Bombshell McGee: Anti-Semitism isn’t racism

Michelle Bombshell at Deja Vu Las Vegas

Believe it or not, I’ve had a few moments here and there where I’ve actually listened to something Bombshell McGee has said, and I wasn’t filled with rage or nausea. Granted, she’s an idiot, she’s crude, she’s an a–hole. But out of all the players in the little Jesse James-Sandra Bullock-Bombshell drama, Bombshell isn’t my absolute least favorite. I save that position for Jesse James – he was the one who screwed around on Sandra Bullock with a woman like Bombshell. That alone speaks volumes about his lack of character, his stupidity, his douchiness. I’m not saying Bombshell is some wronged woman or anything (like she thinks she is), I’m just saying that I think the rage should start with Jesse, and Bombshell should get the ricochet rage. That was actually one of my issues with what Tina Fey said in her “special comment” on Saturday Night Live right after the scandal broke – it seemed like Fey was giving the okay for women to dump all over Bombshell, when I felt Jesse should get the brunt of it.

I might need to stop holding back, though. Because this woman… Jesus, she’s powerfully stupid. There’s sweet-stupid, like Jessica Simpson, and then there’s nasty-stupid, like Paris Hilton, and now, Bombshell. Bombshell was in Canada yesterday, and she did an appearance on etalk, where she was interviewed by Elaine Lui (known also as Lainey from LaineyGossip). The conversation came around to those photos of Bombshell in Nazi regalia, and whether that stuff is considered racist. Bombshell’s verdict? Nope, Nazi stuff isn’t racist because it’s anti-Semitic, and anti-Semitism isn’t racism. Ugh.

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee still knows how to shock. During a Sunday appearance on Toronto TV program etalk, Jesse James’ famous mistress defended recently unearthed photos of herself wearing Nazi regalia:

McGee: “I guess one could view it that way. I don’t believe it’s racism at all.”
Lainey: “You don’t believe wearing a Nazi costume indicates racism?”
McGee: “No not racism. Anti-Semitism? Yes. If that was the intention of putting the costume on.”
Lainey: “Anti-Semitism is prejudice against Jews, which is actually racism.”
McGee: “Oh OK, well that’s your view on that. I don’t see it that way.”

In a photo first revealed by Us Weekly, Jesse James was also caught wearing an SS officer hat, pantomiming Hitler’s moustache and performing a sieg heil salute.

James, 41, said in an interview last week that it “makes me really sad” to be called a racist. Of the photos, he said, “Looking at it in the context of now and in my life, it’s not funny… There’s not a racist bone in my body.”

McGee also opened up about Sandra Bullock, who has since filed for divorce from James and stepped out with newly adopted son Louis. “In a twisted type of way,” McGee opines, “I guess Sandra should be thankful that I did come forward and let her know that her husband did cheat on her.”

The controversial tattooed model and stripper was in town to shoot a commercial for Ashley Madison, an online dating service for those already in relationships.

“I have two beautiful boys to take care of, I’m a single mom,” she said of making money from the pro-adultery website. “So yeah, I have profited off of this.”

She explained, “it’s also my first priority is to take care of my kids, to make sure they have a roof over their heads and food….I will do what it takes to support my children.”

[From Us Weekly and PopEater]

I guess Sandra should be thankful that I did come forward…” Dumb a–hole. Yes, I’m sure Sandra Bullock is shopping for that very special “Thank You For Boning My Idiot Husband, You Nasty Neo-Nazi Skank” Hallmark card. What else? Oh, the adultery website. Honestly, that’s probably the most legitimate thing she’s got going on. According to TMZ, the commercial shoot was “at a strip club — appropriate since, we’re told, the infidelity poster child will be getting nekkid for some of the spots. Here’s the kicker — Bombshell will make about $500/hour for the shoot, but sources tell us she’ll take home a percentage of any new traffic she brings in for the site.” Considering this is the first time I’ve ever heard of Ashley Madison, they probably are getting their money’s worth. Although – can Bombshell’s association really be good for business in the long run? Ugh.

Michelle Bombshell at Deja Vu Las Vegas

Photo by: AJM/AAD/ 2010 4/23/10 Michelle Bombshell McGee at a signing for D

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  1. Cindy says:

    Your two seconds of fame are over now STFU and go away.

  2. Roma says:

    Ugh. She “hosted” at a club while she was in Toronto and by the accounts of one of my girlfriends (her VIP server), she is eating up the attention. I understand getting suckered in by a married man, but this girl is beyond gross. I’m just glad my club didn’t book her, or then I would have had to quit.

  3. Jackie says:

    It makes me sad to think that as long as she keeps talking, it somehow keeps opening wounds for Sandra. I really resent her for being associated to Sandra, and all the negative and nasty conotations it comes along with.

    I really cant wait for her to just go away.

    How despicable to want to continue to make money off such a tragic and humiliating experience. If she cared for her sons, she would try to save some face for their future.

  4. jenn says:

    she looks like a man…. an ugly, weathered man.

  5. S says:

    Ashley Madison is pretty popular up here in Toronto, but from what I’ve read about its clientele, I’m not sure that Bombshell is the kind of person to attract new clients. But what do I know about adulterers, maybe more people than we’re aware are secretly into that kind of girl/stupidity.

