Denise Richards holds spa-themed birthday party for four year old

An older image of exes Denise and Charlie with their girls
For her daughter Sam’s fourth birthday party, Denise Richards didn’t go for the standard preschool-pleasing fare like a magic act or a pirate or barbie theme. Richards had a birthday party for her daughter that sounds more like something an adult woman would do with her friends – a spa day:

“There was a sign on the front door that said ‘Sammi’s Spa,’” a source tells Star. “And waiting there were tiny bathrobes monogrammed with each kid’s name,” the source notes. All the girls got their nails painted and their hair done, while the boy’s hair was styled into Mohawks.

[From Star Magazine, print edition, March 31, 2008]

I have a little boy around that age, and there’s nothing more annoying to him than having his hair washed. We got one of those shampoo visors and that seems to have done the trick, but he would surely throw a fit before allowing anyone to style his hair.

Little girls are more into mommy-type activities and might really enjoy a spa day, but it sounds more like a publicity stunt for Richards’ new reality show than something a four year-old would ask for. Star notes that “everything was filmed for Denise’s upcoming reality show” so you know why she didn’t throw a party fit for four year-olds.

Richards won a court battle in January with her ex, Charlie Sheen, to include their daughters on television and claimed that the girls said they wanted to be on TV and that they love to dress up and get their hair done. Her daughters are 2 and 4.

Another stunt that Richards recently pulled for the show was having her “Charlie” tattoo on her ankle removed. At least it didn’t involve exploiting her daughters. That’ll show him Denise!

This show is going to be distilled down to clips of Richards looking like the ultimate stage mom and will hopefully do more damage to her already-poor image. Her next career move will probably involve pushing her daughters into some sort of show business venture. She’s just prepping them for it with this reality show.

Sam and Lola better practice their scowls – it’s their only defense against commercials and child modeling.

Header image is an older one of Denise, Charlie Sheen and their two girls, Sam and Lola, thanks to Splash News.

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25 Responses to “Denise Richards holds spa-themed birthday party for four year old”

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  1. Dee says:

    “All the girls got their nails painted and hair done”

    That line made me tut, tut, tut.
    I think celebrities go a little too far – this is one fine example, did she ever bother to think what her child wanted? I don’t think so. Or we’d be seeing children lipsynching Hannah Montana and wearing those godawful blonde wigs.
    However, stop the press, Denise did say, she ‘claimed’ that the girls liked it – right? Typical!

    I agree with you that she’s going to push her children, I wonder if you’ve seen ‘Showbiz Moms’.

  2. Syko says:

    My first thought was, “what if the mothers of the boys didn’t WANT them to have mohawks?” Pretty pushy there. But then pushy is what she’s good at.

    I can’t help feeling a four year old might enjoy something like clowns and pony rides more than getting a pedicure.

  3. Nobama says:

    First let me say I do not like her one bit, and think it’s disgusting she wants her children to be part of this reality show, even cory feldman didn’t put his son in front of the camera when he had that “the two corey’s” show with haim, but I have a daughter who is going to be 4 in June, and I have to admit, she would absolutely LOVE to go to a spa and get all dolled up. She is a typical girly girl!

  4. SarahS says:

    damn whatever happened to just going to chuck e cheese?

  5. headache says:

    Syko, I’m sure it was a faux-hawk but in any case I have never thought I would wish a child be a bad ass little shit but in these two’s case, it is their only hope of getting out of this bullshit their mother is trying to shove them into.

    Her has been ass can’t make a buck for lying trying so she figures she’ll send the kids out to make her money. Cheap ho bag.

  6. Syko says:

    With you on that, headache. I’m still amazed that the judge allowed it. Poor kids.

  7. Alexa says:

    Somethings wrong here!

    What did Denise do that was SO UNFORGIVEABLE that everyone hates HER so much! Charlie was a twisted, cruel, and horrifically abusive husband to her . . . yet I never read posts about him and everyone throwing stones and hating at him???

    All she has done is gotten up after his abuse and tried to get on with her life – which now is very different and challenging being a single mother of two small children.

    She’s a very adorable-looking lady who has consistently loved and cared for her family. While Charlie, on the other hand . . . . ???

    Where’s all this disgust for Denise coming from?? Charlie’s the one you should hate – if you’re gonna hate.


  8. just me says:

    she’s an idiot!

  9. Carrie says:


    I think what perturbs most people about her is that there are other ways to make a paycheck, rather than exploit your children who didn’t ask for any of this.

    I would imagine it’s difficult enough growing up a child of a celebrity (not to mention two celebrities), however having these cameras in every room constantly is where I believe it is beyond disruptive.

