    But J-Lo saying “You read and figure out what’s best for them”… What the hell was she reading that convinced her NOT breastfeeding was best for her babies???? That’s f***ing crazy. It’s so obvious she isn’t breastfeeding for one reason only: She doesn’t want her breasts to change. Forget the fact that she has more money than God and could very easily have her boobs lifted and beautified later if she wanted to! Or if she even needed to. Because, by the way, breastfeeding isn’t a death sentence for your boobs. I fed two babies, and yes, my breasts are smaller and maybe not as “full” as they were before kids, but they’re still fabulous — and hell, my husband loves them, so who cares???

  16. Chris X says:

    Thank you Jebus, Thank you Jebus, Thank you Jebus
    Ben Affleck

  17. headache says:

    meh, who cares. I’m sure there are some starving, abused children who would take a diva mother over their present situation any day. These are not going to be the first overindulged nanny raised children in the world and they certainly will not be the last.

    I’m not going to waste my time getting upset by some rich mother’s excess when Paris is giving small South African children a virulent strain of ear herpes.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I though that even if you do not breast feed your breast still change. I am wrong?

  19. headache says:

    No, you are right anony11:05. I didn’t breastfeed my first because I wasn’t going to be his primary caregiver and the pregnancy alone changed them.

  20. minx says:

    I breastfed my son for 17 months (exclusively) and my breasts didn’t fall apart. JLo is just too selfish to make any sacrifices for her babies.. I’m not saying everyone should breastfeed if they don’t want to but don’t tell me it’s not the best thing for your baby. I’m sure she loves them but she loves herself more. And I don’t care how much money she has, she poses like some kind of modern-day Marie Antoinette here-it’s ridiculous, excessive and in bad taste. Just check out the difference between those photos and Nicole Richie’s baby photos which are loving, authentic and tender. JLo’s spread is all about her.

  21. cc says:

    When you are pregnant, your breasts start to swell. The act of pregnancy does change your breasts, not just the breast feeding. She is in for a serious suprise when the milk is completely dried up….mwahahahaha

  22. wif says:

    I am the great love of my son’s life. He’s 2 1/2 and can’t stop hugging and kissing me. I am 50 pounds overweight (but still pretty cute, I must say) because I only get to the gym once or twice a week; the rest of the time is spent baking with the kids, playing with the kids, reading with the kids,etc. THAT MEANS, that when he is grown enough to pick his partner, it will be someone who puts him first and participates in his life (not someone obsessed with image and material things). That is the greatest gift I can give my children. I feel so sorry for J.Lo’s children. They’re in for a life of superficiality and heartache.

  23. FF says:

    Can we agree to never compare Jennifer Lopez to Jennifer Garner ever, ever again.

    Sure, I find the ‘doing it to make my babies proud’ as amusing as the next person. At least the woman’s entertaining as she goes about kidding herself.

    No one believes she’s ‘real’ no matter how long she sings about it but I still like her.

    She’s such a character. It’d be boring without her diva-isms. God knows I’d take that over seven million pictures of Garner at the playground with her daughter dressed in wholesome pink.

    There, I said it.

    As for the emergency exercise – seriously, they all do it, they just don’t preach it. She’s not preaching it but she’s still making me laugh in the process.

    The woman single-handedly brought booties back. She still gets my props.

  24. Rianna says:

    why are we even suprised by this? Really??!! We all know she is a diva bitch lol!

  25. skyblue says:

    Every picture of them looks like a mannequin propping up a corpse.

  26. rose says:

    People do notcut Jlo any slack. Jlo had twins! breastfeeding in itself presents problems to some with only one child and I cannot imagine what it is like attempting to breast feed two children. Just because they are twins does not mean they are going to breast feed at the same time and eat the same amount.While breast feeding multiples is possible we cannot deny that it present special challenges. Also for all we know she has a medical condition or is taking medication which will make breast feeding impossible.At the very least she is honest. Personally,I do not believe most of these hollywood stars that claim to be breast feeding their children.

  27. Anonymous says:

    breastfeeding is NOT a death sentence for your boobs! and she’s doing it cause she doesn’t ‘want to commit.

    someone should tell her it burns a crap load of calories and then maybe she’ll reconsider.

    if a woman doesn’t breastfeed because she can’t its one thing but for a woman to say that its best for her babies that she doesn’t…. is ignorant! UGG!

  28. LOL! says:

    If people have the time in their lives to be upset with how Jennifer Lopez spends her time after the birth of her children and what she chooses to feed them, perhaps these people need more to do with their time. Seriously, to be disturbed that the hired a trainer and wants to run a triathalon, lol! Who cares enough to actually be upset and trash her?

  29. countrybabe says:

    i wonder if People made back the money in sales that they paid her for those horrible photos.