  6. Just a Poster says:

    Why is this critter given any space on here? Can’t we ban her?

  7. Lady D says:

    Once a Nazi ditch-pig…..

  8. Toby says:

    gotdamn this woman is so dense, light bends around her. I mean, that is dumb. Self-entitled Nazi ho bitch. This “semite” will gladly kick your rascist Nazi butt staight back to Dachau given a chance.

    Ummm, is this considered a threat? I mean it with nothing but love.

  9. velcrodots says:

    Well Ms Bombshell, how come I am currently studying for an exam in a few hours entitled ‘Race and Racism in Europe’, and a large chunk of it focuses on, you guessed it, anti-semitism!

  10. atorontogal says:

    why oh why does the media hype this whore??!?!!?

  11. original kate says:

    sandra should be “thankful” that a nasty, ignorant, deluded, racist little inbred slept with her husband and now won’t stop blabbing about it? is this bitch for real?

  12. jan says:

    Why doesn’t she just take herself away somewhere? Or maybe she could go join the circus?

  13. Bella Mosley says:

    What a piece of work.

  14. LindyLou says:

    She explained, “it’s also my first priority is to take care of my kids, to make sure they have a roof over their heads and food….I will do what it takes to support my children.”

    That sounds like the same crap Kate Gosselin says….hmmmmmm Both are talentless fame whores who will do absolutely anything for a buck – except of course actually WORKING a REAL JOB!

  15. CC says:

    Why would that website even want her? She told the media she was hooking up with james…Isn’t that the opposite of the point of the website

  16. gee_gee says:

    Please stop. I am begging you to stop posting the musings of this wench. Can we please be over her? Thanks.

  17. Joe says:

    Do I see the beginnings of a mustache in that last picture?

  18. Oi says:

    Uh, but the Nazi’s were also racists, in addition to anti-Semitic. So, yeah the uniform is still racist.

  19. Jimmy Dean says:

    Jeez, why is anyone even reporting this?

    And hey Bombshell! Maybe you should get someone to read you a history book (I’m assuming you are illiterate). You’ll find the Nazis pretty much hated everyone.

  20. Tina says:

    You know if you keep defending greedy morons like Jessica Simpson (the type of person that fakes abuse then does concerts where she says things like “If you’re being abused you should run away in a pair of Jessica Simpson boots! Giggle” then you are basically clearing the runway for types like “Bombshell” McGee cause all that shows is you can be as vile as you want and still make money from it. As disgusting as James is there is also nothing “sweet” about any of these female, fake-boobed, exploitative monsters.

  21. eee says:

    i guess shes hot if u like chicks that are covered in drunk sailor tattoos.

  22. TeeDot says:

    Hey, Ashely Madison is owned and run by a Jewish family in Toronto (I know them). Why did they hire this Nazi douchebag to do a commercial for them??? I’m going have to email them about this.

  23. WTF?!? says:

    I can’t wait to see this inked-up hag at 50, if she makes it to that age.
    She’s a ho-bag, decidedly NOT a bombshell.

  24. Lisa says:

    She looks like she has every STD on Earth. Stupid Racist, Bitch.
    Can you imagine what she’ll look like when all her tattoos sag?

  25. Nadia says:

    Great idea TeeDot – please make CC’s excellent point in your email as well!

  26. canadianchick says:

    Yeah I vote for a boycott-lets not give her attention she wants, racist, stupid ho that she is.

  27. Jules says:

    …the tatoos make her look so just can’t wash that shit off, like the Jesse James jizz permanently stuck in her hair. Being romantic (not) and stuff, I do think that she should go and marry Jesse James. They would make a perfect couple of losers. For the topper on their wedding cake, there could be a mold of her riding a stripper pole, and Jesse could be sitting in a chair with two chicks biting on his wang. Now that is Luvvvv.
    She could be a mascot for the Ku Klux Klan.

  28. mai tai says:

    This chick has turds for brains.

  29. Jules says:

    Just say NO to tatoos.
    (looks at this picture.)

  30. Kelaa Khaa says:

    The next step..some invitro, get knocked up with a few kids and become the next Kate Gosselin, doing all the famewhoreism for the kids.

  31. LB says:

    Okay, but Tina Fey had a point… “When your face looks like some dirt bags notebook from 8th grade metal shop…”

  32. Jules says:

    all i’m gonna say is that is a retarded statement.

  33. notafan says:


  34. Vi says:

    @leigh: though Jewish people are not a race in terms of a single common ancestry they are defined as the Jewish RACE by the US supreme court for the purposes of anti discrimination laws so legally anti Semitism is racism.

  35. Bodhi says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with tattoos & having tattoos doesn’t make anyone a bad person. She is a bad person because she is, not because she has tattoos

  36. My2Cents says:

    Stop blinding us with this b!itch. Stop giving her any kind of attention so she can crawl back to where ever she crawled out out.

