Oprah buys her girlfriend a penthouse worth $7.1 million

Oprah Winfrey has bought her ever-present best friend, Gale, a penthouse in New York City for $7.1 million. Page Six reports that it was purchased by a business with the name of Oprah’s recently departed cocker spaniel, Sophie:

GAYLE King, Oprah Winfrey’s best friend, has moved into a penthouse purchased in the name of Oprah’s recently departed pooch, Sophie. According to deed-transfer records released yesterday, a company called Sophie’s Penthouse LLC bought a $7.1 million full-floor sky palace atop the 36-floor building at 207 E. 57th St., reports The Post’s Braden Keil. It has three bedrooms, 31/2 baths, a large living room/dining area, and a 768-square-foot wraparound terrace.

Oprah was worth $1.4 billion in 2006 and she can easily makes the amount of money she spent on her girlfriend’s new apartment in interest. (It would take about two months assuming a 5% interest rate and about a billion in the bank.)

These two have denied repeated rumors that they’re more than just friends, with Oprah promising us that she’d tell us if something were going on, and saying that people just don’t understand a long-lasting deep friendship between two women.

For Oprah, a $7.1 million apartment is like one of us buying a friend some candles from Target. It’s a nice gesture that doesn’t cut into the budget at all. Oprah even set up a business with a cutesy name to give Gale the gift.

Oprah called her dog Sophie “my little girl,” and was devastated when she lost the dog to kidney failure on March 10th. It was the second death of one of Oprah’s beloved dogs in under a year. She lost another cocker spaniel ten months ago when the dog choked on a small ball while with a carer. Like Leona Helmsley, Oprah is said to be leaving her dogs $30 million in her will to ensure that they’re pampered in the event that she passes.

I wonder how much Gale will be getting. As much as we make fun of Oprah, I would surely kiss her ass if she was my friend. Like a nasty old aunt, you want to make sure she leaves you something.

Gale King is shown in the header image at The Great Debaters premiere on 12/11/07, thanks to PRPhotos.

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  1. Daisy says:

    Haven’t seen Oprahs boyfriend Steadman in years. The last time I remember seeing them was on her show where Yes she was showing off her dogs and calling them her “children” Steadman hardly said a word and looked pained to be included in Oprahs fantasy of her the dogs and him in this huge mansion.

  2. Syko says:

    @ Daisy – I think they broke up.

  3. journey says:

    so many people make innuendos about oprah and gail, but hey, the woman doesn’t have any sisters, and they’ve been friends forever. in the little bubble that is oprah-world, gail may be the only one who will honestly say, “yeah, those pants do make your butt look big!” i saw a short clip of them on a road trip, and gail was annoying the heck out of o. now how many people in this world would dare to annoy the o? lots of people annoy me, from the nutcase that butchered my hair the day before my wedding, to the idiot who ran the stop sign and almost nailed me. but if i lived in the rarified atmosphere of oprah-world, i too might find a good friend/sister worth far more than 7 mil.

  4. Daisy says:

    they broke up. I can’t say I blame him that show he was on with Oprah and her dogs he did not look the slightest bit interested. Now Gail and Oprah that’s a couple for life Gail will never remarry either.

  5. lulu says:

    uh huh…. yeah, they must be dating. i’ve never heard of gayle having a man, and the rumor circulating the net is that stedman is seeing dina lohan..

  6. m.a. says:

    Oh haha, lulu! I was like “What?! Ew!” and THEN I got it. 🙂

    As for oprah and gayle, I WISH they were a couple and would just come out and say it(*I* think they’d be a cute couple), but maybe they really are JUST friends. Like journey said, when you live in a world where you don’t know WHO is using you for your money or not, you gotta stick with the people who you KNOW are your friends.

    Good for oprah, if she has the means to set up her bff in the lap of luxury, she should go for it. I wish *I* was o’s bff. 😉

  7. anonymous says:

    If I could afford to buy a good friend a great house I’d do it. It’s not like I can spend a billion dollars on myself so why not spoil the people who make my life great.

    That being said I do think they’re a couple.

  8. anonymous says:

    I don’t believe they’re a couple. I think Oprah would tell us, at least I trust that she’s as honest as she expects everyone else to be.
    I do know that if I had her money, I’d be buying my good friends homes and cars too; what’s the diff? That’s what money is FOR when you’ve got more than you will ever be able to spend in a lifetime! It doesn’t make you gay.

  9. DanaDaDesignatedHata says:

    What are friends for? After all Oprah can certainly afford to buy her BFF a 7.1 million dollar pad if she wants to!! She has more than enough money to do whatever the hell she wants.

  10. that’s a man, baby.

  11. Sonic says:

    I’d switch to gay for a crib like that. I live in a crappy one-bedroom hovel and sex with the boyfriend isn’t that great.

  12. Anonymous says:

    LMAO at Sonic

  13. Cyn says:

    I don’t blame Oprah for hanging out with Gale. I figured Stedman would get tired of the hype and playing second fiddle in this relationship to the “O.”

  14. robin d. w. says:

    I love Oprah, she is my big sister, in my head. There have been times when I didn’t think I could go on with my life dreams during times of struggle. I have endured losing half of my family while pursuing my college education at a late ag. Everytime I thought of Oprah and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I always knew I would make it through.

    Now, where Gale is concern, I too have a long time best friend for thirty years. We have taken sometime apart. However, deep in my heart she was the only other person besides my family that knows me. If I were rich like Oprah, I know I would do the same for her without a second thought.

