Laura Ling names baby daughter after her sister and Bill Clinton

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This story got me all choked up. Laura Ling is one of the two Current.TV journalists imprisoned in a North Korean work camp for five months last year after receiving a 12 year sentence for illegally entering the country. Laura and her colleague Euna Lee were released thanks to the help of former President Bill Clinton, and had a tearful reunion with their families last August.

There’s some wonderful news for the Ling family after their ordeal. Laura, 33, and her husband, financial analyst Iain Clayton, 43 welcomed their first child yesterday, a baby daughter named Li Jefferson Clayton. Li is for Laura’s sister, Lisa, and Jefferson is for President Clinton’s middle name.

At 7:36 p.m. PT on Wednesday, Ling, 33, and financial analyst Clayton, 43, welcomed daughter Li Jefferson Clayton at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank, Calif. She weighed 8 lbs., 2 oz.

“Her parents are too speechless,” Laura’s sister Lisa Ling, former co-host on The View – and now a correspondent for The Oprah Winfrey Show – tells PEOPLE. But Lisa adds, “Li is super adorable!”

Laura Ling told PEOPLE last month that while she was in captivity, she thought, “I am never going to be able to start a family.” But after learning she would have a girl in January, she and Clayton decided to name her “Li,” after sister Lisa.

As for Li’s middle name, Jefferson, Lisa Ling explains it is in tribute to William Jefferson Clinton. “He has checked in on me several times to see how I’m doing,” Laura told PEOPLE, “and has been so concerned and caring. He’s such a wonderful human being.”

[From People]

Laura has a new book out, written with her sister, correspondent Lisa Ling, called Somewhere Inside: One Sister’s Captivity in North Korea and the Other’s Fight to Bring Her Home. I heard Laura and Lisa on NPR’s Fresh Air a few weeks ago promoting the book and discussing what they went through. Their story was so moving and ultimately triumphant.

Laura and Euna were filming a documentary on North Korean defectors, and were initially careful to remain in China. According to Laura, she and Euna didn’t intend to cross over into North Korea without a Visa and were possibly set up by a guide they had hired, who convinced them to cross into the country over a frozen river. They knew they were going into North Korea, but it wasn’t their idea at first. They were on North Korean soil for just a minute before they were seized and beaten by border guards. Laura and Euna were separated shortly after they were captured.

After her conviction for conspiring to bring down the North Korean government, to which she confessed hoping to receive leniency, Laura was given vague and conflicting information from her captors. They first indicated that former President Carter would be a sufficient envoy to secure her freedom, but then rejected Carter once he agreed to the mission. It was only when President Clinton agreed that Laura was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Laura spoke with Lisa occasionally on the phone, and Lisa was working fervently with her contacts within the government, including Current.TV’s CEO Al Gore, to try and secure her sister’s freedom. They heaped praise on President Clinton’s expert diplomacy, and told a story about how Clinton had to practice looking stoic in preparation for talks with North Korean authorities including dictator Kim Jong-il. Clinton was faced with the delicate issue of refusing to attend some events the North Koreans had planned for him, all while working to get Euna and Laura released and improving relations with the country.

Of course President Clinton was successful and Laura and Euna came home. Now the Ling family has a new arrival, named in honor the man who helped free Laura and the sister who worked tirelessly to make that happen. Congratulations to Laura and Iain!

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American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling greeted by family in Burbank

Bill Clinton Returns Journalists Euna Lee And Laura Ling To U.S.

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  1. Jack says:

    how sweet, i think it is a beautiful name! thank god everything went well for her in the end

  2. Gwen says:

    I’m choked up too. I’m so glad they got home!

  3. jc126 says:

    Nice story. I was so happy they were released, and good that BC was able to secure that.
    I hope those hikers in Iran get out as well.

  4. James says:

    I am sorry but these ladies shouldn’t have crossed the border in the first place. If any Asian citizen enters America without a proper visa, s/he would be thrown into an American prison, too. And, this is crazy North Korea we are talking about, and they have their “laws” whether we think it’s reasonable or not. It is a country with borders.

    Shahrukh Khan, the Tom Cruise of Bollywood, was taken away for hours when he went to America to promote his movie “My Name is Khan.”