  37. Candy Blackmail says:

    You know what’s even worse than sweet-stupid and nasty-stupid? People who think they somehow can “outthink” you by pushing the envelope on what even most mouthbreathers would recognize as insensitivity and poor taste and classify it as “political correctness”. Who the fuck cares if there’s a difference whether her comments were aimed at a race or a specific culture of people? The bottom line is that it was hateful and ignorant and that, my friends, is what places Ms. McGee in the most dangerous category of stupids – “pathetically stupid”.

  38. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Leigh Your statement is so ignorant of both history and culture, that I feel obligated to respond. You have obviously never been to Europe. There are many groups that are regarded as seperate races either by themselves or by their neighboring ethnic groups. For example, Slavs are frequently thought of as being racially different from western Europeans.

    Jews not only are considered a seperate race of people by a lot of Europeans, strictly speaking, many of them are. Jews originally come from a middle eastern background and have a different genetic make up than someone who’s whole lineage hails from Europe. The same is true of gypsies who, genetically, are actually of Asian descent.

    Racism is still very much alive and well in many parts of Europe. I had multiple run ins with neo Nazi groups while living in Czech Republic. And, worse than the racism towards Jews, the amount of prejudice directed toward Gypsies is unreal. I had a friend who actually began carrying a knife at all times, because he had so many frightening encounters with people who threatened him for looking like a gypsy. Mind you, he was Mexican. But, that is what racism is all about; judging someone based on a belief that all people who look alike are exactly the same.

    Your statement that racism only exists for a group, such as blacks, is downright insulting to the human suffering that exists everyday for anyone who is wrongly judged based on the color of their skin or the culture of their ancestors.

    Racism exists within groups of the “same color” just as much as it exists among anyone else. In fact, it often exists in greater abundance among groups who outwardly look the same.

    In a perfect world, we would all realize that the difference between being one race or another is so infintesimally small that it is not even worth mentioning. However, until we live in that world, you need to learn to respect reality and keep your ignorance to yourself.

  39. Rosanna says:

    I don’t understand how teaching to her kids that adultery is ok becomes “taking care of her kids”. Or she thinks kids need to be taken care of financially and not morally?

  40. Denise says:

    This may sound trite, but if she’s so worried about having money for her kids, how much has she spent on the tattoos that cover her whole her body and then some?

    No matter how many times I see it I still find it hard to get my head around the fact that some companies will stoop this low to get cheap and easy publicity. It’s like shouting to the world ‘We’re hopeless douchebags and so are our customers.’

  41. Penguen says:


    There is a lot wrong with what you just said. It also borders a little on the offensive.

  42. Penguen says:

    Oh, and as far as “bombshell” is concerned, she’s done. Her 15 diseased minutes are up.

  43. Shay says:

    The term semite is so misused and it’s a misunderstanding that it only relates to Jewish people. It actually refers to a group of languages, Arabic included. So to be anti-Semite is to also be against all the cultures defined by this term: Jewish, Arabic, etc. Anyway, her commentary is irrelevant, I don’t even know why people even bother interviewing her.
    But it seems that 2010 is the year of the mistress.
    Ashley Madison is an adultery web site. We had our first lot of commercials in Australia late on Sunday night. I think it was one advert.
    Funnily enough, when they interviewed the owner of the web site/adultery service, on a TV show here and asked him about the possibility of his wife using it, he didn’t have two words to say.
    Horrible web site for stupid marrieds who look forward to being caught.

  44. mollination says:

    That it was one ugly duckling.

  45. daisyfly says:

    I think it goes without saying that Twat McGee is the epitome of stupidity and selfishness. That she wouldn’t believe anti-semitism is racist does not surprise me.

    When she says this:

    “In a twisted type of way,” McGee opines, “I guess Sandra should be thankful that I did come forward and let her know that her husband did cheat on her.”

    As a married woman, the last thing I’d ever be feeling towards her is gratitude. Why? Because she didn’t let SANDRA know that Jesse was cheating. She let the WORLD know; Sandra finding out was just collateral damage.

    And then there’s this:

    “I have two beautiful boys to take care of, I’m a single mom,” she said of making money from the pro-adultery website. “So yeah, I have profited off of this…it’s also my first priority is to take care of my kids, to make sure they have a roof over their heads and food….I will do what it takes to support my children.”

    Her first priority isn’t to take care of those boys. If it was, she would have been a better example to them. She would have been the type of mother they would want for THEIR children. Instead she’s shown them that it doesn’t matter who you hurt, or to which lengths you’ll to to make a buck. Her first priority is to get cash for more ink, because she’s desperate to do whatever it takes to cover up the UGLY that is who she is.

  46. Jewbitch says:

    Go away, man-like, ugly, tattooed skank.

  47. buenavissta says:

    Bohdi, very well said! Leigh, not so much…

  48. omondieu says:

    On behalf of all Torontonians, I apologize for accommodating this bottom-feeding skank.

  49. velcrodots says:

    @ Leigh – You’re wrong, the Jewish are a protonation, which is a nation without a set territory. So yeah, it’s technically still rasicm (much in the same way people hate on the Gypsies)

  50. Orbit says:

    I’d say she’s the ideal spokesperson for Ashley Madison.