    One cannot messure a good friend by what others think or say about their relationship. These two women are not just best friends, they are sisters. Sisters that God has put together because they understand each other like know body else can; just like me and my friend. They have history, they speak the same language, and they can really be themselves around each other without being sensored. It has nothing to do with either of them being sexually involved with one another. Do you get sexual with your sister or brother? Their being together as life long friends is not their doing, it was God that put them together; just like me and my best friend.

    It is a good thing to have someone like this in your life. I just hope that before you leave this earth; God Blesses you with a friendship such as theirs and the one I have with my Best Girlfriend.

    Good friends are hard to find and they cannot be replaced no matter what you try to do.

    I love you Oprah…..Way to go……Good stuff

    Your little sister Robin W.
    From Newark, NJ

  15. Joe says:

    You people are clueless, Stedman and Oprah are still together. Did you not see them at the Obama Rally together just a few days ago? Stedman is a very private person and does not like to be in the lime light. Think about this Dolly Parton has been married for 20 plus years and no one has ever seen her husband. If you don’t know what going on in the world then don’t put anything on web pages.

  16. Lynn says:

    I would buy my girlfriend a condo if i had that kind of money… please people stop judging!

  17. Sandeana says:

    Aren’t Oprah & Gayle King childhood buddies? Oprah has no siblings, at least none I ever read about. Gayle King was probably always there for Oprah
    in their youth when no one else was. I
    live happily with a man, but I have an old childhood friend who is to me like Gayle King is to Oprah-but with one big difference. I don’t have Oprah’s millions.

    • annie smith says:

      i had heard Oprah say that she met Gayle in her early career and they hit it off.

      Stedman was at her final show.

  18. Having a friend you can trust and confide in is priceless. Oprah can’t afford to let anyone into her inner circle. I don’t think they are lovers or it won’t last as long. I wish Michael Jackson could have found someone he could feel close to, he would still be alive today. That’s how valiable a good friend can be. Plus Oprah could care less what we all think! Let’s all find a good friend and do something nice for them.

  19. rop thim says:

    I totally agree…Oprah do not give a f…k about what anyone of you people thinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If I was rich like her, I would do the same for family and friends too!!!!!!

  20. scott says:

    Oprah subscribes to the “do not ask and do not tell” policy of the US Miliary.
    Don’t ask her. If she does reply it’s her private life and anything she says is only what she says. Anyhow, what could be better than waking up in the morning beside one’s best friend. Not all relationships are sexually based. And if O’s is so what. She deserves the privacy and respect and should never have to make a confession regardless. Has anyone ever asked her if she’s performed nameless sexual acts on Steadman? Of course not, Get Real wannabees! look in your own mirror and live your own lives with privacy and dignity. (Think about it too, if Oprah were to admit to a lesbian relationship with Gale, what would she have to gain? Nothing but criticism in my opinion. So, why open one’s self to such???) Keep Pandora’a box locked! AND keep the ignorant wondering.

  21. Christina says:

    Gayle and Oprah have been friends for years and years, back when Oprah worked in Baltimore before she made it big.
    While I think Gayle has a major attitude, she obviously is a true and loyal friend to Oprah.

    When Oprah first started her show, I loved her and thought she had so much philosophy…now I can’t stand her…she is so out of touch with reality with all her money.
    If I remember, Steadman was very good looking.

  22. Dookie says:

    Oprah and Gayle are in love and are lovers and make sweet love early and often.

    Wake up dumbbells!!

    “I love you Oprah
    And I love you Gayle now lets lay down and make sweet love…”

  23. Hidalia I says:

    I don’t see the Oprah show often because I do not live in this country. However, today, she aired a documentary by Lisa Ling which featured a California couple who adopted a little seven year old Haitian child. Firstly, I think that couple are absolutely wonderful and personify everything that’s wholesome about this country. I wish I could meet them to say a big thank you for their generosity of spirit and bigness of heart.
    The other part of that segment which pleased me greatly was Oprah saying to the parents at the end of the show that “…all children need love, and that it doesn’t matter who provides it, as long as it is provided.” In addition to thanking them, she noted that this wonderful woman had demonstrated a genuine sense of motherhood and caring by having mastered the skills needed to groom the child’s differently-textured hair. It was an important observation, and Oprah’s comment reflected her own nobility and good judgment.

    I just thought that I ought to shed some light on this darkness which is passing here for useful commentary. Some of you need to grow up.

  24. Damn I really this site. peace.

  25. Dee says:

    I Love Oprah and I think that Gayle provides her with friendship, loyalty and respect…Their relationship has blossomed into what it is today because they have spent the time. Now whether they are sexual is no big deal…I am happy that Oprah is very happy and content with her bff.

  26. Chrusciel says:

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  29. Rose says:

    They met when working together when Oprah was making $22,000 a year and have been best friends ever since. Gayle grew up with money. She did not need Oprah. Why do people assume that you cannot have a friend without having sex? Haven’t any of you ever had a good woman friend where the thought of sex together NEVER possibly crossed your mind? Have had many women friends over the years and have been married for decades. Our society is obsessed with sex and money and cannot even fathom that there are people who actually like and love each other as FRIENDS and money doesn’t even matter

  30. sandra says:

    Gayle, when are you going to quit riding Oprah’s coat tail? I know she is getting tired of you. I was watching OWN today, and there you were begging Oprah to take you along to someone’s house she had been invited to. If the host had wanted you there, he would have included you in the invitation. It reminded me of the time Tyler gasve her a car. You whinned to him that you wanted one too. Being the gentleman that he is, he gave you one also. Quit. Turn around and ride your own big-assed coat tail.

  31. Jon says:

    Friendship is absent when large sum of money is present.