    Because North Korea is so-called evil regime in the eyes of the American society, it’s easy for these girls to say whatever they want –someone “tricked” them to cross the border illegally? Really?

    Anyway, North Korea is evil, so they can’t have their own laws againt illegal entry, right? Only America can treat those poor Mexicans badly because they are “illegal” immigrants.

  5. Marjalane says:

    Blech. I wouldn’t want anyhting to do with the Clinton name; Besides Clinton didn’t actually “do” anything to help her get released. The freaky Korean guy demanded that he get a high ranking politico to come “negotiate” for the publicity. Nothing Clinton likes better than being the big hero.

  6. Bonnie says:

    I have no sympathy for these ladies. Maybe they thought Korea was like America and they would get free healthcare, not have to pay taxes, get a free home, not have to pay insurance and do what they wanted in a foreign land all for FREE. I mean America roles out the red carpets for illegals so why not be foolish enough into thinking other countries do the same? If you are foolish enough to cross the border with this notion then you get what you deserve.

  7. Johanna says:

    Get over it people! The debate you’re having was done months ago & this story is one entirely different. It’s about the birth of their daughter & their decision to name her after her sister & former President Clinton.
    No sympathy, seriously? Wow, you’re one cold bastard if not for not having any empathy toward these ladies than surely for sticking your foot in your mouth when it comes to that MEXICAN comment.

  8. This sory broke my heart while it unfolded. It is so good to know they are home now.

  9. jc126 says:

    LOL! Yeah, most people would refuse to get their loved one released if anyone named Clinton was involved. Much better that they remain in a horrid foreign prison subject to torture.
    And I’m sure they deliberately got caught because they wanted free healthcare. That makes sense.

  10. GatsbyGal says:

    I think it was pretty brave for them to do what they did. North Korea is a whole heap of bullshit and needs to be put in its place. In America, do we hold illegal immigrants in prisons for a decade? NO, we deport their asses back home. North Korea sure as hell wasn’t going to do that. I give mad props to Clinton for helping those women. He’s a cool guy.

    @jc126 – I know, right? Some of the people commenting in this post are fucking stupid.

  11. Taya says:

    Even though I am glad these women are safe now and hope they live a happy life, I do agree with some of above posters. These women knew how North Korea was and they still ignored that fact. North Korea is a horrible country who abuses every living being inside it, however; it is known that if you cross their border they will prosecute you and throw you in prison. Red Cross, Peace Corp and International Aid workers know the dangers of going into other countries and when they are kidnapped, raped and murdered, I do not see our government coming to their rescue. It is because the dangers are told to them and they accept that without all the drama. The only reason why they were set free was because of publicity and Lisa Ling’s friendship with celebrities. If it was anyone of us, we would rot in that jail forever.

    By the way, I cannot stand Lisa Ling. She is a very annoying person and she never even got a college degree. She gets these positions by having parents with connections, not by talent. Her sister is the one that is kidnapped, yet she is giving all the interviews. Oh please!

  12. Eileen Yover says:

    Exactly Johanna! Its a great story but these scandal craved gossipers can’t let this just be a positive moment.
    Yay for her having the opportunity to have her life back and starting a family. Its such a great honor to have someone you love name their child after you!

  13. Ashley says:

    Taya, are you Debbie Metanapolous?

  14. bellaluna says:

    What a beautiful story.

  15. Sudini says:

    Cue the stupid conservative hate-talk, lol.

    I wish everyone with a knee-jerk negative reaction to this could just STFU. You’re only embarrassing yourselves and showing a very ugly side. Go away, handle your issues, and then come back and appreciate this for the very positive, and precious story that it is.

  16. Bonnie says:

    Yeah like all of you stay on topic to the story posted and don’t discuss other issues with the celebrity. Can we say Jennifer Aniston? Angelina Jolie? LeAnn Rimes? The list can go on and on but these precious frail “victims” are off limits? Double standards much?

    Taya…absolutely! Those connections will give you special privileges everytime. I give them 6 months before they cross the border again!

  17. Karen says:

    @Ashley – LMAO! Good one!

    Congrats to Laura, Iam and baby Li!!

  18. Whatever says:

    I am sorry but these ladies shouldn’t have crossed the border in the first place. If any Asian citizen enters America without a proper visa, s/he would be thrown into an American prison, too.


    Um, no, sorry they would not have been beaten and locked up in a work camp for 12 years. They would be deported. Detaining and questioning someone for a few hours can’t seriously be compared to this situation. They are not the same.

    And everyone just get off Clinton already. He did a good job and is an excellent diplomat. He proved it over 8 years in office and since through the Clinton Global Initiative. What do right wingers do after they leave office? Go to work for multinational corporations and hop in bed with the Bin Ladens, so lay off Clinton. At least he actually tries to help.

    The person who doesn’t get enough credit and doesn’t seek it is Gore. He responded immediately and convinced Clinton to get involved because they worked for his station. I like that they didn’t leave her hanging and really cared enough to get them back home.

  19. Polkasox says:

    @Bonnie – incredibly ignorant. What planet are you on that illegal immigrants are getting free housing?? & free healthcare? Only if it’s an emergency. That appendex better be about to rupture or you won’t be getting surgery. The healthcare options illegals have are very sad, they are human beings after all.

    & Bonnie, are you of American Indian descent? Let’s not forget we’re all immigrants from somewhere else too. Good god.

  20. EB says:

    I think these conservative trolls jumped up once they heard Bill Clinton’s name. It’s sad that people are so very ignorant that they don’t understand the difference between illegal entry into a country and IMMIGRATION. Look up the word in a dictionary dummies and then feel free to comment. Also, look up the word TOTALITARIAN and think about whether you would like to be under the tender care of such a regime.

    This is great news for Laura and her family. Congratulations!

  21. Whatever says:

    Well said, Polkasox. I think Bonnie has been listening to Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck a little too much. That’s the line they use to scare everyone about the big, bad illegal immigrants. They are supposedly getting everything for free, while we all struggle. And the listeners eat it up, come here and regurgitate it. It’s all so racist and ugly.

  22. Kevin says:

    WOW! That is a nice name she selected. When I first saw the header line I thought the name was gonna be something like, Political Prisoner Womanizer Rosacea Nose.

  23. Bonnie says:

    Polkasox, you are the one that’s ignorant if you think the illegals aren’t playing the free cards. But keep those blinders on. By the time they come off it will be too late and you have nobody to blame but yourself.

    Also, it’s not immigrants that is the problem. In fact immigrants in the past came here LEGALLY and that is all well and great. But it’s these that cross over ILLEGALLY that is the problem. There was a time when ILLEGAL was AGAINST THE LAW. Heck, what’s next rob a bank or murder someone but just because it’s illegal doesn’t mean you have to be punished for it. Where is the line that’s crossed on breaking the law?

  24. kia says:

    I can tell that all of you defending illegal immigration have not lived in an area infested and overrun with illegals. I have, and I urge you to move there, deal with them, see their nastiness, contempt, and hatred for YOU, the sucker taxpayer that funds their WIC/food stamps, free housing, etc., then come back here and talk all that PC bullcrap. Send your children to school with them, where English is not spoken, where American children get a sh*t education because all the resources are spent on teaching the illegals, watch your children get harassed and beaten up if they do speak English and because of their skin color. Where are the cries of “racism!” when THEY call white people racist names?

    Go to the grocery store and watch the illegal women pull out unlimited food stamps and buy $500+ worth of groceries that YOU paid for, while you struggle to feed YOUR family…oh, I have seen it all, believe me. And yes, I do speak Spanish so I have heard their nastiness, hatred and contempt because they thought this blonde blue eyed gringa couldn’t understand them.

    I moved from my hometown because it has been overrun and RUINED by the illegals, and now I live in a small town where our sheriff actively seeks illegals out for arrest and deportation, which is how we like it. If that’s racist, I don’t care and I guess I’m a racist because at least here I don’t have illegals sh*tting on my front lawn (this does happen), I can walk down my street without being sexually harassed, I don’t have 50 people living in the 2 bedroom house next door, I don’t have to hear ranchero music all day and night, we don’t have garbage in the streets, we have a low crime rate, people aren’t getting macheted and having their hands hacked off (happened in Fairfax County VA where I’m from), and so on. It’s all fine and dandy to defend them as fellow human beings, but I guarantee that if you all lived in an area with a large population, you would be just as “racist” and demanding of enforcement of our immigration laws as Bonnie and I. How it became racist to demand enforcement of laws is beyond me, but like I said, I don’t care. The cries of “OMGZ UR A RACIST” are starting to be ignored by more and more people, because when everything you do is supposedly racist, you just stop caring, ESPECIALLY when you see the racism of other races go ignored, or in some cases, celebrated and encouraged. So you all might want to stop throwing that out willy nilly because it’s becoming like the boy who cried wolf…and soon enough NOBODY will care and it won’t work any more, then what will you use to try and shut up those you disagree with?

    Besides, defending them is pointless and asinine since…THEY HAVE NOTHING BUT HATRED AND CONTEMPT FOR YOU STUPID GRINGOS. That is how they truly feel, what they say in their language while they’re smiling in your face. Just remember that.

  25. kia says:


    People like Whatever defend them because they get to go back to their libtard friends and brag about how open minded and tolerant they are, and how cool they are because they accept “different cultures” and all that happy crappy PC BS. They don’t give a damn about “racism” or rights or any of that, it’s all a big game of one-upmanship of their fellow country club elitists. They like to collect “ethnic” friends so they can brag about how cool and open-minded they are, when in fact they are the biggest racists on the planet. They pick their friends BECAUSE of their skin color/ethnicity instead of choosing them because they genuinely like them and want to be friends with them…but we are the racists. It’s typical liberal tactics, scream and accuse everyone else of what YOU YOURSELF are guilty of.

    I have family members like this, and Fairfax County is crawling with them (which is why it is a sanctuary county and therefore a sh*t hole), so I have seen this many times. Liberalism truly IS a mental disorder, it sounds like a snarky saying but in my experiences growing up in that liberal county, I have found it to be the truth. So just remember what you’re dealing with and ignore the name calling, because if you push them into a real debate, they ALWAYS ALWAYS lose, because they have never prepared for a debate, because 99.9% of the time, their bullying and name-calling succeeds in shutting down the conversation, and they never have to defend their asinine beliefs. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad…that people actually think like that.

  26. Janeth says:

    @ KIA

    You are so ignorant… Typical dum* ass American. It’s a shame! Educate yourself, please.

  27. lena says:

    @ kia and bonnie…if you want to place the blame on someone, place it on those that HIRE these illegals to work for them. They wouldn’t be swarming into this country if people who are already here didn’t hire them illegaly to work for cheap wages and no healthcare. That would solve SOME of the issue. Furthermore Bonnie, you are incorrect, unless your ancestors were extremely wealthy back in the day they most likely (but not always) came into this country illegaly. Illegal immigration is a problem, but the way to solve it is an even bigger one and making people show papers is taking a step a backwards.

    And Kia serious question, not being a smart a**, but do you think your situation was confined to that area or do you think that’s the case in most places with a large illegal population? I’m only asking because it seems to be a broad/sweeping generalization you are making about a group of people.

  28. xxodettexx says:

    holy smokes, did i stumble on a faux news or drudge page??

    ITA with lena, whatever, sudini, jc126, gatsbygal, Polkasox, EB and all other non-glenn beck/rush limbaugh/palin-sounding talking points comments…

    it is insane that people cannot put politics aside long enough to just enjoy a feel-good story for what it is… i would say that about any person, white, black, purple, green, yellow, pink…

    the xenophobia in this world is insane/disgusting and quite terrifying, [and notice how i didnt say this was strictly for americans]…

  29. polkasox says:

    @ kia & bonnie – please go spout your hatred on Fox News’ websites. This isn’t the place.

  30. lucy2 says:

    Good grief! Some people need to calm down.

    Anyway…though I agree they should not have crossed the border, they were treated horribly in ways that do not happen in other countries, including the US. I’m very glad they were released, and that Clinton was able to help facilitate that.
    Congrats to the new parents, I’m sure that experience really put their lives into perspective and I’m sure they’re very grateful they are together and now raising a family.

  31. Feebee says:

    Wow, mix North Korea and Clinton in a story and you have the illegal immigrants taking over!

    Congrats to Laura Ling for her new baby, surviving the North Korea criminal justice system and recognising her sister’s and Mr Clinton’s roles in securing her freedom back.

    Anyone who thinks what Clinton did was inconsequential doesn’t have a grasp of the situation.

  32. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I hear what everyone’s saying and of course everyone is glad that everyone is safe and well so I don’t think it’s quite fair to demonize some of the posters who care for the well-being of these families based upon the fact that they don’t condone the actions of the reporters. After all, they weren’t the ones who attempted this expose, and while we got the outcome we desired, it’s pretty hard to defend what they did. They broke the law, compassion doesn’t change that, and if you plead ignorance of the country’s operational systems it doesn’t cut the ice as an explanation. And I don’t mean that in a cruel and goading way, they’ll tell you same thing about rentals at any DMV.

    Notice that as this proceeded, they were no longer investigative journalists, they were ‘girls’ who got lost or received bad counsel from nefarious shadowy figure. They were described in terms that made them sound like they were taking a gap year and touring youth hostels. After that, we heard stories about their lives at home and it was heartbreaking stuff, truly. They were ladies with children, spouses, families and medical conditions. It’s a bitter and bracing tonic that goes against our emotional responses, but, to be sure, these were all things that they had before they headed out on this Raft of Medusa voyage and it didn’t stop them then. I understand how callous that sounds, but this is North Korea and you don’t fuck around with North Korea.

    In all, I think there’s one thing that can’t be denied, celebrity justice serves people that we don’t actively hate. And you can be sure that a great many people would love to have some of the most powerful people in the world (erstwhile, I guess, but still) bailing them out of jail. Especially innocent onces. Even Crazy Shades got a bit of a P.R. bump for showing clemency.

    I’m happy that all are safe and okay, but one cannot just ‘sneak’ into North Korea.

  33. Lisa says:

    Don’t have time to read all the comments, but what a great story! So glad they are home.

  34. Whatever says:

    People like Whatever defend them because they get to go back to their libtard friends and brag about how open minded and tolerant they are, and how cool they are because they accept “different cultures” and all that happy crappy PC BS.


    WRONG. People like whatever defend them because they are Christian and understand that immigrants (legal or otherwise) are HUMAN BEINGS trying to make a better life for their families, like every other person in this country. They are not shit, they are people. We are not better or more deserving because we were born here.

    Yeah, working in the fields all day picking crops coated in all manner of pesticides or working for less than minimum wage cleaning up other people’s filth is such a great life. We should all begrudge them of it. Wrong. I love the arguments about how living in poverty is so great. They are really getting over on us. HA.

    The hate on this thread is disgusting and people should be ashamed of themselves for having such ugliness inside them. I feel sorry for them.

  35. fugly says:

    Why the long face, Lisa?

  36. Kelaa Khaa says:

    I don’t have much to add except for this thread made for a great debate!

  37. imalawyer says:

    Bill Clinton for President AGAIN!

    Oh and congrats to Laura!

  38. daisyfly says:

    Bonnie, James, Kia, you obviously don’t know the actual story of what happened to Laura and Lee Euna. They didn’t “sneak” into North Korea. They were on the border between NK and China. There is no visible delineation and there has never been any proof whatsoever that they did, in fact, cross the border but because NK said they did, you believe it happened. If NK is such a horrible regime – not doubting that it is – why would you automatically believe their version of events?

    Furthermore, liberalism isn’t a disease. Liberalism isn’t a coat you wear to look cool. It’s a label that gets met with just as much scorn and derision as the label conservatism, and neither are ever properly defined by those whom are doing the scorning.

    But, to clarify something, I, as a liberal, do not choose my friends BECAUSE of their skin color. The very suggestion of that by you hints at projection and if so, that’s very, very sad on your part.

    All of my friends come with labels they give themselves, not those that have been given to them by others like yourself. We don’t “collect” each other like tchotchkes because we value each other as people, something you obviously value just as much as you do facts.

  39. fizXgirl314 says:

    kia you are such an extreme dumbass… you seem to have issues with everybody. good grief, get a grip. The first of your mistakes is thinking that all “immigrants” illegal or otherwise are hispanic… *eyeroll*

  40. fizXgirl314 says:

    can you believe this kia chick is currently breeding? Before long, she’ll have a wee one onto which to spew her hatred and ugliness of women, minorities and whatever else crosses her path… and so the ignorance continues :-/

    and lololol @ kevin…

  41. vicky says:

    Kia, I agree with you 100%. That is why I moved from Las Vegas to a small town that is 92.2% white with virtually NO crime.

  42. GatsbyGal says:

    Hey Kia – I think you were just living in a shithole and liked blaming all the bad stuff on illegals.

    I hope your kids grow up and marry hispanic people.

  43. Trillion says:

    Violent crime happens when people are poor and/or uneducated. Not when their skin is a certain color. You really ought to know this.

  44. My2Cents says:

    bonnie and kia – Thank you. You have made me proud to be an Aussie. Shit I would hate to be an American with people like you as my kin. Fark! Go put your white hoods back on.

  45. JustBe says:

    I watch Current TV on a regular basis. The Vanguard show to which these women contribute produces some of the more amazing pieces of journalism currently displayed on American television. They document stories that fall through the cracks, but on a very personal level by trying to directly interview those involved.
    I’m not going to get into the debate about condoning any ‘illegal’ actions, but I would like to put this into perspective for those who may be uninformed about what occurs in North Korea. In short, people are living a life of oppression and starvation. This is evidenced by the fact that North Koreans are on average significantly shorter than people of similar ethnicities (evidence of malnutrition).
    NK feverishly guards its borders with South Korea specifically to prevent North Koreans from escaping, they don’t guard their borders with China (where the women were caught) because China turns a blind eye towards NK’s human rights abuses and will bounce any defectors caught back to NK where they will be jailed and tortured.
    Many believe that NK continues to torment its citizens because very few of their stories have been widely (at least recently) told and the horrors documented.
    Throughout history, there have been people that we now (looking back) refer to as heroes either for shining a light on those that kill/torture or for breaking the law and assisting those that attempt to escape it.
    So, I can’t tell you who to feel sympathy for. I feel that these women, and other journalists like them, are worthy of praise and admiration for what they attempted to do. I don’t believe it was for the fortune/fame, there are no rich journalists on Current, and if they weren’t caught, I doubt too many Americans would know/care about the story.
    Sorry for the long post.

  46. mags says:

    JustBe..well said. i’ve had students who’ve fled from north korea. the entire country only continues by keeping everyone in a box of fear. these women were attempted to shed light on what this brutal regime does. yes they knew the risks. does that mean they should be left to suffer in those horrid work camps? Do you believe that Daniel Pearl deserved to be killed? liberal conservative i don’t care, just get yourself either a heart or a brain, better yet both.
    north korea killed over 40 BOYS, young men most barely 18 years old a few months ago. the Korean war was never ended, technically it continues to this day. if you don’t understand the situation STFU!

  47. Michelle says:

    wow @Kia as a white person who has lived in both New Mexico and Texas who also speaks spanish, I can say that I have encountered none of those things.

  48. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Well, I don’t think anyone on this thread is thinking, ‘murder is wonderful, it does a heart good to see it, hope there’s more to come’. I’m seeing a lot of comments that acknowledging that the motives were pure, the strategy was almost fatally flawed–I mean, who was overseeing this project? Why did they think that leaving two reporters without defenses in North Korea, of all places? It’s just not so cut and dry.

    I’m not qualified to fix the myriad problems in that country, and goodness I’m not leaving my apartment to chase after it because I a wuss and largely ignorant concerning the finer points of this history. Vanguard is highly regarded, so it’s not a matter of wondering if the reporters being incompetent or trying to show someone up, they’re fighting the good fight. However, if someone has reservations about a professional snafu it doesn’t mean that he tacitly agrees to murder. I can’t think of a single person I’ve known who was completely unaware of the atrocities being loosed on a populace or unsympathetic, at that. Governing bodies cannot get a hold lunatic Kim Jong-Il, and it’s been decades of suffering for the people who have endure him. I say it again, I truly believe that they acted in accordance with a sense of moral outrage and wanted to educate viewers out of complacency–commendable and brave, especially there. But, just talking logistics, what did they think they were going to accomplish? I know that must sound cynical and I don’t want it to, but not thinking critically about that side of the events is blaming the tools, not the builders. Clearly, they both intelligent and talented people who are able to engage audiences. By adding a human interest, ground zero angle to it, really is a gut punch to anyone who just closer to the true event than he had ever seen.

    Basically, I think they’re good people who wanted to place down a platform so that viewers would truly see the horrible suffering (and not entirely in a fetishized way). They’re intelligent professionals, but the way they went about going through with this was not smart.

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