  51. Final Fantasy Still Makes Games? says:

    @ leigh – It’s called “reverse racism” you dumbass. Any group of people can be oppressed therefore white people can experience racism as well. Stop wasting your brain on gossip sites and pick up a book once in a while, hun.

  52. Az says:

    Can someone please send this ignorant, racist skank back to whatever hellhole she came from? And that Leigh person can go with her as well.

  53. SaucyBastard says:

    Aside from this trash still being trash, I really don’t feel bad for Sandra at all. I mean, nobody deserves to be cheated on and I’ve always been of the opinion that if you’re not happy in a relationship work on it or end it. But it’s widely known that Sandra got together with Jesse James while he was still with Janine. It’s called Karma.

  54. grrrlgrace says:

    @leigh…wow, are you serious??? Or are you trying to be funny??? If you’re trying to be serious, my suggestion is that you take another hit off that fat, fat, bone sweetie. Wow.

  55. ~A says:

    Racism, anti-semitism — call it whatever you want. It’s hating people for no good reason, and doing them harm for no good reason, and it sucks.

  56. texasmom says:

    “Semitic” means related to Semitic languages such as Hebrew or Arabic. “Anti-Semitic” refers to hatred of Jews — check the dictionary. Anti-semitism does count as racism since it identifies and targets a group of people racially and by bloodlines. Like most groups that have face long-term persecution, there have been lots and lots of different words used by outsiders to describe Jews, if you read nineteenth and early 20th century writings Jews are referred to as “Semites” even though that isn’t technically correct.

    Nazis very explicitly viewed jewishness as an ethnicity/race, not a religious belief. All people of Jewish bloodlines were persecuted, regardless of their religious views. They even published helpful charts showing how anyone with even one Jewish grandparent was to be considered Jewish and be exterminated. I always found this ironic since I have one Jewish grandparent — Nazis would hunt me down in the street and render me into candles for that! In the meantime, since it was one of my grandfathers, not my mother’s mother, Conservative and Orthodox Jews do not consider me Jewish, since they consider being part of the Jewish nation heritable only through maternal lines. The politics of exclusion with get you every time!

    “Whiteness” is a kind of recent and still fluid social construct. Lots of people a hundred years ago didn’t consider Jews to be White — along with the Irish and Swedes! “White” really doesn’t mean “Caucasian” as much as it does “part of the majority in a Western Nation.”

  57. Jocelina says:

    Her shirt confounds me. I’m sorry, I should say her “shirt.” Did she buy it that way? Did she take a regular shirt and cut off three quarters of it? Either way, it is not a pretty sight. She might as well just wear that shiny-ass black bra sans shirt — it wouldn’t look any worse.

  58. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Leigh: What an ignorant statement! Racism can and does happen, NO MATTER what color a person is, if they hate another group of people because of their color, beliefs, hell–shoe size–it is considered racism. You’re obviously black, so here’s a newsflash for ya: black people are not the ONLY people in the world who are victims of racism. Pick up a book (I’m assuming you CAN read) or look at the news once in awhile and you might find that out.
    PS: Take your meds for God’s sake

  59. GatsbyGal says:

    It’s the exact same thing as racism… god…damnit… you dumb cunt. I’m so filled with hatred for her that it’s difficult to type.

  60. Cyndarooda says:

    cb – with respect I must say that if you continue to post items about this piece of human filth, I will cease visiting this site. I (almost) never click on any link that has anything to do with Whore-Tits McDumbshit. I say almost because I did click on this one and am now commenting on it which is the worst thing I could do. Bandwidth will continue to be wasted on this cum-bucket as long as posts related to her keep bringing in the clicks since more clicks = more money for cb and money is what will decide whether or not you continue to write about her…not whether or not you are promoting racism, including anti-semetism, by keeping her relevant and her 15 minutes ticking. You are doing just that, in case you didn’t know and we all contribute to it by opening up the link and commenting. The best thing I can do it to no longer open any post that mentions her. I may be one person and perhaps you don’t care if I stop visiting your site but if many of us jump on my bandwagon, maybe that will make a difference.
    To all other cb readers, show how you really feel by making this the last time you show interest, whether negative or positive, in this bottom feeding scumbag by no longer clicking on any link that mentions her or anything related to her miserable existence. I fear the problem with my hope is that many people, deep down inside, are amused by her and agree with her in the privacy of their own homes and in their hearts. Hating Jews isn’t the same as hating African Americans, Latino, Asians, etc. according to more bigots than just McDumbshit. She’s just got tucked balls big enough (or an IQ small enough) to publicly admit it. So, cb, I really do want to continue reading your entertaining posts about anyone but her. Don’t dissapoint me. PLEASE STOP GIVING HER ANY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT IN YOUR BLOG. I’ve said what I needed to say and won’t be visiting her items again.

  61. Missy Pants says:

    The girl is stupid, no doubt, but being Jewish is not a race.

  62. nb says:

    Attn B McGee- Stop calling yourself Bombshell, you are tainting that word for those of us who actually qualify.

    PS- the reason you have a problem with Jews is because you would probably like to be one. Thus you might stand a chance of having a functioning brain cell and you might acually be attractive-which you definitely are not. Go back under the rock from which you crawled. xxoo

  63. gg says:

    I always suspected most of these dumb neo-nazi types didn’t even know what the hell they were claiming to represent. Not surprised she doesn’t even know what a nazi is, yet has a swastika on her cootch. incredible.