    Reality shows rarely serve a purpose. The people who do them obviously need their ego stroked.

  10. headache says:

    Alexa, she has never ever proven that he did ANY of the things she accused him of and he has been quite upfront in letting anyone investigate her claims.

    He behaved like an asswipe pre Denise. He never denied that. In fact, his father was very public in calling him out at that time. I honestly believe that if he were as horrible a husband and father as this homewrecking backstabbing opportunistic heifer would like us all to believe, Martin Sheen would have once again, called his son out for his bad behavior and stood behind Denise. The fact that he did not speaks volumes.

  11. Bellatrix says:

    All I know is that I would have loved being invited for the Spa party (does one call that a Sparty?).

    As for the spa birthday bashes for little girls, a French magazine ran an article about this new trend over in the USA just a few weeks ago (I think it was Biba magazine).
    Apparently, it’s the new cool thing to do. Take your little girls to a children spa and let them have their hair and nails done. The article even showed how those tiny girls got some make-up too although they were far too young to have any.

    Denise isn’t doing anything innovative I think but that doesn’t make it less a publicity stunt than it most probably is.
    Plus, have you seen Sam and Lola? Always smiling upside down. I’m not convinced that some red polish will make them (look) happier.

  12. Sasha says:

    Why does this bitch have a career? Why does anyone care what this stretched cooter and her two little support checks do from day to day?

  13. Breederina says:

    Four year olds. What happened to everyone goes to the park runs around,plays with water, gets filthy, eats cake and ice cream, gets filthier, goes home tired and happy with a goody bag of bath toys to try out ? My kids have been to some way over the top parties and I gotta say the simpler the better as far as they were concerned at this age.

  14. Persistent Cat says:

    I think kids are being pushed into being older than they are. Something like that is too mature for kids. However because it was featured on her (what definitely will be) crappy show, she probably got it paid for.

    Why do people not like her? Because she’s exploiting her children, is a media whore, and likely stole a man from her best friend (and that totally defies the girl code).

  15. Mother of The Year says:

    Once a prostitute….she is only famous for spreading her legs.

    I don’t even think Heidi Fleiss would rehire her.

  16. mollination says:

    I’d be scowling all the time if I lived with that skank as well!

    Those girls remind me of Family Guy, how Stewie (the baby) hates his mom but he can’t talk yet to tell her off. She is oblivious and keeps cradeling him even though his inner thoughts (that the audience is privy to) are insulting her in a studious/snooty accent. If you haven’t seen it, it’s funny.

  17. A mom of a 4 yr old says:

    Hi all…well for one…she is a fiercly independent woman and many “woman” cannot handle that so what she was better being exploited herself as a teenager and then marryinga whoremonger??? One that couldn’t keep it in his pants OHHHH YEAH he would be a GREAT role model for those two little girls …if they were aspiring to work at the Chicken Ranch here in Nevada (I live in Las vegas…not Pahrump)

    ANYWAY I run a company that does spa parties for little girls…it is NOTHING like the ones that they have for grown woman…Come on people…the tired clown and pony crap was old when I was a kid and that was 30 years ago…step it up and get out of the June Cleaver acts…the homemade betty crocker birthday cake that is losided and the pin the tail on the donkey will likely get your kids made fun of or talked about behind their backs at school…get with the times…parents and children have evolved…GO WITH IT….I have a 4 yr old that also ASKED to have a “movie star” paryt for her birthday and she had a laundry list of what she wanted … I think honestly if she asked to have it at the Nasty urine smelling Chuck E Cheese near us I would have done it with nose plugs on and bad parent spray since most of you use Chuck E Cheese as a babysitter…what should two little girls want for their b-day??? a present and four spanks to grow…get over it…ya wanna criticize…what about Baby Phat heiress??? Her children make Denise Richards look like welfare kids and that spoiled brat that is Will Smiths kid…OMG does he REALLY need to be attached to the guys hip for publicity to make him look nice??? The kid is a terror and pulls rank…get over it already 8O

  18. christine randall says:

    Everyone is such a critic. My daughter is 4 1/2 and she and all of her same age girlfriends love to get their nails done. Has anyone ever heard of the Bippt Bop Boutique in Disney? Myd augheter go ther hair makeup and nails done when she wsa 3 and loved it! I am planning on doing a spa themed party…(before I knew of this one)…I am no celebrity and I can assure you if my daughter did not want this she wouldnt get it…I am pretty sure Denise’s daughter would have said the same. I only wish I could afford the monogramed bathrobes….

  19. sooooooooooooooo sweet !

  20. çerkez says:

    she’s not an idiot! dont say that, i dont agreeeee

  21. jim says:

    this woman..

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