Lindsay Lohan will be degraded, demoralized as Linda Lovelace


Ugh… Page Six has a somewhat interesting story about Lindsay Lohan’s big comeback film role as Linda Lovelace in Inferno. Allegedly, Inferno does has financing, although I can’t imagine Lindsay will have an easy time getting insured, so in my mind, there’s still a question mark as to whether this film will even be made. And now that Page Six has revealed some details from the script, I have to wonder why anyone wants to touch this story:

Lindsay Lohan will be thoroughly degraded as “Deep Throat” porn star Linda Lovelace in the controversial upcoming movie “Inferno,” according to Aerik Von, an employee of fetish Web site who claims to have read the screenplay.

Calling it akin to a “Lifetime horror film,” Von told The Post’s Mandy Stadtmiller that Lovelace’s former husband, the legendarily brutal Chuck Traynor, is depicted as psychologically and physically torturing Lohan’s character.

Lohan, who’s now wearing an alcohol-monitoring anklet as ordered by the California judge overseeing her probation on a drunken-driving conviction, might not be able to star in the movie, which was slated to shoot in Texas — she has to stay in California for random drug-testing. But some of the sexual acts in the film, written and directed by Matthew Wilder, are so rough, it’s hard to imagine the movie making it to theaters in its current form no matter who plays Lovelace, Von said.

“Traynor kicks her to a pulp,” Von says. “She’s made to say terrible things about herself while in the middle of sex acts. After her boyfriend assaults her, he kisses her bruises and asks, ‘Does this feel good?’ ” Von added, “It’s very sensational. There are not so much plot devices as shock tactics.”

Before Traynor turns Lovelace into a hooker, he forces her into a gang-rape scenario with several businessmen — one of whom hums a tune from “Mary Poppins” while fondling her breast.

Von says, “The movie’s obviously designed to just outright disturb [with] the combination of childhood imagery and absolute outright depraved perversions.”

Wilder didn’t get back to us.

[From Page Six]

You couldn’t pay me to watch that movie. And it sounds just like a porno too – and not even a half-decent porn, just a sadism-fetish one with really bad acting, starring a crackhead. This is what happens when “story” is replaced with “shock, crack”.

In other Lohan news, she and Sam Ronson are speaking again. Radar says that Sam came and visited Lindsay’s apartment, and there are even photographs – not of Sam and Lindsay together, just of Sam. One last piece of news: Lindsay has a new friend! Lady Victoria Harvey, who I guess is famous in England. I have no idea who she is.


Lindsay Lohan in LA on May 28 & 30, 2010. Credit:

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  1. ering says:

    Linda Lovelace had an unsavory past, that’s for sure. Didn’t she do a bestiality movie with a dog before Deep Throat? I would never want to see this movie.

  2. Sigh. says:

    “Lindsay Lohan will be degraded, demoralized…”

    (:-\ = me thinking)

    Bahhhh. Too easy. Even for a holiday.

  3. Lin95 says:

    She did do a movie with a dog before Deep Throat….I actually saw her speak on a show shortly before she died and her life was pretty horrific….alot of people on set from her movies recalled how she was beaten and tortured and that Traynor even held a gun to her head during movie shoots. It’s hard to believe what people can do to each other, and I probably wouldn’t see this movie as hearing Linda herself talk about her life was more than enough for me

  4. jc126 says:

    I still doubt this movie will get made, but I’ve thought all along that there’s no way anyone could pretty up Linda Lovelace’s story, and it was a terrible idea for Lindsay Lohan to play her.

  5. e-non says:

    dressed up porn flick. which is what the ‘uncensored’ version will be released as — and likely make more money.

  6. crash2GO2 says:

    It’s so nice to see Lindsay with her eyes open again.

  7. onyx says:

    somebody please rescue this child before she turns up in a box.