    NOTE to Leigh, Oi and Bombsmell: Anti-semitism IS racism. Jews are and have been considered a race for millennia last I checked.

    Please learn the basics of WWII and the Holocaust. They are very important to know and understand.

  64. Sincerity says:

    Bumshell’s reckless desire for attention will become her “undoing”. The more she keeps talking along with her outlandish promotional choices will give her ex abundant evidence to sue her for “full custody” of her sons. Her fitness as a “responsible” role model for a child is somewhat questionable. If she really cared so much about her sons, she would have avoided all of this “trashy” controversy in the first place. Instead, she keeps lapping it up like a “rabid” dog. Anyone who would want to “get down” and “dirty” with her needs their head examined.

  65. mojoman says:

    Blecch, there goes my bagel with lox and cream cheese breakfast. I dont know which one offends me most; her statement or her crayoned-up a$$!

  66. Kat says:

    So, the message above says that you can get banned for wishing death on anyone…

    Please, Celebitchy? Can I have a pass just this once?

  67. joe says:

    I questioned for a long time whether or not I should post but decided to. I believe that this women’s 15 minutes will be up when blogs stop posting about her and we stop responding to these blogs. After reading this I personally will not open a post on this women again.

    This women has nothing that she can say that should be of interest to anyone. Who really cares about her. The problem is that she is only making money off Sandra. This has nothing to do with Jesse James. If Jesse had married someone who was not famous no one could care if he had an affair. This is big news because of Sandra.

    Sandra has made her way in hollywood by being caring, sweet, kind and private. She is a great actress and a good person. Now someone with no morals is making thousands of Sandra because we (myself included) have read about it and the blogs continue to post about it because it gets hits.

    WE NEED TO STOP. Please do not open another post about this women. Lets show Sandra that we support her by not listening to this garbarge. I am so disappointed in Lainey for even interviewing this women. Why interview her? Now women make thousands and become famous by having affairs and blogs and entertainment shows support this. It is wrong.

    I personally will not ever write or open a post about this again. WE can stop this if we want to by ignoring it.

  68. MsTriste says:

    Yet another bad example of a mother willing to do whatever it takes to take care of their children (the other poor example that springs to mind is Kate Gosselin). Do they not realize that one day the children will grow up and know what it is that their mothers did? Don’t they stop to think about how their actions will affect their children? A mother should be a role model, among other things.

    Oh, I forgot, these women *don’t* think. There seems to be an inverse correlation these days between brains and income. The stupid ones are making money.

  69. sage says:

    Please; I implore you- stop calling her “Bombshell”- I don’t care if its her ‘name’- I think you could just as easily and artistically call her any number of things. Like Dumbass Mcgee, or Hobag Mcgee, Slobbering Clam McGee, bitchhog Mcgee, I’mastupidretardfuck McGee,Mein Kamph Mcgee or EVEN Fu(kam0r0n Mcgee.
    Thank you.

  70. g says:

    How can we git some these folks into education- our university’s and the reading of good books?

    I mean ‘bombshell’ has lively looking eyes smile/demeanor apart from the need to look tough and street-wise. Great bod too!!

    ce la vie I suppose

  71. zippersgirl says:

    CB- Please BAN this woman! Stop her from getting anymore press.

  72. ptb says:

    both bombshell and the interviewer are wrong. Semitic covers a much larger group than just jews. arabs as well as other ancient groups from the region and that off spring are considered semites. so bombshell is wrong because it is a cultural and ethnic thing so her remarks are in fact racist. the interviewer is wrong as he or she only refers to jews as being semites when this is factually incorrect. bad for everyone. shame.

  73. Michelle says:

    I think we need to clear up some confusion about the term Semitic. A Semite is one of a people of Caucasian stock, now represented by the Jews and Arabs, but originally including the ancient Babylonians, Assyrians, Arameans, Phoenicians etc…(Funk and Wagnall’s Dictionary).

    However, the term Anti-Semitism has a more internationally accepted, narrower focus in that it’s defined as (Funk and Wagnall’s Dictionary) opposition to, discrimination against, or intolerance of Jews, Jewish culture etc…

    Ashkenazi Jews are the Jews descended from the medieval Jewish communities along the Rhine in Germany from Alsace in the south to the Rhineland in the north. Many Ashkenazi Jews later migrated, largely eastward, forming communities in non German-speaking areas, including Hungary, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere between the 11th and 19th centuries. With them, they took and diversified Yiddish, a basically Germanic language with Hebrew influence.

    Although in the 11th century, they comprised only 3 percent of the world’s Jewish population, at their peak in 1931, Ashkenazi Jews accounted for 92 percent of the world’s Jews. Today they make up approximately 80 percent of Jews worldwide.

    A study by Michael Seldin, a geneticist at the University of California Davis School of Medicine, found Ashkenazi Jews to be a clear, relatively homogenous genetic subgroup. Strikingly, regardless of the place of origin, Ashkenazi Jews can be grouped in the same genetic cohort — that is, regardless of whether an Ashkenazi Jew’s ancestors came from Poland, Russia, Hungary, Lithuania, or any other place with a historical Jewish population, they belong to the same ethnic group.

