Gary Coleman has died at the age of 42 (update)


Yesterday, media outlets began reporting that former child star Gary Coleman was in some kind of accident on his Provo, Utah property. Gary apparently fell… somewhere, onto his head, and he’s had some kind of severe internal bleeding. At this point, he’s in a coma and on life support. Here’s more:

Gary Coleman is fighting for his life.

A spokesman for the former child star told ABC News that Coleman, 42, is in a coma and on life support at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah.

On Wednesday, the Diff’rent Strokes actor suffered a “severe” intracranial hemorrhage — bleeding in the skull — in his Santaquin, Utah home, and was rushed (still lucid and conscious) to the hospital. By Thursday afternoon, his condition had deteriorated, and the star was slipping in and out of consciousness.

What caused Coleman’s hemorrhage? “I can confirm he fell,” his father-in-law Dale Price told late Thursday. Shannon, the actor’s wife of three years, “has been by his bedside,” Dale added. “We are hanging in there. I don’t want to say anything else.”

Coleman’s health has never been 100%. He endured kidney disease as a child — necessitating at least two kidney transplants and ongoing dialysis, according to the Associated Press. Last fall, he underwent heart surgery, which was followed by a bout of pneumonia; in February, Coleman suffered a seizure on the set of The Insider.

The star has lived in Utah since 2005, when he filmed the movie Church Bell there — and met wife-to-be Shannon Price. He pled guilty in February to misdemeanor charge with regard to an April 2009 domestic violence episode at home.

[From Us Weekly]

UPDATE as of 2:45 p.m. Friday afternoon: Radar has just reported that Gary has died. He was 42 years old. Radar reports that “He was pulled of life support Friday morning and later passed away. His wife Shannon Price and her father were at the hospital Friday.” For more on the life of Gary Coleman, Radar has a good summary here and here is his Wikipedia page. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, his friends and his fans.

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  1. RHONYC says:


    *shaking my head no*

    there’s something fishy with this story.

    he fell?


    i think the wife & her pops ain’t tellin’ the whole truth.

    i hope he lives to tell his side of the tale.

    get well soon lil dude! 🙂

  2. jc126 says:

    Poor guy. He’s had a very, very difficult life, not just for health reasons, but because of his awful parents robbing him.

  3. LindyLou says:

    Sad. Hope he pulls through.

  4. denise says:

    How much you wanna bet that his wife had something to do with this. But in all seriousness, I hope he gets well.

  5. Carrie says:

    He has a seizure disorder. So wouldn’t it be more logical to jump to the conclusion that he might have had a seizure? It’s not near as much fun as blaming it on his wife, but isn’t it more logical?

  6. Chico says:

    Logic on a gossip blog? That would be a first! 😉

    This is not good news. It’s very rare to pull out of this kind of a coma, as I know a friend who had the same thing happen. She passed away soon after. The doctors said there was nothing they could do since there was too much bleeding and brain damage.

    Too bad for Gary. He had a rough life.
    I wish him the best.

  7. GrnMtGirl says:

    People fall – Last week I fell getting out of our canoe and bashed the back of my head on the edge. It happens.


  8. Eric says:

    “little guy” why? He’s an adult, not a child. What is so funny is how just prior you reference how he’s been made fun of his whole life. “little guy” is just midget for the sanctimonious.

  9. lucy2 says:

    It does not sound very hopeful, but I wish him the best.
    He really has had a rough time for a long time.

  10. jc126 says:

    RIP, Gary.

  11. Jeri says:

    I read now that an aneurism caused him to fall/collapse. It was either on MSN homepage or TMZ, not sure which.

  12. MSat says:

    This guy had a rough life. Maybe now he can finally be at peace.

    I wonder how his parents feel right now. They were estranged from Gary for many years. If I recall correctly, he ended up suing and emancipating himself from them at a young age because they spent all the money he earned on Diff’rent Strokes.

  13. Chico says:

    Awwww, so sad. RIP Gary. I hope you finally found peace. 🙁

  14. Tia says:

    poor guy.. he had such a sad rough life in his later years.. 🙁 R.I.P.

  15. nnn says:

    RIP Gary !

  16. aury says:

    what a shame. RIP, gary.

  17. Sarah says:

    So sad. RIP Gary.

  18. kay says:

    His wife beat him up i think and cause the injury, didnt she and gary both get arrested for domestic violence before?

  19. Stephie says:

    Peace at last. R.I.P.

  20. bnice says:

    Wow…really heartbreaking. Thanks for all the laughs, Gary. You made millions of people smile for a lot of years. My childhood wouldn’t have been the same without you.

  21. bellaluna says:

    Such a sad end to a tragic life. I hope he’s finally at peace.

  22. kim says:

    RIP mr.coleman

  23. GrnMtGirl says:

    So Sad. RIP Gary

  24. GracieXDoes says:

    RIP Gary My generation grew up with you & adored you.

  25. JoGirl says:

    Such a shame! RIP Gary, you will never be forgotten!

  26. me2also says:

    I’m surprised now sad I am to hear this – R.I.P. Gary.

  27. endoplasmic ridiculum says:

    Oh no!
    Watchatalkingbout Willis!!!

    That’s what I used to call Gary Coleman when I was really small.
    How sad. Hope he rests in peace.

