Heidi Montag announced she’s single just in time for new reality show

Heidi Montag has allegedly seperated from husband Spencer Pratt and is looking for a new place to live
On Friday before this holiday weekend (in the US it’s Memorial Day today), we heard that Heidi Montag was sort-of separating with her husband of just over a year, Spencer Pratt. Heidi’s rep told TMZ “Heidi is looking to move out due to all the fake bad press that Spencer controls. She’s tired of it and is looking for a place and wants to focus on her acting career.”

Many of you wondered if this was for real or just a publicity stunt. This couple’s entire marital history, appearance, and personal drama seem timed to maximize tabloid headlines so it’s hard to tell if anything about them is genuine. The truth may be somewhere in between, with Heidi “separating” from Spencer so she can move in with a girlfriend to a beach house as they film their own reality show. Heidi’s co-star and friend, a woman named Jennifer Bunney who was also on The Hills, told US Weekly the show will focus on “our friendship, getting through things with each other like marriage stuff and boyfriend stuff.”

I guess this is good news. If Spencer would have stayed sane and been on board with impregnating Heidi as she was scheming, then we would have been treated to a reality show chronicling her every craving and hormone change. Instead she’s moving out and we will just be annoyed by them separately instead of as a perma-grin reality power couple.

As for all those stories about how Spencer was brainwashing Heidi and limiting her access to television, the Internet, and friends, that seemed to be at least somewhat true. Spencer even bragged about his influence over Heidi in an episode of The Hills while Heidi talked about the magical properties of the healing crystals they’ve sunk nearly 1/2 a million dollars into. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago “These two are crazy like foxes, but that doesn’t mean they’re not crazy, just that they use it to their advantage.”

Someone confirmed to TMZ that Spencer was just as controlling and off his rocker as the tabloids reported, and that Heidi is leaving “mainly because Spencer Pratt has taken away her friends and family. We’re told she has been complaining bitterly that Spencer is so controlling he isolated her from all her friends.” By leaving to start her own reality show with a friend, is Heidi serving as a kind of warped reality show example of how to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship? I’m incredulous of anything this two do, but am also happy for Heidi that she’s getting out and has her own “career.” As much as we ridicule them, this was an incredibly unhealthy relationship that showed the classic signs of emotional abuse.

Oh I just wanted to mention that Radar Online ran a story about this over the weekend using an older photo of Heidi in a bikini. At first I saw it and thought “Oh wow, she looks so pretty, I’m so glad she gained a little weight.” Then I realized that it was an old photo taken before she had those 10 completely unnecessary plastic surgery procedures. She’ll never look like that again.

Heidi Montag has allegedly seperated from husband Spencer Pratt and is looking for a new place to live

Heidi Montag has allegedly seperated from husband Spencer Pratt and is looking for a new place to live

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I thought there was a ban on these people around here.

  2. DetRiotgirl says:

    Damn, Spencer looks completely insane in that last picture. He looks like some kind of cross between the unibomber and a grizzley bear.

  3. ol cranky says:

    I think she’s just as self-serving and manipulative as Spencer. Generally in abusive relationships between spouses, the one being controlled doesn’t complain openly, let alone bitterly, about being controlled by the dominating spouse (they believe they need it, justify it and/or deny it)

  4. That girl says:

    Hmmmm. Still no word from Spencer? That’s out of character.

  5. ViktoryGin says:


  6. Notice that J.Bunny says “marriage stuff” as in NOT “divorce stuff” this whole thing is fake. The only way Heidi will leave him is if she starts losing money for real. Then she’ll give him the boot and I bet anything she is the next octo-mom!

  7. Amneh says:

    I wonder if she thinks that by being single she’ll be more desirable. If that’s what she was aiming for, then it’s a major fail.

  8. Angel says:

    I can’t wait to see what he says about this. I recall, apparently that they were kicked off the set of The Hills because Spencer went ballistic over something on some crew member? I even recall this may have had to do with not condoning breakup rumors that were in the works. Seems all too contrived, now, that they have broken up over the ‘bad press that he controls”.