    Of the estimated 8.8 million Jews living in Europe at the beginning of World War II, the majority of whom were Ashkenazi, about 6 million — more than two-thirds — were systematically murdered in the Holocaust. These included 3 million of 3.3 million Polish Jews (91%); 900,000 of 1.5 million in Ukraine (60%); and 50–90% of the Jews of other Slavic nations, Germany, France, Hungary, and the Baltic states. Sephardi communities (another Jewish lineage) suffered similar depletions in a few countries, including Greece, the Netherlands and the former Yugoslavia. As the large majority of the victims were Ashkenazi Jews, their percentage dropped from nearly 92% of world Jewry in 1931 to nearly 80% of world Jewry today.

    Many of the surviving Ashkenazi Jews emigrated to countries such as Israel, Canada, Argentina, Australia, and the United States after the war.

    On a personal note, my Jewish Ukranian Grandmother’s family escaped “the Old Country” before WWII and always believed if they hadn’t left when they did, they would all be dead.

    I feel that describing the Jewish people as a distinct subgroup or “race” originating from the Semitic people in the east Mediterranean area is not unreasonable. You can check the dictionary for it’s definition of the term “race” which is not necessarily related to skin colour.

    I certainly am quite aware of the genetic influence of my Jewish lineage because I’ve inherited their genetic predispositon towards ulcerative colitis (Inflammatory bowel disease).
    I have unfortunately suffered from this incurable disease for over 6 years. Something to remember my ancestors by I guess 🙂

  74. Annabelle says:

    i dont mean to sound ignorant, even though i suppose i am about this topic, but ive always found it confusing whether being jewish is a religious or a race thing. because i have heard people say they are half jewish — if its religious, how can you be half jewish? So I can see how some might find it confusing. However I don’t buy her crap re: “im a mom therefore i gotta strip”.. yea honey there are other options. I have bills too, we all do, but you don’t see me stripping and I manage perfectly. why not just admit that you strip because you like it? And so audacious to say Sandra SHOULD be thankful *eye roll*

  75. Michelle says:

    Hi Anabelle,
    The term “Jewish” can be used to describe a race of people, or it can refer to people practising the Jewish faith. In the second context then, a person (like Elizabeth Taylor) could convert to the Jewish religion in order to marry Eddi Fisher (a Jew) and then she would be considered “Jewish” from a religious faith point of view. However, that doesn’t mean she would be racially “Jewish”.

    Does that help?

  76. serena says:

    Not only she’s a slut she’s even a racist asshole. I can’t stand her.

  77. serena says:

    For her kids? Don’t make me laugh, please. I guess your kids aren’t really proud of her “work” or scandals. And however it’s put religion or people I think that is racism too.

  78. Messenger says:

    to argue with or lend this person’s remarks any credence is an exercise in futility. she should just be ignored, THEN she will go away. i must say however, i could have gone my entire life not knowing that women like her, and those with whom tiger fornicated, exist. it is a sad statement when tatoos, topless and trashy is what sells. i thought jenna jameson was the lowest anyone could sink. for me tatooing your face puts you in a trash class all by yourself.

  79. Lita says:

    “Bigot” is the word many seem to be searching for. Just somehow it doesn’t have the flavour of the word “racism” so people prefer to use that.

  80. Kittypants says:

    So, not only an assault on the eyes but ignorant and as thick as pigshit to boot. Not that I’m surprised of course but still. She really needs to drop off the face of this earth, sooner rather than later please.

  81. Ruby says:

    Thanks Michelle, that was quite informative, but if Jews are a sub-ethnic/race group, than why are there so many combinations of looks in Jews? I always thought it was more of a religion than an ethnic group.

  82. Ruby says:

    Oh and just to add, these Jewish people I’ve met weren’t converts. So, how would you explain that?

  83. Stephy85 says:

    I’d rather you post about Speidi over this idiot.
    I don’t want to ever see her stupid tattoo’d face again..
    No that’s a lie.
    Let’s look her up in, oh, 20 years to see how old people look covered in tattoos..

  84. klash4life says:

    Judaism is a religion and not a race, so even though she is still an idiot, in this case she is correct!!

  85. texasmom says:

    Judaism is a religion and a “nation” — read the Bible and see! The basic notion of Jewish identity and obligation is being “a chosen people” who have specific covenants with God. You can inherit this status from your mother. You can also choose to join Judaism, but Jews don’t evangelize — they have more of an attitude of “we have all these special rules and obligations along with our special chosen status, you aren’t one of us.” In fact, there is a line somewhere in the bible about turning would-be converts away three times, which I know is in practice. (After the third request the convert is welcomed.)

    So there is a faith element (you can join if you believe and honor all the covenants) and a bloodline element (you can’t escape being Jewish if you have a Jewish mother, even if you have no faith!). Jews and Nazis agreed about the bloodline part, but the Nazis’ conception of jewry included MORE people counted as Jewish as they didn’t discern between maternal and paternal lineage.

    You’ll see all physical types of Jews. I happen to come from a red-haired batch!