  8. cara says:

    sounds Kinkaaaay

  9. Lenore says:

    Lady Victoria Hervey = scarily skinny blonde aristocrat. Turns up to the opening of an eyelid. Former model. Appeared on Celebrity Love Island reality show and was unable to multiply six by four. Famously commented that homeless people should go to the Caribbean in the winter to get away from the cold.

    Basically, she’s Paris without the nose.

  10. kai says:

    I don’t know. Maybe she’ll win an Oscar for this sh-t. she could say that she hit rock bottom when she immersed herself in the role (method acting bla bla), make a quick trip to rehab and pretend to be clean. people love a good comeback story, don’T they?

    stranger things have happened. and people often can’t tell between a good plot and cheap shock tactics.

  11. oxa says:

    So this is role wont be a stretch for Lindsay.

  12. Liana says:

    That second photo (her sitting on the terrace) should be submitted to photoshop disasters… it’s really bad. There are legs with no body, an odd knee… seriously, look at it closely.

  13. Toto says:

    I’d love to know how she’s managed not to set off her scram yet, surely she’s not (gasp) sober??

  14. Lori says:

    Please don’t make this movie Lindsey =(

  15. MissyA says:

    I try not to pass judgment on what happens in other people’s bedrooms (as long as everyone respects the “safety word”!!) – but yeah, this sounds exactly like the kind of script Lindsay would jump on.

    Probably foreshadowing her future projects, as well.

    Do you have the list of actresses who’ve turned down this script, CB? I remember it being quite extensive. IIRC, they started out looking for actual talent, but over the years have been reduced to finding that special someone desperate enough to debase herself for money and attention. Thus, the Lohan.

    Also – I can see Ronson trying to reunite with a now “sober” Lindsay. It’s a trap, Sam!! Codependent relationships often work like that. She’s never going to change, that girl you fell in love with was all a ruse to garner your affection. Lindsay’s an emotional vampire, Sam.

    Run Sam, Run!

  16. freckles says:

    I dunno… this sounds like the perfect role for her. I think it could either be a really great movie or just an absolutely abhorrent one, nothing in between. Interesting either way though, and no one could play it like Lindsay. Ha.

  17. Livia says:

    Lohan is all hot to do this because it’s probably something she sees as the perfect platform for making comparisons between how Lovelace was treated and how she’s treated – in her mind, she’s already preparing for giving heartfelt, tearful interviews post-movie release and pre-awards nominations about how she was able to connect with Lovelace as no other actress could, how she understands being “raped” and “abused” because that’s what the media and mean people online and IRL who just don’t understand her stupendous genius and otherworldly talents do to her every second of the day. It’s Lindsay as victim by proxy, with Lovelace standing in as the proxy, and with Lindsay using her in ironically much the same manner as the porn industry did – with no intent to do anything other than benefit herself.

  18. EB says:

    I sincerely doubt that this movie is even going to get made. Who is going to insure Lohan?! She would be the star of the picture and is a huge risk. Apparently they have not secured the rights to Linda’s story from her estate – something might want to work out if you are making a movie and don’t want to get sued, and secondly, in Cannes there was absolutely NO discussion of this picture with investors, etc. So…this was a big lie so she could party with Eurotrash.

  19. Amneh says:

    My sentiments exactly.

  20. lucy2 says:

    It sounds horrible. In the middle of all her own really bad problems, the last thing LL needs to be doing is a role that dark and disturbing.

    I’m in doubt it will get made too, or if by some chance it does, I doubt anyone will distribute it.

  21. Belle Epoch says:

    One more time… where is her mother?

    I know, it’s pointless to even ask. But what mother would let her child even consider such a project? How can “white Oprah” spin this one to imagine anything remotely good coming from it?

    I guess I must care a little bit about LL after all, because this story makes my stomach hurt and I want it to stop.

  22. Beth says:

    Unless there are script changes this is a direct to dvd movie. An NC-17 wouldn’t make it to most if any theatres. I don’t know about drug addicts/alcoholics but wouldn’t Lindsay show signs of withdrawal? She actually looks healthier in recent photos. Also I’m almost positive that Lindsay and Sam live in the same building unless one of them moved.

