“Megan Fox wants to seduce Johnny Depp” links


Megan Fox wants to seduce Johnny Depp (in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie). [I Don’t Like You In That Way]
Kristen Stewart listens to Miley Cyrus, because they are both so hardcore. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
More Kristen Stewart: “”My family are amazing. I had, like, the perfect upbringing. It sucks for people like Lindsay [Lohan], but it’s not her fault that she’s so off the rails – and she’s smart, very smart.” [I’m Not Obsessed]
Josh Holloway casting news – he might be a comic book hero? [Pajiba]
Pixie Lott pulls a Taylor Momsen. [Go Fug Yourself]
A rare photo of Scarlett & Ryan together, in Louisiana. [Pop Sugar]
Here‘s the actual cover shot of Bradley Cooper on Details. [CoverAwards]
The Piv is SO gross. [INFDaily]
New Kanye West single. [PopBytes]
Death & breakup recap for the holiday weekend. [Celebnewswire]
A little Adam Senn hotness. [The Frisky]
JFK & Marilyn Monroe in the same photo! This is like seeing the Loch Ness monster. [Crazy Days and Nights]
Some sweaty Butterscotch Stallion. [Accidental Sexiness]
Dr. Drew needs to pull the plug on this f-cking show. [Bitten and Bound]
Britney Spears loves her fugly Uggs. [Hollywood Rag]
Guillermo del Toro is out of The Hobbit. [Moviefone]



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29 Responses to ““Megan Fox wants to seduce Johnny Depp” links”

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  1. Lem says:

    well, who doesn’t ???

  2. Ursaline says:

    Why do we have to see that gross crotch shot on top? At least we could enjoy the Depp-ness before having to lay eyes on that stupid girl.

  3. Rachel says:

    The more I hear about Kristin Stewart, the less I like her, comparing paparazzi to rapists, liking Miley Cyrus’ music and saying that Lindsay Lohan is very smart. Um, NO!

  4. CB Rawks says:

    Good god. Johnny Depp is so beautiful, he makes me forget where I am and what I’m doing. Who am I again?

  5. nnn says:


    That generation of starlets are dumber than twenty , 30 years ago. From Miley to Kristen, from Lindsay to Megan, they all ooze mediocrity, arrogance and grossness.

    Where are the Brooke Shields and Jody Foster, Nastasja Kinski, Mila Jovovic and even Rebecca De Mornay ?

    They were less trash, more clean and innocent with a minimum of brains, professionalism and civility.

    And the irony is that they were overall much more beautiful and didn’t take their beauty for granted, had overall more acting talent, much more professionalism and looked for more depth and maturity than those childish spoiled mediocre brats of today who think their sh*t doesn’t stink and go on insulting peers, people, directors and their profession.

  6. SolitaryAngel says:

    My God that photo of the Depp just made my hormones stutter…

  7. Annicka says:

    God dammit no no no no no no please for the love of fucking god DON’T PUT HER IN A PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN MOVIE!! She RUINS everything she’s in!

  8. sdcs says:

    he kind of looks like dave navarro in this picture, to me.
    huh. never would have seen that similarity before….
    regardless, H-O-T.

  9. juicyjackie says:

    Get in the queue!!!
    He is one of those men that really get better with age …… agree with SolitaryAngel he makes my hormones jitter and other curious things

  10. jane16 says:

    Haha! Agree with Annicka. This woman’s presence wrecks anything. She’s so annoying.

  11. oh hey says:


    Oh no, DO put her in a movie and the writers script a scene with Kiera Knighly beating her scrawny ass (not that Keira isn’t scrawny either).

  12. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Um, ew. Did we really need to see icky snap crotch???

  13. a says:

    that mouse on her shoulder is SO photoshopped…

  14. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    honestly, who poses like that and expects to be taken seriously in any way? Enough of this woman.

  15. Stephy85 says:

    I’m so impressed with her flexability…Not.

    I can do that too (as I’m sure most of you ladies [and gents!] can also) but I can also projectile vomit and I’m 110% that ya’ll don’t want to see a photo of that.

    Word of advice Megan….shut your mouth AND your legs.

  16. Layla says:

    Kristin Stewart needs an English class.

  17. Mistral says:

    I love Johnny Depp, but I’m already sick of the Pirates movies…I didn’t even bother with the third because the second was such a disappointment after the pure awesome that was the first movie…I don’t like what I heard of the plot. I guess I prefer the happy, fantasy ending…That said, I can’t blame Fox for wanting to get close to him. He’s still a dream boat!

  18. aury says:

    he’s too good for her, dammit. she’s too skanky to move on to hollywood royalty.

  19. Fae says:

    Megan Fox makes me realise what would happen if Monica Belluci got rid of at least half her sexiness and all of her intelligence and talent.

  20. Liana says:

    All right, all right. We know that not only IS Megan Fox a twat, she HAS one, too.

  21. jan says:

    Yeah Meggie, somehow I don’t think so. Hadn’t got much to do with you though.

  22. lucy2 says:

    Love that Depp cover.

    Why must Megan aim her crotch at the world? And then complain no one takes her seriously. Gross.

    The Piv makes me want to puke.

  23. Statler says:

    Yeah it’s disgusting- but I do love the sublime bitchiness behind choosing those specific pics of Megan. With that exact title. And poor Johnny sandwiched in there! Lol. The wordless contrast between the two of them is such a slap in her face.

  24. jover says:

    Lets see Megafarse wants to be taken seriously and then she has pics like these published. Is there anything in her cranium and do her handlers/pr ppl think this is sexy? These are the kinds of girls you see late at nite advertising phone sex numbers. Oh God, please let Jonah Hex bomb so this dope will disappear.

  25. Mouse says:

    Johnny is the epitome of taste. There’s something so classy and modest about him. I get exactly the opposite impression from Megan. Poor plastic tart tries way too hard and fails to produce the charisma that comes naturally to Johnny. Looking at their photos next to each other is like looking at a god and a mannequin.

  26. g says:

    If she’s tryin to get his attn., she’s going right way about it.

    Such flexibility/maneuverability and willing-ability?

  27. nnn says:

    Megan is just pissed and still in shock about being dropped out of T3.

    She really thought that she was the sh*t and could go insulting her boss and several others left and right and that her job will still be there.

    Now she still has some ego left and wnats her revenge. Appearing in the Pirates will be the perfect deal. Too bad, i don’t see it happen. She is a mediocre talent and her plastic physique is becoming as mediocre too.

  28. Green Is Good says:

    Oh, retch. No thanks for Meg’s crotch shot. It put me right off my breakfast.

  29. Kevin says:

    Easy on Meghan’s photo. She’s just doing stretching exercises before she busts some suds on her next director’s auto!