    I do think whatserface is annoying and it doesn’t help that we are paying attention to her here, but hasn’t this been a great thread, with lots of information in it?

  86. Cheyenne says:

    @Michelle: Actually, Elizabeth Taylor was already Jewish when she married Eddie Fisher. She converted to Judaism right after her marriage to Mike Todd.

  87. original kate says:

    “if Jews are a sub-ethnic/race group, than why are there so many combinations of looks in Jews?”

    ruby, that is a really hilarious statement to make. have you ever seen light skinned black people, or very dark hispanic people or very olive skinned white people? jews also come in all sizes, shapes and colors. maybe you should get out more.

  88. SerenityGarden says:

    I used to have a client that definitely felt that judaism is classified as a race. She survived the holocaust interred in Bergen-Belsen and had the numbers tattooed on her arm to show it. My daughters and I still miss her since she passed away from cancer. RIP Hilde.

  89. SerenityGarden says:

    Side-Note. She could afford so many tattoos because her ex-husband owned a tattoo parlor.

  90. belindaya says:

    Dense is an understatement !!!!She s stupid and racist .i really pitty her .

  91. Joanna says:

    I agree with the first part of this article. McGee has not cheated on anyone. She is not the one who betrayed her spouse, she is not the one who had a personal responsability to not abuse the trust of a loved one.

    She did not betray anyone.

    He betrayed someone. This whole mess is his responsaability and his alone.

    Any money shes making from this, good for her. Any statements she makes, fine, we’ve all heard plenty of bigger celebrities say even more stupid things.

    Jesse James is the asshole here.

  92. Joanna says:

    And by the way, saying that judaism is a race is very ignorant.

    Races are skin colour. A black man and a white man are different races. An asian man also.

    Being jewish has no colours. Jews come in all different colours and races. So saying that they are all one ”race” is very ignorant towards black and middle asian jews. Its like saying nothing but white jews count.

    Racism is hatred for one race. Jews come in all races, all colours.

    Antisemitism is hatred for jews, no matter what colour.

    So she is right.

  93. daisyfly says:


    Judaism = Religion.

    Jewish = RACE.

    One can be Jewish and not practice Judaism, just as one can practice Judaism but not be Jewish.

    I say this from experience. My father is Jewish. I have Jewish blood in me. However, I am not a practicing Jew.

    GET IT?

  94. missmilly says:

    LOL, I love how everyone is so serious and takes personal offense to a bunch of words on a gossip site! LMAO–made my day! People get so angry..I mean really, which is better? A person expressing their opinion (even if assinine) or the wishing harm on another person??? oh, fun fun!

  95. xelade says:

    When I grew up I was taught there were 4 races: Black, White, Red, Yellow. Jewish is a religion. Anti-semitism, is hatred toward Jews (that come in all colours.)

    Red was Native American, Yellow is Asian. Black is African. White were Europeans. Many Mexican’s are a blend of red and white.

    Spanish, Asian Indian, Italian, Greek, Arabs/middle easterners are all part of the white race.

    Keep it simple, the more sub groups the more prejudice there is.

  96. yae says:

    People still get shocked and all worked up over racism?

    Do these same people get angry when Jews spew hateful things about Arabs?

    Will you all have the same response to defend those people?

    Oh course not. (sigh)

  97. Fae says:

    to Yae- yes. Here in the UK there’s racism against all people, and I abhor all of it.

    Now get off your high horse, or make room for the millions of people you refuse to believe are as fantastic as you.

  98. fizXgirl314 says:

    lol, I guess she’s skanking around for the sake of her children… how noble *eyeroll*

  99. fizXgirl314 says:

    This is just a matter of semantics. I mean, whatever you want to call it, it is still hate against a group of people. And actually, this is a really vile form of hate as anyone who has two brain cells to rub together will tell you that what the nazis did was atrocious beyond belief. To be a proponent of that is just disgusting and reprehensible.

  100. Mistral says:

    Can this site just stop reporting on this moronic sleaze. She has nothing to offer the world. I don’t think her fame whoring should be rewarded…Let’s just ignore her until she falls back into obscurity.

  101. Ricochet says:

    Protonation is a made up word. Antropologists use it because it helps their theories, nothing more. That being said, anti-semitism is racism. Just as anti-catholicism(which was rampant in the early years of our nation)is. I’m not catholic or jewish, and to be honest the extremes of BOTH religions I find repugnant. There probably should be a better descriptor for discrimination based on religion, but as yet we don’t have it. The reason WHY racism fails as descriptor of religious discrimination is that genes have yet to PROVE your religious background. Certain generalities can be guessed at, but you can’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, or even with any real certainty what religion a person ascribed to based on their genes. That folks, is a fact any geneticist worth their salt will tell you.

    ps. Skank or not, I’d bet she would be a fun roll in the hay. If I had to pick between her and Sandra Bullock WITHOUT knowing anything about them, McGee would win. Bullock does absolutely nothing for me.

