Is Kate Hudson boning her costar Colin Egglesfield?


Kate Hudson may be f-cking her Something Borrowed costar, Colin Egglesfield, You may remember Colin as… well, you probably don’t know him. On the off-chance you watch the new Melrose Place, he’s on that. And a while back, there were rumors that he and Ashlee Simpson were having an affair – and that story came from Star Magazine too, so Star probably just likes to run photos of Colin. CB thinks he’s hot – I think he looks like a budget Eddie Cibrian, right? And Cibrian is already pretty budget, so I don’t know what’s going on. This is a typical non-story almost solely based on two things:

1. Most tabloids and sites have access to a series of photos of Kate and Colin filming a love scene on a beach, and the photos are pretty good, and make the story better.
2. Kate is a slut (bless her heart), and saying that she’s boning her costar isn’t that much of a stretch.

So, with that in mind, let’s see what Star has to say:

Kate Hudson has found love – or, at the very least, lust – on the set of the upcoming film Something Borrowed with her on-screen fiancée, former Melrose Place star Colin Egglesfield.

“He’s her summer fling,” a pal of the actress tells Star. “Cameron Diaz can have Alex Rodriguez – Kate has Colin!”

The new twosome sparked the moment they met in preproduction for the romantic comedy based on the best-selling book, says another insider. And when they showed up on set in the Hamptons in New York for the first day of filming May 18, it didn’t take long for Kate, 31, and equally single Colin, 37, to heat up.

“They kissed for a scene their very first day of working together – and they loved it,” says the insider. “When the director yelled cut, they were still kissing. They couldn’t get enough of each other. They’re having an absolute blast.”

“They’ve been taking long strolls along the shore after sunset. Right now it’s totally fresh and new and they’re both really crushing on each other. This is just what Kate needed to lift her spirits.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Eh. It could be on. Especially if they’re both single. I think it was last month that Kate was allegedly juggling three or four men, none of whom I can even remember. But I could see her settling on Colin for the whole summer – she seems to like having a boyfriend when it’s warm. Pretty soon Kate will be posing in her bikini and her new boobs and everyone will be writing about how much she wants to settle down with Colin because after one month together, she knows he’s “the one”.

Photo by: Jackson Lee/ 2010 Telephone/Fax: (212) 995-1196 5/20/10 Kate Huds

Photo by: Jackson Lee/ 2010 Telephone/Fax: (212) 995-1196 5/20/10 Kate Huds

Photo by: Jackson Lee/ 2010 Telephone/Fax: (212) 995-1196 5/20/10 Kate Huds


Kate and Colin in the Hamptons on May 20, 2010. Credit: AAR/Fame.

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  1. Risa says:

    Dang, who’s it going to be next week… I swear everytime I read something about this woman- it’s because she has a new man around…. I wish I were a man magnet like that!! haha

  2. N says:

    Ok, well – look at him? Can you blame her? He’s hot … she’s single … and in no way is that man anything like Eddie (yuck yuck yuck).

  3. jc126 says:

    Yes. Yes, she is.

  4. RobN says:

    Well of course she is. It’s what she does.

  5. Strawberry says:

    I think they’re *gulp*… acting.

  6. Britwit says:

    *SIGH* I remember when I was that young and cute and juggling men like a circus performer….now I just get hit on by married guys who look like Wilfred Brimley. Well, I think I’ll just go home to my cats now, put on a chick flik, drink wine and get squiffy…

  7. Ana says:

    Awww don’t call her a slut! She’s just having fun. She just doesn’t hide it as well as others.

  8. N says:

    LMAO @ Britwit

  9. mary jane says:

    I don’t get the sunglasses on him. Makes this foreplay scene a little uptight. I mean SHE’S not wearing any.

  10. mary jane says:

    Oh, sorry, they’re HER glasses. Still weird though…all that sunglass holding.

  11. 2centsnichols says:

    that chick gets more bones than a show dog. she’s a ho.

  12. Tia C says:

    LOL @ Britwit

    @ Ana: Agreed

    Kate does love to have her some fun. I thought he was cute when he played Erica Kane’s pseudo son (or was it really her son, I can’t remember) on All My Children. Have a fun summer, Kate – more power to ya, chica!!

  13. Snarf says:

    He’s a hot piece, can’t blame her at all.

  14. fugly says:

    he11 yeah kaiser. eddie cibrian is budget!! lol!!!!

  15. QB says:

    Hope , she does not introduce this one to her son.

  16. What is wrong with this woman? It appears she is a first class slut. I guess money, good genes, lots of opportunity does not buy you decency. Too bad.

  17. jzhz says:

    Good for her, I hope she’s having fun!

  18. vixenella says:

    He is so juicy and delicious-he played Erica Kane’s son…he was a botched abortion.

  19. ohplease says:

    After reading some of the comments here, you’d think we were back in the 1950s and the sexual revolution never happened. Not good, ladies, not good at all. Also, why do you believe what you read in tabloids? You may call her a slut, but I hereby call you all (at least the ones who believe tabloids), STUPID.

  20. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    Pure PR. Nothing more.

  21. eyerollatcb says:

    could these photos look any faker and staged? give me a break kate, i think your career is over now these photos are pathetic.

  22. denise says:

    He looks like Tom Cruise.

  23. Chico says:

    A slut, Kaiser?

    Are you living in the 1950s? So, a girl can’t date too many men? Are we really judging people by how many guys they’ve been with? This double standard is pretty annoying. I thought you were smarter than that.

  24. Scarlet Vixen says:

    How many ‘uncles’ does her son think he has?

  25. GaGa says:

    She is ugly and the only reason she is famous is beacause of her mother. Her face is puffy, she has a thick neck and her body is just average – she is a slore and this is her flavor of the week, because she is jealous of Cameron and a rod, she needs to have someone around and he is it.

  26. Wouldn’t this require Kate Hudson to possess a bone? I think your understanding of anatomy is a little off…

  27. kia says:

    Haha, if I was Kate Hudson’s vagina, I think I’d fall out and run away just so I could get some freaking rest! Not that I care what she does, I can’t stand her because she looks just like my b*tchface cousin…lol. And I just cannot take a guy in a pink shirt seriously, I’d be like “You must be gay, why are you hitting on me?” But hey, whatever floats their boat, I can’t hate too hard. Well, I COULD, but I WON’T, how bout that?

  28. original kate says:

    let’s see…she was married to the black crowes guy, she dated owen wilson, she dated A-rod…i’m missing one in there someplace – jamie kennedy? so at the age of 31 she’s probably slept with about 10 guys or so. hardly a “slut.” if she were a 31 year old man who had slept with 20 women nobody would blink an eye.

  29. Aspen says:

    I want those little crochet shorts. I need them. Anyone know?

  30. sarcasma says:

    LMAO @ britwit

    I love them crochet shorts too!

    and yes Kate you can have as many flava as you liked =) you don need our permission.

    you go Girl.

  31. original kate says:

    @ aspen: i’ll bet you could find similar shorts at j.jill – they do lots of linen shorts with crocheted trim. i love those shorts, too, but my skin is so white that if i wear shorts everyone has to put on sunglasses!

  32. My2Cents says:

    SLUT? WTF? Kaiser, its 2010 honey!
    Booooo to you!!

  33. Slymm27 says:

    Kaiser, i have said before, you try too hard to sound smart. Welcome to 2010. He is single, and she is too, if they are attracted to each other, what then? So what if she bones all the single men she is attracted to? A man can sleep around, and he is just sowing his wild oats right? Stop sounding like a prude.