  28. Lynda says:

    RIP, Gary.

  29. Tia C says:

    Oh, man, that’s really a shame. As others have already commented, it appeared that he lived a sad life. Let’s hope he is at peace now.

    BTW, when I first heard the news that he was in a coma due to some sort of head injury, it did cross my mind that maybe he and his Viking wife got into a scuffle and something inadvertently happened to him. But it doesn’t sound like that now.

  30. buenavissta says:

    So sad. Rest in peace, Gary, and thanks for the memories.

  31. RHONYC says:

    so tragic & sad.
    rip 🙁

  32. GatsbyGal says:

    Seems about the right time to go, I think. Kinda surprised it didn’t happen earlier…didn’t this guy have like 10000 seizures this year? It was really only a matter of time.

  33. ganjagirl says:

    poor guy. he was the reason that sitcom was so popular and such a moneymaker. his parents trashed his financial future when they should have been so happy that he would have been relatively secure. he had a tough life but he is in God’s hands now. ‘What you talkin bout willis?’

  34. WTF?!? says:

    This makes me so incredibly sad. No one with his upbringing could have grown up to have healthy, normal relationships, I was really hoping he’d find true happiness, but it eluded him to the end.
    I hope he is finally at peace.

    PS I didn’t know Dana Plato’s son killed himself earlier this month. Jeez.

  35. Eye Opener says:

    Didn’t the Enquirer say this would happen???

    Too bad people choose to ignore valid perdications!! Better watch out Whitney and Mariah….

  36. Aussie Mama says:

    All 3 of the Different Strokes kids have had tragic lives. Dana Plato died, huge drug issues, her son not long ago followed, Tod Bridges in and out of jail, a tortured soul, Gary Colemens folks used and abused him. The guy should have been set for life, instead beacsue of the folks worked as a Security Guard. More Hollywood Victims. Children are exploited, sexually abused in exchange for fame , all under the blind eye of the folks, who are only too happy to look away, for the riches it brings, then the kids are tossed away and these are the consequences people, sad, short, tortured lives. Don’t judge the Lindsays, Brittneys, Biebers. If they could talk, the world would be shocked.

  37. fizXgirl314 says:

    What a tragic life… Rest in peace 🙁

  38. jzhz says:

    And then there was Willis….

  39. Shelley says:

    This is so sad. I’m sorry to say I’m suspicious of what happened too. There were domestic violence issues in the marraige. While we know he had many health issues that may well prove to be the cause of his fall, I hope he’ll be autopsied. His wife took him off life support very quickly – he only fell 2 days ago – and only she and her Dad were there. I feel awful for his suffering and I hope his wife did nothing to cause or hasten his death – and if she did, I hope that in his last moments he was unaware of her role. God grant you rest, Gary.

  40. Mistral says:

    RIP Gary Coleman.

    Loved him when I was a kid. It’s too bad his life was really sad and tragic when it had the potential to be so wonderful. 🙁

  41. canadianchick says:

    Rip Gary..this “fall” sounds a bit fishy though.

  42. Anna says:

    I had never heard of him until I read about his antics here on CB (I’m in Europe, so maybe that’s why). But from all the crazy stories that I saw here, it didn’t seem like he really even wanted to be here anymore. He seemed permanently dissatisfied with his whole situation and status. Maybe now he’s found some peace. RIP.

  43. Tania says:

    I am so sad. Poor Gary had a difficult life because of his abusive parents. I hope he can now find the happiness that eluded him in life. RIP.

  44. RahRahUtah says:


    You are so totally right to be suspicious of
    Gary Coleman’s wife (Shannon Price) —
    I agree with your comments 100% !!!

    The people of Utah should demand that
    the local D.A. Investigate-THE-WIFE!!!!

    Most people believe that his gummy-grin wife probably
    did kill him (and also probably hopes to make money
    writing a book about him … which no one should buy
    — just like they shouldn’t buy her story that he “fell”)!!!!

    They had an UNconsumated “marriage”-of-convenience
    after ‘she’ had proposed to (and later abused) ‘him’.

    Now the tragic life of that man has ended and —
    it looks like “he’s dead because of the redhead”!!,2933,331033,00.html

  45. DSM says:


  46. Jazz says:

    I really thought he’d pull through. God bless you Gary, rest in peace.

  47. Sonja says:

    He had a rough go in this life. He never seemed happy either. I hope he is finally at peace.

  48. denise says:

    Awww, so sad. What a way to end his sad life. Not fair. May he finally rest in peace.

  49. Kelaa Khaa says:

    This is really sad and before reading this I didn’t know Gary had had such a harsh childhood. It is sad when parents vampire their children. I knew a pharmacist whose parents took all of his money and made him think that he owed them for simply giving him life, a life which he never got to enjoy because he was treated like crap at work as well. RIP Gary and Wang and I hope there is an afterlife for you to be enjoying.

  50. gg says:

    Rest in peace, Gary. You made a lot of people happy when you were alive and I hope you have everlasting peace now.

  51. ViktoryGin says:

    Hmmm….tragic. This brings my mortality around my ears.

  52. Slymm27 says:

    So sad! He made me laugh when i was a kid. Life is so short.

  53. PLAYA says: