Demi Moore & Katherine Heigl at ‘The Killers’ premiere – trashy or classy?


When I first saw these photos of Katherine Heigl at last night’s premiere of The Killers (costarring Ashton Kutcher, who also walked the red carpet), my initial thought was “hideous”. But actually, it’s not terrible. Personally, I think Katherine looks prettier and younger as a blonde, but for someone with little to no style (like Heigl), she doesn’t look horrible. It’s a very RHONJ look, right? Big, teased hair, big skirt, big tan. Like she’s stepping out of a casting call for Working Girl: The Musical.

Katherine recently spoke to Gala Magazine about her desire to have more kids. Here’s an excerpt from Us Weekly:

Is Katherine Heigl’s 17-month-old daughter, Naleigh, about to become a big sister? “We would love to have a second child, adopted or biological,” Heigl told Germany’s Gala magazine. “We’re not ruling it out.”

Moved by the devastation that occurred in Haiti earlier this year, Heigl hopes to provide a better life for one of the children affected by the earthquake.

“Just look at Haiti. There’s so many parentless children,” she said. “It breaks my heart. I want to help.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Heigl and her husband, Josh Kelley, have adopted from overseas. The Killers actress, 31, adopted Naleigh, a special needs child from South Korea, in 2009. Heigl later revealed that she named her baby after her mother, Nancy, and her sister, Margaret Leigh, who was also adopted from Korea.

“I’m very grateful to be a mom,” Heigl tells “It’s changed my whole perspective in a good way.”

But when Heigl and Kelley do add to their brood, don’t expect the couple’s children to grow up like most Hollywood tots.

“I don’t want [Naleigh] to have a Beemer on her 16th birthday or spend the summer at a beach house with friends,” Heigl said last month. “You want a beach house, you pay for it.”

As for when the adoption might take place, Heigl is still unsure.

“I often plunge into things and hope everything will be alright,” she says, adding that it would be nice to have “a little friend” for her daughter.

[From Us Weekly]

I think Katherine probably will adopt again, at some point. I doubt it’s happening any time soon, though. She’s a movie star, after all! God, I hope The Killers crashes and burns at the box office. It looks seriously terrible.

By the way, as I mentioned, Ashton walked the red carpet too – with Demi, who was wearing a beautiful full-length gown in a gorgeous peacock-blue/green. It seems a little too dressy for a premiere, right? Do you think Demi is trying to fashion c-ckblock Katherine? It’s not difficult. Katherine generally looks like she’s getting dressed in the dark.



Photos of the premiere, June 1, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Ursaline says:

    I think KH looks fine. Not in love with the shoes, but meh. Demi’s dress is a great color, wish it had a little more shape. And Ashton in a bowtie. I saw that these things are supposedly coming back. Does anyone else think of Mr. Bean?

  2. Katalina76 says:

    For the first time ever, since the start of their relationship, I actually thought it looked like Ashton brought his mom to the premiere. Maybe it’s the dress?

  3. Dorothy says:

    Mr Bean is WAY better!! LOL

    I actually really like Katherine ‘s dress! it is very fun. Demi on the other hand….

  4. snowball says:

    It’s summer, right? Why all the black/navy? I thought black polish was out too? Heigl’s blouse is cute and her skirt is okay, I’d have liked it in a different color maybe. God, Ashton’s feet look HUGE. Demi looks like crap. Can she move in that dress?

    All I could think when I looked at these pictures was, “these people look like they’re hot, and I mean sweaty hot.”

  5. Kelbear says:

    Really like Katherine’s dress except for the purple belt. Ashton is not looking his best that’s for sure. And Demi, yuck.

  6. Annie says:

    Wow, if looking for the defintion of FUGLY, that getup would be it. Eeesh!

  7. guesty says:

    demi is courtney cox’s twin.

  8. Tia C says:

    “Katherine generally looks like she’s getting dressed in the dark.”

    Um, couldn’t agree more, especially with this outfit. Ugh, where to begin? First of all, is that a scab on her leg? Fashion 101: if you have a scab, wear something longer. Scabs are gross. Only Lilo shows those off. Secondly, how the heck did she come up with this combo? GF seriously does need a new stylist. A frilly, girly blouse paired with a skirt that looks like it was made of black toilet paper, pulled together with an ’80s looking hot pink pleather belt? Epic fug.

    Demi and Ashton, on the other hand, look good. Demi looks elegant and understated, for once.

  9. missmilly says:

    @Katalina76 — I thought the same thing. I bet Ashton moves on soon….it’s bound to happen.

