Cynthia Nixon on partner being ‘short man w/ boobs’: it was about her fashion

The N's Screening Of New Mini-Series Miracle's Boys
The ladies of Sex and The City 2 were on The View on Friday and I finally had a chance to watch it. There’s still all this hype around the movie, with audience members holding signs and Elisabeth Hasselbeck declaring “the girls’ night out is reborn!” Given all I’ve heard about it, I would rather sit home and watch whatever happens to be on television while getting my fashion fix online.

Sarah Jessica Parker was inevitably asked on The View about her twin girls, Marion and Tabitha, who were born via surrogate about 11 months ago. She talked about how much she loves them and how her son, James Wilke, helps her out with them. She didn’t mention the fact that she has plenty of professional help and she didn’t talk about her husband, Matthew Broderick.

Cynthia Nixon discussed her engagement, to same sex partner Christine Marinoni. She said that they can’t yet marry in New York and that their friends have plenty of suggestions for destination weddings to where same sex marriage is legal. Cynthia said that they were going to try and wait until same sex marriage was legal in their state. “We’re going to try and stick it out in New York and… fight the good fight, but we’re not going to wait forever.” She said something similar to People Magazine, and explained that she’s not spending much time planning out the details and was more concerned with her basic right to marry. New York recognizes same sex marriages from other states.

On The View, Nixon clarified the hilarious quote she told The Advocate that Christine “was like a short man with boobs.” It was about Christine’s fashion, she explained:

It is a funny and cute quote… I was actually speaking about Christine’s love of clothes, but how difficult it is for her to find suits that she fits into… She wears men’s suits and she’s a little short for a guy. It’s a challenge.”

The girls then all chimed in about where Cynthia and Christine should get married and how they were all looking forward to a trip.

Kim Cattrall ruled out ever married again after having been married three times. She said “I like being single… I’m very much in a work mode. If I was in a relationship it wouldn’t be a happy one, because I wouldn’t be there.” Kim then said “I wish I had a relationship like we [the SATC women] have. We’ve been together 14 years.”

In earlier interviews Kim said that she would be open to doing yet another sequel, but creator Michael Patrick King and star Sarah Jessica Parker separately said that decision wasn’t made yet. The box office will determine whether they’re drive this series even further into the ground. The numbers are in and they’re not as good as the first film, but not bad overall. Over the weekend Sex and The City 2 was second to Shrek 4, in its second week, but above Prince of Persia, which also premiered this weekend. SATC 2 took in $32.1 million its opening weekend, which was below the opening weekend of the first SATC at $56.8 million.

Cynthia Nixon attends Sex And The City 2 premiere

Photo by: DP/AAD/ 2010 5/27/10 Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Kim Cat

Actress Cynthia Nixon poses for photographers at the premiere of Sex in the City 2 in London

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  1. canadianchick says:

    The View appearance was hard to follow-all yakking at the same time. I thought SATC2 was better written than the first, and I laughed at many of the jokes, with the exception of the embarrassing anti-arab scenes with Kim Cattrall. Nothing will be ever as good as the series, but it was good brain candy and fashion p*rn.

  2. souths_sweet says:

    Cynthia Nixon needs to lose those extensions in a hurry! So much better short! =)

    And as much as I love Sex and the City….enough is enough. Sorry ladies!

  3. Taya says:

    I always loved Cynthia Nixon.

    Considering the tickets prices for movies have gone way up, these movies are lucky they made that much.
    What other place charges $18 for a tub of popcorn and two drinks?..outrageous!

  4. Slymm27 says:

    But she really does look like a short man with boobs. I mean look at her!

  5. Sunnyjyl says:

    Cynthia Nixon was absolutely gorgeous in SATC2. I’ve never seen her look better. Her partner is pretty darned lucky (for a lot of non-fashion/beauty reasons too).
    The movie was so much fun! My girlfriends and I laughed are arses off. There are some unforgettable naked male bums that I wouldn’t mind seeing again.LOL
    Also, the scene with Samantha and the condoms is priceless, ” Yes, I have sex!”

  6. canadianchick says:

    @sunnyjyl you’re right, hot bums for sure, the Danish architect was hot stuff.

  7. Cindy says:

    Cynthia Nixon’s partner looks like an orange haired version of her ex-husband, she was taller than her ex husband too and he was just as unattractive as her partner.

  8. Emily says:

    There can’t be another sequel. There just can’t. The gods won’t allow it. I have two friends who are excited about it. Two. And the majority of my friends are gay guys.

  9. Tia says:

    they are a beautiful couple with a gorgeous family…love them!! man with boobs and all…lol….j/k what she said makes perfect sense…hard to find clothes

  10. Bill Hicks is God says:

    That was quite a fine display of back-pedaling.

  11. The blue dress makes her looks perfect

    She really is gorgeous

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