  30. Lili says:

    I can’t stand Jlo…she gives Latinas a bad rep. The babies are hideous, they look just like their father. Of all the handsome men she slept with, she HAD to get knocked up by no other than Skelefug. Hmmmm…maybe she’s trying to get back at Affleck for ditching her. By the by, her “Spanish” album is an embarrassment! She speaks, pronounces Spanish like the ghetto bimbo she is. She’ll always be Jenny from the Bronx.

  31. ThatBKChick says:

    @Lili…I am with you! She is an embarrassment to Latina’s. This is why the Latin Community basically boycotted her “Spanish” album, because she would allow Spanish distributors to sell her CD’s only “Sony” had exclusive rights, instead of trying to reach out to more of the Latin communities and letting other Latin distributors help promote her more.

    I have no respect for her, because everything is always done at everyone’s expense but her own! These babies are just the same. Nobody is arguing that she should or should not breastfed, but when she makes hideous statements like “doing what is best” she ought to consider what the hell she is saying….running a damn marathon don’t mean crap to small babies…

    If she wants her twins to be proud of her and Skeletor, she should donate most of her outlandish and overt gifts or auction them off to benefit a Latina or community organization like Nicole Richie and Maddsen did…SMDH! Then her children can grow up as proud of their heritage, not knowing that mommy and daddy are sell outs!

  32. jjfromnj says:

    obviously none of you know any first time moms. lol! they all act like this, never mind ones almost 40! lots of women choose not to breastfeed. never mind twins. it is NOT easy. I breastfed 4 kids (set of twins were my 3 and 4) for a year each but my first was a lot of work and crying before it was easy. having a mom who breastfed was a big help and those whose mom’s didn’t breastfeed have a much harder time. I don’t know where she says that breastfeeding is not the best. I can see where it is implied, but if you take another look at that it seems as if she’s saying that breastfeeding as a whole wasn’t the best for “her”, not that it wouldn’t be the best form of food for her babies. Even being a breastfeeding advocate I was convinced that I would bottle feed the twins because I didn’t think I could manage it. Until they came and I realized how easy it was…..since I had just breastfed two other children who were 2 and 3 at the time. I ended up weaning them from the bottle to my breast full time (I initially did both thinking I would do 1/2 and 1/2) when they were 10 days old because it was such a hassle to try to make bottles all the time. But if I had 20 people ready to make bottles at a whim or someone to watch my other kids so I didn’t have to deal with their wanting a drink every time I made a bottle or wanting to feed the bottle to the babies…… or the money to buy premade formula in a bottle……who knows what I would have done. As far as her body goes……it will never be the same… birth changes every woman’s body. Why shouldn’t she want to be back in shape? She is slimmed already because she practically works out for a living so her body was in top shape to begin with. Everyday mothers who are naturally thin or workout divas slim down just as fast too. And trust me……..if I could pay $75,000 for a personal trainer to get me in shape after I gave birth…….in a heartbeat. Don’t let any mother tell you otherwise! I have no idea why people have c-sections today. I had two vaginal births and a “forced” (as I like to say) c-section with the twins. B was spinning and stuck his darn umbilical cord out. Vaginal birth with no drugs is the way to go. I had drugs with my first and not with my second and the recovery and energy level with my second was so much better. I am still recovering from the c-section 1.5 years later. Would never have consented if I knew what I know now. Have no idea why people are being fed misinformation that c-section is the way to go.

  33. KiKi K says:

    First of all, no one should be judging her unless you’ve walked in her shoes…first time mom with twins. Unless you’ve been in that position personally, you need to keep it zipped with respect to the decisions she’s made.

    Choosing to breastfeed or not to breastfeed is a very personal decision and why do we as mothers feel it’s necessary to give a REASON as to how we are going to feed our babies.

    I know a couple of mothers who breastfed and did NOT have the best of intentions when choosing to do so. One particular mom was drinking beer as she breastfed (a friend of my sister’s). I’m sure she was trying to provide the best, most natural food for her baby(NOT!).

    Another person whom I work with breastfed her first and will most definitely breastfeed her second one which is on the way. She smokes pot. Nice!

    Some people choose to breastfeed not because it’s best, but because it’s convenient and free.

    Or there is the nurse that breastfed her daughters past the first year, but then you see her first child at the age of two with a can of Coke in her hand.

    People make me sick with their self-righteous attitudes. It is clear that SOME people choose to breastfeed for other reasons.

    I myself, chose to f.f. my son and my daughter(my 2nd)was breastfed for a week.
    Both are super-healthy, if not healthier, and having less ear infections than some of my friends children who have breastfed for a year or longer…go figure.
    A lot of what the studies say is a load of crap…most of these issues surrounding health, obesity, intelligence are linked to genetics, environment, and socio-economic status.