  10. Jack says:

    I think katherine doesnt look THAT bad, the hair makes her look a bit older, but heyits fine for me. i like her, i dont get all the hate…ashton is boring, he kinda lost his “thing” when he married demi

  11. original kate says:

    katherine needs to lose that belt – it looks like something the go-gos would have worn. demi? meh. kind of dull dress and too long & shapeless. she is looking really tough these days.

  12. lucy2 says:

    Parts of KH’s outfit could be cute, but overall, I don’t think she looks good. The dark hair is really not flattering on her.

    Love the color of Demi’s but it is a bit much for a summer premiere of a goofy looking movie.

  13. LindyLou says:

    Just looking at that last pic of Demi with her hand on her tummy. Whatcha wanna bet that a “Demi and Ashton are expecting a baby!” story is just around the corner???

  14. Jeane says:


    HA! Totally! In the first picture he’s like: MOM! Let GO of my arm, I can TOTALLY walk the red carpet MYSELF, DUH!

  15. maria says:

    These pictures look like, “A Tale of Two Douches and Their Geriatric Nurse.”

  16. andrea says:

    trashy or classy:

    heigl’s dress – neither. just ugly.

    demi’s dress – neither. just boring.

  17. Eileen Yover says:

    KH’s skirt would be cute if she hadn’t paired it with more ruffles up top and that bad belt and chunky shoes.

    Demi does look old in these photos…but oh geez if she gets wind of it she’ll be immediately going out and “NOT” getting any plastic surgery!

  18. RHONYC says:

    that hem length is a no-no for demi.

    very granny-morticia adams chic.


  19. Karen says:

    Even though Demi’s dress is rather dark for this time of year, she’s not giving us an epic example of Try unlike other actresses *cough Kate Beckinsale cough*. Demi is merely supporting her hubby so I have no problem with her outfit choice. She isn’t upstaging anyone at their own premiere.

  20. d says:

    Heigl doesn’t look bad, the outfit is ok, but I don’t think it’s a look that suits her. It/she has a whiff of trying too hard to be that fun actress and/or young, etc. I would have kept the skirt, but gone with a different (sexier) blouse and shoes. And DEFINITELY lose the belt. I’m not sure what audience she’s dressing for. Gah, she needs a better stylist.

  21. d says:

    And, I’d change her hair.

  22. Bobby the K says:

    Ashton looks ready to bolt, she looks like she’s grabbing his arm, not holding it.

    It’s not the first time i’ve noticed his body language is saying, “i’m not that into you anymore”.

  23. Maggie Grace says:

    Heigl looks better as a blonde. I’m not crazy about her, but she is a lovely woman with a lovely figure, neither of which is apparent in her get-up. Demi is pretty as usual, AK looks like a dufus as usual. If I were Demi, I’d be embarrased to be seen with him, ever. He just strikes me as an intellectual light-weight.

  24. Johnthing says:

    Demi’s dress would have rocked as a mini.

  25. Leek says:

    Oh boy. Demi REALLY is desperate for attention. I like how she strategically placed her hand on her gut. She is scouring the internet today hoping and praying for pregnancy rumors. She’ll do anything to stay relevant.

  26. javagirl1 says:

    “You want a beach house you pay for it”
    Well how conservative of her! What a great lesson she’s teaching them, considering there’s people out there who can not afford a beach house!

    And Demi’s dress is not good….

  27. Ruffian9 says:

    Demi appears to be having great difficulty smiling…lay off the fillers/botox/whatever the hell it is you’re doing. It’s seriously frightening.

  28. sashavice says:

    I seriously thought she was Oprah on main pic

  29. Zoe says:

    Demi Moore looks great. As usual.

  30. Rhiley says:

    Ain’t no way Ashton’s feet are as big as his shoes suggest…

  31. Annie Lewis says:

    I believe people are being too hard on Heigl. After all, she was just someone on Grey’s Anatomy; who ever thought she would become a big star making “real” movies. I love her. Beautiful smile and soft, caring eyes. Moore looks so hard – too many make overs, etc. She wants to look as young as Ashton but you can not go against Mother Nature. It must be worrisome when your daughter actually looks older than your husband. Demi, maybe you should have stayed with Bruce.

  32. anneesezz says:

    KH looks ridiculous and she needs to go blonde really soon. Brunette does not work on her at all.

  33. Mouse says:

    I’m neutral with KH, I kind of like the outfit, it’s unusual. But I honestly can’t stand Kutcher or his clingy hag wife. I don’t care what she’s wearing, she’s giving off a desperate poser “look at me” vibe. And the hand on the gut is just creepy. Please God, don’t let these losers reproduce! I’ve always thought there was something trashy about Kutcher, the bow tie looks stupid on him, like he’s trying to look intellectual. FAIL. Only Matt Smith can pull off the bow and make it classy.