  102. Wiley says:

    Enough with this PC racist crap. There is no Jewish race and if you insist that there is then McGee is obviously a lot smarter than you are! You may like to think that they are not the same race as you but that doesn’t make it so. It is a religion that includes people of all races as members. Hitler thought there was a Jewish race but he was wrong! The races are determined by genetics. I was born to Catholic parents so am I of the Catholic race? No, because it doesn’t work that way and there’s nothing you can say that will change the facts. The laws say you can’t descriminate against people’s sex, race, or RELIGION. Are the laws all redundant?

  103. Michelle says:

    Xelade, what you were taught about “races” when you grew up was an over-simplified concept of how to categorize people.

    Historically this was from the point of view of White Europeans who colonized many countries (including America). They tended to simplistically lump the people they encountered into broad categories of skin colour and called that a “race”. Unfortunately, many White Europeans then went on to ascribe different attributes to each “race”, ranking races of colour as being inferior in intellect and less “evolved” from a Darwinian point of view compared to “white-skinned” people. Black-skinned people were especially harshly judged, often being described as closer to “apes” rather than humans. This was used as a rational for justifying the capture and shipment of black slaves to the New World, (treating them as if they were livestock).

    Hitler’s concept of the “Arian” race was especially confined to what he thought was a pure lineage of white, blue-eyed and blond people. However, since the field of genetics has advanced, we’ve found that two blond, blue-eyed, white-skinned persons are not necessarily more genetically similar to each other than they might be towards a person with brown eyes, dark hair and “olive” skin. Physical appearance, whether you’re talking about bacteria, animals or people is not reliably reflective of genetic relatedness.

    Native, indigenous people of various continents, such as South America, Central America and North America, consisted of genetically very diverse populations that did not necessarily intermingle. That’s why in Canada we talk about “First Nations” people rather than lump them together under the term “Native Indians”.

    As for calling a Hispanic person from Mexico “dark-skinned Caucasian”, while calling a “Native American” person from Arizon “Red-skinned”, just makes no sense to me personally. Even if you were categorizing people based on physical appearance, there are many cases where the skin tone and colour could be almost identical between a dark-skinned Asian (say, from Cambodia), a Mexican person from the Yucatan (with say Mayan ancestry), and a Cree Indian from northern Quebec! I just fail to see this “white/yellow/red” distinction that you speak of.

    For the record, my racial ancestry is a mixture of Chinese, French Canadian, Jewish Ukranian and Cree Indian. My Chinese grandfather would not see himself as “yellow-skinned” and he’d freak if you tried to tell him he was of the same race as a Japanese person! (There’s historically bad blood between those two nations, and very little inter-marrying) I’ve also had many Korean friends who have “whiter” skin than many Caucasions I know of.

    As a final note, I have to mention that I’m a medical doctor with a background in molecular genetic research. What I can tell you, is that since the human genome has been mapped around the world, the genetic difference between races of humans is miniscule in comparison to just how similar genetically we humans all are. To blow your mind even further, there’s less than a 2% genetic difference between humans and apes!

    So I guess, when people talk about racism, it’s usually one group of people perceiving another group of people as distinctively different and somehow “inferior” as a whole group of people. “Genetics” is often improperly used to justify these arbitrary divisions of “us and them”, however religious differences are used even more often historically. In reality, the genetic ancestory of various groups of people really has been separate from most incidents of extreme racism and ethnic persecution throughout Mankind’s history.

  104. Agreeing with Wiley says:

    This all sounds like overly PC BS from people with very limited vocabularies.

    Hating women isn’t racism. There is no female race so we call it misogyny, chauvinism or sexism.

    Hating gays isn’t racism. There is no “gay race” so we call it homophobia.

    Depending on where you are in the world and who you are talking to “Jewish” may or may NOT be a race. Race is a social construct and is therefore CULTURALLY SUBJECTIVE. Your professor and dad told you all Jews belonged to the same race? Great! I’m sure there are some black and Asian Jews who would tell you different. Who’s the authority on Jewish racial-ness? Damned if I know. And neither do you.

    The only valid point made here are that the Nazis were in fact racist, so McGee’s outfit is still representative of racism.

  105. Diva says:

    What is hating people with tattoos called? Cos alot of you people are whatever that is.

    Btw, can’t stand the bitch this story is about, but the grossness that she is has nothing to do with her tattoos.

    Don’t worry about what I’ll look like when I’m 80, either. It’ll be my deal, not yours, and I seriously doubt it’ll be my biggest concern. 🙂

  106. Jessica says:


    You are confusing RACE with ETHNICITY.

  107. Jessica says:


    French Canadian is a RACE?! hahahahahaha Now I’ve heard it all !!!!

    Wait, you’re a doctor ?? Not funny anymore, just really scary.

  108. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Thank God Jessica showed up to point out the obvious. The only “race” Ashkenazi Jews are is Caucasian.

    Interestingly enough, this genetic cohort referred to doesn’t go on to say from where. That’s because the Ashkenazim are not of Middle Eastern heritage. They’re of Turkic stock that converted to Judaism in the 9th Century. The Sephardim are the Jews of the Holy Land.

    Sorry if I burst anybody’s bubble but hey, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around out there. One more thing: “Semite” isn’t an ethnicity – it’s a language group.

  109. Hello. Wonderful job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This actually excellent story. Thanks!