  23. Jimmy Dean says:

    Isn’t her personal life degrading enough?

    Linz, I suggest you wait for

    “Prairie Home Companion 2:
    The Re-Companioning”

  24. Amy says:

    you know if Lohan brings some attention to the awful tragic life of Lovelace then maybe thats a good think. i know i’m in the minority but i think that deep down somewhere Lohan does have a heart and i still am rooting for her to do better again.

  25. Ruby Red Lips says:

    I think this movie will either do really well as an ‘arty’ movie and re-enlight Lindsay’s career (if she can stay sober) or be panned as a p0rn movie…which sadly if the latter is proven right will be Lohan’s next career move…I know which option I’m betting on

  26. GatsbyGal says:

    This movie isn’t going to get made. No one will ever want to show it anywhere…and I don’t see how it could be anything but NC-17.

    I mean, at some point you have to question this Matthew Wilder guy who’s writing and directing. Is he making this movie because he thinks people need to learn about the life of Lina Lovelace (no), or is he making his very own personal spank-pic? I can’t help but think he gets off to this kind of sadistic non-consensual bedroom behavior, and wants Lohan in the starring role purely because he wants to see her in that kind of situation.

  27. hellen says:

    Being in this kind of movie might well drive her right over the edge. I can’t imagine someone who is so damaged and drug-dependent taking on a role that “degrades and demoralizes” her further.

    Her “parents” (for lack of a better term) need to be strung up. Lindsay didn’t get to be this way ALL by herself.

  28. Madisyn says:

    Who is playing Chuck Traynor? We all kmow Blohan is playing Lovelace, but WHO else in the f uck is attched to this film?

  29. d says:

    Lovelace’s life was sad and depressing; that no one helped her, how she was treated, just awful. That a movie for entertainment is being made about her life is all kinds of wrong. She didn’t want to do that bestiality thing either; she was abused and mistreated…gah. I wouldn’t watch this at all anyone who does is sick in the head imo. That Lohand wanted to do this beyond sad and wrong and depressing. I think it would send her completely off the deep end. She’s already effed up.

  30. LayLow says:

    Ew, ew, ew! Celebitchy – and all other internet rags – STOP endorsing/buying/displaying her pictures and “stories.” Clearly, she makes some kind of profit this way, because straight-to-DVD movies aren’t gonna do much.

    This crap is gonna drag on until the world shuts out that gross, orange-n-blonde troll, leaving her to JAIL or REHAB. That judge did nobody favors!

  31. MissyA says:

    Livia – Precisely.

    At the heart of it, she’s just a toxic human being who feeds off of attention. I’m sure Lindsay already has her “justifiable” reasons for committing to such a dark and controversial film all planned out to feed to the press.

    Perpetual Victimization doesn’t look cute at any age.

  32. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:


    I agree entirely and your point is extremely well-put. I could hope that the motives behind this donnybrook aren’t that cynical, but if not, then what?

  33. Confuzzle says:

    This film reminds me of Showgirls, which killed off a few careers.

  34. original kate says:

    linda lovelace was a very sad person who was abused by and terrified of her husband. her autobiography is heartbreaking but lohan isn’t a good enough actress to portray lovelace as anything besides a slut, and i’m sure the movie will just be sensational and gross.

  35. Mimi says:

    CB Ronson was photographed there because she LIVES there she moved from her old house because of all the drama but the STALKER Lohan moved to the EW hotel too but in different apartments and besides Sam denied being friends with LL in her tweeter page when asked about the story from radar… And this movie looks like shitty porn

  36. mollination says:

    Lovelace was also often accused of never taking responsibility for her own actions or choices in life, either.

    So, this acting gig is kind of like when the Olsen twins used to get jobs playing themselves in a fictitious reality?

  37. skeptical says:

    Livia-yea you’re probably right. I can see that possibility.

    Ugh.. if they’re already resorting to crap like this to drum up publicity and interest.. gotta say it seems like the “plot” will be thin, if it exists at all.

    I think e-non is right too… this is gonna be some dressed-up porno. So e-non and Livia both right.. yea this’ll really help Lindsay out and do great justice to an abused woman’s story.

    as for Radar, I give you Samantha Ronson’s own words, via twitter:

    @LLROCKSFAN radar is full of shit- always. 2:23 PM May 30th via web in reply to LLROCKSFAN

    (the fan tweeted sam the very article Kaiser has linked here)

  38. jc126 says:

    Linda Lovelace had a horrific life. I know some people disputed her versions of events, but really, anyone who would make the choices she made just couldn’t have been totally in her right mind. I tend to believe that Traynor abused her and forced her hand.
    Rightly or wrongly, I often feel like porn actresses have tragic lives.

  39. Az says:

    No one can degrade or demoralize Lindsay Lohan more than she does herself. I wish she would get the help she so desperately needs.

  40. MsTriste says:

    This movie won’t get made. LL is just doing this for publicity. According to Linda Lovelace’s wikipedia page, other people have tried to make the movie in the past, and it never got made.

  41. g says:

    girls a serious twerp.

  42. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Belle Epoch

    Lindsay is of the age of consent, so she can follow any course of action she wants whether her parents agree or not. And considering what a bang up job they’ve done thus far, I’m not sure it would matter. Good sense and responsibility seem to be lost on that entire family.

    This has “arthouse trash” written all over it, in which the director and producers pat themselves on the back for eschewing bourgeois morality and embracing pure art without societal constraints. *Side Eye*

    I agree with others in that I honestly don’t predict that this will be an earnest, respectful character study. The director will pull no stops representing “truth” by having Lindsay taking it up the a**……by a horse. SMH.

  43. Boombeeba says:

    I hope Linds can pull thru, not just for the movie or her “career”, but for herself. That being said, I hope they make a movie about Shauna Grant next! I dunno why but her story was always way more intriguing to me than that of Linda Lovelace…

  44. zen says:



  45. ViktoryGin says:

    correction: that would be “dog”

  46. CB Rawks says:

    Wow, Lindsay really ruins the photo of that pretty balcony.

  47. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:


    As per usual with your posts, I’m in total agreement.


    I’d like to see Jerri Blank’s version of events.

  48. Tia C says:

    I hope this movie never gets made. I certainly wouldn’t want to see it.

  49. skeptical says:

    slightly off-topic… am looking at Lindsay’s twitter (why do i still check it? i dunno… can’t look away sometimes..)

    anyway about 18 hours ago she made some interesting tweets. i can’t screencap so i just copy-paste:

    @kingsleyyy on another note- why do people that come out of relationships get so bitter sometimes after you’ve invested so much in them? about 18 hours ago via web in reply to kingsleyyy

    @kingsleyyy or when you’ve taken a chance in being with THEM in the first place? -my friend is asking advice..thoughts? need other oppinions

    @kingsleyyy well, it’s more complicated than that i hear.. lol

    @kingsleyyy still the same verbal abuse and put downs from the other, but still a lot of honest love on both parts.. i said, that she needs

    @kingsleyyy to recognize that the her ex still has to get their life 2gether &get healthy-b/c right now she’s in a good place, her ex is not

    @kingsleyyy which will bring her back down to her ex’s level, and that just goes to show that the ex is still set on controlling her rather

    @kingsleyyy than supporting and loving her… and then they are back at square one, even if they were friends..

    @kingsleyyy definition of insanity-doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

  50. DoMaJoReMc says:

    From one LI-LO to another LI-LO

    (Coincidence? I think not!)

  51. bunny wabba says:

    sick. i would never watch this garbage.

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  53. Sprmcandy says:

    Sounds like fun.

  54. Finkley says:

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