    I am not buying it. Her PR kind of sucks. If it weren’t for their completely transparent statements, like: ‘Heidi is looking for a place of her own’ just in time to move in with some chic she has likely long since planned a reality show with, well. I probably still wouldn’t buy it. But still.

    My guess: The powers that be are refusing to work with Spencer. In order to make this work she has to make it like they separated, so she can still have a show that isn’t just Heidi happily married to a guy that is too crazy to be on film. Which of course, is the real reality.

  9. LolaBella says:

    I love Heidi’s Birkin.

    There, I said something nice in a Twit and Twat post.

    Yes, we all nailed it as a publicity stunt/prep for a reality show.

    Don’t watch their show. Don’t give them the publicity/attention they CRAVE and they WILL GO AWAY!

  10. ogechi says:

    I agree with Celebitchy totally. She was in an abusive relationship to have gone through all those terrifying surgeries to make a nuisance happy.

  11. betteboo says:

    Is Spencer attempting to align himself with the Billy Goat Brad brand of eccentric fugliness as an attention seeking measure? Trihard

  12. Lita says:

    I think in the header foto Heidi looks a stunner. Albeit an immovable, statuesque (literally) stunner. But all I can think of is that she has whatever mag it was from in front of her mumbling to herself, and others if they happen by, “don’t I look pretty,” with a beseeching look in her immobile eyes. “I look pretty there don’t I? DON’T I???? I AM SO PRETTY NOW!!!”

    All this as the other people at the magazine store sidle away slowly .. so sad. Sigh.

  13. Luci says:

    spencer’s disgusting

    and I hope he doesn’t think he’s like brad pitt just because he’s got that godawful beard :P!!

  14. Leslye says:

    This is all a publicity stunt. They were kicked off The Hills because Spencer is crazy and Heidi filed a lawsuit against one of the producers. They need another income to pay for all of those crystals, so the fake a separation and now she has a new show being “single”. They will finish shooting and miracle of miracles, they’ll work out their differences. They’ll attribute it to the healing power of the crystals.

  15. Angel says:


    Let me guess: And they they will sell the crystals!

    How brilliant.

  16. suz says:

    I really think this is a stunt. Spencer has been too quiet for too long after this announcement. I think this supposed reality show will make the Hills look like the most intelligent show on television. I could never stand Jen Bunney, she seems like the stupidest person ever, worse than Audrina.

  17. London Lady says:

    You want to dress up in military outfits? Join the Army, its not a fashion statement

  18. Just a Poster says:

    It would be quite interesting if during the ‘separation’ she actually did bolt. Stranger things can happen.

  19. gg says:

    Don’t all those crystal bracelets cancel each other out? 😉

    I am glad these people have not procreated.

  20. Slymm27 says:

    OMG! these two need help. They say and do the most absurd things. I just feel pity for them.

  21. Hautie says:

    Wasn’t there a blind item on CDAN that stated… that a “reality couple” were staging a fake breakup for ratings. And the female part of the couple was not happy about it.

    But at the time this new fake breakup show, was not known about.

    So these two were discounted as being the couple.

  22. sasha says:

    When will these two idiots go away? I never saw the show they were on and I surely don’t plan on watching any new ones. Boring.

  23. Jules says:

    she kinda looks like Morgan Fairchild…

    also like the 80’s Dynasty look. LMAO

  24. original kate says:

    heidi needs therapy, not a reality show. spencer just needs a sharp kick in his twig & berries.

  25. mollination says:

    That picture of Heidi where she and Spencer are in matching hats is cREeeeeeeEEEEPY! She’s got cat-eyes and a joker-smile. Oh, heidi…why?

  26. delta6 says:

    Who are these people?

  27. Cercei says:

    Love her dog 🙂

  28. mtngirl says:

    Why is Spencer wearing a medicine pouch in the last picture? It is obvious that Speidi doesn’t have enough brain cells to figure out what to do with it anyway – these two are such poseurs.